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TOP 26 Ideas for a Bachelorette Gift +24 Gifts and Tips

Farewell to girlhood is a common tradition in the world. She did not bypass the Slavic peoples either. How did it differ from bachelorette parties of other nations?

The Slavic bachelorette party is a ceremony before the wedding celebration, at which the bride says goodbye to her past life and prepares for a new role. In this, the bride is helped by her unmarried friends and relatives. They were prompted by experienced women what to give the bride for a bachelorette party so that the future family life of the newlyweds would be joyful and well-fed.

The bachelorette party was also called “girls’ evening”, “devik”, “party”, “whitewash” and “bayarks”. It was believed that on the eve of the wedding, the girl “dies” for her own family and is reborn for the family of her future spouse. The rite of washing the bride, her lamentations and the tears of her friends at bachelorette parties, where there were many plaintive songs, was also associated with this.

Today, the “seeing off” of a girlfriend in family life is quite fun. The mutual exchange of gifts between the bride and her friends remained common with the holding of the “party”.

So what to give a girlfriend for a bachelorette party if she invited you to a holiday in a narrow circle of close friends before her wedding?

A modern farewell to a single life for a girl is fun surrounded by friends. They do not let the bride get bored, they arrange an interesting holiday for her with funny contests and memorable gifts.

If you are invited to such a celebration and are wondering what to give your friend for a bachelorette party, check out the ideas for surprises for the bride.

TOP 26 ideas that you can give for a bachelorette party

  1. Kiss time call.
  2. Apron with original print.
  3. Hammock for two.
  4. Plaid for two.
  5. Picnic basket.
  6. Pillows for sofa or bed. Better pairs, as a symbol of the unity of husband and wife.
  7. Collapsible bathtub.
  8. Pair of candlesticks “Cupid”.
  9. Jewelry with a pendant-medallion.
  10. The wall key holder will help the future hostess to arrange a love nest.
  11. Personalized thermos for two.
  12. Bag holder “Heart”.
  13. Body painting kit.
  14. A suitcase or a case for it is what you need for a honeymoon trip. Only it should not be empty. Put at least one coin in your suitcase.
  15. Chocolate fondue fountain.
  16. Heart shaped mini frying pan.
  17. Device for reproduction of “white” noise. It will come in handy when replenishment appears in a young family.
  18. Quality textiles for the home. Among it must be a tablecloth. It will strengthen your friendship with the bride.
  19. Form for ice in the form of hearts.
  20. Stand for a book or a glass in the bathroom.
  21. Salt heating pad “Heart”.
  22. Garden in glass.
  23. Magnetic board for the refrigerator. It is well suited for exchanging confessions and compiling a menu for the day.
  24. Notepad for lovers.
  25. Wooden signs on the door with romantic inscriptions or drawings.
  26. Set for spices in the form of two halves of the heart.

Original gifts for a bachelorette party

If the bride has an excellent sense of humor, consider giving a cool offering for a bachelorette party. When presenting such a gift, both parties will have fun.

Husband control panel . Every wife dreams of such a device. Make your friend’s dream come true at least at a bachelorette party!

Sheet “Kama Sutra” . We will leave board games to the children, but with this sheet, the newlyweds can immediately get down to business.

Boxing gloves “I sort things out in a civilized way” . In a new house, they can be hung in a prominent place so that the newly-made husband remembers that his wife will not let herself be offended.

Rolling pins and frying pans for the guilty husband . This kitchen utensil is usually signed. The degree of lateness and guilt increases every minute, so the size of the pan or rolling pin also increases.

Megaphone “Hysteria” . It is known that out of nothing a woman is able to create a salad or a scandal. So that she has the opportunity to be heard by her husband, give her friend a mouthpiece with which she can throw out emotions.

Funny gifts at a bachelorette party will defuse the situation, bring down the degree of excitement and will certainly be remembered by all participants in the party.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give for a bachelorette party


TOP 26 Ideas for a Bachelorette Gift +24 Gifts and Tips

Thoughts of what to give a girlfriend for a bachelorette party before the wedding, messed up in your head? Choose one of the win-win options.

Safe Book . It will be much easier for a young wife to keep a family budget and save for major purchases or travel with such an assistant.

Electric hearth . Keeping warm in the house and creating comfort is an honorable mission for which your girlfriend is preparing. Please support her in this endeavor.

Stand for incense sticks . If it’s impossible to give scented candles (read about the list of unwanted gifts below), then no one will forbid you to present aromatherapy accessories for a bachelorette party.

Jewelry box or stand . Jewelry will probably move with the bride from the parental nest to the husband’s house, so they need a cozy and safe place to store it.

Perfume with pheromones . In order for passion to burn spouses not only in the first year of the wedding, you need to be able to warm it up correctly.

Picking up and presenting a gift for a bachelorette party is not only a task for bridesmaids. The hero of the occasion also presents souvenirs to her friends. Traditions ordered her to give ribbons in braids to her girlfriends. Today this offering can be replaced by:

  • Brooches;
  • Rings;
  • Perfumes;
  • Engraved bracelets;
  • Edible bouquet or pastries with “adult” plots;
  • Pendant with medallion;
  • General photo session;
  • Gift certificates;
  • T-shirts or sweatshirts with thematic inscriptions;
  • A trip out of town or to a beauty salon.

DIY gifts for a bachelorette party

You can quickly and inexpensively decide what to give for a bachelorette party if you are familiar with needlework.

So for a girl’s evening you can make:

  1. Accessories for the upcoming celebration: a pillow for rings, a fan, a garter, glasses for the newlyweds, a clutch or a bouquet for the bride, figurines on the cake.
  2. Instagram with funny photos of the bride, groom and girlfriends.
  3. Book of desires for the bride.
  4. Garlands and accessories for a photo shoot.
  5. Knitted bolero or shawl for the bride, if the wedding is scheduled for the cool season.
  6. Cosmetic bag made of leather or textile.
  7. Pouches for underwear with embroidery.
  8. Veil or wedding hat.
  9. Jewelry for the “second day” of the wedding: necklace, bracelet and earrings.
  10. Photo zone for guests at the wedding.

kitchen dryer


TOP 26 Ideas for a Bachelorette Gift +24 Gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • cutting board;
  • drill;
  • dozens of pencils

Working process:

  1. Mark up the board. Draw a grid on it evenly.
  2. Mark the location of the pencils. Drill holes for them.
  3. Pencils can be made shorter or left as they are. Insert them into the holes. Dryer ready!

In order to protect the dryer from bacteria, it can be coated with a water-repellent emulsion along with pencils. They can be changed to pen cases, felt-tip pens or plastic straws.

Ring box


TOP 26 Ideas for a Bachelorette Gift +24 Gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • cardboard box with a lid;
  • velours;
  • dense felt or batting;
  • pins;
  • needle and thread or sewing machine;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun.

Completing of the work:

  1. Fold the batting in half. Cut it into strips along the width of the box + 0.5 cm for the seams.
  2. Rolls secure with pins. Put in a box for “trying on”.
  3. From velor, cut strips of fabric according to the size of the rolls with a seam allowance of 2 cm in length and width.
  4. Fold the fabric right side down. Fasten with pins. Pass on a roll. If everything fits, remove the workpiece from the roll, sew on a typewriter or sew by hand.
  5. Unscrew the cover and put on the rolls.
  6. Hem the edges of the roll by hand or use a glue gun to secure the fabric.
  7. Place the rolls tightly in the box, close the lid and pack for a gift.


Recommendations on what to give the bride for a bachelorette party from her friends should meet one general rule: in the future family life, offerings should bring benefits to the young wife or pleasant memories.

It is worth thinking about how best to choose a gift for the bride in advance. As soon as a friend has announced a new bride status for herself, start looking for a gift for the wedding itself and a separate surprise for a bachelorette party.

  1. Think about how to save the best moments of your friendship in material terms. Collages, photo albums with pictures from common travels or events will be the first treasure of a young wife.
  2. If you already know where the newlyweds will live, try looking around the place. What is missing future spouses? Maybe something practical for the kitchen or house cleaning?
  3. Make the gift memorable with interesting packaging or presentation. Words of gratitude for friendship, wishes of happiness in family life will surely touch the heart of your girlfriend.
  4. You can stop at a pair gift. This will show that you want a close friend to have a close relationship with her husband.
  5. Choose an offering after consultation with the rest of the friends who are invited to the holiday. You may decide to give a common gift or offerings that complement each other.

Gifts for a girlfriend on the eve of the wedding can be symbolic in value, you should not choose an expensive gift for a bachelorette party.

The main surprise from you is expected at the wedding itself. Keep this in mind when you go to a pre-wedding bachelorette party and don’t try to outdo the rest of your friends.

What is better not to give for a bachelorette party

The wedding, as well as the preparation for it, is shrouded in many superstitions and signs. There is even a whole list of offerings that should not be given either for a bachelorette party or for the wedding itself.

The rating of gifts that are better not to give for a bachelorette party will open:

  1. Money . An overpriced gift from you can create embarrassment between you and your friend if she can’t “retaliate” soon with an equally luxurious offering. A modest surprise, created or chosen especially for her, will please her much more than the most magnificent gift. You can donate money at the wedding itself.
  2. Jewelry with pearls . Since the time of ancient Greece, such a gift portends tears to the recipient of the gift.
  3. Jewelry from amber . They serve as a harbinger of separation from a loved one. You do not want to upset the wedding of a happy friend?
  4. Clock . Chronometers count time, which, according to legends, lovers do not count.
  5. Figurines with birds . It is believed that with him vanity and anxiety will come to the house. Isn’t that what you want for your girlfriend after marriage?
  6. Alcoholic drinks . It is generally accepted that such a surprise takes away the health of the recipient of the gift. An exception can be considered an agreement with the bride, where she allowed her friends to bring alcohol to the holiday.
  7. Candles . Belief says that such a gift promises a quick funeral.
  8. Mirrors . Guides to the other world, mirrors, are used in fortune-telling, and you cannot give them to the bride. They can bring trouble to her and her future family life.
  9. Sharp and piercing objects . Another unacceptable gift is knives, forks and stuff like that. The sign says that there will be no harmony in the future family after such offerings.
  10. Crockery . Here it is possible not to notice a chip or crack on such fragile items as plates or mugs. This leads to quarrels in the family. If you still decide to give a service for a bachelorette party, put coins inside the items. They will save a friend and her young family from lack of money.

To choose the best gift for a friend, consider these recommendations. There is no more superstitious person in the world than a bride. Even if she lives in the age of computer technology.


When choosing a gift for a bachelorette party, give preference to a touching or practical offering. This will form the “dowry” of the bride. Sometimes a girl can ask her friends for a specific gift for a bachelorette party. Such a surprise will remind your girlfriend of the evening spent with you on the eve of the wedding and will be useful to her already in family life.

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