What to give for the New Year

TOP 64 ideas What to give a Girlfriend for the New Year + 21 gifts

Finding a good gift for a friend for the New Year is not an easy task. Most ladies are very picky, which makes it hard to understand what they really want.

But do not despair, in this article we will tell you what to give your best friend for the New Year.

In fact, friends are rarely demanding on gifts, because the main thing is communication and mutual understanding. Therefore, a gift to a friend for the New Year should correspond not only to your relationship, but also to the life situation of a friend.

TOP 64 ideas What you can give your girlfriend for the New Year

  1. Bath set;
  2. Santa Claus;
  3. Scented candles in the shape of a snowman;
  4. Wireless headphones;
  5. Basket with sweets and summer fruits;
  6. Facial massager;
  7. A box of cookies with New Year’s predictions;
  8. Heated slippers;
  9. Blanket;
  10. Winter hat in the form of an animal;
  11. Inflatable neck pillow;
  12. Magnetic board for inscriptions and notes;
  13. Hammock for legs under the table;
  14. A small artificial Christmas tree with decorations and a garland;
  15. 3D lamp;
  16. A set of jewelry for hair and creating hairstyles;
  17. Mittens in the form of muzzles of animals;
  18. Disco ball;
  19. Slippers with heating or lighting;
  20. Fluffy headphones;
  21. Cosmetic bag;
  22. Biofireplace;
  23. Beautiful clutch with snowflakes;
  24. Gel peeling for skin;
  25. Smartphone projector;
  26. Electric mug. Such a thing does not spill, automatically mixes the drink and has a backlight;
  27. home planetarium;
  28. Rose in ice;
  29. Charger in the form of a cobblestone;
  30. Fur mittens;
  31. Miniature weather station;
  32. Spray paint for hair;
  33. Chocolate fountain;
  34. Inflatable sled;
  35. Coloring book for relaxation;
  36. Beauty box;
  37. Fitness bottle with phone holder;
  38. Book safe;
  39. Keychain for finding keys;
  40. Auto-light in a women’s bag;
  41. bath bomb;
  42. Figurine of a superhero;
  43. Slate;
  44. Kigurumi pajamas;
  45. florarium;
  46. Salted caramel;
  47. World scratch map;
  48. Foot warmer;
  49. Manicure set;
  50. A set of professional makeup brushes;
  51. Gift for home karaoke to a friend;
  52. Anatomic pillow;
  53. Capsule coffee machine;
  54. Balloons in the shape of Santa Claus
  55. Bank of honey-soufflé;
  56. Handmade soap;
  57. A hair straightener that any girl with curly hair definitely wants to occasionally have the opportunity to change the image;
  58. Molds for baking in the form of different animals, or molds for New Year’s cookies with deer, Santa Claus and snowflakes;
  59. Organizer for cosmetics, and the larger its size, the better;
  60. Hair dryer, preferably professional. It will be inexpensive, but the gift is very useful;
  61. A couple of custom-made handmade chocolate bars with her favorite toppings.
  62. Lamp for manicure;
  63. Professional makeup kit with brushes and sponges;
  64. Dishes in the New Year theme that will decorate any holiday table.

Original ideas of what to give a friend for New Year’s Eve

It is generally accepted that it is much easier for a woman to pick up a gift for her friend. But in fact, this is not so and it is not easy for girls to buy a good present.

Additional original ideas of what else you can give your girlfriend on New Year’s Eve:

Dance mat . An amazing thing, thanks to which you can not only have a good time, but also lose weight. After all, during constant movements, excess weight will be quickly dumped. But also such a rug is able to bring people together.

Electric comb . An important thing for every girl. Such a comb not only quickly combs the hair, but also does not pull out the hair at the same time and perfectly unties the knots.

Led lamp for gel polish . If your friend loves to paint her nails, but doesn’t want to spend money and a lot of time on it, then this lamp will come in handy for her. Thanks to it, you can quickly dry the nail polish.

Huge wine glass . Unusual and very bright gift. You could see such a glass in films or in rich houses. It can hold several bottles of wine, and just one glass can be shared by 10 people.

Spa gloves . A great gift for a girl who has problems with her hands. These spa gloves contain a special gel that moisturizes and smoothes the hands. They do not need to be worn all day, after an hour the hands will be soft.

If you want to pleasantly surprise your beloved friend, it is better to buy something really unusual as a New Year’s gift. A friend will definitely be delighted if you pick up the following original presents:

Animal cap. This is a hat with ears and paws, made entirely of faux fur. You can buy a hat in the form of a dog, cat or any other animal. The present is suitable for a girl who is delighted with unusual and at the same time practical things – with the help of such a gift, a girlfriend will definitely not freeze in winter.

Perfume set for home or aroma lamp. On New Year’s holidays, it is important to create the right atmosphere. An aromatic lamp complete with essential oils with aromas of cinnamon, tangerine or fir will help in this. A warm and cozy gift that a friend can use even after the holidays.

Thematic decoration. Almost every girl likes jewelry. Beautiful earrings or a bracelet with openwork snowflakes, a Christmas tree pendant and other jewelry are a wonderful New Year’s gift for a friend. It will create a mood not only for the holidays, but for the whole winter.

Universal Boxes (sets)


TOP 64 ideas What to give a Girlfriend for the New Year + 21 gifts

Not every item on the list meets the criterion of what can be given to a colleague’s girlfriend for the New Year. Gifts in the form of boxes will cope with this task, suitable for absolutely every age type of people, regardless of the degree of closeness with a person.

 Universal Box Ideas :

  • Fragrant box of oils, incense sticks and a stick stand;
  • Lane with various skin and body care products;
  • An impromptu box-bar with mini-bottles of alcohol;
  • A box of sweets with mini-versions of treats of various kinds;
  • A box with a sleep mask, a hair band for removing make-up and a pair of face masks for skin care;

The practicality of the boxes lies in their versatility, and also in the fact that you can express sympathy by making the box itself by hand and filling it with only the future owner’s favorite things. The packaging of the box can be made identical to a store gift box, so savings on this option are also a plus.

Gift for a friend for the New Year from a guy

If you are a man, and you are not well versed in cosmetics and other “female” things, then there is no need to despair. Below are more options that you can give your girlfriend for the New Year:

Aquarium with electronic fish . They do not need to be looked after and constantly monitored. These electronic fish will live for years and all you need to do is change the battery regularly.

Unusual umbrella . A gift for a cheerful and bright girl who is not afraid of stereotypes. Such a thing has the appearance of a katana, but in fact it is a large black umbrella that can hide 3 people.

Skates for figure skating . A girl will like such a gift, even if she does not know how to skate on ice. They develop balance and coordination well.

Sky lantern for making a wish . Launching such lanterns into the sky is a pleasure. They are bright and are a ticket to a better future. With the help of it, a girl can make a wish that will surely come true.

Inexpensive gifts for girlfriends for the New Year holidays


TOP 64 ideas What to give a Girlfriend for the New Year + 21 gifts

Do not think that cheap gifts are unoriginal and boring. In fact, they can be much more interesting than expensive ones. And in order for you to be convinced of this, we have created a list below:

Magnetic board for inscriptions and notes . Such a thing is very necessary for absent-minded ladies or who have a lot to do.

On it you can glue various magnets, notes with your own goals.

Dream catcher . This is a very unusual and original item. According to legend, such catchers take away bad dreams and protect from evil spirits.

But even if your friend does not believe in mysticism, she will like such a thing, at least because of its bright appearance.

Warm plaid with sleeves . A warm and inexpensive gift, which is convenient and practical. Thanks to warm sleeves, you will not need to be distracted from work or household tasks.

DIY gifts

There is no better gift than one made with your own hands.

And here are some original gifts for a friend that you can make in a day:

Gingerbread. Delicious and Christmas present.


TOP 64 ideas What to give a Girlfriend for the New Year + 21 gifts

Recipe :

  • 200 gr. honey;
  • 200 gr. butter (82.5% fat content);
  • 300 gr. Sahara;
  • 800 gr. flour;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 1 spoon of soda without a slide;
  • 1 spoon of cinnamon and ginger;
  • 1 teaspoon of nutmeg.


We throw honey with spices into the pan and wait until they boil. Then add butter and wait for it to melt. While this mixture is cooling, in another saucepan, mix the sugar with the eggs. When a white color appears, you need to add honey and oil there. And it is important that they are cooled, not hot.

Add flour and soda, mix everything, and put the finished dough in the refrigerator overnight. After the dough hardens, you need to roll it out and cut out the shapes we need with the help of molds. We put them in the oven at 170º for 12-15 minutes.

At the end of cooking, gingerbread cookies can be decorated with icing or powder.

Homemade candles


TOP 64 ideas What to give a Girlfriend for the New Year + 21 gifts

For such a gift you will need :

  • Cup;
  • paraffin crayons;
  • aroma oil;

Take, melt the crayons. After they melt, one by one, add them to the glass. After each layer, pour a little aroma oil for smell. Such a gift is outwardly very bright, and it is perfect for the New Year’s interior.

meme clock


TOP 64 ideas What to give a Girlfriend for the New Year + 21 gifts

A great gift for a cheerful girl who is not averse to receiving an original gift. You should not give such a thing to a serious girl who does not have time for various jokes and jokes.

To create this clock we need :

  • Clean clock without background and dial;
  • Printouts of memes from the Internet.

All you need is to stick stickers to place the numbers. If you do not want to glue jokes from the Internet, you can print your favorite characters of a friend or animals. This is a very unusual and funny gift.

Classic Christmas gifts for a friend

It is customary to give themed gifts for the New Year. Of course, this is not necessary at all, but if your friend prefers classic gifts and wants to keep the Christmas mood going, consider buying the following items:

New Year’s garland. A gift that creates a magical atmosphere and is sure to come in handy for the New Year. With it, you can beautifully decorate an apartment – arrange a New Year’s table, hang it on the walls or put it in glass bottles. Inexpensive, but very nice gift for a friend.

Gingerbread house Another symbol of the New Year, common not only in Western Europe, but also in our country. A friend will like it if she loves sweets. Other tasty ideas include a chocolate Santa Claus or snowman, a box of gingerbread cookies, or a candy cane set.

Snowball. A classic souvenir that a dreamy girlfriend will love. It is a glass ball, inside of which there is a model of a house, a snowman, Santa Claus or a winter forest. If you shake the souvenir, artificial snow will begin to fall inside, creating real magic.

Tips for choosing a gift for a girlfriend for the New Year

A few recommendations for choosing a gift for a friend for the New Year:

Give useful things . Despite the fact that girls love cute trinkets, try to give functional and useful things. For example, buy a camera for a friend in the place of an ordinary photo album.

Packaging . Packaging is the main thing of any gift. Thanks to her, it will only become brighter and more interesting.

Present a gift in an original way . If you want to surprise a girl, don’t give her a gift directly. Arrange a small quest for her, at the end of which she will receive the long-awaited item.

The most valuable thing in a gift is attention. If you want to give something meaningful, something that a person will constantly use, you should focus solely on his hobby. If there is no knowledge in the field that a friend is interested in, just go to a specialized store and ask a consultant to help you find something worthwhile.

The main thing is not to think about yourself. In order to choose a gift that causes sincere delight, the main criterion will be the focus on meeting other people’s needs. Memories that a friend mentioned casually in conversations will help you choose a gift, and if she has not yet purchased this thing, then giving what she wants will be the best outcome.

The money doesn’t fit . Many people perceive negatively the initiative to hand over a couple of bills. In the New Year, on such a specific holiday, it is better to refrain from donating money. The exceptions are cases when a person needs money, and for some reason a person is in dire need of it, but they are not available. Then, if you are a close enough friend to her, with a soft intonation, handing over an amount (not a small one, of course) will be a good idea. Indeed, in fact, a soft toy will not make the atmosphere festive, and the solution to the problem of a loved one will bring happiness to both parties.

Expensive doesn’t mean great . If financial problems overtook, and you want to give something, make a gift with your own hands. Gift wrapping is also not a complicated and costly process, and in general the picture will be much happier than one can imagine in such a situation. No need to get into debt and worsen the situation by buying expensive gadgets and other things, for which you will then have to work for a long time. A friend will perfectly understand the reasons why you are without a gift if you explain the situation and reciprocate later.

What not to give a friend for the New Year

According to the rules, giving a gift is a purely personal initiative of everyone, and, as they say, “you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” But in order to make it as pleasant as possible for the person to whom you are presenting a gift, you should not choose meaningless pragmatic trinkets and vice versa.

Definitely not:

  • The same gifts for two different people;
  • Household items, for example, a frying pan for a person who rarely cooks or does not cook at all;
  • Things for intimate hygiene;
  • You definitely don’t need to redistribute your gift.
  • Underwear . This is a very personal and spicy gift. Not every person will like that you give him underwear, regardless of his brand and model. And yes, anyone can buy one.
  • Clothing . Like cosmetics, a very risky gift. He may not like it and be the wrong size. Therefore, if you want to give a woman a jacket, go to the store with her and let the girl choose the gift herself.
  • Home pet . An animal can only be given if your girlfriend herself said that she wants a pet. And so, by giving a kitten, you will simply create even more problems.
  • Everything related to weight loss . Such a gift is suitable only for that girl who purposefully wants to lose those extra pounds. And so, various means, simulators and corsets will only offend and upset a woman.

New Year’s Eve itself is a magical time, especially for friends and girlfriends spending time together, so you don’t have to worry about how good the gift will be in your girlfriend’s eyes.

The main thing is valuable moments spent together.

We hope that thanks to this article you will be able to understand and choose what to give your girlfriend for the New Year, pick up a really high-quality gift for your girlfriend and make her new year much brighter.

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