What to give for the holidays

TOP 138 ideas What to give the chef +28 gifts and Tips

Cooking is one of the oldest and most creative professions in the world. These are the real masters of the kitchen, who work wonders on it, delighting you and me with gastronomic masterpieces and unique tastes. Therefore, they deservedly have their own professional holiday – Cook’s Day, celebrated on October 20. And this means that there is an opportunity to congratulate loved ones, relatives, acquaintances or colleagues who work or are fond of this area and present a gift to the chef.

However, the question immediately arises – what can be presented to the chef and what to look for when choosing. After all, these are magicians who fill life with taste. Their creations are often comparable to works of art in terms of originality of design. Not to mention the taste. Therefore, to please and surprise them, sometimes it is not easy. But, it’s quite possible.

And, this article will help you with this, which contains the most up-to-date list of ideas for what to give the chef for a birthday and another holiday, and to make sure that the surprise presented really pleases the hero of the occasion – the creator of culinary masterpieces. And these are not ordinary things, but something that diversifies the process of cooking, helps to learn something new or use new kitchen equipment to create delicious masterpieces.

TOP 138 ideas What can be presented to the cook

  1. Yoghurt maker.
  2. The Santoku knife is the best knife to give to a chef.
  3. Molecular kitchen set.
  4. Electric corkscrew.
  5. Measuring spoon with digital display.
  6. Pizza scissors.
  7. Measuring cup with divisions.
  8. Culinary heat-resistant spoon.
  9. Oil spray dispenser.
  10. Cutting board-transformer.
  11. Serving tray.
  12. Printer for printing edible images.
  13. 3D pastry pen.
  14. Scratch poster with recipes from around the world.
  15. Green storage container.
  16. Food bag sealer.
  17. Orthopedic pillow for rest after work.
  18. Knife for serving pastries.
  19. “Claws” for cutting meat.
  20. Can-opener.
  21. Adjustable rock.
  22. Hatchet.
  23. Associated tea.
  24. Family cookbook.
  25. Fondue.
  26. Non-stick oven mat.
  27. Tenderizer for meat.
  28. Roaster for marshmallows.
  29. Beverage dispenser.
  30. Protective goggles against smoke and splashes when cooking.
  31. Graters and grinders.
  32. Vegetable cutter.
  33. Burner.
  34. Tajin.
  35. Set of personalized skewers.
  36. A set of eco-bags for fruits and vegetables.
  37. French press.
  38. Electric samovar.
  39. Stack with pestle.
  40. Electric knife sharpener.
  41. Taiga set.
  42. Personalized apron.
  43. Wall clock with the image of a cook.
  44. A set of exotic spices.
  45. Kitchen scales.
  46. An edible bouquet of fruits or vegetables.
  47. Rozhkovy coffee maker.
  48. Egg timer.
  49. Marble board if a person has a culinary blog.
  50. Figured rock.
  51. Cutlery organizer.
  52. Slicer.
  53. Magnetic board for metal devices.
  54. Carving set.
  55. Holder for paper towels.
  56. Aerogrill.
  57. Bottle for sauces, olive oil or vinegar.
  58. Containers with a cooling block.
  59. Test dispenser.
  60. Lightweight linen or nettle tablecloth.
  61. Air fryer.
  62. Kazan.
  63. Gravy boat.
  64. Cool telescopic spoon or fork.
  65. Pillow in the form of a burger, fruit or cheese.
  66. Original grip.
  67. Suvid.
  68. Board for quick defrosting.
  69. Digital Thermometer.
  70. Set for mulled wine.
  71. Gastronomic encyclopedia.
  72. A set of cocottes.
  73. Cezva.
  74. Refrigerator air purifier.
  75. Cooling jacket for bottles.
  76. Brutal wooden utensils.
  77. Bread maker.
  78. Linen kitchen towels.
  79. Saucepan.
  80. Set for making coffee on the sand.
  81. Sausage syringe.
  82. Drainer.
  83. Measuring cups or smart mixing bowls.
  84. Honey with edible gold.
  85. Kremanki.
  86. Mixer mug.
  87. Gingerbread board.
  88. Labels-stickers for storage of spices, pickles.
  89. Form for cutting cakes.
  90. Unusual molds for ice.
  91. Salad bowl on ice.
  92. Microwave cleaner.
  93. Cast iron wok.
  94. Mushroom farm.
  95. Handmade heating pad for teapot.
  96. Coconut smoothie bowls.
  97. Champagne glasses on thin legs.
  98. Herb growing kit.
  99. Desktop hot dog.
  100. Metal soap – odor remover.
  101. A set of miniatures of jam and muda soufflé.
  102. Stencils for coffee.
  103. Citrus dispenser.
  104. Salad tongs.
  105. Metal coffee pot.
  106. Picnic basket.
  107. Smart garden for growing microgreens at home.
  108. Fruit bowl-transformer.
  109. Matcha tea and accessories.
  110. Salad Centrifuge.
  111. Unusual press for garlic.
  112. Multi-level shelf for desserts.
  113. Bakeware.
  114. Set for making rolls and sushi.
  115. Chameleon mug.
  116. Stationary mixer.
  117. Bottle infusor for drinks.
  118. Multi-level stand for the oven.
  119. Heated lunch box.
  120. Insta-ware.
  121. Recipe book.
  122. Electric barbecue.
  123. Meat stamp.
  124. Cappuccinatore.
  125. Greenery scissors.
  126. Basket with exotic fruits.
  127. Creative salt shakers.
  128. Tea set – traditional or earthenware.
  129. Reusable skewers for canapés.
  130. Thermos.
  131. Glasses with double walls.
  132. A set of inventory with a leather twist.
  133. Submersible blender.
  134. Containers for cereals.
  135. Melanger.
  136. Functional Slicer.
  137. Porcelain pot for baking.
  138. Nozzle for controlling the amount of sauce.

What to give a chef – a man

If you are looking for what to give a man of this profession, then choose something functional. To help you, the following presentation options:

A whetstone  is a practical gift for a male chef. You can choose synthetic stone, natural or diamond-coated.

There are also several basic parameters that must be considered when choosing a grindstone:

  • abrasive grit;
  • material of manufacture;
  • size.

With such a tool, the cook will be able to serve knives, scissors and other cutting objects.

The charcoal grill is  the perfect gift for small yards and suburban areas. It functions on the principle of barbecue, oven and tandoor. Barbecue, hot dogs, tender burger patties – you just need to choose a dish and start cooking.

Moreover, in any weather, and if necessary, even smoke meat and fish, spending at least three times the time spent on cooking.

The Viennese coffee maker is an  original gift for a chef for an anniversary. Previously, such a coffee maker could only be found in royal houses, they were decorated with precious stones, pearls and gilding. They worked on the principle of a balanced siphon.

The device consists of glass flasks and a burner. Coffee is poured into the vessel and filled with water, and a burner is installed under it. The temperature balance provides the owner with an incredibly tasty coffee with a delicate aroma, without foreign aftertastes.

Sausage making machine. Such a device will delight guests and households with delicious and healthy meat dishes.

Suitable for home production of almost all types of sausages (kupaty, sausages, sausages). The machine takes up little space, is easily attached to the table due to suction cups, which ensures comfortable work with it. With the help of a sausage machine, the hero of the occasion will be able to cook meat delicacies quickly and easily!

Unusual sauces  are an interesting gift for a culinary friend. This version of the present will delight both men and women, giving a sea of ​​​​bright colorful tastes and variety to the usual everyday menu.

You can purchase these kits ready-made on the Internet or assemble them yourself, including: the hottest chili pepper sauce, jalapeno pepper burger sauce, tomato steak sauce, lemongrass shiracha, two-year-old fish sauce, English brown sauce, etc.

Gifts for a chef – a woman

A gift for a woman to a cook should be not only useful, but also sincere. Here’s what to give a female chef colleague:

A dehydrator is a  useful present for a woman cook. This is a high-tech device that removes moisture from fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc., without losing taste, smell and nutrients.

Thus, a woman will be able to use fruits and other seasonal products without losing their quality for the winter season or simply as a healthy snack, decoration of dishes, etc.

A spoon stand  is exactly the gift that will solve the problem of where to put the spatula or spoon that you interfere with the dish, and where to put the lid while you turn the garnish.

Believe me, this is a sore point for every cook when the kitchen is already in order, but such a small element is missing for complete aesthetics. You can choose ceramic, silicone, wood or plastic.

Silicone molds for 3D cakes are  an interesting present for a person who loves to cook desserts.

Believe me, having tested silicone baking molds in his kitchen, he will certainly appreciate their advantages over other utensils of identical purpose. They have a number of advantages:

  • non-stick coating;
  • can be used in all types of ovens, microwave ovens and freezers;
  • dishes are completely safe;
  • serves for many years without losing its appearance.

And most importantly, the 3D baking dish, due to the original shape, will give any treat a creative embossed appearance.

A silicone transforming baking bowl is  a multifunctional item with a number of advantages: durability, does not absorb odors, is easy to clean, has thermal conductivity, and can withstand temperatures up to 270 degrees.

So, when folded, it serves as a hot stand or a double boiler, it can also be used as a non-spill lid or a folding colander.

A mount for a book or a tablet,  as an option, what to give to a cook girl who maintains a culinary blog. Such a kit can be mounted in any convenient place in the kitchen, where there is no danger of flooding the screen.

It can also be a steel bracket for an electronic device, which is perhaps considered one of the most suitable for a modern kitchen in terms of style and convenience.

What to give a chef for his birthday

Chefs almost all the time need to work in multitasking mode, performing several processes at once. Therefore, every kitchen wizard will be happy to accept interesting kitchen appliances as a gift.

A bamboo or linden barrel and a honey spoon are the  best dishes for fragrant honey. Linden is clean, light, natural drying for at least two years. The barrel is processed inside with natural beeswax, so the dishes will retain all the beneficial properties of honey, and no extraneous odors.

Such a gift will be desirable for the sweet tooth. Be sure to complement the present, assorted honey.

A Himalayan salt slab  is a great gift for a chef. It is designed for beautiful serving of dishes, spectacular serving, as well as frying meat, fish, seafood and other dishes.

Dishes cooked on such a stove acquire a unique taste and aroma, and most importantly, retain most of the useful minerals and trace elements for humans.

The main advantage of using such a gift is the uniform heating of products and their perfect salting.

You can also look at a Himalayan salt kitchen board, stacks, a salad bowl or a salt briquette.

Devices for healthy lifestyle lovers  – many will like such an original gift. These are small devices that will facilitate the organization of a healthy diet. For example, oil and sauce sprayers, lettuce spinners, auger juicer, oil press, stripper or seed germinator.

The non-stick sectional frying pan is  an unusual birthday present.

A multi-section pan will allow you to cook several dishes at once, without mixing flavors and saving time. A special material and non-stick coating will ensure wear resistance and durability of this type of cookware, delighting the owner for many years.

Candle heated teapot. The kettle is made of borosilicate glass, due to which it can be heated on any stove or used as a lemonade.

To maintain the optimum temperature, a regular tablet candle is used. Such a tea party will give any person aesthetic pleasure and a cozy, warm evening!

Gifts for those who love to cook


TOP 138 ideas What to give the chef +28 gifts and Tips

It is now difficult to keep track of the latest in household appliances: multicookers, bread makers, yogurt makers.

But if you have to find what to give a chef or a culinary specialist, then you can safely choose the following ideas:

Roof rails –  will help simplify the process of cooking and always have everything at hand. It consists of pipes and rails of various lengths and sizes, including those with corner elements. On the shelves of stores you can find the following options:

  • shelves for cleaning products;
  • basket holders;
  • coasters for cutlery;
  • magnetic elements on which you can attach knives or jars for spices;
  • bulk dispensers;
  • hooks with several elements, etc.

Such a gift will help to competently organize the space in the kitchen, and this is a guarantee of delicious dishes and a good mood of the cook.

Cooling stones for drinks  are a truly masculine gift for a husband. This is the best thing nature could come up with. Natural stone cools the drink without changing its taste and aroma.

All this beauty in a wooden case will make it possible to present a presentable gift in an original way for almost every taste. Stone and wood, there is nothing better!

A multi-baker is  a gift option for a novice cook. This is an interesting kitchen gadget that combines many kitchen appliances.

Sandwich maker, grill, pancake maker, panels for pizza, muffins, muffins, waffles, pies and more. Such a wonderful gift can replace about 40 household appliances for a cook.

A glass pan is  an incredibly beautiful gift, which also has a number of advantages.

  • Food in such dishes retains its natural taste, since glass does not interact with food.
  • Transparent walls allow you to fully control the cooking process.
  • Cookware is suitable for all types of stoves.
  • Glass does not change its appearance, unlike metal models.

Stone for baking bread. This slab can be made of clay or natural stone (volcanic stone, soapstone, red clay, fireclay, granite). Thanks to such a stone, bakery products are evenly baked and do not crack, they turn out to be very tasty and fragrant.

A properly selected model will last for many years, without loss of shape and quality.

Inexpensive gifts for the chef

Kitchen utensils are always needed. Such as an apron, because they tend to wear out, so it will always be appropriate to present:

A super grater is  an indispensable assistant in the kitchen of any person, and, of course, first of all, a culinary specialist, a cook. It could be:

  • Mechanical grater for vegetables, fruits, cheese.
  • Smart grater – suitable for a pastry chef. Perfectly rubs chocolate for desserts and much more, while taking up minimal space.
  • Vegetable cutter 6-sided, a model that combines a grater, curly and regular shredders. They are used for grinding vegetables, fruits (to a state of puree), cheese, eggs.
  • GEFU is a professional grater with interchangeable knives for cutting into slices, straws, cubes. Due to the diamond sharpening, it perfectly cuts even ripe tomatoes.
  • Resti-grater, for cutting long, thin chips of boiled vegetables.
  • PVHOME – Spilizer for curly cutting. The device is compact and does not take up much space in the kitchen.

Chef’s sleeves are a  useful present for a young chef. It is better to choose from dense cotton fabric. They are worn over clothing to protect the sleeves of clothing from contamination.

A culinary syringe for meat marinade is  an option that you can give a cook to a guy. Such a device is made of high-quality plastic, and the needle is made of stainless steel.

There are several special sections on the needle to saturate most of the marinade in one puncture. Such injection will allow the brine to be delivered as deep as possible into the meat, thanks to which it turns out to be very juicy. A man will definitely appreciate such an inexpensive gift!

Gastronorm containers made of stainless steel are baking trays of  various shapes, with a lid, designed for cooking, laying out and storing products and ready meals. They are reliable, versatile and durable. And most importantly, they are suitable as a gift for both a novice cook and an experienced chef.

A set of edible oils. Thinking how to please a culinary fan or a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, feel free to give such a set. It will definitely not go unnoticed, because there are no such side dishes, soups and snacks where oils would not be needed, by the way!

You can find a ready-made kit or assemble it yourself, including virgin olive oil, oatmeal, walnut, avocado, forest, etc. in it.




TOP 138 ideas What to give the chef +28 gifts and TipsWhen choosing the best gift for a chef for the holiday, be sure to consider some of the nuances. The fate of your gift depends on this – whether it will be pleasant and useful or inappropriate. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Specialization. What is your culinary specialty? Thai cuisine or maybe a cake maker, in either case, you need to take into account the specifics of the cuisine. What suits and will be useful to the sushi chef will not be needed by the confectioner at all.
  • Floor.  If a man can buy a good knife or any other specific male present, then for a woman it is better to look for something more girlish.
  • Age.  This is the case when a young novice cook can be given something cool and original, while a person with experience in this profession is better to give something more serious and status. For example, a tunic with embroidered initials.

If you can’t decide on a gift for a chef, pay attention to universal things that will always come in handy in the kitchen, so to  speak, “consumables”  are serving utensils, cutting boards, sets of knives, unusual cutlery, and, of course,  a certificate for a theme store .


In the end, I would like to note that chefs are people filled with creative energy, which often finds a way out in culinary experiments. Therefore, feel free to give everything that will open the world to them in new culinary adventures. A gift made from the heart will surely please a person, and you will be rewarded with a luxurious culinary masterpiece.

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