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What to give your son for his birthday – 79 ideas, Tips and what is better not to give

You always want to give your child the very best. On your birthday, you want to surprise your child, so let’s talk about the most interesting ideas of what to give your son.

Many parents are sure that they know their child better than anyone else, so the question “ what to give their son for his birthday ” will not be a problem for them. However, the holiday is approaching, and worthwhile ideas refuse to come to mind.

In such cases, it is important to have ideas on hand that will help you not to get confused and understand what you can give your son for his birthday.

There are many options: fancy gadgets, interactive games and much more, for every taste and budget. The main thing is that there are many options for boys that will be not only interesting, but also useful. And so that you can easily find what you can give your son, the article with a list of gifts is divided into categories. Also, recommendations and a list of anti-gifts are additionally collected, in which you will also find a lot of necessary and useful information.

79 Birthday Gift Ideas for Son

  1. Dumbbell alarm clock.
  2. Indian wigwam.
  3. Flying spinner boomerang.
  4. Pocket console for games.
  5. Tetris.
  6. Magician’s suitcase.
  7. Desktop punching bag.
  8. Soccer ball.
  9. Compass.
  10. Kite.
  11. City backpack.
  12. Stick with a hockey puck.
  13. Lunar spotlight.
  14. Chess.
  15. Aeroball with backlight.
  16. A racing boat that can dive underwater.
  17. Bow with arrows.
  18. Binoculars.
  19. Piggy bank.
  20. Sports complex with a horizontal bar, rings, a rope and a rope ladder.
  21. Table hockey.
  22. Smart watch.
  23. Sports bag with speakers.
  24. Samurai sword umbrella.
  25. Popcorn machine.
  26. Nice air mattress.
  27. Solar railroad.
  28. Bike computer.
  29. inductive car.
  30. Alarm clock with a target.
  31. Chameleon mug.
  32. Electric Toothbrush.
  33. Gaming chair.
  34. Basketball hoop on the door.
  35. Walkie-talkie.
  36. Robo constructor.
  37. Comics.
  38. Space food in tubes.
  39. Bicycle with equipment (helmet, protection for knees, elbows, etc.).
  40. Tubing.
  41. Wood burner.
  42. Children’s metal detector.
  43. Treasure chest in the form of a set of favorite sweets.
  44. Wireless headphones.
  45. Crossbow.
  46. Bag chair.
  47. Ukulele.
  48. Electronic book.
  49. Hiking flashlight.
  50. Cool board game.
  51. Electric scooter.
  52. Guitar.
  53. Telescope.
  54. Gyroscopic hand trainer.
  55. Set for car modeling.
  56. Endless constructor.
  57. Multifunctional synthesizer.
  58. Multitool.
  59. Gaming steering wheel with pedals.
  60. Army dry ration.
  61. Smart speaker.
  62. A simulator or dummy for practicing strikes.
  63. Lego Technic is a toy for experienced craftsmen.
  64. Snow blaster.
  65. A fun set to survive the zombie apocalypse.
  66. Thermocup with your favorite character.
  67. Laser projection keyboard.
  68. Racing car track.
  69. Medal holder.
  70. Snowboard.
  71. Roombox.
  72. Balanceboard.
  73. Artist’s set.
  74. Paracord bracelet.
  75. Quadcopter.
  76. Tetris case.
  77. Stunt scooter.
  78. Magnetic darts.
  79. Polygonal model for assembly.

Gifts for the youngest sons

Deciding what present to present to the most beloved child in the world should be based on his age. So, for example, very young children, up to 2 years old, will be happy with the following options:

  1. Play mat with hanging toys;
  2. Bright non-spill mug;
  3. Game developing table for kids;
  4. Tolokar (a machine that is set in motion by a child, pushing off the floor with its legs, or by one of the adults moving it with a special handle);
  5. Large soft cubes or pyramid;
  6. Wheelchair (a toy with sound and light effects on a long handle, through which it is convenient for the baby to move it at home or on the street).

Gifts for a little son under 6 years old

Thinking about what to give your son a year of birth and older, then you should consider the list of ideas below:

Fitballs  or soft rubber jumping animals. Such a toy will become your son’s favorite, because it’s so cool to jump on it. And between the ears of the animal there is a sound device, when you press its button, a cheerful song plays. Such a gift will allow not only to have fun, but also to develop attention, dexterity, coordination of movements, and even do children’s fitness together with massage.

A kaleidoscope is  a wonderful gift for a son on his name day. There are several types of kaleidoscope to choose from, depending on the age of the son:

  • Chamber – it contains beads and stones that create symmetrical patterns when turned.
  • Oil – in it, the patterns change smoothly due to the liquid substance.
  • Telescope – due to a special lens, reflects the elements of the surrounding world, turning them into patterned pictures.
  • Pneumatic – instead of beads between mirrors, feathers that move.
  • And, the most interesting, thematic, for example, the series “The Little Prince”, in which the child will be able to see the very stars that the Little Prince gave the Pilot as a farewell gift. And also the same Rose, the Ambitious, the King and the Business Man, the Fox, the Lamplighter and other heroes of this work.

Sets for the development of fine motor skills. These can be educational mats, figurines on magnets, polymer clay, kinetic sand or dough, various easels, finger paints, screw structures, shadow theater, sorters, puzzles and, of course, the famous Lego constructor.

A growing crystal is  an interesting game for the whole family, but also a useful gift for studying, and an exciting surprise for a child.

By creating unique and bizarre crystals, the son will learn to explore the world, experiment, and learn patience, because the crystal does not begin to grow immediately, but after a few hours. Be sure that such a gift will bring real delight and joy to the young tomboy.

A personal letter from your favorite cartoon characters  with individual congratulations and a  sweet parcel post. It is a real paper letter with a seal, which you can pre-place in your mailbox to get it with your child.

Just imagine how your son opens a colorful envelope with a good message for him from his favorite hero! The reaction will be indescribable! And if you supplement the letter with a sweet parcel with your favorite sweets or a cherished gift, then there will be no limit to happiness.

Gifts for the son of a schoolboy 7 – 12 years old

The time for kindergarten is over and a schoolboy appears in the family. Now life revolves around the school, and parents devote more time to the education and development of the child. It seems that by this age the boy has everything: balls, rollers, games, etc. Therefore, if you are thinking about what gift to choose for your son on his birthday, pay attention to this list:

A microscope is  an optical device, which, if chosen correctly, according to the age of the hero of the occasion, will 100% interest him for a long time and plunge him into the world of science.

Harry Potter chess is  a cool gift for a 12-year-old boy who is fond of logic games. Each figure is made in detail in accordance with the film. Therefore, this set is really interesting for both the Potter fan and the chess enthusiast.

Pereplexus ball –  suitable for children aged 10 years and older. This is a large labyrinth located inside a ball in 3D format. To start the passage of the game, the ball must be rotated 360 degrees, with a certain trajectory, so that the ball reaches the goal. If it falls, you’ll have to start all over again.

Such a gift will perfectly develop logic, fine motor skills, reaction speed and spatial thinking.

Throwable glider with USB charging. An original present for a young guy for 11 years. Due to the unique design, the aircraft is able to perform unique tricks in the air and rise to great heights. The design is thought out to the smallest detail! And thanks to the motor, which is recharged via USB, the glider stays in the air longer.

Quad rollers –  they are more stable than ordinary rollers, simpler and safer, due to suspensions and 4 wheels. It is due to such a system that the entry into turns on them turns out to be very smooth and accurate.

When choosing what you can give your son to a schoolboy for DR, from 8 years to 12 years old , you need to consider that more complex games and toys that require more attention and concentration are already suitable for such a child. In this regard, we recommend that you pay attention to the following options:

  1. Board game (suitable for lotto, Monopoly for children, games with cards, for the development of logic, knowledge of letters, numbers, countries, etc.);
  2. Portable game console;
  3. An adventure gift in the form of a trip to a water park, cinema, children’s entertainment center, etc. in friends company;
  4. T-shirt with the inscription “This is what the best son in the world looks like”;
  5. Aqua farm (a device consisting of two sections – an aquarium and a mini-garden, each of which benefits the other: water is purified by plants, which, in turn, feed on moisture and waste products of fish).

Gifts for a teenage son

Choosing what to give a teenager son is much more difficult than, for example, a 10-year-old boy. During this period, the tastes of the child are rapidly changing, and they are influenced by fashion and the environment. However, given these factors, you can find many successful solutions, some of which are presented below:

  1. A fashionable gadget (this can be a modern smartphone or tablet, as well as virtual reality glasses or smart watches popular among young people that act as a phone, fitness bracelet, GPS navigator, etc.);
  2. 3-D pen that allows you to draw three-dimensional figures directly in the air;
  3. A mechanical 3-D puzzle with which you can easily assemble a model of a car, aircraft or tank with your own hands;
  4. Thermal bottle for hot and cold drinks in the original case (such a present is especially relevant if the child attends sports clubs);
  5. An interactive t-shirt (for example, it may show a guitar that can make characteristic sounds when you press the fretboard);
  6. Quadcopter with webcam;
  7. Universal external battery that allows you to charge electronic devices without access to the mains);
  8. An unusual alarm clock (for example, with a target that you need to hit with a laser gun to disable the signal, or a model on wheels that you need to catch to get rid of the annoying sound).

Adolescence is a difficult period, it is a time of contradictions and the formation of character. Here is an original gift for a son on DR that you can give when he is over 12 years old:

The Swiss backpack is  a multifunctional orthopedic backpack that can be taken both to school and to the mountains. Most models have a number of advantages: water resistance, USB and audio outputs, with the ability to charge gadgets, a laptop compartment, a whistle, anti-theft protection and much more.

Such a backpack will become a faithful companion and an indispensable assistant in solving the work and educational tasks of your son.

A gyro scooter is  one of the most desired gifts for 14 years old, according to a survey of children of this age. Bright design, an application for a smartphone to control it, a built-in speaker, self-balancing and neon lighting, all these are the undeniable advantages of a hoverboard.

LED panel for reading books  in the dark. This is a portable panel designed to safely illuminate books at night. While conventional backlighting causes eye fatigue and visual impairment, the panel provides a soft LED beam, which makes it possible to sit with your favorite book for several hours without eye fatigue.

You can complement the present with a best-selling book by your favorite author.

If your son is seriously interested in blogging or making videos on TikTok, give him a device for streamers and bloggers, for example:

  • Selfie tripod is  a gift option for a teenager for shooting short videos.
  • Smartphone stabilizer –  great for smooth shooting.

Powerbank  – an indispensable recharge that your son will have, always at hand. From it, at any time, regardless of location, you can recharge any gadget or two devices at the same time to save time.

Ideas for what to give an adult son

The situation is even more complicated when it is not an 8-year-old boy or even a capricious teenager who needs to be congratulated, but an adult guy or an accomplished man. The numbers in the passport do not matter for parents who seek to please their own, albeit large, but still a child, so the question ” what to give an adult son for his birthday ” sometimes causes a lot of trouble. In this case, the following options will come to the rescue:

  1. Bathrobe with personalized embroidery;
  2. Barbecue set in an expensive leather case;
  3. Cooling table for laptop;
  4. USB refrigerator, which requires only a connection to a computer using a cable;
  5. Nominal purse-clutch;
  6. The film is a congratulation with the best pictures of the birthday boy in the circle of relatives and warm words from friends and relatives.

Air hockey is an  actual present if the son is fond of hockey and likes to have fun with friends. Main advantages: relevant at any age, takes up little space, suitable for playing in a company, and also it is lively emotions, team spirit and the joy of victory.

Action camera,  a gift for a guy who is fond of extreme sports, leads an active lifestyle, and loves to shoot what is happening during such a vacation online.

Fitness bracelet –  is a convenient electronic device that allows you to control certain types of activity, such as walking, running, sleep quality, heart rate, etc. Also, depending on the model, it can perform a number of useful functions, such as notification of calls and messages, an alarm clock, an activity reminder, and much more.

Your son loves outdoor activities or outings, then give him a high-quality and comfortable sleeping bag, a bowler hat, a gas burner, a tripod, a transformer chair, a digital compass, a karemat, a dynamo-lantern and other  things that make life easier in nature .

The belt  is an actual birthday present for my son. It can be a classic leather belt, for jeans, with an automatic buckle, handmade, a sports belt made of textile, a multi-tool belt, etc.

What can I give my son for his birthday to decorate the room

It is extremely important for a boy to have his own room, or at least a small space in which he can feel like a full owner and arrange it to his liking.

You can give your child such a chance by giving him an interesting piece of decor in a youth style that will delight the eyes of the birthday boy and become a real highlight of the interior. Good solutions in such a situation would be:

3-D lamp “Soccer ball” . The peculiarity of such a night light is that it creates a three-dimensional illusion of volume, thanks to which the device emits soft light. The undoubted advantage of the device is a significant energy savings, which is achieved through the use of energy-saving LED lamps. Well, a young football fan will be delighted with the original appearance of the lamp, which will definitely support the child’s faith in his favorite team;

Children’s tent or wigwam . Any child, whether he is 4 years old or 10 years old, needs a place where he can hide from the views of others and be alone with himself. As a rule, such houses find a special response in the soul of kids who do not have their own room. However, even boys who are not deprived of personal space remain delighted with such a shelter, because inside it there is a special atmosphere of mystery and security;

Seesaw . Children, especially those under the age of 7-8, are indescribably delighted at the sight of a swing on the playground. So why not free the child from having to wait for his turn and give him the opportunity to ride at any time he wants? Modern manufacturers offer both hanging and floor models, which allows parents to choose an option that takes into account all the features of their home. When buying, special attention should be paid to the safety of the unit – this approach will help to avoid injuries during its operation;

Frameless bean bag chair . This piece of furniture not only has an original appearance, but is also a very comfortable place to relax due to its ability to take almost any shape, adjusting to the position of the body of the seated person. The color scheme of such a product can be almost any – for example, the color of the room of the hero of the occasion. Moreover, it can even be shaped like a soccer ball or depict your favorite cartoon character;

Unusual pillow . You can complement the interior with decorative pillows filled with massage balls that create a relaxing effect. The appearance of the pillows can vary depending on your personal preferences and the tastes of the boy, as well as the overall color scheme of the room. So, you can give preference to pillows in the form of fish from the cartoon “Finding Nemo” or soft birds from “Angry Birds”.

Birthday gifts for son from mom and dad

This collection contains the most original and non-standard birthday gifts for a child from parents:

A binary clock is  a unique mechanism that reflects the time using the binary system encoding. A similar mechanism is familiar to programmers in working with a computer. The most important advantages are that they not only determine the time, but are also a kind of intellectual warm-up, which improves memory, helps to concentrate and develop mathematical thinking. And yet, the design looks like from the “future”.

A BMX bike  for a young tomboy. This bike was originally designed to prepare kids for motocross, making it ideal for stunt riding. Most importantly, when choosing, consider your son’s preferred riding style, his age, height and weight.

The docking station is  one of the most popular gadget accessories. It is a portable module with a set of interfaces. You can charge several devices at the same time and use it as a stand. And if you purchase a multimedia model, the docking station can not only charge your smartphone, but also play audio and video, turning his phone into a computer.

Alarm clock – dynamite. My son gets up hard in the morning, there is a way out, feel free to give him such an alarm clock. Appearance – a bomb, and quite awesome. The mission of the son is to clear it before the timer runs out. Otherwise… Otherwise, the alarm clock will make a sound that will make not only you jump, but also the neighbors. Everyone will wake up. one hundred%.

What to give your son for his birthday for new experiences

Emotions are the most valuable gift, especially when it comes to a child. You can give your son an unforgettable experience on his birthday with the help of the following presents:

  1. Flight on the flight simulator of a combat aircraft . This present will be very useful for a boy who has a true love for the sky and everything connected with it. It is worth noting that children over 10 years old are usually allowed to fly, so in order not to disappoint the birthday boy, you should clarify this point in advance. The flight simulator realistically imitates a combat fighter and the pilot experiences almost the same emotions as during a real flight. Realism is achieved by the sound of the engine, the intercom, the noise of the chassis and the sound of air brakes. Some companies give their customers a record of the flight as a memento of this adventure;
  2. Flying in a wind tunnel .The device in question allows you to freely float in the air due to artificial air movement. The attraction, subject to safety regulations, is harmless, so even very small children, from 4 years old, can be in it. It is important to note that in addition to the entertainment function, the wind tunnel also has benefits: it develops coordination of movements, improves the functioning of the nervous system and even strengthens the immune system;
  3. Buggy riding . This option can be the answer to the question “what to give an adult son for his birthday?” , however, in the case of small birthdays, this idea may turn out to be relevant – the boys simply take the passenger seats next to one of the parents. A trip on an off-road buggy will give the hero of the occasion an inexhaustible charge of positive and make the blood boil with adrenaline. It will be especially interesting for the boy to witness the races on these interesting cars – then the trip will become especially incendiary and memorable.

How to choose what to give your son for his birthday

Worried about what you can give your son for his birthday, are you going to buy cool slippers and a blanket? And when they hinted to the child what kind of present awaits him, they saw dissatisfaction in response, do not worry, experts believe that such a reaction is normal for a growing man. So, you are going in the right direction of education, and raise a real man who knows what he wants.

Trite, but, most likely, simple  daily communication with a child works . So you will be aware of his new hobbies and changes in views. And wake up to help him grow up – including with the help of gifts of a different plan for the holidays than the options familiar in childhood.

If the son is a teenager, then pay attention to the fact that he will be sensitive to the purpose of the donated item. For him, his personal space is important, i.e. personification,  all things, small details. Therefore, a new carpet or bed linen in his room can seriously hurt his inner individualist. And besides, these are everyday things that can be purchased after the holiday, and on a name day, you need a special gift!

After 10 years, young tomboys begin an active  search for their “I”,  appearance and principles. At this age, he can be helped by a properly selected present. This includes everything informative and new, everything that will give new emotions and knowledge. Teenage boys can’t stand boredom.

Just like others.  Yes, there is a strong competitive spirit in the children’s team. Children want to play on an equal footing with their peers, be it kindergarten or school. Therefore, it often happens that if you do not have a thing, like everyone else, you are not invited to play. Therefore, if your son wants a toy “like Petya from the kindergarten”, just give it to him.

Do not neglect the direct question about what he would like to receive as a gift. In response, they heard about the desire for an expensive smartphone, but you don’t want to give it away, but you know about his other hobbies. Then to help you,  an alternative.  Psychologists recommend asking general questions in the report: they say, we are looking for a surprise for you. Tell me what is better to choose – something for training, for your room, from accessories?

The gift must be relevant.  In the modern world, all seasonal chips, brands, merch, popular styles and toys are important for modern children – this is a priority for them. Now such things are not just fashion, they unite, therefore, to correspond now is not an excess, but a way of communication.

And, of course, it is very important when parents support in any endeavors, so if you buy  a gift for a boy for his hobby , he will be sincerely happy and feel your support and care.

When choosing what you can give your son for his birthday, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • A present for a little birthday boy should be bright, interesting and ready to be used here and now. Otherwise, the interest of the child may fade away and it will not be easy to revive it;
  • Do not be afraid to ask your son about his desires – the baby will not understand why you are interested, and an adult child will only be happy to tell you about his dreams;
  • In the case of a teenager, do not be afraid to give money – at this age, young people treat such gifts very favorably and will gladly spend the funds at their discretion;
  • Do not forget that your son is a future man, so presents that develop masculine qualities and skills in him are of particular value. For example, a set of tools (toy, if it’s a baby, or real, when it comes to an adult guy) will help the boy more easily cope with men’s affairs in the future;
  • Create a holiday atmosphere in your home. Even a one-year-old kid will appreciate the bright balloons and cheerful music. You can also decorate the house with garlands, flags, congratulatory posters and dress in beautiful outfits – then the hero of the occasion is guaranteed a festive mood;
  • Come up with warm words that you will say at the time of the gift. With their help, you can give parting words to your son for the next year and express all your love towards him.

What is better not to give your son for his birthday

In order for the surprise to give your son only positive emotions, and not ruin his birthday, try to avoid the following ideas:

  • Don’t be guided by your childhood memories  of ungifted toys. What you liked as a child will definitely pass by today. After all, times are changing, and the interests of modern children are radically different.
  • Gifts from the  “just needed to buy” category. Were you given winter boots, clothes as a child? And how do you like this surprise? Do not forget that DR is a time of pleasant emotions and miracles. And such an everyday gift as shoes is unlikely to please the son.
  • A bad option is  a gift chosen in accordance with your beliefs  and desires, and not your son.
  • Low quality items.  Alas, not all products presented on store shelves and intended for children are safe. Beautiful, bright, but made of PVC – a mixture of plastic and rubber. Please note that this material is toxic and often causes poisoning and allergies. The more colorful the toy, the more harmful substances it contains.
  • Never give away things  and toys that previously belonged to the older child’s brother.  Such a gift will upset the son.
  • Eliminate everything that, one way or another, relates to the  educational process.  This applies to teaching aids, pencil cases, a backpack, the boy definitely wants to remember the least of all on this day about studying.


When choosing what to give your son for his birthday, remember that, in addition to giving presents, your main task is to show love and care for your child. Regardless of the age of the birthday boy, he will be pleased to see the desire of his parents to please him – this will be the best gift.  

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