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TOP 85 ideas What to give a Guy for 19 years + 20 more gifts and Tips

If you are on this page, then you are looking for a gift for a 19-year-old guy. On the one hand, it seems that it is easy to make the right choice, because a young man has many goals and desires, which do not always have enough money. But on the other hand … It is not always possible to “calculate” what exactly will please the birthday man. In fact, the guy is already old enough and can do anything – from studying to creating a serious relationship. Therefore, in order to surprise a young man, you need to connect your imagination. Here you will learn how to do it.

When thinking about what to give a guy for his birthday, start from the well-known phrase: “It doesn’t matter how old a man is …”. Remember, first of all, he is a man! Representatives of the stronger sex hide their feelings and emotions, but they try to keep fit, do bold deeds, do what they love.

Many are trying to squeeze the maximum from life, enjoying every time for a long time. It’s hard to believe, but gift ideas for a 19-year-old guy can be very diverse, up to the realization of an unrealized childhood dream!

Nineteen is an interesting age. This is the period between coming of age and the anniversary of 20 years. Feel free to give the birthday man adult and cool gifts that you did not dare to give before. Do not be afraid to go too far with emotions, even the most original present will not be able to confuse a 19-year-old birthday boy!

TOP 85 ideas What you can give a guy for 19 years

  1. Bag chair.
  2. Cool alarm clock (for example, with a target and a laser gun).
  3. Stormglass (weather forecaster).
  4. Swiss knife with commemorative engraving.
  5. Wireless headphones.
  6. Quadcopter with video camera.
  7. Mask for lucid dreams.
  8. Heated slippers.
  9. Orthopedic pillow.
  10. Basketball stand in the room.
  11. Electric blanket or electric sheet.
  12. Mini-simulator (roller for the press, carpal expander, rubber loops, etc.).
  13. Table fan.
  14. A set of ties in a case.
  15. Smart watch or fitness bracelet.
  16. Scanner-translator.
  17. Telescope, microscope.
  18. Sports bag or backpack.
  19. Virtual reality glasses.
  20. Quality camera.
  21. Portable speaker.
  22. Thermal mug or thermos with personalized engraving.
  23. Cubes for cooling beverages.
  24. Named terry robe.
  25. Wallet-purse.
  26. Inflatable hammock.
  27. Electric biofireplace.
  28. Electronic book.
  29. Board game (for example, monopoly).
  30. Household items (microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster, etc.).
  31. Fortune cookies.
  32. A good set of tools for the house and a special box for storing them.
  33. Digital notepad.
  34. Wrist Watch.
  35. LED lamp attached to a book.
  36. Edible men’s bouquet (for example, from sausage, cheese, caviar, hot pepper, etc.).
  37. Keychain with search function.
  38. Things that the athlete will like (swimming goggles, soccer ball, bowling ball, sports nutrition kit, etc.).
  39. 3D lamp.
  40. Accessories for outdoor activities (sleeping bag, tent, headlamp, karemat, etc.).
  41. Gift set with tea or coffee.
  42. Musical instrument (guitar, harmonica, kalimba, etc.).
  43. LED nozzle per shower.
  44. Pocket key.
  45. Power bank with name engraving.
  46. Perpetual calendar.
  47. Desktop punching bag (for stress relief).
  48. Men’s jewelry (ring, chain, bracelet, etc.).
  49. Business card holder or cardholder.
  50. Laptop bag.
  51. T-shirt with equalizer.
  52. Electric scooter, unicycle, gyro scooter.
  53. Combined model of military equipment.
  54. Computer chair.
  55. Gamepad (game joystick).
  56. Smart speaker.
  57. Projector starry sky.
  58. Graphics tablet.
  59. Smart scales to help you keep track of your body weight.
  60. Skateboard or longboard.
  61. Table hockey or football.
  62. Shashlik set.
  63. Projection keyboard.
  64. Cocktail set.
  65. Portable game console.
  66. Perfume or perfume (if you are sure you will please with the fragrance).
  67. Home weather station.
  68. Aerofootball (flying soccer ball).
  69. Selfie stick.
  70. Name cake.
  71. Smart trash can.
  72. Mixer mug.
  73. Shaver.
  74. Barbecue with grill grate.
  75. Table lamp with adjustable brightness.
  76. Tripod for phone.
  77. Scratch map of the world or motivational poster with an erasable layer.
  78. Shoe care kit.
  79. Bed linen with a cool print.
  80. LED lighting for bicycle wheels.
  81. Picnic cooler bag.
  82. Aqua farm.
  83. Thermal underwear set.
  84. Belt with engraving.
  85. Glow in the dark sneakers or laces.

Original gifts for a 19-year-old guy

In the list of funny and unusual presents for a guy, you can easily get confused. Save time and nerves, use the options offered here.

The young man will be delighted and surprised by any of them, will certainly appreciate your efforts.

Samurai umbrella. A very original gift for a guy for 19 years. This is a fashionable umbrella in the form of a samurai katana sword.

When opened, the accessory does not attract attention, but as soon as it is folded, all eyes will be turned only to the young man.

Such a gift will impress the birthday boy very much, the present is not only unusual, but also fanned with legends. Since the umbrella is made of fabric that protects against ultraviolet rays, it can be used not only in rainy but also in sunny weather.

Smart Pen. A great gift for a 19 year old guy from his parents. Such a pen is useful for both a student and a person who is constantly forced to write something, take notes or sketches.

This is a great alternative to a regular pen. Only all records can be digitized at once and this information can be received on any device. Thanks to its ergonomic design, this pen is no different from a traditional pen.

However, they write with it only on special paper, which can be bought or printed on a regular printer.

Smart ring. In case you have not yet chosen a gift for a guy on the 19th birthday, pay attention to this option.

This is a miniature electronic gadget that combines the functions of a mobile device. Such a ring looks like an ordinary decoration, but this is only at first glance.

The electronic filling inside the ring allows you to open an electronic lock (for example, an intercom), make contactless payments, track physical activity (measure the number of steps taken per day, calories burned, etc.), interact with a smartphone and PC.

Voice picture. An extraordinary gift for a guy for 19 years from a girl. Take a closer look at this idea if you want to surprise your young man.

This is a true work of art in a single copy. You can record anything: your voice, his favorite song, etc.

The guy at any time will be able to “listen” to his present. To do this, you need to decode the qr-code located in the picture. It is very easy to do this, it is enough to have only a mobile phone or tablet at hand.

Ideas for inexpensive gifts for a guy for his 19th birthday

It is not always possible to give an expensive present to a birthday person, especially if you yourself are still studying. But this does not mean at all that any souvenir from the nearest store will do.

Even with a modest budget, you can choose a worthy gift that a young man will be sincerely delighted with.

Tea cup with biscuit compartment.  An interesting idea if you are thinking about what to buy as a gift for a guy of 19 years old. Using this mug is a pleasure.

Inside a special compartment, you can put not only cookies, but also any other treat (crackers, sweets, etc.). The cup takes up a minimum of space on the desktop, and drinking your favorite drink is much more comfortable.

Also, under the influence of the high temperature of the drink, the hardened cookies will heat up, which means they will become even more palatable.

Heated lunch box. At first glance, this might seem like a pretty simple birthday present. However, with such a gift you show your concern for the young man.

After all, with such a container for food, he can always and everywhere (at work, on the road, in nature), enjoy delicious, and most importantly, hot homemade food. All you need to do is just plug the lunch box into a power outlet.

Just a few minutes and dinner will be warmed up! Thanks to multiple compartments, food won’t get mixed up, and an airtight snap-on lid keeps food from spilling out.

Home plant for real men. Consider that you have already found what you can give a guy for 19 years.

Of course, a young man is unlikely to be impressed by a violet or an orchid, but a carnivorous plant , a cactus or even decorative moss will definitely please the birthday man.

Do not doubt your choice, even if you think that the young man is not yet ready to be responsible for someone other than himself. All these plants do not require special care, so they will get along well even with the most severe man.

What useful gifts can be given to a 19-year-old birthday boy?

No guy at 19 years old will refuse things that will help him unload time. Gifts from this group will always be appropriate.

Just think about what the birthday person needs the most. Choose and hurry to please the young man!

Smart kettle. It is a good idea what to give a guy for a 19 year old, especially if he lives separately from his parents.

It is very convenient to use such a device, as it can be controlled from a distance. For example, a guy can enjoy tea or coffee as soon as he wakes up or gets back from work.

Also, the kettle will heat water at different temperatures, depending on the type of drink chosen (black, green or white tea). In addition, the device is able to maintain the desired temperature without re-boiling.

Hot dog maker. A kitchen appliance designed for cooking hot dogs and boiling eggs is exactly what is often lacking in a “male” kitchen.

This original gift is guaranteed to please the fast food lover. The device is compact in size, so it will fit even in a small kitchen.

In addition to the fact that this device will make it possible to quickly prepare breakfast, a young man can safely invite his friends to visit. They definitely won’t go hungry!

Battery case for phone. An indispensable thing for those who want to always stay in touch with their loved ones. This ultra-thin and lightweight battery case keeps your phone from running out of power while also protecting it from drops.

The cover is comfortable to hold in your hands, and thanks to the anti-slip surface, it will not fall out of them. It is not only beautiful, but also a very useful accessory.

Dictaphone . The device is useful to record lectures or seminars. This is not just a necessary, but even a necessary thing for a guy who is studying.

Modern voice recorders are equipped with screens on which it is convenient to view recordings and select what you need.

When choosing a device, be sure to pay attention to the following criteria: recording duration, the ability to connect to a PC, the dimensions of the model, the quality and format of the audio file.

Gifts for keeping fit

If you’re racking your brains on what to give your 19th birthday, you can take advantage of win-win options by choosing sporting goods. Such a gift will appeal to both a professional athlete and an amateur.

Overdoor horizontal bar. A fixture that can be hung over a doorway. The design will allow you to keep yourself in good shape and pump up muscles.

This is the most budget-friendly workout option for the body. You can practice at any time and in any weather, as you do not need to go anywhere.

The horizontal bar is equipped with an advanced mounting system, thanks to which its installation does not require much physical effort. However, it is important to take into account one nuance, for people over 80-100 kg, such an installation is not suitable.

Balanceboard. Such a gift will be enthusiastically received by a young man who is fond of surfing, snowboarding, kitering.

This compact simulator will help you keep fit: improve posture, work of the vestibular apparatus, pump all muscle groups, develop the ankle joint, and perfect balance and balance skills.

You can train at any time, the balance board will be especially useful in the off-season.

Boots with springs or jumpers. These boots are somewhat reminiscent of roller skates, but instead of wheels, they have elliptical arches or spring plates, thanks to which you can jump.

This exciting activity will provide a beautiful relief throughout the body, help correct posture, relieve stress, and get rid of extra pounds. You can practice both indoors and outdoors.

Cool Presents

Nineteen years is the age when you still want to have unbridled fun. Therefore, you will not lose by giving the birthday man a present with humor.

With a greater degree of probability, the young man will like the following options.

Bag for dirty linen in the form of a punching bag. You can put all your dirty clothes in such a bag, and the room will be clean and it will be possible to work out accurate blows by hanging it like a pear. The product can be placed in any corner of the room or even the bathroom.

This is both an interesting interior decoration and a useful thing. The bag can also be used as a bag or backpack.

A suitcase of socks. Socks are one of the most important pieces of a man’s wardrobe. They are needed every day, always clean, and most importantly, the same.

This is where the problems begin. Therefore, you can rest assured that this is a cool gift that will solve the issue of socks for a long time.

The case contains a combined set of products, for example, made of bamboo or cotton. Thanks to this, the guy will be able to choose which socks to wear, depending on the weather, shoes, desires.

Helmet for drinks. An original and convenient present for a person who likes, for example, to play on the computer or watch a soccer ball, and drink a drink at the same time. With such a helmet, there is no need to hold a jar in your hand.

The helmet is equipped with a special tube that fits the mouth, and it also has a jet intensity regulator. The size of the product is adjustable, so that the helmet sits firmly on the head.

Gifts to help you look trendy and stylish


TOP 85 ideas What to give a Guy for 19 years + 20 more gifts and Tips

The guy begins to care more and more about his appearance. However, he does not want to spend a lot of time on it, so ready-made options will come to the rescue that will help you look relevant, add zest to your everyday outfit. Do not be afraid to experiment, give bold gifts so that a young man can create the most daring image!

Wooden butterfly. An interesting accessory that appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to gain popularity among male fashionistas. Butterflies are made of oak or ash wood and look very extravagant.

Such products will look beautiful with a shirt of any color and pattern, perfectly emphasize the image, both festive and everyday.

Luminous LED cap. Rest assured, this thing is guaranteed to please a guy who wants to stand out from the gray mass, does not hesitate to declare his originality.

This cap will delight anyone! At first glance, this is the most common headdress. However, there is a hidden button on it. One has only to press it, as the visor begins to glow around the perimeter.

This is because an LED strip and an electronic power supply are inserted inside the product. The cap will not allow you to go unnoticed either during an evening walk, or at a party or in a nightclub.

Cufflinks with original pattern. This is an exclusively male accessory that is designed to decorate cuffs.

Such a thing is sure to attract the attention of others, especially if there is an unusual image on the cufflinks, for example, the engraved initials of a young man.

Cufflinks come in a variety of styles (on a chain, with a turn clasp, bar cufflinks or silk knots), so they can be matched to any suit.


If you want your gift to be appreciated by the birthday person, just use the practical tips offered here. Then you will absolutely hit the target, and the young man will remember the holiday for a long time.

Package.  The main thing in a gift is not the price or even originality, but attractiveness. To make it more interesting, just apply an unusual way of packaging. For example, if you are planning to give a guy a certificate, a ticket to a concert, place him in a balloon. Matryoshka boxes remain the most popular. You can also order home delivery. It will be interesting to organize a quest, the purpose of which will be to reveal the prepared surprise.

Financial opportunities.  Do not be upset if your finances sing romances. In this case, it is better to team up with someone in a group, then you will be able to buy a truly worthwhile gift.

Also, you need to consider the degree of proximity. So, a young man can accept any present from his parents, but from a girl, an overly expensive thing will look out of place and, most likely, will put the young man in an awkward position, especially if he cannot respond in kind.

But if there is no money at all, you can always use your imagination and create something with your own hands. The hero of the occasion will gratefully accept a unique thing, in the creation of which the soul is invested.

Win-win gift ideas. If you are going to a holiday with a stranger, it is better to choose universal or classic presents, then you will definitely not be mistaken and will not look stupid.

Practicality.  Representatives of the stronger sex are unlikely to be happy at the sight of a cute soft toy, trinket, etc. It is better to choose useful things that can be useful in everyday life.

What is better not to give

Of course, no one wants to upset the birthday boy with the wrong present. Your task is to avoid dubious gifts that can cause a negative reaction in a guy. In order not to get into an awkward situation, carefully study the list of the most unwanted surprises.

  • Souvenir products.  Avoid things that are destined to stand on the shelf uselessly. Guys will be more delighted, albeit an inexpensive, but useful item.
  • Kitchenware.  Definitely not the best choice, only if the young man is not fond of cooking.
  • Home Appliances.  A slow cooker, a vacuum cleaner, and so on will not please the young man, but if he already lives alone, then you can safely give household appliances that he lacks.
  • Personal items.  It is indecent to give socks, underwear, slippers, towels, underwear T-shirts. In addition, a young man can buy such things for himself.
  • Textiles for the home.  An elegant tablecloth, beautiful curtains, decorative pillows will impress a young lady, but not a brutal man.
  • Personal hygiene products.  Presenting such gifts is considered bad manners. When you give shampoo, gel, shaving foam, deodorant, you kind of hint to the guy that he doesn’t take care of his appearance well enough.
  • Sweets.  You should not give a young man a box of chocolates and other sweets, but if you know that he has a sweet tooth, then you can present him with a creative cake.
  • Pets.  Before making such a gift, make sure that the guy is ready to take responsibility for the life of another creature.
  • Ridiculous presents. Seeing the horns of an animal or a clown nose, the birthday person may be upset or even offended.


There are a lot of options for what to give a guy for 19 years. You can choose a fashionable, non-trivial, practical, fun present. Be sure to put the most sincere feelings into it, add a little imagination, take the time and remember, it’s not the gift itself that matters, but the attention!

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