What to give a woman

439 gift ideas for a woman’s birthday

Birthday is an exciting and significant holiday in the life of every person, but women treat it with special trepidation. Some prefer to celebrate it in a narrow family circle, others arrange noisy parties. Be that as it may, you need to go to this celebration with a good gift that meets the interests, lifestyle and age of the birthday girl. And choosing a gift for a woman is another quest. We will try to help you and name the most relevant and proven options.

TOP 69 ideas of what to give a woman for her birthday

  1. Silver water ionizer
  2. Plot on the moon or space certificate
  3. jewelry decoration
  4. Mini exercise bike
  5. Wooden chest-safe
  6. Calabash and bombilla for mate
  7. Coin box-box
  8. electric blanket
  9. Finger head massager
  10. Handmade coconut bowls
  11. Ultrasonic Air Purifier
  12. weather forecaster
  13. Anti-theft city backpack
  14. Onyx wine glass set
  15. Travel suitcase
  16. Hot tub for feet
  17. Personal glossy magazine
  18. Leather coin box
  19. Cheese set
  20. wine table
  21. pocket printer
  22. Liquid Soap Dispenser
  23. Mosquito trap
  24. French press
  25. Collection of photophones
  26. Window cleaning robot
  27. Home suit/pajamas
  28. Massage pillow
  29. Bathrobe with an embroidered birthday girl’s monogram
  30. Slippers with USB heating
  31. smart ring
  32. Automobile
  33. Bladeless fan
  34. Remote control stand
  35. porcelain service
  36. Wireless headphones
  37. Care cosmetics set
  38. cookbook
  39. Smartphone
  40. A set of scented candles
  41. Incense stand with incense set
  42. Scratch card “100 places in Russia that you need to see”
  43. Ring LED Selfie Light
  44. Toaster with keep warm and defrost functions
  45. Color Flame Powder
  46. Gyroscooter
  47. Salt lamp “Vase with stones”
  48. Breakfast tray table in bed
  49. Bedding set
  50. Blanket with sleeves
  51. Capsule coffee machine
  52. art books
  53. Fitness bracelet
  54. Ring stand
  55. Wallet
  56. Roller body massager
  57. Panel with photo clips
  58. Copper Turk
  59. Newspaper “Pravda” with a congratulatory article
  60. candy bowl
  61. floor vase
  62. mirrorless camera
  63. Silver charm bracelet
  64. Comb with ionization
  65. Touch screen gloves
  66. Bottle of collectible alcohol
  67. Pillow «Beauty Sleep»
  68. Handmade shawl
  69. Magnetic slate board

Original gifts for a woman on her birthday

When choosing an original gift, do not forget that women are very touchy and unpredictable. Give only what is guaranteed not to offend the birthday girl and will not cause negative emotions in her.

Tea clock.  With the help of three flasks filled with sand of different colors, the birthday girl will be able to correctly brew tea of ​​different strengths, even if she has never learned tea traditions.

Foot hammock with USB heating.  A wonderful device will allow you to comfortably position your legs in the workplace and will not let them freeze.

Honey set.  Honey is a symbol of prosperity and well-being, wealth and sexuality. Handing the birthday girl a gift box with different varieties of honey, you should wish her a sweet, prosperous and long life.

Wish Fulfillment Certificate.  If you are sure that you can fulfill the cherished wish of the birthday girl, feel free to give her such a gift and wait for the wish to be voiced.

Salute from living butterflies.  Incredibly beautiful and fabulous creatures, fluttering out of the box, will fill any room with exoticism and magic.

Also very unusual presentations will serve:

  • jewelry flash drive;
  • portrait of a birthday girl, made in an interesting technique;
  • family tree with photo frames;
  • chocolate postcard;
  • electronic firefly in the bank;
  • berry-chocolate bouquet;
  • flowers in a vacuum;
  • inflatable chair;
  • rings on the phalanges of the fingers;
  • original lamp;
  • nominal Hollywood star;
  • piggy bank for wine corks;
  • funny house slippers;
  • tea pair with Swarovski crystals;
  • designer brooch;
  • congratulations on a billboard;
  • lightbox with a photo of the birthday girl;
  • a set of silver cutlery;
  • nominal statuette “Oscar”;
  • gift book “Wines of the World”.

What to give a woman an inexpensive birthday

Lack of finances is not a reason not to congratulate the birthday girl. It is quite possible to pick up a pleasant, useful and budgetary present without losing face. Indeed, attention is often much more important for a woman than the cost of a gift presented to her. Check out the list of the best inexpensive gifts, think carefully about what you will give and try to save money for a small bunch of flowers. So:

  • universal mill for spices;
  • flexible waterproof keyboard;
  • electric corkscrew;
  • egg separator;
  • gift set of writing instruments;
  • box book;
  • lava lamp;
  • power bank;
  • stirrer mug;
  • bag envelope;
  • phone book;
  • wall key holder;
  • bath set;
  • serving tablecloth;
  • a set of bathroom accessories;
  • slippers paws;
  • thermo lunch box;
  • a set of massage oils;
  • movie premiere tickets
  • anti-stress pillow “Male shoulder;
  • a bouquet of socks;
  • stylish jewelry;
  • hanging table for the balcony.

Gifts for beauty and personal care

A win-win option would be gifts that allow a woman to maintain her beauty and take care of herself. But it should be borne in mind that it is absolutely impossible to give money for weight loss and emphasizing the age of the birthday girl. Optimal options:

Certificate for cosmetic procedures.  A great gift that allows the lady to choose the necessary procedures herself. When purchasing a certificate, you should carefully consider the reputation of the salon and the choice of a specialist.

Spa day.  Pull the birthday girl out of the paws of everyday life. Give her the opportunity to immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of the spa and restore emotional, psychological and physical balance.

Eco cosmetics set.  Fashion for environmental friendliness has not bypassed cosmetic products. Kill two birds with one stone: show care for the environment and give the birthday girl effective self-care with natural remedies.

Perfumery.  The purchase of fragrance must be approached very responsibly. If you are not familiar with the tastes of a woman, you can peep the brand of her perfume or choose the scent of your choice, but in the latter case, the probability of throwing money away is too high.

Cosmetics with nano-gold.  A solid and status gift that allows you to take good care of your skin, will please any birthday girl.

UFO smart mask.  A newfangled alternative to the usual face masks, combining premium care and modern technology. In just 1.5 minutes, the lady will receive a result that is several times superior to the effect of conventional sheet masks.

Gifts for appearance and accessories

If you are well aware of the tastes and needs of the hero of the occasion, you may well give her one of the following:

  • shopping accompaniment of a stylist;
  • wrist watch;
  • dressing room mirror;
  • original umbrella;
  • knitted fur mittens;
  • trendy sunglasses;
  • subscription to the fitness center;
  • leather and silver bracelet;
  • certificate for the services of a personal stylist;
  • pocket mirror with LED lighting;
  • certificate to a clothing or cosmetics store;
  • cashmere tippet;
  • a set of gel polishes;
  • iron-corrugation or hair straightener;
  • set of professional hair care products
  • diamond peeling machine
  • certificate for custom tailoring
  • silk scarf;
  • apparatus for manicure and pedicure;
  • electric curlers;
  • photoepilator;
  • a fur coat or other fur clothing;
  • hair styler.

Technology and gadgets as a gift for a woman on her birthday

Not only men love various gadgets and technology. Among women, there are also many fans of modern devices. A birthday girl who is not indifferent to all sorts of inventions can be presented with:

Fitness tracker.  The gadget can count steps taken and calories burned, monitor sleep and calculate stress levels. And the original design of the device will allow you to wear it as a stylish accessory.

Quadcopter.  With the help of such an aircraft, a lady will be able to perform a variety of tasks: take photos and videos, deliver small loads, participate in speed competitions and just have fun.

Projector.  The compact device will appeal to cinema fans and will allow you to watch movies on the big screen without leaving your home.

The following gadgets will also be relevant:

  • dock station;
  • radio key finder;
  • wireless waterproof speaker;
  • eco alarm;
  • Ultrasonic toothbrush;
  • electronic book;
  • IP camera;
  • netbook;
  • smart socket;
  • selfie monopod;
  • USB hub;
  • laptop cooling pad;
  • VR glasses;
  • plasma TV;
  • instant camera;
  • portable weather station.

Gifts for comfort in the house

The desire to build a cozy nest is inherent in a woman by nature itself, and the following devices and accessories can help her with this:


  • washing machine with drying function;
  • slow cooker;
  • Auger juicer;
  • fridge;
  • microwave;
  • food waste grinder;
  • electric broom;
  • multifurnace;
  • iron with steam generator;
  • Dishwasher;
  • electric knife sharpener;
  • steam cleaner;
  • oven;
  • aerogrill;
  • raclette;
  • dehydrator for vegetables and fruits;
  • electric meat grinder;
  • food processor;
  • freezer.


  • table service;
  • dolma machine;
  • microwave cleaner “Volcano”;
  • a set of cutting boards;
  • multifunctional shredder;
  • kitchen timer;
  • electric can opener;
  • pizza making set;
  • a set of salad bowls;
  • wooden rolling pin with a pattern;
  • a set of pots / pans;
  • forms for baking;
  • kitchen scales;
  • a set of culinary rings;
  • wooden cabinet;
  • bread box with cutting board;
  • jars for food storage;
  • a set of containers for liquid spices;
  • cake pan with lid.

Interior items

  • painting;
  • desktop rock garden;
  • wooden map of the world;
  • set of photo frames;
  • bedside lamp;
  • Wall Clock;
  • decorative sofa cushions;
  • bedspread / blanket;
  • antique figurine;
  • pear chair;
  • stylish candelabra;
  • florarium;
  • interior perfumes;
  • tabletop fountain/waterfall.

Furniture items

  • box
  • dressing table;
  • whatnot;
  • folding serving table;
  • hanging chair;
  • TV stand;
  • coffee table;
  • rocking chair;
  • decorative pouf;
  • computer chair;
  • dinner table;
  • outdoor magazine rack;
  • stools that fit one into the other.

Gifts that will bring a smile and a good mood

There are gifts that can create the right atmosphere at the event and charge the birthday girl and guests with a positive mood. For example:

  • a large set of chocolate;
  • a basket of exotic fruits;
  • stabilized flowers;
  • photo souvenir;
  • personalized gifts with engraving;
  • souvenirs from small children;
  • magic ball of predictions;
  • comic medal or order;
  • song or poem dedicated to the birthday girl;
  • clothes with funny prints;
  • stuffed toys bouquet;
  • video greetings from friends and relatives;
  • digital photo frame;
  • birthday cake.


In addition to practical and useful gifts, you can give the birthday girl unforgettable impressions that she will carry through her whole life. Choosing such a gift, you should pay special attention to the character of the lady, her interests, fears and wishes. So the best ideas are:

  • river / sea cruise;
  • a master class related to her hobby;
  • massage certificate;
  • night walk in a carriage or limousine;
  • a trip to the city of dreams;
  • karting;
  • an invitation to a tasting of something;
  • trip to shooting range;
  • training certificate;
  • a trip to the room of rage;
  • scuba diving;
  • travel to a hot country;
  • holiday fireworks;
  • dinner in an unusual place;
  • creative photo session;
  • visiting the museum with a personal guide;
  • congratulations from her favorite singer/actor;
  • theater subscription;
  • extreme driving course;
  • rest in a sanatorium;
  • walk around the native city with a guide;
  • romantic weekend in a country hotel;
  • collection of favorite music;
  • quest game on a topic that is interesting for the birthday girl;
  • picnic trip;
  • balloon flight;
  • tickets for a cultural event.

Anniversary gifts for a woman

Many women look forward to their birthday and prepare for it in advance. But they spend many times more energy and imagination on the celebration of the anniversary in order to celebrate it with special glamor. What should be given to the hero of the day?

40 years

On the first, truly serious date in a woman’s life, it is recommended to give something of status and worthy. For example, a luxurious bouquet of flowers, jewelry, a branded handbag, luxury cosmetics, expensive perfumes.

45 years

By this age, women become more sentimental and especially appreciate the moments spent with family and loved ones. Therefore, it would be appropriate: a beautifully designed photo album with family photos, a family tree, a family wall newspaper with comic and warm wishes, video greetings from friends and relatives.

50 years

The ladies are celebrating their half-century anniversary fully armed: they already have adult children, a well-equipped house, an established life and conquered career heights. The best gift for this date will be various certificates that provide an opportunity to choose a present yourself.

55 years

To give a really good gift to an accomplished woman, you need to know her tastes and interests. However, almost every woman of this age will be happy with a set of premium Anti-age cosmetics, beautiful jewelry, and modern household appliances.

60 years

Choosing a gift for a woman’s 60th birthday is a very difficult task. If a lady is friends with technology, you can give her any gadgets, for example, a smartphone or a robot vacuum cleaner. It will also be appropriate: a set of satellite TV, a jam cooker, a juice cooker, an autoclave for canning, various massagers and certificates for wellness treatments.

Gifts by Interest


  • smart watch;
  • smart dumbbells;
  • speed rope;
  • medallion;
  • master class on teaching a new sport;
  • battery case for smartphone;
  • yoga hammock;
  • portable blender;
  • branded sneakers;
  • water cooler.

to the artist

  • diary of a naturalist artist;
  • Graphics tablet;
  • sketchbook;
  • tablet for watercolor;
  • easel table;
  • expendable materials;
  • a set of canvases;
  • body painting set;
  • pottery lesson;
  • markers for artists;
  • desktop sketchbook;
  • tickets for exhibition.

Business woman

  • office set with clock;
  • a walk around the city at night in a luxury car;
  • jewelry with pearls;
  • portpled;
  • carnivorous plant;
  • road beautician;
  • holder for documents;
  • watch box;
  • banknote detector;
  • wine cabinet;
  • reusable diary;
  • footrest;
  • safe;
  • pilot case;
  • Yandex. Station.

Lover of cooking

  • set of kitchen knives;
  • Blinnica;
  • kitchen thermometer;
  • stationary mixer;
  • saucepan with a thick bottom;
  • confectionery spatulas and nozzles for cream;
  • tartlet maker;
  • recipe book;
  • grill for microwave;
  • marble mortar and pestle;
  • a set of spices in test tubes;
  • serving board;
  • culinary school education.


  • sewing or knitting machine;
  • tablet for reading diagrams;
  • magnetic needle bed;
  • overlock;
  • Magnifier Lamp;
  • diary of a creative person;
  • certificate to the needlework store;
  • set for creativity;
  • organizers for storing small things;
  • professional tailor’s scissors.

A woman who is serious about music

  • modern music center in retro style;
  • DAC amplifier for smartphone;
  • full-size headphones;
  • musical instrument;
  • drinking glasses;
  • microphone;
  • audio recorder;
  • pocket hurdy-gurdy;
  • picture poster in pop art style;
  • books about music;
  • vinyl player.


  • parking system;
  • compressor;
  • video recorder;
  • anti-radar;
  • cover for autodocuments;
  • tuning;
  • car vacuum cleaner;
  • cigarette lighter splitter with USB;
  • phone holder with wireless charging function;
  • a set of seat covers;
  • car refrigerator.

Country houses

  • automatic watering system;
  • greenhouse;
  • wooden barrel for wine;
  • inflatable sofa;
  • garden furniture;
  • folding bucket;
  • battery sprayer;
  • ladder;
  • lawn mower;
  • soil heating system;
  • tub with oppression;
  • tandoor;
  • hammock;
  • garden fountain;
  • tool belt bag;
  • garden lights;
  • Summer shower;
  • inflatable pool.

Indoor plant lover

  • flower tree;
  • a set of planters;
  • floor stand for flowers;
  • smart pot;
  • color sensor;
  • phytolamp;
  • set for growing in a jar;
  • humidifier;
  • growing pencils;
  • automatic watering for indoor flowers.

Pet lover

  • funny bowls for pets;
  • hammock for animals;
  • kigurumi;
  • blanket for a cat;
  • backpack-carrier for pets;
  • wireless headphones with cat ears;
  • pet house;
  • interactive animal toy;
  • claw;
  • clothing with a photo of a pet.

Lover to read

  • bookstore model constructor;
  • scratch-poster “100 great books of world literature”;
  • cart for books;
  • reader’s diary;
  • invisible bookshelves;
  • literary candles;
  • subscription to an online reading service;
  • bookcase;
  • bathtub reading stand
  • book holders;
  • Boxbetter is a surprise box with a book.

Gifts for a female boss

A present for a female boss should be chosen carefully and carefully. In order not to violate the boundaries of the business relationship of a wealthy lady, it is recommended to present the following:

  • stylish organizer or diary;
  • jewelry holder;
  • Belgian chocolate;
  • a table clock;
  • desktop writing set made of natural materials;
  • perpetual calendar;
  • mug with the inscription “Boss”;
  • business book;
  • modular picture;
  • coffee service;
  • portable coffee maker;
  • potted plant;
  • mini bar;
  • wine rack;
  • tippet.

Gifts for an unfamiliar woman

It happens that it becomes necessary to present a gift to a woman about whom you know practically nothing. It can be a teacher, a colleague, a doctor. As a rule, in such cases they give something purely symbolic. For example:

  • a set of exclusive varieties of tea/coffee;
  • honey pot;
  • Handmade soap;
  • Bakeware;
  • manicure and pedicure set;
  • personalized vase for flowers;
  • bath geyser;
  • cupcakes made to order
  • a set of towels;
  • silicone mold for ice;
  • a teapot with a removable flask;
  • jewelry box;
  • gift set of sweets.

DIY gifts for a woman’s birthday

If you have enough patience, the necessary materials and a sincere desire to please the birthday girl, you can make a gift for her with your own hands.

Steampunk key holder

Materials:  cardboard (plywood), coins, decor tools, hooks, hot glue, metallic acrylic paint, varnish, brushes, sponge.

Work progress:  make a box of the required size out of cardboard and dry it. Glue the decor in random order and hooks to the future key holder with hot glue. After the glue dries, use a sponge to cover the product with paint, and then with varnish. The key holder is ready.

Bath bomb “Coconut”

Materials:  coconut oil – 3 tbsp. l., water – 1 tbsp. l., essential oil – ½ tsp., corn starch – 4 tbsp. l., soda – 180 g, citric acid – 3, st. l., pouring mold, mixing container.

Progress of work:  melt coconut oil in a water bath, add essential oil and water to it. Stir. Add starch and mix again. Pour soda and citric acid – mix the mixture thoroughly and transfer it to the molds. Tamp the mass and leave for two days. Take the bombs out of the mold and let dry before giving to the birthday girl.

fortune cookies

A simple and original handmade gift. Before baking, insert a pre-prepared prediction paper into each cookie, and then put the cookies in the oven. Pack the finished product in a beautiful box and tie with a satin ribbon.

Handmade soap

Materials:  remnants, molds.

Progress of work:  heat the multi-colored remnants and distribute the resulting mass into molds or containers. You can mix different colors or pick up remnants of matching shades. Place the soap in the refrigerator to harden.

In addition, you can do it yourself;

  • a book about a birthday girl;
  • lamp;
  • accessories for a photo shoot;
  • picture in patchwork style;
  • knitted plaid / sweater;
  • funny print apron;
  • suitcase cover;
  • textile or leather organizer;
  • photo collage;
  • casket;
  • portrait of a birthday girl;
  • sweet treats.

What to give flowers for a woman’s birthday

When choosing a bouquet for a birthday girl, it will not be superfluous to learn the basics of the language of flowers:

  • maroon roses – wealth, beauty, elegance;
  • red roses – passion, passionate feelings;
  • yellow / orange roses – optimism, cheerfulness, admiration, respect;
  • white roses – innocence, respect, affection;
  • tulip – love and fidelity.

It is also customary for a woman to give eustoma, orchids, chrysanthemums, lilies and irises on her birthday.

Be sure to present the flowers in a gift wrap (this will make the bouquet more elegant and presentable) and do not engage in independent composition, entrust this to the florist.

What is better not to give a woman a birthday

First of all, it is worth remembering that it is extremely tactless to impose your tastes on a birthday girl, so you don’t need to give gifts that you like, but she absolutely doesn’t need it. Also in the list of potential presentations should not be:

  • money;
  • pets;
  • hygiene items;
  • scarves;
  • low-quality cosmetics;
  • clothes;
  • means for weight loss;
  • anti-cellulite complexes;
  • Underwear;
  • huge plush toys.

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