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TOP 53 ideas What to give a Man for 30 years +19 gifts and Tips

Finding the right, funky 30th birthday gifts for men can be tricky. There are many factors to consider when buying a men’s gift: Is it cool, practical, and masculine? (Almost all men want exactly these things as a gift)

A gift for an anniversary of 30 years should correspond to the date: be an adult, generous, spectacular. But, as Nietzsche believed, “in a real man there is a child who wants to play” .

This is true – the representatives of the stronger sex at any age remain a little child. And at 30! The best of the top popular gifts for a young hero of the day will be his favorite toy.

So, what can you give a man for his 30th birthday? And what presents should be avoided? Read, choose the best gift options, make your birthday happy!

TOP 53 ideas What you can give a man for 30 years

We offer many interesting gifts for 30 years old man. Here are selected surprises for music lovers and athletes, summer residents and businessmen, techies and gamers.

  1. A set of cool tools for the garage or car.
  2. Tent for winter fishing.
  3. Smokehouse. This is a great gift for the hero of the day, who always does everything himself, and does not trust anyone with cooking.
  4. Car refrigerator.
  5. BBQ set.
  6. Mini bar.
  7. Cool multimedia keyboard.
  8. External hard drive.
  9. Thermal imager for hunting.
  10. A telescope on a tripod or a home planetarium.
  11. Electric scooter.
  12. Instant hot water faucet.
  13. Coffee machine.
  14. Player.
  15. Smoke car. If a disco is planned for the celebration, then your gift will come in handy. Do not forget to buy a special water-based liquid: it is affordable, and the canisters are enough for more than one party! A wonderful gift for party lovers!
  16. Board for balancing. The floor simulator will normalize the vestibular apparatus, improve balance. Especially useful for those who plan to go surfing or something similar.
  17. Electric fireplace.
  18. A set of games 3 in 1 with a chessboard. Chess, backgammon and checkers – everything you need for a pleasant leisure time with friends.
  19. Table-steering wheel or cabinet-boat.
  20. Wi-fi in the car. The compact device for high-quality 3G-connection works from the cigarette lighter. Often sold as a set with an adapter and a signal amplification antenna. The price depends on the coverage area (10 meters is enough), the number of users (up to 5 people). Take care of the convenience of your friend – pay attention to the length of the cable and the method of attachment.
  21. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  22. Multitool for several tools, including a pressure gauge, a seat belt cutter, a glass breaker, a flashlight.
  23. Virtual reality helmet.
  24. Hookah.
  25. Reusable electronic piggy bank in the form of a safe with a four-digit code with a sound signal.
  26. Lego Technic constructor.
  27. Big TV.
  28. Game console.
  29. A set of products but a year – a box of canned food, a bag of pasta, buckwheat, rice …
  30. Bucket for ice and cooling drinks with engraving.
  31. Bear Grylls lighter.
  32. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker with microphone.
  33. Cast iron skillet for brutal cooking.
  34. Digital laser thermometer.
  35. Professional set for cocktails.
  36. Stainless steel barbecue set in a case.
  37. Thermos for drinks.
  38. Comfortable folding chair for nature.
  39. Stainless steel travel french press.
  40. Column and artificial intelligence.
  41. Hiking backpack.
  42. Cap with the inscription to order.
  43. Molecular cuisine.
  44. Copper rain sensor.
  45. Punching bag for the garage.
  46. Action camera.
  47. USB fridge for drinks.
  48. Dumbbell set.
  49. Original cufflinks.
  50. Fireproof safe.
  51. Game console.
  52. Fishing tackle box.
  53. Sport bike.

Buying an original gift for 30 years for a man becomes much easier with this list.

In your price range, you will find a unique men’s gift idea that will make him incredibly happy because it will be useful, personalized and fun.

Original gifts for a man for 30 years

The creative gifts for men that you will see below have an incredible range of uses and purposes that cater to the tastes of almost every man, whether it be a guy who likes to dress up and look good, a guy who loves to get dirty and get out in nature, or a guy who just likes to sit back, relax and have a good time.

And in this section we have collected interesting and funny gifts for 30 years old man with a good sense of humor, who has everything.

Multifunctional purse vest . An accessory with many pockets is a useful and cool gift. When presenting a gift, describe all its possibilities. Write a description in the form of instructions indicating the purpose of each pocket: for a stash, keys, a screwdriver, a glass, a key to the mistress’s apartment.

Table soccer. Because in the life of every thirty-year-old man there should be table football.

Bib for shaving the beard . Not only original, but also very useful! The device resembles a baby bib and prevents hair from falling into the sink or onto the floor when shaving.

Smart water bottle . The device is paired with the phone and controls the amount of liquid drunk during the day. Useful for people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Chess for three . This is classic chess, only with a hexagonal field and pieces of three colors. This original game will be a great alternative to regular chess.

Additional original gift ideas:

  • Antigravity machine.
  • Harmonica.
  • Metal bucket for ice.
  • Inflatable crown. A cool gift for a narcissistic man with a sense of humor.
  • Special wiper for the mirror in the bathroom.
  • Office slingshot.
  • Folder for T-shirts. A good gift for a bachelor. The device is not complicated – just three boards with holes, but folds things into one-two-three.
  • Glasses with camera. They look like ordinary sunglasses, but they have a built-in video camera that allows you to film and record videos without being noticed by others.

Lovely gifts for a Man for Anniversary

If you’re constantly on the lookout for cute gifts for guys, you know how hard it can be to stumble upon the perfect gift. A small selection will help you find a cute and unusual gift.

Belt bag in the shape of a beer belly . A purse bag that looks like a beer belly will please a guy with a good sense of humor.

Soft slippers in the form of an animal or a monster . Cozy, cute and warm, soft slippers can always cheer up your man

Cozy shawarma blanket . Such a blanket will not only warm on a cold and gray day, but can also become an occasion for many jokes.

A couple more tips on what to give a man for 30 years, and please with a present

And even if after all these options you have not yet decided on the idea of ​​a gift for a man on DR, then we offer more ideas.

Bath robe . A man of 30 years old, it would be time to acquire such a solid and cozy accessory.

Vacuum cleaner for collecting crumbs from the table . A recently appeared stray that allows you not to mess around with a rag, but simply vacuum all the crumbs in five seconds. Favorably differs from the vacuum cleaner in the small sizes so it can always be near at hand. A lover of new technologies will definitely appreciate such a gift.

Wooden watch stand . If a man has several watches, then it will be much more convenient to keep them in one place than scattered around the house. Such a stand will greatly simplify the task and will look stylish on a shelf or bedside table.

For example, Schopenhauer proposes to judge a person by his leisure. “The average person is preoccupied with how to KILL time; a talented person seeks to USE it . In passion, a person finds his “I”. Happy is he who, in his leisure hours, finds something of value in himself.

They say that time spent fishing does not count towards life. Indeed, a person whose hobby is connected with fishing is completely freed from worries and worries. And this can be said about all enthusiastic lucky people for whom a hobby has become the meaning of life. After all, all your free time is devoted to your favorite business, a lot of money is invested.

Not all relatives support the hobbies of avid fishermen or hunters, but they have fewer problems when choosing a gift.

Many drivers consider their car a second home, and try to equip it with comfort. The electronics industry constantly saturates the market with technical innovations. A new gadget will bring positive emotions or save you from negative ones. If you are aware of some habits and weaknesses of the birthday person, such as forgetfulness or absent-mindedness, then some devices will become simply indispensable.

At 30, men are jealous of their appearance, appreciate the recognition of their charisma. For a handsome man with facial hair, give a certificate to a good barbershop. The fashionable image of a brutal Viking needs to be ennobled.

Tips and tricks on how best to choose a gift for a man for 30 years

TOP 53 ideas What to give a Man for 30 years +19 gifts and Tips


7 effective tips for directing your thoughts regarding a gift for a man in his 30s:

  1. Every person is unique. What delights one will leave the other indifferent. Choose a gift taking into account the tastes, hobbies, temperament of the birthday man.
  2. Equally important is status. As a rule, interests are formed by the height of the social step. A successful businessman will be pleased with expensive items that correspond to his position: expensive cufflinks, elite alcohol. But these same presents will become a mockery for a person who has lost his job.
  3. Hobby. This is a goldmine for friends and colleagues looking for gift ideas. The nature of the passion suggests the exact direction of the search.
  4. Family status. The selection of a gift for a bachelor is limited by the finances and imagination of the guests. From close friends, souvenirs “on the verge of a foul” are also suitable. But for a person with a soulmate, obscene presents are taboo. They can offend not only the spouse, but also the birthday man himself.
  5. Habits. They can suggest a lot of ideas. A passionate coffee lover can safely hand over a coffee machine. But if the birthday person prefers instant coffee, the coffee grinder will emphasize your inattention, and will only cause disappointment.
  6. Temperament. Gifts for a phlegmatic pedant, a reckless merry fellow, a restless extreme and a calm couch potato should be different.
  7. Remember, it is not customary to present standard souvenirs for an anniversary, even “fashionable” and “relevant” ones.

Psychology of the stronger sex, or what is better not to give a man for 30 years

The thirty-year threshold for a man is the beginning of a responsible life stage. Decisions are thoughtful, and views are stable. This is the apogee of attractiveness, energy and strength. Many decided on a career, started a family. But in their hearts they are yesterday’s boys, who are not indifferent to technology, sports, and entertainment.

There are already first career successes, youth is over, and ahead is a mature life full of hopes and accomplishments. It is not surprising that unforgettable gifts are expected on this day.

At 30, they love bright emotions and experiments. Feel free to give non-standard presents, original things. But do not forget about established interests and habits. Men appreciate creativity, but practicality is no less important for most. Pragmatism is their name. A gift without use is a useless gift. Everything is simple.

Here is the anti-rating of men’s presents. It is them that your birthday boy expects the least:

  • Soft toys, romantic figurines, candles, dream catchers, vases, musical cards, other trinkets. A man will not experience tenderness from a plush donkey. Such presents cause them irritation and a desire to get rid of them faster.
  • Clothing and footwear. They can be presented only by relatives and good friends who know the tastes of the birthday man well. The exception is a luxury accessory of a well-known brand.
  • Gifts with allusions to the shortcomings of the birthday man, to his duties around the house.
  • Antihobby gifts. For example, a husband loves a motorcycle, and his wife wants him to get into safer fishing, and gives him a spinning rod.
  • Flowers and sweets. These are “women’s” gifts. And not only bouquets and bulky flower baskets, but also florariums, indoor plants, compositions of dried flowers.
  • “Non-serious” alcohol. Avoid champagne, liquor and light wines. Better opt for expensive cognac, tequila, brandy.
  • Cosmetics and perfumery. It’s trite. These presents are perceived as “gifts-excuses” bought at the last moment. Or even worse – as a certain hint. Perfume is a matter of taste, it is impossible to pick it up.
  • Too expensive or too cheap presents. In the first case, there is a risk of “educating” the gigolo. Cheap ones will offend. And do not forget, author’s poems and poems are not a gift. They can only add to it.
  • Items related to the external paraphernalia of the holiday: flowers, balls, cake.
  • intimate things. If you are not a wife.
  • Handmade. It is unlikely that the hero of the occasion will appreciate homemade gifts. Even the cutest and most romantic ones. Believe me, your thirty-year-old friend / husband / brother is waiting for something more significant on the anniversary.

Add impressions

A great option for an unconventional presentation is to give emotions. What it will be depends on the preferences of the hero of the day. If you communicate closely, you probably know his “Wishlist” and dreams.

Give a diving lesson, an extreme driving course, a couple of drum lessons. If a person has no obvious preferences, apply a universal approach to the presentation of “amenities”: theater, tasting of elite alcohol, “unlimited” dinner in a cafe, a relaxing massage session.

Adrenaline lovers will get their portion from traveling in a hot air balloon or bungee jumping into the abyss. An exciting quest game with unexpected adventures will definitely fit.

Pleasant memories of a gift filled with impressions remain in memory for a long time. They will especially appeal to the birthday man who craves “not bread, but circuses”, for whom the material is secondary.

  1. Sauna or bath. To recharge your batteries and sit with friends over a “glass of tea” – isn’t it wonderful? This is a good present from friends.
  2. Bowling. The presentation is interesting not only by knocking down skittles. This is an active communication with friends, a table with snacks and drinks. By the way, you can celebrate there.
  3. Ropejumping. This is a rope jump from a height. Fun with risk, but safe if the organizers are licensed and well-recommended. It is important that the birthday person is ready for such emotions.
  4. Flight in a wind tunnel. Cool entertainment, breathtaking. And literally.
  5. Skydiving. This is a serious extreme, requiring a psychological attitude.
  6. Buggy. This is an off-road ride in a homemade car. If the hero of the day is not looking for easy ways, he can ride on them)
  7. Master Class. Pottery, sushi making, watercolor. Remember the stories of the birthday boy about childhood dreams, study the profile on social networks, see which communities he is interested in.
  8. Event ticket. Pay attention, find out where he would like to go – to a concert of his favorite artist, on an excursion? Buy two tickets, and with whom to go – he will decide for himself.
  9. Romantic tour. A joint trip to the country of dreams is the best memorable gift for your beloved man. If you can afford it, of course. This gift will be remembered for a lifetime.


Everyone needs attention, respect, care. This is an axiom. Prepare for the holiday in advance, surprise your hero of the day. Give joy!

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