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TOP 93 ideas What to give a guy for 25 years and 27 more gifts + Tips

When going to a holiday, you should think carefully about what to give a guy for 25 years. This is a significant event in life, and worthy presents will be able to consolidate a positive impression of the celebration. Keep in mind that your gift should be unusual, interesting, and most importantly useful. After all, who can be surprised now with a trinket that will only take up space on the shelf.

Here you will find many suitable ideas that will delight the birthday boy in a pleasant delight. 25 is a great age! The young man already knows exactly what he wants. He is making progress in his career, has become a family man or is thinking about creating a cell of society. But at the same time, this is still a mischievous boy who is not averse to showing off, having fun. This is a huge plus! You can safely present both status, prestigious gifts, and funny, cool things.

Now the search for a gift will not turn into a torment for you, you will know exactly what to give a guy for his 25th birthday, spend a minimum of time and be able to please the hero of the occasion with a really worthwhile thing. Remember that even the most brutal men like surprises, gifts, kind words. They may not show a look, “keep a face”, but in their hearts they rejoice and rejoice, like children.

TOP 93 ideas What you can give a guy for 25 years

  1. Charcoal press grill.
  2. Purse.
  3. Camera.
  4. Smart watch.
  5. Aqua farm.
  6. Wireless headphones.
  7. Portable speaker.
  8. Game console.
  9. GPS navigator or video recorder.
  10. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  11. Apron with BBQ set.
  12. Punching bag.
  13. Humidifier or air ionizer.
  14. Electric scooter.
  15. Powerbank.
  16. Shaver.
  17. Stylish umbrella.
  18. Pedometer.
  19. Bathrobe with personalized embroidery.
  20. Car vacuum cleaner.
  21. Smartphone projector.
  22. Fitness bracelet.
  23. Frameless bean bag chair.
  24. Levitating light bulb or globe.
  25. Soccer ball.
  26. Chess or backgammon handmade.
  27. Tennis rocket.
  28. Inflatable boat.
  29. Stones for cooling drinks.
  30. Telescopic rod.
  31. Folding knife with a flashlight and flint.
  32. Cocktail recipe book and barman’s shaker.
  33. Powerful flashlight.
  34. Functional gaming mouse.
  35. Smart dumbbells.
  36. Thermos or thermo mug.
  37. Heated jacket.
  38. Expedition knife.
  39. Tent or sleeping bag.
  40. Thermal bag with dishes.
  41. Table football or hockey.
  42. Travel backpack.
  43. Balanceboard.
  44. Traveler’s globe.
  45. Binoculars or compass.
  46. Bedside rug.
  47. Stylish set of cosmetics for men.
  48. Metal detector.
  49. Shashlik set.
  50. Survival kit.
  51. A set of barbecue accessories.
  52. Folding spatula.
  53. Sweatshirt with original print.
  54. Scratch map of the world.
  55. Predatory plant.
  56. Action camera and holder for it.
  57. Electronic notepad.
  58. Diary and branded pen.
  59. Electric ignition for firewood and coal.
  60. Travel bag.
  61. A set of glasses or glasses.
  62. Backpack with laptop compartment.
  63. Spinning reel.
  64. Game steering wheel or joystick.
  65. Leather keychain.
  66. Mini vacuum cleaner for computer.
  67. USB mug warmer.
  68. Radio-controlled helicopter.
  69. T-shirt with equalizer.
  70. Electronic book.
  71. Portable gas burner.
  72. Coffee machine.
  73. Smart lamp.
  74. Skewers with wooden handles.
  75. Sports water bottle.
  76. Household appliances (slow cooker, microwave oven, etc.).
  77. Sports wristbands and gloves.
  78. Virtual reality glasses.
  79. Versatile urban backpack.
  80. Gaming chair.
  81. Weather forecaster.
  82. Gift set for beard care.
  83. Home trainer.
  84. Tourist hammock.
  85. Laptop stand with cooling fans.
  86. Snowboard and ski protection.
  87. Multitool.
  88. 3D lamp.
  89. Voice picture.
  90. Electric or biofireplace.
  91. Cozy slippers.
  92. Toolbox.
  93. Rug-alarm clock.

Original gifts for a guy for 25 years

The question of what to give a guy for his 25th birthday should not cause you any difficulties, since this category contains the most interesting and unusual ideas that will not leave anyone indifferent. The young man will be impressed by the present, he will remember it for a long time.

Table smart lamp. An original gift for a guy for 25 years, with which you can create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in any room. The device has a built-in battery that provides up to 8 hours of battery life.

The lamp is synchronized with a smartphone, which greatly facilitates the control of the device. You can turn the lamp on and off, adjust the brightness, select modes from a distance.

Set of meat delicacies. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! And it doesn’t matter if you are giving a present to your beloved boyfriend or work colleague, you can be sure that such a surprise will definitely make a positive impression.

A beautifully designed gift, consisting of sausage, meat, bacon and other goodies, will appeal to any gourmet. This is a great idea that you can give a guy for 25 years.

Medallion or amulet. If you decide to give preference to this particular option, consider the Constellation under which the young man was born. The easiest way to pick up stones-talismans according to the sign of the Zodiac.

It can also be Slavic amulets. Even a jewelry pin will do, which, according to popular beliefs, is able to absorb negativity. And to attract financial well-being and good luck in all endeavors, they choose a pocket (purse) mouse or a four-leaf clover.

Nominal icon. This is one of the best anniversary gifts and, perhaps, the most memorable. The icon depicting the Holy Patron is a priceless gift. The icon can be of any size.

If it is a voluminous beautiful option, then it will become a decoration of the red corner. In the case when the icon is made in a miniature version, it is most often placed in the car.

Ideas for useful gifts for a guy on his 25th birthday

All men are a little pragmatic by nature, so they definitely won’t refuse a gift that will be useful. Consider suitable ideas for what to give a 25-year-old guy for his birthday.

Intelligent lock. This is a high-tech lock equipped with unlocking, face recognition, etc. functions. Also, the device is able to detect people.

The lock can be opened by a smartphone with NFC, a key card, as well as by entering a password and fingerprints. Such a gift will definitely appeal to a young man who does not miss a single novelty in the world of technology.

Trimmer. Not a bad idea what to give a young man for 25 years. Especially if he is a happy owner of a beard. An electric shaver with the function of cutting and trimming hair will help you take care of the vegetation, both on the face and on other parts of the body.

The vast majority of devices are equipped with several functions at once and are also suitable for the care of hair in the ears and nose.

Vintage shoe shine set. A great gift if you want to give something original.

This is a kit that includes all the necessary tools to help keep your shoes in perfect condition. After all, as you know, shoes are the second face of a man, so their appearance must be impeccable!

Memory foam pillow. Sleep is the key to health. And such a pillow will provide additional comfort, since the spine is in a natural position.

Regular use will relieve muscle tension, restore proper breathing. As a result, the young man will feel more alert and healthier, forget about myositis and neuralgia, and other unpleasant sensations.

What an inexpensive gift to give a guy for his 25th birthday

When choosing what to give a young man inexpensively, do not pass by the options proposed here. Their acquisition will not empty your pockets, the presents themselves will cause only pleasant emotions.

Massage cape on the driver’s seat. A good option for a birthday gift for a guy who has his own car.

In addition to the fact that a young person will receive a quality massage while riding, increased blood circulation will help eliminate inflammation in tissues, muscle spasms will disappear, and the immune system will be strengthened. Systematic use will give a charge of vivacity and optimism.

Leg hammock. Another inexpensive but very useful thing. This is a real find for office workers who are forced to sit at the computer for hours. The hammock is attached to the legs of the table of any configuration, for this you do not need to have special skills.

One has only to put his feet on this device, as soon as a feeling of serenity and peace will overtake. Such relaxation will not only relieve swelling, joint pain, but also have a positive effect on mental work.

Multifunction screwdriver. In fact, this is a set, which includes the screwdriver itself and many nozzles. All elements must be made of high quality, durable steel, which will ensure maximum service life.

You can be sure that no real man will refuse such a useful gift. After all, this tool is useful everywhere: at home, in the garage or even in the office!

Table or teaspoon with initials or monograms. Such a gift, most often, is made to order. You can write the name of the guy on the spoon, or even better, connect your imagination and draw a real monogram, consisting of the initial letters of the name and surname.

This is truly a royal gift, because earlier only the upper classes could afford to decorate a spoon in this way.

Gifts for the image

Men, no less than girls, are concerned about their appearance. They are also attracted to accessories that complement the image, giving self-confidence. If you want to make a pleasant surprise for the birthday boy, the following list of presents will help with this.

Genuine leather belt. A high-quality belt will emphasize the style, add zest to the image. If earlier this accessory was used only to keep the trousers in place, today such a detail will help out if the casual outfit seems boring.

Personalize your gift by making a commemorative engraving on the belt, then your surprise will definitely not be equal.

Original cufflinks. Such elegant accessories will delight any fashionista. This is a mandatory element of the men’s wardrobe, which is dominated by business suits and formal shirts.

Cufflinks, first of all, are a status item. They not only decorate a young man, but also give him a sparkle in his eyes and self-confidence.

Perfumery. A good idea what to give your boyfriend for 25 years. After all, who else but you know the tastes of your loved one. Or maybe you do not like his perfume, and you are looking for the right occasion to give a new fragrance.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because all men want to stand out from the crowd, feel like a leader. And new spirits will help them with this!

Pocket watch on a chain. Many may argue that this is a relic of the past, that now is the time of new technologies, so such watches are no longer relevant. However, this is by no means the case!

Men at all times flaunted these accessories, so the watch has not lost its value. If you want to really surprise a young man, look for a vintage pocket watch on a chain.

What to give a sports guy

You can also choose gifts for a 25-year-old guy in the sports department, regardless of whether he is professionally involved in sports, just keeps himself in good physical shape, and is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle.

Here you will find interesting options that will surprise and delight any young person.

Set for boxing on an elastic band with two balls. This is an interesting device, consisting of a bandage that is worn on the head, with small balls attached to it.

Sports equipment can also be found under the name Fight ball or fight ball. Exercises do not cause injuries, but they allow you to develop reaction speed, accuracy of strikes and other important qualities.

Skipping rope with an electronic counter. The benefits of jumping rope can hardly be overestimated. Such exercises develop endurance, strengthen many muscle groups, and also help in the fight against extra pounds.

This is one of the most energy-intensive types of training. In addition, the jump rope is a very compact sports equipment that is not difficult to take with you.

Shaker for sports nutrition. In order to quickly replenish the supply of proteins and energy in the body, increase muscle mass, and achieve a perfectly slender body, many athletes use special nutrition.

Even if a young person already has a shaker, you can be sure that another quality sports nutrition mixing tool will not hurt.

Smart scales. A person who is not indifferent to his appearance, be sure to monitor his weight. Such scales are fundamentally different from conventional outdoor devices. Smart scales are synchronized with a phone or tablet, where all the results are displayed.

The devices calculate the percentage of fat in the body, the percentage of muscles and bone mass, fluids, basal metabolism, and in addition, they give valuable advice.

Cool Presents


TOP 93 ideas What to give a guy for 25 years and 27 more gifts + Tips

Many young people love to joke. Therefore, if you are at a loss as to which gift to choose, give the birthday boy something cool.

In this category, you will find several worthy options.

Flying alarm clock. Great idea what to give Sonya. A guy who finds it very difficult to get up in the morning will definitely need such a present. At the appointed time, the upper part of the alarm goes off, at the same time a terrible sound of a siren is heard.

The only way to get rid of this nightmare is to reach out to the alarm clock and hoist it back into place. So the young man in any case will have to get out of bed.

Desktop punching bag. This is a miniature pear that is attached to the edge of the table. An interesting device will serve as a kind of anti-stress.

As soon as a guy loses his temper, he does not need to keep his emotions to himself or break out at others, it is enough to let off steam just by boxing. Such an activity will amuse, relieve stress and tension, help develop the accuracy of strikes and reaction speed.

Basketball hoop for trash can. This gift will definitely appeal to a young man who cannot imagine himself without basketball, but, unfortunately, there is not enough time for his favorite business. This is a great solution for managers and other office workers.

Now red tape with papers will become more fun. This is an ordinary trash can, but on top of it is a basketball hoop. A damaged piece of paper should not only be thrown away, but crumpled and with a well-aimed movement “score a goal”, hitting right into the ring.

Space food in tubes. Many boys dream of becoming astronauts, so by presenting such a present, you will not only surprise and delight the birthday man, but perhaps fulfill his childhood dream.

Such food is no different from the food that astronauts eat.

A young person will be able to feel like a real space explorer, enjoying delicious borscht or cheesecakes from tubes.

DIY gifts for a guy for 25 years

There is nothing better than a handmade gift. They put love, soul, care!

By creating such a present, we subconsciously endow it with positive energy, as we constantly imagine the person for whom it is intended, draw in our thoughts how he will rejoice at the sight of a surprise, etc.

Drop all your doubts by following the detailed master classes, you will surely succeed!

tea wreath


TOP 93 ideas What to give a guy for 25 years and 27 more gifts + Tips

Anyone can make such a gift. The main thing is desire and a little patience.

What will be needed :

  • thick cardboard;
  • wooden clothespins;
  • hot gun;
  • the cloth;
  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • tea bags.

How to do :

  • cut a circle out of cardboard, and inside it make a smaller circle;
  • take the fabric and use a hot gun to gently wrap it around the cardboard;
  • decorate wooden clothespins with colored paper;
  • glue the clothespins to the front of the wreath so that the tea bags can be fixed on the outside of the wreath. Your gift is ready!

Edible bouquet “Meat Paradise”


TOP 93 ideas What to give a guy for 25 years and 27 more gifts + Tips

This gift will win the heart of any man. To do it, you do not need to have special skills.

Just choose those products that will not leave a young man indifferent and attach a little imagination to creating a present.

What will be needed :

  • wooden skewers;
  • kraft paper;
  • a sheet of cardboard;
  • Scotch;
  • twine;
  • meat products.

How to do :

  • meat, cheese, sausage and other delicacies are cut into small pieces;
  • take wooden skewers, their length should not exceed 15 cm, cut them if necessary. String products on them;
  • when everything is ready, start composing;
  • secure the base of the bouquet with adhesive tape;
  • wrap your gift with craft paper and go to please the birthday boy.

Glass bottle candle holder


TOP 93 ideas What to give a guy for 25 years and 27 more gifts + Tips

This original gift will decorate the interior, filling it with an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Making it will not be a problem.

What will be needed :

  • a bottle of wine (it must first be cleaned and washed well);
  • glass colored balls (which are used for decoration);
  • alcohol-based liquid (to create a burner);
  • watering can;
  • insulating tape;
  • essential oil;
  • wick and a metal ring in the shape of the neck of the bottle (it will serve as a wick holder).

How to do :

  • fill the bottle with colored balls one third;
  • using a watering can, carefully pour the liquid into the bottle;
  • to make the candlestick emit a pleasant aroma, add about 15 drops of any essential oil (select the aroma based on the tastes and preferences of the birthday person);
  • wrap the ring with electrical tape, insert it into the neck of the bottle;
  • fix the wick and you can give a gift. The young man will enjoy the bewitching flame and pleasant aroma!


If you have been invited to a celebration, you undoubtedly want to please the birthday boy with the perfect gift. And how to do this, learn from the helpful tips below.

  1. Decide on a budget. So it will be much easier for you to navigate in price categories. If this is your friend, work colleague, choose less expensive gifts that will not oblige you to anything. A relative or beloved boyfriend can get something more valuable.
  2. Family status. If you are buying a gift for a man who has already tied family ties, refrain from overly explicit surprises. You should not buy a gift in a joke store.
  3. Presentation practicality.  All men, by nature, are a little pragmatic. Therefore, you definitely will not be mistaken if you present a thing that will be useful in everyday life or useful for a hobby.
  4. Gift decoration. Any person will be pleased to receive a beautifully designed gift. So take care of the festive packaging. Men are also given bouquets of flowers. Compositions of dark roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, callas are considered quite masculine.

What is better not to give

Many mistakenly believe that at the age of 25 you can give anything. After all, this is the age of trial and error, so a birthday person is unlikely to be offended by a gift.

Of course, the man will not show that he was touched by your surprise, but then he will throw his far shelf and never look again. To avoid an unpleasant situation, pay attention to the list of anti-gifts.

  • Personal hygiene products.  There is nothing unusual about this presentation. The young man will buy everything necessary for himself, so your gift will not make any impression on him.
  • Souvenirs . Men like practical things, not those that will stand uselessly on the shelf.
  • Items that do not match the guy’s hobby. If a young man is fond of computer games, he is unlikely to be impressed by a new fishing rod or travel kit.
  • Money . Not the best gift option. Since money tends to disappear quickly, soon there will be no trace of your present, including memories.


We hope that thanks to the tips and valuable advice, you will be able to choose a worthy gift for the birthday man. Rely on your feelings, before you buy something, think about whether such a present would please you. Give gifts with a soul, then they will definitely bring pleasure, positive emotions and pleasant memories!

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