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TOP 131 ideas What is unusual to give a girlfriend for her birthday

The question arose before you – what is unusual to give a friend for her birthday? Sometimes my head is spinning from such questions, because every girl and woman has a best friend. And this is truly a great blessing. After all, it is she, a soul mate, who can be entrusted with the most secret secrets, and this is also mutual support and understanding from a seemingly stranger. Therefore, for her, I want to find something original and unique, something that is guaranteed to impress and be remembered by her.

Finding unusual gifts for a friend is not something unrealistic, but quite a feasible task. When everyone showers the hero of the occasion with bouquets, sweets and other platitudes, it is from you that she will expect that you will guess her cherished desire and leave a memory of yourself on this day. If you are looking for just such a present and are confused that it is better to choose a friend for her birthday, be sure to use this article.

Here you will find a top list of what you can give your girlfriend an unusual birthday present, and you will no longer puzzle over what to buy, because the review of the best surprises and ideas is in front of you, and you will, of course, choose the most suitable gift for your girlfriend.

TOP 131 ideas – What unusual gifts can be given to a girlfriend

  1. Makeup brushes in a tube.
  2. A set of crayons / gels of different shades for experimenting with hair.
  3. Plush plaid with sleeves.
  4. Calabash (a traditional vessel for preparing and drinking mate) and bombilla (a metal or wooden tube with a filter through which mate infusion is drunk).
  5. Special spoon for ice cream.
  6. Matcha set is suitable for all lovers of this tea.
  7. Kigurumi.
  8. Pen for drawing on coffee.
  9. Cooling towel for fitness.
  10. Unusual associated tea.
  11. Choker.
  12. Smart mask.
  13. Electric saw.
  14. Cordless smoothie blender.
  15. Jewelry with the sign of the zodiac.
  16. Dryer for fruits, berries, herbs and vegetables.
  17. Harness.
  18. Cheese/pizza knife.
  19. Essential oil diffuser bracelet.
  20. Ankle chain.
  21. Reusable diary.
  22. Air bouquet of gypsophila.
  23. Planet lamp.
  24. A deluxe edition of a significant book or favorite childhood book.
  25. UV lamp for gel polish.
  26. Hair fillers.
  27. Selfie flash ring.
  28. Advent calendar.
  29. Wine soap.
  30. Hydrogel eye patches.
  31. aromatic stones.
  32. Lip masks.
  33. Cashmere headband.
  34. Laser comb.
  35. Electric brush for washing.
  36. Christmas lantern.
  37. Sweets/jam from rose petals.
  38. Yoga set.
  39. Original chain for glasses.
  40. Aromatic beldi.
  41. Floating bath lights.
  42. Bike home kit.
  43. Velvet voluminous headband.
  44. Table-shelf for taking a bath.
  45. Branded scarf/stole.
  46. A set of Japanese sweets.
  47. Instant camera.
  48. Waterproof beach mat.
  49. Electric curlers.
  50. Kanekalon.
  51. Eco-fur mittens.
  52. Stylish balaclava.
  53. Charm bracelet or charm.
  54. Honey with edible gold.
  55. Stylish spice grinders.
  56. Eco glass.
  57. Bedding eco-linen, for example, from flax, nettle.
  58. Personal astrological forecast.
  59. Figured rolling pin / gingerbread board.
  60. Map of the starry sky by date of birth.
  61. Freezer.
  62. Scraper Gua Sha for the face.
  63. Candle heated teapot.
  64. Cookbook for recording recipes.
  65. Incense Palo Santo.
  66. Wicker baskets are a popular novelty this year.
  67. Paired sweaters with original designs.
  68. Homemade fruit tree.
  69. Multibox for growing plants in the house.
  70. Shower oil.
  71. Neon table lamp.
  72. 3D figurine based on a photo of a friend.
  73. Pocket humidifier for the face.
  74. Pouffe bag in the shape of a donut.
  75. Body Butter Cream.
  76. Unusual forms for ice.
  77. A set of fabric masks in the form of animals.
  78. Fashionable sunglasses in original case.
  79. Butterfly.
  80. Thermal underwear and thermal socks for winter sports.
  81. Smart dumbbells.
  82. Shopping bag.
  83. Inflatable bath pillow.
  84. Perforated body and hair oil.
  85. Trimmer for clothes.
  86. Night light projector northern lights in the bedroom.
  87. Laundry organizer.
  88. Basket with exotic fruits.
  89. Chocolate making set.
  90. Printer-stamp for nails.
  91. Magnetic planner for fridge.
  92. Hairpins with pearls.
  93. A set for painting on fabric, for a creative friend.
  94. Color changing lip balm.
  95. Set for home spa treatments.
  96. Coconut bowls.
  97. Dream catcher – an amulet that will protect the birthday girl during sleep.
  98. A set of fitness rubber bands.
  99. Traveler’s card.
  100. Original strap for a fitness bracelet.
  101. Leather earrings.
  102. Beauty case for storing cosmetics.
  103. Set of soft blanket and soft toy.
  104. Satin kimono robe.
  105. Painting by numbers.
  106. Beautiful garland with clothespins for photos.
  107. Instagram.
  108. Bulk candles. A fun treat to relax and relieve stress.
  109. Box with handmade chocolate.
  110. Selective perfume.
  111. Digital photo frame with joint shots.
  112. Illuminated mirror.
  113. Alarm clock with imitation of dawn.
  114. Tea in test tubes with different flavors.
  115. Visualization poster.
  116. Flower jam.
  117. Water bottle with quartz.
  118. Biofireplace.
  119. Wishing candle.
  120. Smoothie blender.
  121. Silkworm cocoons for face care.
  122. Cappuccinatore.
  123. Mini refrigerator for cosmetics.
  124. Mug with temperature control.
  125. Satin turban for drying hair.
  126. Bath pearls or jelly.
  127. Terry dressing gown with the initials of a friend.
  128. Champagne glass with a scale of intoxication.
  129. Warmer toy.
  130. LED shower head.
  131. A set of miniatures of your favorite perfume brand.

Original gifts for a friend

Giving your girlfriend what she expects is good. But 200% hit to the one who manages to surprise and please the hero of the occasion with something unexpected. Here is a list of ideas that can surprise her:

A set for creating a mandala is an  original gift for a creative person. With the help of such a set, the girl will be able not only to realize her creative potential, but also to fulfill her cherished desire. And everything, thanks to the energy that a person invests in creating a mandala, this object is endowed with magical properties.

It is enough to come up with a desire, choose a mandala in one of the topics. And most importantly, everyone gets a unique job, as you can mix shades of colors and apply your own patterns.

Unusual sweets from Europe –  any lady will be happy with such sweets. Exclusive treats from Europe, Asia, USA: creamy marshmallows, jelly beans with unusual flavors, peanut butter bars, breakfast cereals with marshmallows, salted caramel flavored M&M’s, blueberry ice cream Oreo and much more for gourmets with a sweet tooth.

A heavy blanket is an  original gift for a friend, which will contribute to a calm and healthy sleep. Such a blanket is made from buckwheat, glass beads, Himalayan salt or polypropylene granules.

Due to the soft “pressure” during sleep, serotonin is actively produced, which relieves insomnia, anxiety, leg fatigue, etc.

Fondue. It is a pot with a heating element in which the fondue base is melted. Cookware can be made of ceramic, cast iron, glass or steel.

With such a gift, your friend will be able to cook exotic dishes and impress guests with culinary delights: pieces of fruit in chocolate, meat in cheese, seafood in wine sauce, etc.

Himalayan salt slab  for baking dishes in the oven. This gift option will definitely surprise and delight a woman.

Slowly heating up, the tile will serve as a seasoning for meat, fish, seafood and vegetables, nourishing them with minerals and a unique aroma.

Inexpensive Unusual Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend’s Birthday

Expensive doesn’t always mean valuable. Below are options for affordable, but interesting things that will last a friend for a long time after her birthday.

Double-walled rainbow glasses  are very Instagrammable. An ideal tableware that can give a seemingly ordinary tea party or gatherings with friends a special aesthetics to the drink and the process.

Interaction with such a glass will help to relax, calm down, and bring additional beauty to the house.

Magic twist  with sage, dried flowers and quartz crystals. It can be used both for fumigating the house and hanging as a talisman, saturating the room with its unique floral and herbal aroma.

And since ancient times, sage has been used to expel negative energy from home and family, bringing harmony and well-being into it.

Monopoly  is an adult level. A game with almost a century of history. It is rightfully considered one of the most popular board games that will allow you to play with a large company, and have fun and usefully spend time.

You can give the classic version of the game or the anniversary edition of Monopoly with a retro design.

Explosive bombs. I would like to give my girlfriend a real SPA treatment without leaving home, there is a way out! Hot bath with relaxing bombs, but not ordinary ones, but with special properties and design. So, it could be:

  • bath bombs with blackcurrant sorbet;
  • salt bombs;
  • jelly;
  • foaming, with hydromassage effect, etc.

Eternal composition  of fragrant dried flowers. Everyone loves summer, but it ends so quickly. And so I want to transfer all this fragrant beauty from summer to the cold season. There is an exit!

Give the birthday girl a bouquet of dried plants, it will not only decorate the house, but also fill it with summer warmth and a delicate, unique aroma. It can be a composition in a glass sphere, a wooden box, a sachet, or a classic version – a bouquet of lavender.

Edible gifts for a gourmet girlfriend

What girl, woman will refuse an attractive dessert or an unusual product? Therefore, one of the options for a birthday present is to give an edible surprise.

Oil from different types of plants  is an interesting and unusual gift for a lady who leads a healthy lifestyle. Such a gift set of cooking oils will not go unnoticed, because there are no such dishes, side dishes, snacks and soups where oil would not be needed, by the way.

Such a set can be bought ready-made or assembled independently, including, for example, olive oil, rice oil, avocado, unrefined oil with chili or basil, hemp, etc.

Blue tea? Unusual! An interesting gift that can be given to ladies of any age and any profession. The main criterion is that she likes tea. Anchan tea  is an unusual gift for a girlfriend that will not go unnoticed. It has a light, barely perceptible oatmeal taste, with a long sweet aftertaste.

It is good in cold and hot form at any time of the day, but the main feature is that the prepared tea has a beautiful blue tint. You can complement the present  with a beautiful tea pair.

A jar of natural almond or peanut butter.  This is a completely natural product that is made from nuts, without added sugar. Nut butters are used as a snack or for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It will also be indispensable and suitable for making any desserts and pastries.

Oriental sweets are  a real embodiment of the centuries-old traditions of the region. And it is also a royal gift, for the royal person, because since ancient times, only royal people ate such sweets.

Pomegranate halva, Turkish delight with hazelnuts, pistachio sherbet (sorbet), gyulech, kurabye, pomegranate jezerye and much more. Their diversity is truly amazing: there are more than 100 types of baklava alone. Gift with 100% hit!

Bouquet of chocolate roses. All rosebuds are hand molded from Belgian milk and dark chocolate and then packaged in a transparent film to preserve the aroma and unique taste.

Believe me, a stylish chocolate bouquet will not leave anyone indifferent.

beauty gifts

Here is a special case. The main thing when choosing such a present is to focus on interesting products and novelties that will surely take their rightful place on the dressing table of a friend.

The following selection of unusual and interesting gifts will help you with your choice:

A transforming jewelry  is a unique gift that will allow you to change your image from day to day. And it is also a new trend in fashion, with a long history. The advantages of such decoration are many:

  • firstly, from one decoration you can get several at once;
  • secondly, you can change it to your liking, collect your own unique collection;
  • thirdly, their considerable variety for any style and budget.

So, as a gift, you can choose a brooch, earrings, bracelet, transformer ring and even a hairpin necklace.

Satin pajamas Victoria’s Secret,  this is the present that will conquer everyone. This is practicality, comfort, ease of care, elegant design and style, true to size, and, most importantly, the perfect pajamas and gift in one.

Such a set will become a favorite outfit in which it will be pleasant to sleep and relax at home. And pajamas from VS are an ideal option for a woman who appreciates not only comfort and convenience, but also style.

Cactus/boar bristle brush for dry massage. A luxurious gift for home spa treatments. The result of massage with such a brush is a smooth and toned body.

It is better to give a brush with natural boar bristles, since the hairs themselves are not inferior in strength and durability to both synthetics and vegetable raw materials. You can complement the gift with a natural coffee scrub with essential oils.

Inspirational bracelet –  will be a memorable gift to a real friend. Engraving will allow you to individualize the jewelry, making it unusual.

And inspiring times will charge the girl every morning, giving her a great mood.

For example, phrases:

  • “A dream is born to come true!”;
  • “A friend is one soul living in two bodies”;
  • “You are my support and support”, etc.

The Tangle Teaser hairbrush is a  hairbrush that every girl knows about, and if your friend doesn’t have one yet, don’t hesitate to give it! This is a fashion comb with a unique design, which was produced in England in 2007.

Its features: detangles any hair without damaging it, has a beneficial effect on the scalp, reduces hair loss and brittleness, you can comb wet strands, compact and lightweight.

Interesting gift ideas for a girlfriend

You can always consider the category of  cool gifts  – these are the things that you can laugh at together and post cool photos on Instagram. Options:

  • inflatable crown “Queen of the Party”;
  • lipstick stun gun;
  • inflatable flamingo mattress;
  • unusual dessert.

Garland-grid,  will give the atmosphere of the holiday all year round. You can decorate a Christmas tree with it, install it on the wall, adding coniferous plants, toys, or just hang family photos on it – the original exposition will be ready!

Cozy cushions for chairs are a  practical gift for beauty and comfort in the birthday girl’s house.

Such small elements will allow you to create a unique interior, while without the use of unnecessary figurines and paintings that are not useful.

The multi-baker is a  universal device that replaces more than 40 kitchen appliances (grill, sandwich maker, toaster, cupcake maker, hazel nut maker, etc.).

The main feature is removable forms, therefore, at first it can be a grill, and after a second, a waffle iron. You just need to install a suitable nozzle and forward, with a song, conquer the culinary peaks!

A set of silk pillowcases with a sleep mask. Even the divas of the golden era of Hollywood knew about the benefits of such pillowcases and blindfolds for the beauty of the skin. Therefore, why not please your girlfriend and give her such a set.

The skin on this material glides easily and does not wrinkle. That prevents the appearance of creases and wrinkles.


An unusual present should combine many positive qualities, this is beauty, practicality, value … the list is long. But finding such a combination is not always possible.

To get as close as possible to the perfect gift for a friend, I recommend considering a few key points:

  • Demand . The gift should be modern, fashionable. In the era of gadgets, giving a push-button phone or a notebook is ridiculous.
  • Be sure to chat with your mutual friends or acquaintances – it is quite possible that they will direct you in the right direction, or you can team up and buy one common gift.
  • Joint shopping trip . Here you will only need to pay attention to which boutiques your girlfriend stops at and what things she looks at with admiration. This is one of the most successful ways to choose the most suitable thing for a birthday girl.
  • Interests . This is the most accurate hit if you are looking for an original gift for a friend. Even if it is a simple set for creativity or a vegetable dryer, but if it is known for sure that she loves, culinary experiments and spends a lot of time doing such an activity, then this hit is right on target.
  • effect . Everyone loves to receive surprises and positive emotions, so try to surprise, and for this come up with an unusual congratulation, it’s good if there are a lot of balloons, confetti and flowers. And, of course, do not forget about the beautiful presentation of the gift, it must be wrapped in gift paper.

Friendship is inexpensive gifts, it is spiritual unity and understanding of each other. Therefore, it is better to abandon an expensive present in favor of memorabilia.

What is better not to give

When choosing what you can give an unusual gift to your girlfriend, you need to clearly understand what should be excluded from the list of suitable options. Indeed, on such a day, every beautiful lady dreams of a perfect holiday, without flaws, and your task is to help her with this.

  • Copies of brands  will definitely upset a fashionista who is well versed in this. Consider something else than offending her like that.
  • Household appliances for an amateur  – an air fryer, an ice cream maker, a yogurt maker, an electric shashlik maker and much more. Such models of technology are most often completely useless, and if you do not know well about the tastes of a friend or she prefers simplified, classic options, without “bells and whistles”. Then exclude such a technique.
  • Gifts with a hint of flaws. Yes, this is a close person, to whom, one can say, a lot, but still, it is better not to give a rhema from cellulite, stretch marks, scales, a certificate to the gym, etc.
  • Cosmetics from the supermarket. Firstly, it will show your complete indifference to her, and secondly, this is not the gift you expect from a friend. This also includes cheap cosmetics, which are likely to cause allergies, rather than positive emotions. Exception: handmade and luxury quality products.
  • Bulky, cheap jewelry.  Such jewelry is rarely of good quality, quickly lose their appearance and cause an allergic reaction.
  • Eliminate those options that may  remind you of unpleasant eventsthat occurred in the past. For example, something that will remind you of parting with a guy.
  • Kitchen utensils are an  actual present if your girlfriend is already aged, otherwise, a young girl, such a thing is useless. After all, she is just beginning the time of adventure in life, and obviously getting a pan is not it. Of course, there are exceptions, if she lives in cooking, then you can please her with interesting little things.


A friend’s birthday is a holiday, the culprit of which becomes the most important for people close to her. If your girlfriend is the one with whom it is easy and interesting for you, she always covers you and, in fact, is the reason for your daily happiness and smile, be sure to try to please her on this day. And the best gift for a close friend will be the one that eloquently tells how much you love, appreciate and understand her. I hope our options and useful tips will guide you in your search and help you bring genuine joy to your friend on this day.

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