What to give a girl

132 gift ideas for a girl with her own hands

A gift for a girlfriend should carry a piece of warmth and care, so it’s best to make it yourself. However, it is far from always possible to determine exactly what to give a girl. Especially for solving this difficult task, you should use the list of ready-made ideas, as well as study useful workshops on creating gifts.

TOP 86 ideas of what to give a girl with your own hands

For convenience, you can study the ready-made list of ideas for a present for a girl:

  1. Scarf with your own hands.
  2. Flower petals arranged in a heart shape.
  3. Craft made of wood in the form of flowers
  4. Soft bathroom rug.
  5. Notepad for writing down important thoughts.
  6. Massager for head.
  7. Mouse pad with an interesting pattern.
  8. Bookend.
  9. Table lamp with different modes of operation.
  10. Bedside table for magazines.
  11. Phone stand.
  12. Vase for flowers, painted in the original style.
  13. Night lamp with decorations.
  14. Pen with wishes.
  15. Romantic evening for two.
  16. Painting or portrait of a girl.
  17. Birch phone case.
  18. Delicious dish made according to your own recipe.
  19. Book for recommendations.
  20. Handmade soap.
  21. Effervescent bath bomb.
  22. Herbarium with the girl’s favorite flowers.
  23. Box with sweets.
  24. Tree with chocolate leaves.
  25. A small notebook with kisses.
  26. Bedside table or table.
  27. Decorative table fireplace.
  28. Handmade handbag.
  29. Cushions for the sofa.
  30. Book cover made of genuine leather.
  31. Birch box.
  32. Wooden bracelets.
  33. Miniature ferris wheel.
  34. Predictions in a box for every day of the year.
  35. Paper flowers.
  36. Beautiful bouquet, decorated with various leaves and berries.
  37. A book with photographs.
  38. Name sweets.
  39. Decorative ring or brooch.
  40. A box filled with soft toys.
  41. Decorative bath salt.
  42. Volumetric picture of hay and birch bark.
  43. Epoxy resin jewelry.
  44. Topiary from coffee beans.
  45. The key that opens the lock in the shape of a heart.
  46. Pot for plants in an unusual style.
  47. A small animal made from coffee beans.
  48. Knitted warm sweater with hearts.
  49. A teapot stand with a candle inside.
  50. Jewelry stand made of wood.
  51. Small garden with various plants.
  52. A dream trap created from your own design.
  53. A collection of butterflies, decorated in the form of a bouquet.
  54. Magnetic panel with hooks for the refrigerator.
  55. Floor hanger for clothes.
  56. Stylish plant pot holder.
  57. A cactus made of paper that does not prick.
  58. Cover for documents from birch bark.
  59. Composition from old vinyl records.
  60. Towel holder in the kitchen.
  61. Shelf for books in the form of a ladder.
  62. Stool or decorative pouffe.
  63. A cup with a rose from which a fountain of petals spills.
  64. Bright curtain for the bathroom.
  65. 3-D postcard with music.
  66. Music box from old CDs.
  67. Ornament for a garden and a kitchen garden.
  68. Decorative birds made of wood.
  69. Flower bouquet from buttons.
  70. A set of colorful chocolate decorations.
  71. Piggy bank in the shape of a heart.
  72. A set of stationery in a stylish organizer.
  73. Stylish keychain.
  74. Case for glasses.
  75. Beautiful bookmark for reading books.
  76. Chandelier made from decorative napkins.
  77. Genealogical tree with places for photos of relatives.
  78. Book-safe for storing personal belongings.
  79. Decorative decoration of the walls in the room.
  80. Woodburning.
  81. Feather made of multi-colored threads.
  82. Perfume in a metal pendant.
  83. Painted stand for hot drinks.
  84. Chair shelf.
  85. A wooden cutting board crafted in a unique style.
  86. A flower under a dome that will delight a girl with its beauty for a long time.

Original gifts

If you want to give a unique experience, you should choose an original present that you can make yourself. Among these ideas are the following:

  • Rose under a glass dome.
  • Wall painting in the girl’s room.
  • A collage of photographs restored from old film.
  • wishes for every day.
  • Jewelry box.
  • Edible flowers made from chocolate icing.
  • Illumination for the home with wishes.

DIY gifts for a girl for her birthday

In the life of every person, birthday is a special holiday, in honor of which it is customary to make gifts. For a girl, it is worth picking up something special, because she expects a truly romantic present from her loved one.

Photo collage

Photos with pleasant memories will help to recreate the holiday atmosphere even in the saddest moments of life. Therefore, a selection of photos will be a good birthday present.


To create, you will need glue, whatman paper and a selection of photos with the best moments in life. Additionally, you can purchase sequins and other accessories for decoration.


The execution process consists of the following steps:

  1. It is necessary to outline the location of the photographs on the paper.
  2. Using glue, carefully fix the photo over the entire surface.
  3. At the end, it is enough to add sequins or other decorations, as well as sign the pictures.

Gorgeous photo album

Using the photo idea, you can create a unique album for memorable pictures. This does not take much time, and the result will please the girl.


For work, you will need to purchase a finished album, paints, ribbons, scissors, as well as sequins and felt-tip pens.


The finished album should be decorated with sparkles. After that, ribbons of various colors can be glued around the perimeter, as well as inscriptions with wishes can be added.

Wooden or metal rose

If you have skills in working with wood or metal, it is worth making a craft. A rose made of wood or metal will not only please the girl, but will not wither even after many years

coffee topiary

The presented version of the gift is very popular among the fair sex. Topiary made from coffee beans will decorate the room and fill it with a pleasant aroma.


To make crafts, you will need coffee beans, double-sided tape, a set of wooden sticks of different sizes and a flower pot.


From double-sided tape it is necessary to make a small ball, on top of which the grains will be glued. A stick is installed in the pot, after which a ball with coffee beans is attached to the top. The finished craft can be decorated with the petals of the girl’s favorite flowers.


It is important for girls to look beautiful, so jewelry will be a great gift. You can make earrings or a brooch from improvised materials. Such a gift will help the girl to create a unique style.

jewelry box

The fair sex should always have a place to store gifts, especially for various jewelry. In this regard, the creation of a box with your own hands will become relevant.


You will need several rectangular sheets of chipboard, nails, varnish with paint and a small mechanism for the lock.


It is necessary to cut out a frame for the future base from chipboard sheets, after which all the walls should be hammered together with nails. The lid will require a special spring and a mechanism to close the box. The finished product should be varnished and a layer of paint. Additionally, you can apply sequins and other decorative elements.

Time capsule

The presented version of the gift will allow you to save memorable moments from life, as well as carry them through time. It is necessary to write a letter in advance, which will be included in the time capsule. You can also put photos, secrets or a wish list there. For a capsule, it is better to choose a durable metal box or jar. After that, the capsule must be buried, and after a few years, get it to remember the pleasant moments.

Mirror with openwork pattern

Girls spend a lot of time at the mirror, trying to create a unique image. That is why a mirror decorated with an interesting pattern will definitely please a girl.


You will need a mirror, a stencil with the image of plants, stickers in the form of butterflies.


The mirror must be wiped of dust, and treated with a cleaning agent. A stencil with plants should be glued on top, and images of butterflies should be glued to the branches. All images should be placed on the side so that the girl can look at herself in the mirror.

Pin bracelet

A simple and original gift is a bracelet made of beads and pins. The decoration is suitable for various outfits and images.


You will need to purchase beads, pins, fishing line and glue in advance.


Beads are strung on a pin, so a strip of the required length is formed. In place of the pin, a fishing line is threaded, which will be the frame for the bracelet. You should make several strips of beads to connect them in the future in the form of a wrist. For reliable fixation, the strips are attached with glue.

cutlery ring

A ring made of cutlery will become unusual and stylish.


A spoon or fork with an interesting pattern on the handle, a hacksaw, sandpaper and a file, pliers.


A cutlery is attached to the machine, from which the handle should be sawn off. The edges of the handle are smoothed with a file and sandpaper. With the help of pliers, the handle is twisted into a ring according to the size of the finger.

DIY gift for a girl for the New Year

The New Year mood allows you to believe in the most incredible miracles, so at such moments you want to give special gifts. For your girlfriend, there are also ideas for creating a gift with your own hands.

snowman parade

A beautiful decoration for New Year’s Eve will be a fascinating parade of snowmen, which can be placed under the Christmas tree.


For this craft you will need:

  • White cotton.
  • The colors are red, green, orange and black.
  • Tassels.
  • Thin dry branches.


From cotton wool you need to twist three balls of different sizes from larger to smaller, they will serve as the body and head of the snowman. On each ball it is necessary to put black dots to indicate buttons. Handles made of thin twigs are added to the body. Additionally, cotton wool can be painted red and green to imitate clothing. So it is necessary to make several snowmen.


A small Christmas tree is just right for celebrating the New Year. You can make it from real or artificial branches.


Artificial or natural fir branches, garland, toys, snow imitation.


Spruce branches are tied at the base in the form of a bouquet. For greater plausibility, the branches are covered with a special spray to simulate snow. Toys and a garland are hung on the branches.

Candy tree

A sweet gift will be a great addition to the holiday. The symbol of the New Year, made of sweets, will please the girl.


Favorite sweets, ribbons, sushi sticks for the frame, a wooden circle for the base.


Sticks of different lengths are inserted into the wooden circle, and sweets are attached to the top with ribbons. Candy should be placed at such a height that the image of a Christmas tree is formed.


In the winter season, you should take care of warm clothes; a scarf will be an excellent gift.


To knit a scarf, you will need a set of threads and knitting needles.


To prepare a gift, you should devote a lot of time and effort, since you will need to learn how to knit a scarf. With the help of threads of different colors, you can create an inscription on a scarf with best wishes for your girlfriend.

Case for phone

A unique mobile phone case will always remind you of the past holiday.


To create a truly unique case, you will need birch bark and wood glue.


After measuring the sides of the phone, you can start creating a case. The birch bark is glued to fit the phone. With the help of a wood burner, you can give the case an interesting pattern with a New Year theme.

Handmade candles

Candles will create a romantic atmosphere in the house. They can be easily made with your own hands using a ready-made kit.


A ready-made set for creating candles, dyes and decorations, holders or coasters.


The finished mixture is poured into a mold for candles. After that, dyes and various decorations are added to the candle. After manufacturing, it is necessary to place the candles in a holder or on a stand.

What to give a girl with your own hands on February 14

On Valentine’s Day, you should think about creating a romantic atmosphere. On this holiday, you should remind your soulmate of your feelings for her.

Confessions box

It is necessary to place letters in a gift box that contain declarations of love for the second half. Letters can be read together over a romantic dinner.

flower in ice

An interesting combination of winter and spring can be captured with the presented gift.


Wildflowers, water, freezer, refrigerator.


Flowers must be placed in a container for freezing, and then filled with water. The container is removed in the refrigerator until completely frozen. A block of ice with flowers is carefully taken out of the refrigerator, it is better to give it on a stand.

Body scrub in the form of hearts

Beautiful shape and skin care – a great combination for a gift. It doesn’t take long to create a scrub.


Eco-friendly body scrub, heart-shaped baking sheet, beautiful packaging.


The finished scrub should be placed in a special form to create a heart. The scrub is carefully molded and then packaged with embellishments and decorative inserts.

Heart in a light bulb

Such a gift will symbolize the light and warmth emanating from the heart.


Wooden stand, old light bulb with a wide base, cardboard heart, glue, sushi stick.


The base of the light bulb must be cut off, and then a heart on a stick should be placed in it. Use glue to close the base, and then attach the workpiece to a wooden stand.

A room decorated with colorful helium balloons

A room with balloons is a simple and very nice gift. You need to purchase balloons in advance, secretly place them in the room, and then arrange a real surprise. An envelope with wishes can be tied to each balloon.

Gingerbread, delicious cookies or cake

Popular gifts for those with a sweet tooth are gingerbread on a stick, homemade cookies, or a delicious cake. You need to find a recipe, buy the ingredients, and then cook the sweets.

Romantic letter with sincere declarations of love

There is nothing more romantic than writing, especially in the age of modern technology. A handwritten letter will give unique emotions to the addressee.

Relationship Calendar

In a decorative calendar, it is worth noting all the memorable events from the moment of the first meeting to the present. You can also indicate future plans with your girlfriend.

101 reasons to love you

A great way to remind about feelings, as well as ignite the inner fire with renewed vigor is a box with reasons for love.


A box with a large bow, stickers or sheets of paper, felt-tip pens, pens and pencils.


In a pre-prepared box, you must place pieces of paper indicating the reasons why you love each other. It’s best to do it together and then close the box and tie a bow on it.

Pendant “Heart of the Ocean” from the movie “Titanic”

One of the most beautiful films gave the world an unusually shaped pendant as a keepsake. It is not easy to make such a pendant with your own hands, but such a gift will surely surprise the girl.


Decorative blue stones and pearls, pearl chain, jewelry glue.


Use glue to connect the decorative elements in the shape of a heart. Glue pearls around the perimeter, and then attach the blank to the chain.

chestnut hearts

Crafts from chestnuts will look beautiful in the interior of the apartment, it can be hung on a mirror or on the wall.


A package of chestnuts, an awl, fishing line, wire and pliers.


Holes are made in chestnuts with an awl, a fishing line is threaded through them. In the course of the fishing line, a wire is threaded, which is then bent with the help of pliers into the shape of a heart. The second heart is made in the same way.

Gifts made by yourself to a girl on March 8

On International Women’s Day, every girl dreams of feeling desired and loved, and this can be achieved with a handmade gift. The main thing for the girl is the attention and care with which the gift was made.

painting on canvas

You should not forget about your talents. With the ability and desire, it is worth drawing a picture with your own hands. A picture painted to congratulate a girl will definitely give good emotions.


To paint a picture you will need paints, a canvas and a good imagination.


It is worth finding free time, choosing the right environment, and then getting to work. To begin with, it is worth making sketches, and then doing the work with paints. In the final stage, you should beautifully arrange the picture.

sweet gift

A lover of sweets will appreciate a sweet gift on merit. You can cook a cake according to an unusual recipe with the addition of your favorite ingredients.

A chic bouquet or wicker basket of sweets and fruits

You can pre-purchase a basket or craft paper, as well as a whole box of various sweets. All that remains is to use your imagination to beautifully place all the sweets in a basket or in the form of a bouquet.

Picture of threads

Abstraction will help create a mysterious atmosphere in the house. If desired, you can create a picture of threads that will complement the interior of the room.


When working, you will need a canvas, a picture frame, threads and fasteners for the pattern.


Fasteners should be installed on the canvas, threads will be attached to them. By twisting the threads around the fasteners, it is worth creating a pattern; for this, threads of various shades and sizes are used. It is worth considering in advance a rough plan for placing the threads to create a single picture on the canvas.

Wish Certificate

It is worth showing imagination to make an interesting certificate of desires. You can take a small notebook, on each page of which write one wish. The girl at any time can exercise the right to fulfill one of the desires in the list.

Natural soap

Real handmade soap will not only be useful and safe, but will also give pleasant emotions to the girl.


Set for making handmade soap, a mold with an interesting image, dyes and sparkles.


In accordance with the instructions, you should boil the soap, then pour it into a pre-prepared form, and add dyes and sparkles to it. After hardening, the soap can be beautifully packaged.

pattern on cutting board

Girls who spend a lot of time in the kitchen will be pleased to see an unusual pattern on the cutting board. You can create a pattern using a wood burner. To do this, it is enough to burn the drawing on the board using a stencil, a flower or a butterfly will look beautiful.

Do-it-yourself ball of threads

A nice decoration for the house will be a ball of multi-colored threads, which can be hung by a lamp or by a mirror.


To work, you will need a set of various threads and a frame ball made of wire or plastic construction.


Threads of various colors must be attached on top of the frame ball. If you wish, you can create a beautiful pattern on the ball; in the final stage, you should attach a long rope to the craft so that the ball can be hung.

What is better not to give a girl a handmade gift

There is a certain list of things that should not be considered as a gift for a girl:

  • Items associated with bad omens;
  • Things at an extremely high price;
  • Items intended for general use;
  • You should not make gifts that remind you of a person’s shortcomings;
  • It is worth giving up intimate gifts, especially when congratulating in the family circle.


A handmade present will give the girl pleasant emotions, and will also leave memories for many years to come. When choosing an idea for a gift, it is worth remembering that the main secret of success in this case is love and attention.

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