What to give a woman

173 ideas What to give a woman if she has everything

Choosing a gift is not only an exciting and exciting quest for shops, shopping centers and Internet sites. This is also a big responsibility – after all, by the reaction it is immediately clear whether the present was to your liking, you guessed the preferences and taste. It is generally difficult to please the fair sex, and it will take more than one day to think about what to give. The situation becomes more complicated if you need to congratulate a woman who has everything! Here, either take the cost, or choose practical and necessary gifts for everyone, or put emotions at the head. For you, we have selected possible gift options, among which everyone will find a suitable option.

TOP 100 ideas What can you give a woman who has everything

Even if you feel like you’re at a dead end and it’s easier to say no than to go with an uninteresting, typical, or cheap gift, remind yourself that there are no people who have absolutely everything – maybe they just think so. You have a great opportunity to prove it. Here is a list of suitable gifts:

  1. A set of decorative cosmetics – girls are delighted with highlighters, shimmers, bronzers and glitter shadows, for older ladies choose foundation, powder, mascara, blush palette.
  2. Makeup brushes – in a beautiful tube, case or case.
  3. Electric curlers – if the birthday girl loves curls or experiments, then now she can change the styling without spending time on it.
  4. Organizer for cosmetics – bright boxes with many compartments are pleasing to the eye, and lipsticks, shadows, eyeliners will always be in their places.
  5. Mirror with led-backlight – make-up with it is easy even in dim lighting or early in the morning.
  6. A watch is an expensive but memorable gift. Choose trusted brands, with a guarantee and a beautiful packaging-case. Make a commemorative engraving on the back of the dial – this will add uniqueness and make the gift truly memorable.
  7. Smart watches are a trendy gadget without reference to age, everyone likes it.
  8. Expensive service – choose elegant sets in a minimalist style. Everything is concise and beautiful, like in a restaurant. Pay attention to such boyends: Luminarc, Loraine, Rosenberg, Leomax.
  9. Home coffee machine – coffee connoisseurs will be delighted with the taste of latte, cappuccino or americano, filling the apartment with a delicious aroma.
  10. Bed linen – no synthetics, only natural fabrics. An interesting option is 3d kits with unusual rich patterns.
  11. Fur blanket – all Instagrammers have already appreciated the luxurious appearance, softness and warmth of such a blanket. A young girl will like pink, white, turquoise, bright yellow colors, older women will appreciate muted beige, coffee with milk, noble burgundy, silver-gray tones.
  12. Photoepilator – you want to be beautiful and well-groomed at any age and situation. A simple and painless hair removal procedure at home will successfully replace sugaring, waxing.
  13. A foot massager – in the classic version or a cute mini rug near the bed will relieve fatigue, swelling of the feet after a day in high heels.
  14. Comb-straightener – gentle care and perfect smoothness of curls is provided.
  15. Collection book – choose the hero of the occasion according to your passion. The volume, in an expensive snakeskin binding to order, with a silk bookmark, will not go unnoticed. On the first spread, make a beautiful congratulatory inscription.
  16. Illuminated glasses look original and delight the eye with an unusual glow.
  17. Phone case inlaid with rhinestones on an individual project – the girl will be delighted.
  18. Biofireplace – even if there is a real one in the house, it is pleasant and safe to warm up from this, but it looks simply stunning.
  19. A painting by a famous artist is status and prestigious. Especially if the birthday girl is a connoisseur of painting.
  20. Bag – there are not many of them, choose a model from the new collection of a well-known brand. And once again we remind you, no fakes.
  21. A home multifunctional simulator – now going to the gym is optional, because you will have your own at home.
  22. A magnetic board with special knives for cheese, vegetables, meat, shredders – hostesses will definitely appreciate it.
  23. Photo session with an open date – every woman loves to be photographed. Give the opportunity to become the most beautiful and try on a new image for yourself. The highest level is to order a photo session in a certain style, order costumes, arrange scenery. For the birthday girl, this will be a pleasant shock.
  24. A rare pet – no one talks about a monitor lizard or a lynx, but a fennec fox, a mini pig, a ragdoll kitten will impress both the birthday girl and the guests.
  25. The original photocrystal is made in the workshop to order from a photograph. It will perfectly complement the decor of the room, and if it is backlit, it will act as a lamp.
  26. Kigurumi – why not a cool present? It is soft, comfortable, girls like unicorns, pandas, bears – no matter how old the girl is.
  27. By the way, about bears – a plush 2-meter bear is an excellent gift.
  28. Air pods headphones will appeal to music lovers and fitonies – they will come in handy during a morning run.
  29. Evening dress from an exclusive collection, and even better – made to order by a famous designer.
  30. Antique figurine – things with history are highly valued and emphasize the status of their owner.
  31. The icon in gold and silver is a valuable gift with meaning. Choose a patron saint by name to emphasize the significance of the present.
  32. A set of elite varieties of tea or coffee in a beautiful wooden box.
  33. Surprise box – a large box with a corresponding inscription and helium balloons flying out of it will cause a lot of emotions. Use as an addition to a gift.
  34. Tickets for a tourist trip with an open date – who will refuse additional rest under the all inclusive program?
  35. Whiskey stones complete with glasses of an unusual shape in the form of a heart, a skull, a flower will complement the assortment of dishes and will look original on the table.
  36. Shaker with a book on making cocktails – for lovers of home parties and experiments.
  37. An annual subscription to a prestigious fitness center – you always need to be in shape.
  38. Gold chain with the name of the birthday girl – precious metals do not go out of fashion.
  39. The diamond ring is a classic of the genre.
  40. A branded wallet is a practical gift that will never be superfluous.
  41. A branded belt is an accessory that completes the look. Branded box and case are required.
  42. Shoes – no matter how much you buy, they will not be superfluous. A pair of Louboutins, Jimmy Choo or Zanotti will not make anyone indifferent.
  43. A set of cutlery made of silver, cupronickel, steel for hospitable hostesses who love to receive guests.
  44. A book of sorts – for such a gift, you need a long preparation and the help of specialists. But the result will exceed all expectations – to get a weighty volume with glossy pages and a family tree, the roots of which go back to the past – a unique gift.
  45. Quest room – organize an extreme show. Such feelings will be remembered for a long time – the event agency will organize a whole adventure according to the ready-made scenario, and with an early agreement, it will write the scenario especially for you.
  46. The performance of your favorite group will cost a pretty penny, but dreams must come true.
  47. Molecular cuisine course at home – lovers of everything new, who love to cook will be delighted with such a gift.
  48. Electric sheet – warms when it’s cold and cools when it’s hot. A necessary and functional thing in the house.
  49. A documentary about the birthday girl and her family. Preparing for such a gift must begin at least six months in advance. But to see plots on the screen from birth to the present moment will cause a surge of sentimentality and tears in the eyes.
  50. Car keys – even if you already have one, they are always accepted with enthusiasm.
  51. Smartphone – gadget lines are replenished every month, the latest model of your favorite manufacturer has been and is one of the most desired gifts.
  52. Ice cream maker – cooking at home is a pleasure, especially when the kitchen has everything you need.
  53. Fur products are always in the TOP – choose especially valuable fur, unusual cut. Even better – sew to order.
  54. Own business – who does not dream about it, especially if you were handed a package of documents and the keys to a luxurious office?
  55. Subscription for exotic spa treatments – hay wrapping, cactus therapy, Achatina massage, peeling with fish. Everything related to the beauty of the face and body will invariably appeal to women.
  56. A dryer for vegetables and fruit – you can make healthy slices for a snack at home with it.
  57. Mini scales for the kitchen, if the birthday girl loves to cook and monitors calories.
  58. Phyto heater for the growth and cultivation of indoor plants.
  59. Exotic plant in a pot – typlapsidia, oxalis, indoor pomegranate, banana, carnivorous nepenthes.
  60. A compact breakfast table / laptop stand in bed – the morning will become much kinder.
  61. A novelty in the field of fragrances is perfumed stones for the home.
  62. An intimate gift for a couple – a set to create a picture of your bodies.
  63. Professional set for rolls – now you do not need to order Japanese cuisine at home. The fascinating process of creating sushi and rolls with your own hands is captivating.
  64. Mesoscooter for the face – the prolongation of youth is the eternal dream of the fair sex.
  65. A set of amulets made of natural stones and runes, selected by date of birth.
  66. Smart umbrella – itself takes the correct shape when folded or unfolded. You are protected from rain, but at the same time, the folded accessory does not drip onto the floor, clothes, car interior.
  67. Motivational whiteboard with magnets – the set includes a magnetic board and magnets with call-to-action slogans and dreams to come true.
  68. Sweet box to order – beautifully assembled and packaged sweet presents will attract with an unusual design, if the wrappers are made to order – with a photo of the birthday girl and unique wishes.
  69. Flash drive in the original design, with Swarovski stones and gold plating.
  70. Photo album in vintage style – with frames for photos and a specially designated place for inscriptions.
  71. Passport cover and driver’s license in the same style.
  72. An apparatus for making real coffee on coals – coffee lovers will appreciate it.
  73. Instant camera to print and give to friends right away.
  74. Flying in a hot air balloon – seeing the earth from a bird’s eye view – is unforgettable.
  75. Home waterfall – gives an extraordinary feeling of calm and harmony.
  76. USB slippers – the legs will always be warm.
  77. A set of custom-made perfumed soaps, in your favorite scents.
  78. Fitness bottle with initials and spray to refresh face and body.
  79. Certificate in a beauty salon for expensive procedures.
  80. Branded sunglasses will never be superfluous.
  81. Air humidifier from leading manufacturers.
  82. 3d night light projector for peaceful sleep.
  83. Manicure set — You can take care of your nails and change your manicure every day.
  84. Personalized bath set – bathrobe, towel, slippers with the initials of the owner.
  85. Travel lovers will appreciate the scratch map of the world to mark the places where they have been and where they are just planning to.
  86. Visualization of “Beauty and the Beast” – a rose in a flask will be a fabulous and romantic gift.
  87. Yearly Fortune Cookies – Every day, the birthday girl eats a cookie and reads the forecast for the day.
  88. A basket of exotic fruits – who wouldn’t love some goodies?
  89. Horse riding — touch the beauty, order a master class, understand the beautiful inner world of horses.
  90. An ironing station is an expensive, but definitely necessary gift.
  91. A collection of precious stones in frames is very expensive, but what an effect.
  92. Antique jewelry with a “history” – you have to go shopping, antique shops, but Queen Elizabeth’s earrings or Catherine’s pendant will make an indelible impression.
  93. Silk pajamas Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur.
  94. Smart mask is an innovative facial treatment through a smartphone at the level of a beauty salon.
  95. Set of different types of Epsom salts.
  96. A multi-tiered cake with a beautiful decor and a figurine of a birthday girl on top – make the climax of blowing out the candles unforgettable.
  97. A new laptop is a practical gift for a business lady.
  98. Extreme driving courses are an unforgettable experience and experience.
  99. Handmade jewelry box.
  100. A home hydrometeorological station is both fun and useful.

Original selection of gifts

Choosing a gift, you always want to stand out from the background of other congratulators, to amaze and surprise. This is not easy to do when the girl has everything, but it is possible:

  1. How about a doll-copy of the birthday girl herself? The toy is made to order according to the photo. You can make both a baby and an old woman – with the help of the application “How will you look in the future”, managers will select the right option.
  2. Gift-quest. Hide clues and envelopes with the task in advance in the apartment – in order to get what you want, you will need to complete them all.
  3. A portrait of rhinestones will decorate the wall of a room, a bedroom. The radiance of stones will not leave anyone indifferent.
  4. The face mold kit is a fun process with amazing results.
  5. A certificate for visiting a tattoo parlor with a paid tattoo – only if you know the birthday girl very well or she herself told that she wants a specific tattoo. But she will be surprised when the dream comes true

An important rule when choosing a birthday present is to consider the age of the birthday girl. Gifts for 25, 40 and 70 will differ both in meaning and in price.

At the age of 45-50, a woman took her place as a person, as a mother or a businesswoman. She can buy whatever she wants for herself. Therefore, opt for gifts “with soul”:

  1. A silk scarf from a famous designer is a cute and feminine accessory that young women love.
  2. Paid course of relaxing or tonic massage.
  3. A home mini-farm is not only an interesting and exciting activity, but also fresh vegetables for the table, grown with your own hands.
  4. Aromabox is a set of specially selected oils that can be mixed at will and get a new unique aroma every time.
  5. Brand sunglasses – give preference to the classic form, you can with a gold frame.

At the age of 55-60, the race for material wealth ends, I want to spend more time with my family, take care of my grandchildren and home. For her birthday, the birthday girl will be happy to receive such presents:

  1. An electric kettle-samovar is like a symbol from the past, it exudes warmth and homeliness from it.
  2. A smartwatch with a heart rate monitor and a blood pressure monitor is the right gadget to always monitor your health.
  3. A massager is better than an automatic one, because there is enough free time to devote it to yourself.
  4. Certificate for courses – it’s never too late to learn something new. Give a chance to become the first racer in extreme driving courses, develop intuition and learn how to read the line of fate in psychic exercises or dance hot salsa.
  5. A box for needlework, if the birthday girl loves to create with her own hands, will become a necessary and useful gift.

But at the age of 65-70, memories will be the best gift, touching and sentimental gifts will cause positive emotions and show your reverent attitude. What could it be?

  1. Film in retro style – collect all kinds of photographs, process them in electronic form and make a story-timing, under your favorite songs of those years.
  2. A portrait of a birthday girl in her youth will cause emotion and become a worthy addition to the interior.
  3. Turntable – vintage in a modern format.
  4. Antique pendant – in antique stores you can find a real relic, or make it to order from a photo. Ideally, if you have a photo of the birthday girl’s favorite decoration. For example, at the age of 20, she was very fond of a brooch in the form of a lily, but it broke, and now you give the same one, only made of gold with pearls – can you imagine how touching it is?
  5. A big book of recipes – when the kitchen is equipped with modern appliances, and the store has exotic products, then cooking turns into an exciting experiment.

Useful gifts for a rich woman

There are a number of presents that are always happy – they are useful, appropriate, functional. What could it be?

  1. Xiaomi electric corkscrew is an indispensable thing at home and at work. Now there is always a reason to drink a bottle of collectible to show off a miracle device.
  2. Robot vacuum cleaner – even those who have everything do not always have enough time to clean.
  3. Air fryer – country style potatoes or regular fries without leaving home, tastier and healthier than in KFC
  4. Keychain tracker – it can be programmed to search for a phone, keys, remote control. A necessary thing in the household.
  5. Smart scales – will show not only weight, but also the main biometric parameters (the share of muscle and adipose tissue, visceral fat, the biological age of the body, BMI, the amount of water and protein in the body).
  6. Toaster with a picture – morning tea drinking will become cheerful and positive when a smiley smiles from a toasted slice of bread.
  7. The hanging chair-sphere is a cozy nest, an interesting interior solution and just a cool piece of furniture.
  8. Flashlight shocker for 100 birthday girl safety.
  9. Smart suitcase – he does not collect things himself, but the location is tracked through the application on the phone, there is a lock-unlock function. Travel lovers dream of such a gift.
  10. The eye camera will not only increase security in the house, but will also help you control lights, air conditioning and appliances remotely.

TOP beauty and health gifts for the girl who has everything

There are never too many cosmetics and perfumes – every woman knows this, regardless of age and the number of tubes, jars, bottles crowded on the shelves in the bathroom and dressing table. A win-win present that will always be welcome. This list includes:

  1. Facial care kit — eye patches, tonic, detox mask, scrub, peeling, face cream, ampoule serum, primer oil, and under make-up. Give preference to high-quality cosmetics, do not buy cheap analogues. Pay attention to Korean cosmetics, Lancome, Guerlain, Loreal, Valmont, Clarins.
  2. Hair beauty products – Botox, vitamin ampoules, luminator spray, silicone, tip serum. Professional luxury brands: CHI,  Epica Proffesional, Kerastase, Ollin, Lador.
  3. Perfume – it must be original perfume, preferably rare or from a limited collection. Niche fragrances come in chic bottles that are a work of art in themselves. The packaging is no less presentable – perfumes are packed in velvet boxes, caskets, cases. At the peak of popularity Killian, Zarcoperfume, Amouage, Ajmal, Memo, Maison Francis Kurkdjian. Of the classics, Coco Chanel, Dior, Cacharel, Armani are always relevant.
  4. A home dental center is a device that combines an electric toothbrush and an irrigator. Visits to the dentist will become less frequent, teeth will become stronger, and your smile will become snow-white.
  5. Multifunctional hair styler – now you can curl, twist, straighten curls without visiting the salon.
  6. Babyliss curling iron for voluminous curls, as in advertising.
  7. Muscle muscle stimulator is a beautiful figure without effort and a personal trainer.
  8. A paid service of complex coloring using the ombre technique, balayage, shatush, stretching with color – not a single beauty will refuse such an experiment.
  9. A subscription to the solarium – especially if the celebration falls in autumn-winter, when it is far from vacation, and you want to have a tan all year round.
  10. Professional make-up courses – such training is not only interesting, but also useful.

What can you give a woman friend or colleague

We spend most of our time at work, with some of our colleagues business communication develops into friendship, while others remain acquaintances. But you can’t get away with corporate etiquette – holidays and congratulations at work are a must. In such gifts, the emphasis is not on price, but rather it is a sign of attention, respect, sympathy. TOP gifts for an employee:

  1. Sweets – a box of delicious sweets or an unusually packaged chocolate bar does not oblige you to anything, but will be a nice addition to the holiday.
  2. Elite alcohol – aged collection wine, champagne, liquor will never be superfluous in a home bar.
  3. A beautiful keychain is a practical and necessary accessory.
  4. An elegant pen in a case – the office is never superfluous, especially for a business woman.
  5. The armchair massager will brighten up the working day and relieve tension in the back, especially if most of the working time is spent sitting at the table.

A female boss (leader) is given a high-quality gift, not of a personal nature. A generic present might look like this:

  1. A wireless table lamp is a practical and functional attribute with an attractive appearance.
  2. Executive Desk Set – A beautifully designed stand for pens, pencils, notes and planners will decorate the table and add seriousness to the office.
  3. Mini-safe – now seals, valuable documents and money will always be under reliable protection.
  4. Decorative fountain – according to the teachings of Feng Shui, flowing and murmuring water washes away negative emotions, bad thoughts, cleans peace and tranquility.
  5. A collection of elite teas – a fragrant fragrant drink is never superfluous.


Fortunately, the time has come when it is not the price that matters, but the value of the gift. And as usual, there is nothing more precious than memories and vivid emotions, which, unlike material goods, do not have an expiration date and remain for life. Global gifts also require large-scale preparation. Take on board these ideas:

  1. Theme party. Organize such a surprise – rent a room, decorate it with balls, flowers, garlands. Prepare a table, a cake, come up with contests and a show program. The advantage of such a gift is a wide range of prices: it can be very modest, but sincere, or it can be pompous and expensive. But definitely such a birthday will bring a lot of impressions.
  2. Extreme dream – every girl in her heart dreams of overcoming her inner fear and deciding on real madness. Skydiving or bungee jumping is a great option.
  3. Salute – imagine the delight of the birthday girl, when at the moment of her birth multi-colored flashes illuminate the sky and at the end her name looms.
  4. If this is your favorite girl, start the morning romantically – blindfold her, put her in the car and take her to a cozy place where the table for two is already set, flowers are fragrant, and you give her an engagement ring. Girls love movie scenes. By the way, just breakfast in bed and a served table in the living room is a budget option, but also a good option.
  5. Congratulations on big boards – decorate the way from home to work with posters with a photo and a congratulation. Believe me, even when a girl has everything, this will be a particularly unusual present.
  6. An author’s song recorded in a recording studio in honor of the hero of the holiday.
  7. Romantic dinner on the roof of a skyscraper – beat everything, like in a movie. Order live music, involve florists and decorators, so that everything is at the highest level.
  8. “Illusionist’s Assistant” – A professional magician and birthday girl, in the role of his assistant. Adrenaline and memories will last a lifetime.
  9. A star map is a romantic and sophisticated present, if you display the arrangement of stars that was in the sky on the day of your acquaintance, wedding, first date, birthday of the birthday girl,
  10. Unique perfume, created to order and named after the girl who has a holiday.

What to give a rich woman (girl), made by hand

People who have everything and even more have seen enough of expensive, status gifts so much that they are bored with simple, soulful gifts. And yet, a hand-made present will reflect your attitude and will definitely be exclusive, unlike the rest, even the most luxurious gifts. Even the most expensive and rare car Lamborghini Veneno Roadster was released in 9 copies, so go for it. The main thing here is to start creating in advance – to decide on a specific idea, select the necessary materials and complete it on time. In reserve, you need to leave time for rework, suddenly something goes wrong in the process, it doesn’t work out the first time, or you change your mind halfway through. So time is an important factor. List of birthday presents in hade made style:

  1. If you have a long friendship and a lot of memories with the birthday girl, make a collage of photos – emotions and tears in your eyes are guaranteed.
  2. Video congratulations – record a video where you, your mutual acquaintances, friends, colleagues and even former classmates send congratulations. It will take a lot of time, but the effect is worth it.
  3. Pillow-dumka or just decorative. Choose a design for the hobbies or hobbies of the woman to whom the present is addressed. Or maybe it will not be one, but a whole set of pillows in the same style – emoticons, sweets, animals, car signs.
  4. Painting by numbers is a great option if you have no special talents, but you want to give something handmade. Simple instructions and a precisely matched palette of colors will help you create a masterpiece without leaving your home.
  5. A gift in the style of string art is not quite a picture in the usual sense of the word, but rather an interior decoration. Nails are driven into plywood or wooden planks, forming the outlines of the pattern, and then, in a chaotic manner, threads of various colors are pulled through the nail heads.
  6. Topiary made from coffee beans – looks beautiful and spreads a divine aroma.
  7. Memory Box – collect items that have a special meaning for the birthday girl in a beautiful box. Write a description letter for each. Stylize antique, tie with ribbons, make a wax seal, as in royal families – this is how the gift looks beautiful and it is more interesting to disassemble it.
  8. Crafts using the scrapbooking technique – it’s easy to learn this, there are many master classes on the Internet, and the result is amazing.

Budget Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Has Everything

What to do when the budget is limited, and it’s impossible not to congratulate? There are no hopeless situations. Here you need to choose the right one: neutral, without an emphasis on cost, in the optimal price / quality ratio. It could be:

  1. Beautiful cup and saucer with painting, engraving for tea, coffee or latte, depending on the preferences of the birthday girl.
  2. Travel mini-set for shoe care – in the set 2 brushes for leather and suede, a tube of black and colorless gloss cream, anti-wetting spray and a velor sanding handkerchief. All this is packed in a nice case, which is convenient to take with you on vacation, a business trip, a trip and just carry it in your purse.
  3. A box with a set of bath bombs with different scents and effects.
  4. A diary in a good binding is always a necessary thing for a business woman.
  5. The stand is the share of rings, earrings, bracelets or chains – depending on what kind of jewelry the hostess of the ball likes best.

What is better not to give a woman who has everything?

When you have learned what can and should be given to a wealthy and successful lady, it’s time to clearly understand what is under the taboo:

  1. Counterfeits, copies, fakes – this applies to things, perfumes, accessories, cosmetics. In a word, everything. Even if it is a luxury copy that is outwardly identical to the original, believe me, a knowledgeable person will identify a replica at a glance. Those who constantly deal with branded items understand the latest collections and trends. Do not try to splurge with such a gift, so as not to be in an awkward position.
  2. Gifts not for age – a hardware facial massager will offend a 20-year-old beauty, and a hot pink Dior wallet with a print of cute pugs or a Minnie Mouse image will puzzle a lady over 60.
  3. Underwear (if you are not her man) is too intimate a gift, it can be perceived as a rude hint or excessive familiarity. In addition, you can guess the shape, size, favorite model and color only if you saw the hero of the occasion naked. But even in this case, such presents are not given in public.
  4. Handmade gifts, if you don’t have any talents – a slur instead of a picture, a song sung out of tune, a video edited in sloppy pieces, hand-painted dishes, all this is beautiful and valuable when beautiful. And even under the condition that you have invested your whole soul, it is better to buy a ready-made present.
  5. Gifts “on a sore subject” – if the birthday girl is worried because of her age, then a cake with a topper “Well, did you live ?,“ Retirement is coming soon ”or a bunch of balloons with thematic phrases“ And you are well preserved ”,“ You are already 20 years old not 18”, “Life did not spare you”, etc. will not cause the expected joy, but only upset. Limit yourself to congratulations in a positive way without reference to age.

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