What to give for the holidays

Fresh 38 gift ideas for the person who has everything + 10 gifts

On our life path, from time to time there are sophisticated people who are extremely difficult to surprise with any thing or deed. This becomes a real problem when it comes to the holidays and you need to decide what to give the person who has everything.

The ideas below will help you choose an unusual present that can pleasantly impress a man or woman who already has everything.

TOP 38 gift ideas for the person who has everything

  1. Crystal Growing Kit;
  2. Magnetic book holder;
  3. Device for automatic watering of indoor plants;
  4. Electric massager in the form of a cat’s paw;
  5. A set of anti-stress pillows;
  6. Original molds for freezing ice (may be in the form of hearts, fruits, jaws, stars, snowflakes, etc.);
  7. Plaid with photo printing;
  8. Pendulum rocking chair;
  9. “Spinochesalka”;
  10. Portable music speaker;
  11. Aqua farm (a hybrid of a flower pot and an aquarium: bottom – fish, top – plants);
  12. Salt lamp;
  13. Docking station for Apple and Android devices;
  14. A picture of crystals or precious stones (you can draw a portrait of the gifted person in this way);
  15. Backlight for the keyboard;
  16. heart rate monitor;
  17. Quadcopter with a camera;
  18. Hollywood star or Oscar figurine dedicated to the best qualities of a person;
  19. Stuffed wild animal;
  20. Lightbox with a picture of the future owner;
  21. Scratch map of the world (by removing the erasable layer, you can mark places that the traveler has already managed to visit);
  22. Squeezer for toothpastes and creams;
  23. Special holders that fix tea bags in a cup (for example, in the form of snails);
  24. Cooler bag;
  25. Headphones that glow in the dark;
  26. Bonsai, a small rock garden with a tree in the center or the so-called “garden in a bottle”;
  27. Collectible board game (for example, chess, backgammon or home roulette);
  28. Gift coin made of gold, silver or precious stones;
  29. A high-quality cane umbrella (an automatic umbrella with a handle in the form of a laser sword is suitable for a young man, and a classic model would be more appropriate for a man of age);
  30. A product made of natural stone – amber, jade, malachite, etc. (rosary, dishes, massager, etc.);
  31. A comic gift: a brush for cleaning the navel, a tube for a mobile phone in the form of a banana, a backlight for the toilet, a money machine, etc .;
  32. A silver device for ionizing water or air;
  33. Wall weather station;
  34. Magic ball for making decisions;
  35. A portrait of words (words should reflect character traits, hobbies, personality traits, etc.);
  36. Electronic piggy bank;
  37. Handmade chocolate with various additives;
  38. Certificate for attending a useful master class or training courses.

What to give a man who has everything

Puzzling over what to give a man who has everything, it should be remembered that the representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, adore all kinds of equipment.

It is a sin not to use this win-win option, even if a person does not have a shortage of various kinds of instruments and devices – it is enough to show imagination and choose something original. Good solutions will be:

3D pen . This little thing allows you to draw directly in the air with the help of a heated plastic located inside the pen and solidifying on contact with air. If the donor really wants to try the device himself in practice and at the same time accompany his present with a pleasant addition, he can try to draw the person being presented and present the resulting figure along with the main gift.

By the way, on the Internet you can find a lot of videos on the topic of working with a 3D pen, thanks to which the training will be much faster and more fruitful;

Telescope .If you are faced with the question “what to give a man who has everything?”, We advise you not to immediately refuse this option and consider it more closely.

At first glance, such an idea may seem inappropriate, because the present is intended for an adult, and the telescope is “somehow frivolous”. However, as you know, most of the representatives of the stronger sex are children at heart, and, according to some of them, they are ready to give a lot for the sake of such an interesting device.

It is worth noting that the whole family of the recipient may like the device, especially if they live on the upper floors. Before going shopping in search of a present, you should unobtrusively ask the man for what purposes he would use the telescope, if he had one – this information will enable sales assistants to guide you on specific models and help you make the right choice.

What to give the woman who has everything

As you know, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are capricious creatures, so deciding what to give to a woman who has everything is not at all easy.

In order not to miscalculate the choice, it is important to remember that it is extremely important for ladies to take care of their loved ones and stay beautiful and healthy. The following presentations will help to cope with these tasks:

Posture Master . The device in question helps to maintain correct posture and does not allow you to slouch. This effect is achieved due to the soft vibration that occurs at the time of curvature of the spine. The device is attached to the underwear or the body and from there it determines the level of the back inclination.

It is not worth worrying about the fact that the Posture Master will cause any inconvenience to the user, since due to its low weight it soon becomes almost invisible when worn;

Fitness bracelet . Many rightly point out that giving a woman who has everything such a device is a brilliant idea. The reason for this is the ability of the device to free its owner from the need to monitor their physical activity and nutrition, which significantly saves time.

All models of fitness bracelets are synchronized with smartphones or tablets, which allows you to conduct a complete analysis of your body’s work during the day using special applications. In addition to technical characteristics, special attention should be paid to the resistance of the bracelet to external influences. So, it will be better if it is waterproof and shockproof;

GPS tracker for pets .The representatives of the weaker sex are so sensitive and compassionate that the loss of a pet can turn into a real tragedy for them. To avoid unnecessary worries, just hang a special GPS tracker on your pet’s collar, which will transmit all information about the location of the animal to your mobile phone in real time.

Modern models even allow you to designate boundaries, the exit of a pet beyond which automatically provokes sending you a notification about the whereabouts of the fugitive. Another useful feature of the device is the ability to turn on the indicator light in the dark.

What to give to a person who has everything, made with his own hands

Many are inclined to believe that when choosing a present for a sophisticated person, you should not chase expensive things or try to search through all the store shelves in search of something worthwhile.

In such a situation, it is better to remember that the most original gifts are made by hand, they really do not care about uniqueness. Suitable options might be:

  • Bookmark for books . An inveterate book lover will surely like such a little thing with its functionality and attractive appearance. In the design process, you should remember other hobbies of the gifted person, favorite colors, book titles, etc. In this case, a variety of materials can be useful: colored cardboard or paper, ribbons, fabric, beads, beads, sparkles, etc .;
  • Wall calendar with your joint or simply the best shots of a person . You can supplement it with good wishes and warm words from you and other close people. You can emphasize your special attitude and demonstrate respect for a person by independently marking all the important dates for him on the calendar;
  • A globe or a whole book with confessions or just warm words dedicated to their new owner . As for the globe, such a souvenir will suit the person with whom you happened to go around several places. You will simply need to mark them on the globe and describe your impressions associated with them, of course, noting the role of the recipient in all this. Speaking of a book, here your imagination is not limited at all – you can write a whole novel or create a collection of short stories about who the publication is dedicated to. A nice addition to such a creation can be touching illustrations that demonstrate the positive qualities of a person.

What to give a person who has everything for new experiences

It has long been proven that no material values ​​can replace sincere emotions. Gifts such as:

  1. Tickets for hockey, football, figure skating competitions, etc. – you should focus on the gifted person’s favorite sport. If you are sure that a person would prefer being in the fans’ stands to any other entertainment, then this is a win-win option. In this case, you need to take care of tickets in advance, especially if we are talking about some major championship or match. The ideal option would be to purchase passes to the VIP box – when else will the gifted person be able to afford such a luxury?
  2. Skydiving certificate . Naturally, the choice of this presentation should be justified by a number of points: the proper state of human health, developed physical form, preference for extreme sports, etc. If the recipient meets these characteristics, it is important to pay serious attention to choosing a good flying club with experienced instructors.

How to choose what to give the person who has everything

Disappointing, as well as surprising, a person who has everything is not easy. However, any donor wants to see genuine joy in the eyes of the recipient, and not condescending gratitude, which can be achieved by taking into account the following recommendations:

  • When choosing a presentation, focus not on the material, but on the moral aspect;
  • Give preference to original, high-quality and useful things;
  • When giving even the most mediocre gift, try to give it some personality with the help of personalized engraving, embroidery, etc.;
  • In the process of searching, consider the relationship with the person being presented, so as not to embarrass and embarrass him with an inappropriate present;
  • If several possible options are spinning in your head, and it is not possible to choose one among them, write down the ideas on pieces of paper and mix them up, and then choose one of them and, without hesitation, go to the store to get it;
  • Take care of the proper presentation of the gift – pack it in special paper or put it in a gift bag;
  • A mandatory addition to a gift for a lady is a bouquet of flowers.

What is better not to give a person who has everything

If you have difficulties with the choice, try to exclude everything unnecessary and inappropriate from the potential list. These things include:

  • Hygiene items, socks, underwear;
  • Cheap fakes (if there is not enough money for a quality item, get a handmade gift or something from inexpensive antiques);
  • Standard, “business” sets, consisting of stationery, leather briefcases, etc. (if your choice fell on such a thing, try to make it nominal);
  • Money (will not surprise a sophisticated person);
  • A presentation that requires certain labor costs or time (for example, animals);
  • Inappropriate gifts (for example, home textiles or dishes for a business partner).


Going on a holiday to a sophisticated person who has seen many expensive and unusual things in his life, surprise him with your ingenuity. Give preference to sincere gifts and be sure to supplement them with sincere wishes – then they will be able to make the proper impression and please the recipient.

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