What to give for the holidays

TOP 75 ideas What to give the Teacher +33 gifts and Tips!

Presents for teachers have long become a tradition and a separate item of expenditure for the parent committee. Teacher’s Day, last call, March 8 and February 23, New Year – there are many suitable moments! And the main thing is a good and bright Day of Knowledge! A holiday of solemn rulers, touching first-graders, beautiful bouquets.

What can you give a teacher? Use the selection of options for appropriate, original, necessary gifts for any date.

TOP 75 gift ideas for teachers

  1. Hydrop Textile’s unique water-repellent spray. So that the teacher’s clothes always remain clean, as if by magic, even in inclement weather.
  2. Portable coffee maker.
  3. A set of singing bowls.
  4. Rack for drying umbrellas.
  5. IP camera for home surveillance.
  6. A tritium keychain will be appreciated by a chemistry teacher.
  7. A portable printer is an interesting option for a teacher’s day gift if he’s passionate about photography.
  8. Finger trainer.
  9. Ant farm.
  10. Kinetic pendulum.
  11. Table chest of drawers for jewelry.
  12. Wrist pad for computer work.
  13. A signal keychain is an option for giving a teacher to save his precious time. It sometimes takes too many minutes to find the keys.
  14. Camping lantern. Remember how many times on school trips you needed a constant source of light?
  15. Flip clock Air-Flip.
  16. The picture of the voice will please the teacher on March 8.
  17. Medball.
  18. Electronic notepad.
  19. media streamer.
  20. Floating globe.
  21. Stormglass. This subject will interest physicists, biologists and chemists. However, it will be fun for other teachers to determine the weather using this device.
  22. Puzzles in a box.
  23. Book lamp.
  24. Housekeeper.
  25. Wireless keyboard and vertical computer mouse.
  26. Magnetic hourglass.
  27. Steel soap or solid shampoo in the New Year will be touched by a biology and ecology teacher with your concern for him and the environment.
  28. Holder for documents.
  29. An electric eraser is a nice souvenir for your favorite teacher.
  30. home planetarium.
  31. Double-sided steel makeup mirror.
  32. Measuring spoon with digital display.
  33. Vase. Stylish, roomy. He will decide where to put the numerous bouquets presented on the first day of classes. So that the present does not seem banal, choose a worthy copy: a floor glass vase for giant roses, a spectacular item in the Art Nouveau style, a delicate creation of Murano glass blowers, a bright designer vase.
  34. Candy bowl. Fill it with chocolates in a shiny wrapper.
  35. The Parker pen is a practical and solid gift for a male teacher. You can choose a more affordable brand option.
  36. Status stationery: pen holder or desk set. If it’s a graduation or anniversary gift, find an expensive, presentable copy.
  37. Stylus pen. For example, the Casper multifunctional model, which combines a ballpoint pen, stylus, laser pointer and flashlight.
  38. Portable humidifier. As a version – a gadget with led-backlight and charging from a usb port. Or a humidifier. Home comfort, tranquility and relaxation will be provided.
  39. Floor lamp or lamp.
  40. Genuine leather briefcase. A great gift idea for a teacher’s birthday. Both an experienced teacher and a young teacher will be happy with the presentation. These accessories never go out of style.
  41. Diary in leather cover, with gold-edged pages. You can order a designer personalized copy or engraving. Choose an undated product: it is more convenient to use.
  42. Wall or floor clock. For example, in the English classical style. Or original walkers with a background of photos of students. A good option is an interior clock to decorate the table. An unusual idea is an animated wall clock with a moving image. At the same time, the spectacular device is an accurate chronometer. It can be ordered with a custom logo.
  43. An encyclopedia or a complete collection of works by a favorite author. Teachers are those rare people for whom a book is the best gift. Even in the age of the Internet, turning pages is an incomparable pleasure. An expensive edition will be a wonderful gift for a teacher. How to find out his preferences? Very simple – listen carefully to the lectures, the teacher himself will tell you everything.
  44. Oversized wool scarf. People who have to talk a lot need to take special care of their throats. This is a practical and pleasant gift for a teacher of any gender.
  45. Souvenir compass Solar. Exclusive device in the form of an exact copy of the historical original. Great gift for a male teacher. Especially for a geography teacher.
  46. Folding umbrella “Tulip”. A very spring gift for a young and creative teacher. A beautiful and reliable accessory when folded resembles a luxurious bud.
  47. Case for bank cards from aluminum. It is practical, durable and safe: the metal will reliably protect the plastic from RFID. Cyber ​​scammers will not be afraid.
  48. Panel with gilding. A memorable gift for the director or head teacher at graduation.
  49. Table clock Grass. The original chronograph, combined with an artificial mini-turf.
  50. Thermal bag. Useful thing for summer holidays.
  51. Neck silk scarf.
  52. Fruit bowl. An unusual option, for example, from bamboo.
  53. Nominal purse-clutch. A stylish accessory that perfectly complements a business suit.
  54. Original crockery: colored glass decanter, porcelain tea pair, transparent coffee service. You can find on the Internet an unusual set with a mirror coating of the cup, which creates an optical illusion, partially reflecting the pattern of the saucer. An exclusive tea set, in which the interior space of objects is made in the shape of a Christmas tree – an original present for the New Year holidays.
  55. Teapot. Dishes in a stylish design without pretentious elements will suit both women and men. Even a brutal worker.
  56. Stole. “Gift” wisdom says: if you don’t know what to give to the class teacher, hand over a warm stole. The gift is universal: it will warm, create a beautiful image.
  57. The Valdai bell is a nice souvenir, a symbol of the beginning of the school year, a small and ringing anti-stress. Anyone who has heard its melodic sound will confirm this.
  58. Merino wool blanket. Cozy Christmas present.
  59. Eye Massager. Cosmetic effect and improvement of vision: a super-thing for rejuvenation and relaxation.
  60. Crystal souvenir – a rose with a silvered stem. A beautiful souvenir for March 8 will successfully replace a bouquet of spring flowers for an elegant teacher.
  61. A set of candlesticks.
  62. Projector starry sky. An unusual lamp, scattering myriads of night lights, will give a feeling of peace and magic.
  63. Author’s pots for plants: wall or table.
  64. Snow globe with white deer.
  65. Multitool Backlight. “Cool” set, equipped with the right tools, LED flashlight, key ring. A good present for a male teacher on February 23.
  66. Astrolabe from the German brand Hemis. A reduced copy of the old “star trap” will become a spectacular accent in the interior of the teacher’s room or the director’s office.
  67. A set of accessories for cleaning shoes in a case.
  68. Salt lamp.
  69. Binoculars. You can accompany the present with a playful wish “to see all the students cheating in the gallery.”
  70. Book holders.
  71. Scratch card. If your class teacher loves to travel, he will be happy with such a gift. After all, he will have a “Plan to Conquer the World”!
  72. Framed engraving of an ancient map of the world. Men-intellectuals love such presents. An “old” stylish thing will decorate a school class or home office.
  73. Stylish organizer. Old-school teachers usually dislike technology. A capacious classic piece that fits in a handbag is sure to please. Choose a neutral color model.
  74. Smart pot with automatic watering.
  75. A set of board games that includes chess, checkers, dominoes, lotto and backgammon.

It is logical to add a package of quality coffee or tea (if the main gift is an electric kettle).

Such presentations-additions cannot be left without gift wrapping. Wrap in pretty paper or place in a gift bag.

Original gifts for the teacher

Thoughts and ideas of what to give a teacher for graduation often come across ethical and legal prohibitions.

To expand the range of teacher gift options, we offer the following surprise list.

  • USB aquarium . It is equipped with its own filtration system, additional functions. In such an aquarium, at least, an electronic clock and a calendar are already built in. The fish house can fit in the classroom and remind the teacher of you every day.
  • Rainstick . A unique wind instrument emits a melody similar to the sound of rain. Such a gift will delight not only music teachers!
  • Turk for coffee . A teacher who loves the “smell of napalm in the morning” will be happy with such a gift.
  • Air washer . The optimal balance of not only vitamins, but also the humidity of the environment helps us to be in shape. Create the best conditions for the teacher with such a gift.
  • Luxurious composition assembled by a florist to order. A bouquet of sweets, fruits or miniature soft toys. September 1 is a great occasion to present an unusual bouquet.
  • Savon stainless steel soap on a stylish wooden stand. An unusual kitchen accessory eliminates all unpleasant odors from hands. A female teacher will accept such a gift with great pleasure.
  • Portrait from a photo from wishes and words of gratitude. Words are powerful: they speak to the heart and mind. The unique portrait is handmade, and not a multi-million faceless edition, which makes it exclusive. A memorable gift can move the class teacher to tears.
  • Candy with text. An original gift made of good chocolate. You can add the name of the teacher, or you can say in an original way “Thank you for everything!”. Give beautiful chocolate!
  • A set of chocolate tools or chocolate dumbbells. All objects look like real ones, and thanks to the coating of cocoa powder, the effect of natural rust is created. A wonderful gift for a physical education teacher or labor worker.
  • 3D puzzle “Bouquet in a vase” from the Crystal Puzzle collection. A great idea for a girl teacher who loves intellectual entertainment. The assembled composition is used as an original interior decoration.
  • A message of love and gratitude. The class teacher will be sincerely touched by the poems written in her honor. Originally, if they are written on a scroll of “aged” parchment.
  • Award figurine “To the best teacher”.

Gift Ideas for a Teacher on Teacher’s Day

TOP 75 ideas What to give the Teacher +33 gifts and Tips!

On a professional holiday, it is appropriate to focus on the subject of teaching.

For example:

  1. Souvenirs stylized as a geographical map, a gift compass, gifts brought from distant countries are suitable for a geography teacher. Great idea – a sweet bouquet in the form of a globe.
  2. A biology teacher will like an exotic plant: a venus flytrap or other “predator”.
  3. An excellent surprise for the historian will be a unique document, not without difficulty obtained from archival sources, a rare book. Interested in an encyclopedia, a plaster bust of an outstanding personality.
  4. What to give a physics teacher? Give a themed present: a perpetual motion anti-stress, an original lamp in the form of an Edison lamp, an unusual watch with gears outward.
  5. A good present for a chemistry teacher will be modern utensils for chemical experiments. You can fill flasks and crucibles with sweets.
  6. A language teacher can be presented with a dictionary or a volume of favorite poems, a book stand or book holders.
  7. Give a teacher of mathematics or computer science an unusual calculator or a wireless laser keyboard, a usb lamp. Or magnets in the form of numbers for an interactive whiteboard.
  8. For an athlete, you can find a million good ideas. Leather ball, compact bag, expander, dumbbells. An unusual present is a table lamp-projector in the form of a soccer ball. A good idea is the Weddel cooling towel. Sold in a beautiful bottle with a carabiner handle. A unique gift will come in handy in training at any time of the year.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give the teacher

When choosing a gift for a teacher for the last call or for another reason, being predictable is commonplace. In order for mentors to remember your gifts for a long time, choose for them such offerings as:

  • Pen with invisible ink . Give your teacher the joy of being a revolutionary or a scout with this modest accessory.
  • Telescopic seat . An inconspicuous tube will fit in any handbag, and if the teacher wants to relax in line or a crowded cafe, it unfolds into a comfortable seat.
  • Writing set . This option is not as original as it is useful. A high-quality set will help the teacher put things in order on the table. All his pens, pencils, note paper will take their own place in this set.

Think about what else you can please your favorite teacher. It will be easier to do this if you arrange a joint brainstorming session between parents and students.

DIY gifts for the teacher

Students can create a surprise for a class teacher or subject teacher with their own hands.

For a mentor, you can make:

  1. Unique notebook or diary.
  2. Panel from saw cuts.
  3. Wax candles.
  4. Design paper.
  5. Pillow-antistress.
  6. Fridge magnet.
  7. Photo album.
  8. Hanging chair from a hoop.
  9. Tea house.
  10. Lampshade from ballpoint pens.

Tips: How to choose a gift for a teacher

No one can give you direct recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a teacher. Rely on the general rules of etiquette and traditions of your society.

These include rules such as:

  • The gift is chosen personally for its recipient. If it is used not only by the teacher, but by the entire teacher’s room, then this is a common present for the entire team.
  • It is especially difficult to choose an offering to a male teacher. Tips from experienced parents say that an edible bouquet or modest flowers will come in handy.
  • Prepare even for a modest surprise worthy packaging. The neat appearance of the thing will please the teacher. Put a greeting card with the signature of the students and parents in the box.
  • When presenting a gift, do not be silent. Prepare kind words for your mentor. Congratulatory speech should not be too short, long. Also, do not congratulate the teacher with on-duty phrases.
  • Keep silent about how difficult it was for you to find and choose this gift.
  • Remove the price tags from the item before packing it into the box.
  • You can’t donate used items.
  • Do not ask the teacher too aggressively how he reacted to your gift. This is impolite.

What is better not to give a teacher

On the eve of September 1 and other school dates, the fantasy of the best offering for a teacher can play a cruel joke on students or their parents.

For the sake of maintaining a good relationship with the teacher, test your ideas for suitability.

What is included in the list of gifts that are better not to give either at school or after graduation to your mentors?

  1. Money . No matter how much you want to thank the teacher for his noble work with an “extra bonus”, you should not hand over an envelope with money. According to the etiquette of gifts, only a person older in age or position can give money to a younger person on certain dates. At school, such a sign of attention may even be considered a bribe.
  2. Luxury goods . Expensive jewelry, like resort tickets, will embarrass the teacher in front of the students and their parents. Of course, that such an amount “pooled up” personally for the family will be feasible, but the teacher will be indebted to everyone. This cannot be allowed.
  3. Clothing and footwear . Adults have their own taste and outlook on things. Perhaps the fact that you offer the teacher as a gift to replenish her wardrobe with your offering will cause her indignation.
  4. Animal . If a plant can be placed on a window sill in a classroom, then you can’t leave a pet at school. You don’t have the full knowledge of the teacher’s workload, living conditions, personal preferences, and even allergic reactions to offer such a gift.
  5. Crockery . Believe me, all teachers with experience are provided with sets, tea pairs and cups with an “original” pattern, and there are not so many guests in the teacher’s room to fully use all this stock.
  6. Alcohol . Giving things like bottles of liquor is not worth it to anyone. The teacher – even more so! Cigarettes are also included in this list.
  7. Gifts with a hint . Anti-wrinkle cream, hair dye and other means for correcting appearance are unacceptable to give to the teacher. To focus in gifts on the age of the mentor and the features of his appearance is just as ugly as giving him low-quality souvenirs.


Choosing what to give a teacher is not easy. Remember three rules before the final purchase: the gift must be in the interests of the mentor, it must be of good quality, but not too expensive.

We will be glad if the article was useful to you. Think, recharge with ideas, be ready to congratulate, delight and impress!

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