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63 gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman +11 gifts and tips

Sagittarius is a sign of the zodiac, which is under the auspices of Jupiter and in the power of the almighty Fire.

People born under this sign are wayward, which is why it can be difficult to please them. But it’s possible!

What to give a Sagittarius woman for her birthday or other holidays? You will find the answer to this question below.

TOP 63 gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman

Choosing what to give Sagittarius for a birthday is quite simple if you know the characteristics of this zodiac sign.

The best gift ideas for a girl according to her character and hobbies:

  1. Pareo (bright scarf) – girls born in December love everything exotic and unusual.
  2. Original designer jewelry or a bright product with ethnic motifs.
  3. Perfumes: liquid or solid perfumes. You should choose rich floral scents that will remind the girl of summer sunny days.
  4. Automatic diffuser for room aromatization.
  5. Stylish handbag – roomy, but not “dimensionless”.
  6. High-quality hiking backpack, suitcase or case for it.
  7. Scented candlestick with a candle complete with a set of essential oils.
  8. Mobile phone of the latest model. When choosing what to give a Sagittarius girl, pay attention to the reliability and performance of the gadget – people of this zodiac sign appreciate high-quality and multifunctional things.
  9. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker.
  10. Fashionable women’s glasses, case or stand for them.
  11. Audio player and wireless headphones.
  12. Expensive pen in a stylish feminine design – fountain or rollerball.
  13. A headset for a mobile phone – so that an active and sociable Sagittarius woman always stays in touch.
  14. Tablet or e-book.
  15. Electronic piggy bank in the form of an ATM or a safe.
  16. Blender for making cocktails.
  17. Women’s sports watch or fitness bracelet with heart rate monitor and pedometer.
  18. Stylish bright umbrella with a photo print.
  19. Table lamp with table mount for work or study.
  20. The book has an exclusive cover. Sagittarius are inquisitive, they like to read both the classics and the works of modern readers.
  21. Portrait made in the technique of caricature.
  22. Sushi set with Japanese themed utensils.
  23. Stuffed travel pillow.
  24. Luxurious terry bathrobe and soft slippers-boots.
  25. Cooler bag or picnic basket
  26. Jewelry box or stand.
  27. A business diary or a colorful planning calendar is the perfect gift for those Sagittarians who like to be in control.
  28. An organizer for sorting linen, books or toys for a girl who cares about home comfort.
  29. Manual mini coffee machine.
  30. Souvenir tree in miniature Bonsai.
  31. Keychain in the shape of a heart (two halves) is a good gift for a romantic Sagittarius girl.
  32. A set of beautiful figured wine glasses, coffee or tea service.
  33. Personalized chocolate set for the sweet tooth.
  34. Apparatus for making cotton candy at home.
  35. Breakfast table in bed.
  36. Washable map of the world, on which the birthday girl will be able to mark the places she has already visited. Sagittarians of both sexes love to travel.
  37. A set of colored jars with tubes for cocktails.
  38. Hair dryer, styler or curling iron.
  39. Tent, sleeping bag or set of folding chairs for an active girl who likes to go hiking.
  40. Gift for the car. Female Sagittarians are excellent drivers. You can donate parking sensors, a video recorder or massage capes for car seats.
  41. A manicure set is a wonderful gift for a Sagittarius girl from a friend.
  42. An aqua farm is a living closed ecosystem. This self-cleaning aquarium is the perfect gift for nature-loving Sagittarians.
  43. Bright fur earmuffs.
  44. An electronic butterfly in a jar is an unusual interior decoration.
  45. A figurine of a birthday girl made with a 3D printer (possible with a bow in hand).
  46. Beverage dispenser with an original shape – for example, in the form of a gas station.
  47. A beautiful flowering or exotic plant.
  48. Large anti-stress toy with soft filling.
  49. Dictionary of English, Italian, French or even Japanese – people under the sign of Sagittarius tend to quickly learn foreign languages.
  50. Lunchbox, mini fan or heated mug.
  51. Statuette, picture or vase with the image of a salamander – a lizard, which is the amulet of Sagittarius.
  52. Thermos or thermo mug with an unusual pattern (the image can be made to order).
  53. Genuine leather strap with rhinestones.
  54. Wireless mouse or keyboard.
  55. A magic ball of predictions is an unusual gift that a female Sagittarius will definitely like.
  56. Elegant nominal purse-purse.
  57. Equipment for riding – special boots, trousers or a cap for these activities (many Sagittarians love horses).
  58. A set of unusual hair clips with pebbles or beads.
  59. Soft pillow with the sign of the zodiac “Sagittarius” depicted on it.
  60. A lamp in the form of a night sky projector or a floor lamp with photographs.
  61. Wooden wall key holder depicting a Centaur.
  62. Soft blanket with original print.
  63. An exciting board game in a fabulous, scary or detective style.

Gifts for a Sagittarius woman for various holidays

Birthday is not the only occasion when you can please your loved one.

What can you give the hero of the occasion for various holidays – March 8, February 14 or New Year? Here are some original ideas:

Anniversary. An anniversary is a special date and the gift should be appropriate. Sagittarius women can hardly be called caring housewives, they do not like difficult housework and try to make life easier by any means. In this regard, you can donate a useful household appliance – a yogurt maker, a coffee maker, a double boiler, a juicer or a food processor.

International female laziness. What to give the archer on March 8? The Sagittarius woman treats her appearance with special trepidation, so you can give her a gift for beauty. A good option would be an eyeshadow palette with a large selection of shades, a set of soft makeup brushes, or a high-quality cosmetic bag.

Day of all lovers . Sagittarians are very romantic natures, it is important for them to give love and feel it in return. Therefore, it is worth giving the Sagittarius girl something special on February 14th. You can order a beautiful and unusual picture from boards from a photograph or a photo mosaic in an art workshop.

New Year . In the midst of winter holidays, people often do not have enough heat. For the New Year, a Sagittarius girl can be presented with soft mittens, a warm scarf, and if you are in doubt about whether to give clothes, get a desktop biofireplace with the effect of fire – the native element of this zodiac sign.

A gift for no reason . If you want to make a gift for a Sagittarius girl just like that, pay attention to a small figurine of a centaur made of metal or wood. Such a little thing will not take up much space, but will make the desktop more comfortable.

Additional gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman or girl

If you don’t know what else you can give to a relative, girlfriend, colleague, girlfriend for a birthday or other holiday, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with other ideas for suitable gifts for a female Sagittarius:

Jewelry decoration. What is the best gift for a Sagittarius woman? Those born under this sign love to surround themselves with colorful jewelry. You can give a beautiful piece of jewelry – a pendant, earrings, a ring or a pendant with natural turquoise or sapphire stones. These stones are talismans for Sagittarius.

Sports Equipment. Girls born under a fiery sign often watch their figure and love to play sports. You can give a home exercise machine, a treadmill, a massage mat for classes, a hula hoop or stylish women’s dumbbells as a birthday gift. A few more original ideas: roller skates, a scooter for adults or a badminton set.

Exotic souvenirs. How can you surprise Sagittarius, who likes everything unusual? You can give a chic African totem, a Venetian mask, pieces of coral, beautiful seashells from the Pacific Ocean, a Chinese fan or a real Japanese kimono for your birthday. The girl will be delighted with such a gift.

What to give a Sagittarius girl with your own hands

Sagittarians like to be treated with attention and care.

The gift may be inexpensive, but if it is made with love, it will surprise and touch the birthday girl.

Gift ideas to make yourself:

  • Flower basket. Female Sagittarians adore nature and everything connected with it. To please the girl, collect a gift basket with flowers, fruits and sweets. Flowers that are suitable for this sign are gladioli, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias and lotuses.
  • Album with old photos. Sagittarius, and especially girls born under this sign, adore various memorable gifts. You can give an album made using the scrapbooking technique with photographs from the life of the birthday girl pasted there. Another idea is a wall photo collage on clothespins.
  • DIY lamp. Sagittarius girls are very bright personalities who simply glow with happiness, and a gift can be made appropriate. You will need thread, glue and a balloon. Glue the ball, wind the threads on it, and after 24 hours burst the ball – you get a beautiful lampshade, inside which you can put a garland or a flashlight.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Sagittarius for a female


63 gift ideas for a Sagittarius woman +11 gifts and tips

The guests invited to the birthday want to surprise and please the birthday girl.

How to choose the right gift and not make a mistake with the choice? Tips and tricks for choosing a presentation:

  1. Sagittarians are independent, they like justice and sincerity. Their environment usually includes only honest and open people, which means that you need to give a gift to Sagittarius from the bottom of your heart.
  2. The presentation must be current. When choosing what to give a Sagittarius woman, do not forget about the tastes and preferences of the birthday girl, her age and social status. It is unlikely that a modern smartphone will come in handy for an aged woman, and a young girl will definitely not be happy with a boring tea set.
  3. Most likely, your Sagittarius has a good sense of humor – this is the hallmark of this zodiac sign. If so, do not skimp on surprises, jokes and comic congratulations – the birthday girl will definitely appreciate the cool gift, and a good mood for the whole day will be guaranteed. For example, you can give a portrait in the style of a cartoon.
  4. Sagittarius girls are very romantic, so don’t forget to add some magic to make your birthday party unforgettable. To interest a Sagittarius woman, arrange a romantic evening, a walk around the city with the launch of sky lanterns, and the girl will remember this day for a long time.

What is better not to give a Sagittarius woman

Some gifts should not be given to Sagittarians, especially women.

Either they will not cause joy at all, or the girl will not use them. The list of unwanted gifts includes:

  1. Money . Sagittarians are active, sometimes reckless, so it is not recommended to give them money that will quickly be spent on something unnecessary. In addition, money is a gift that does not require any effort or imagination. It is better to give preference to practical things or gifts that will cause vivid emotions.
  2. Pet . Most Sagittarians love animals and often keep pets at home. Regardless, gifting a small puppy, kitten, or bird is a bad idea unless you’re sure the birthday girl wants to take the big step of having a four-legged friend.
  3. Souvenirs and banal gifts . Stereotypical things can upset the birthday girl. The gift must be original – even if you choose a simple thing, make sure that it has a “zest”. For example, you should not give an ordinary alarm clock – you can pick up a model with LED backlight. The gift should be bright and unusual – the same as the Sagittarius girl herself.
  4. Clothing . Girls under the zodiac sign Sagittarius respect fashion, they like shopping and high-quality, expensive clothes. When choosing a gift, you should refuse clothes – Sagittarius picks up such things on his own.


The girl under the zodiac sign Sagittarius has inexhaustible optimism and infects the people around her with her good mood. Choose what gift to give to the Sagittarius woman and answer her in the same way – surround the birthday girl with congratulations and positive emotions for the whole day, then she will appreciate your attention and will be sincerely grateful to you.

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