What to give for the New Year

TOP 161 ideas What to give a Boy for the New Year + 37 Gifts and Tips

On the nose of the main winter holiday – New Year. It’s time to choose New Year’s gifts for your favorite boys: son, brother, nephew, godson, classmate and more. In a wide variety of toys and modern gadgets, it is so easy to get lost, as if in a snowy forest.

And yet, quite often you can hear that choosing a gift for a boy is easy. After all, they are not picky, do not hide and prefer to express their wishes directly. But, this does not mean at all that you can give the boy the first machine that comes across from the nearest supermarket and it will delight the child.

Regardless of the age of the boy, the most useful gift will be either according to interests or with a practical bias. Also, do not forget that the boys do not like to sit still, winter fun and fun – that’s what they need!

If you find yourself in a difficult choice, then in this guide you will find the most relevant options for what you can give a boy for the new year so that he will definitely like your gift. And also useful recommendations that will help you calculate the “formula” of the perfect gift for the Christmas tree.

TOP 161 ideas What can you give a Boy for the New Year

  1. Composite race track.
  2. Robot: modular model, interactive.
  3. Radio-controlled cars, boats or helicopters.
  4. Gadget: smartphone, webcam, netbook, children’s tablet.
  5. Magnetic railroad.
  6. Controlled crane.
  7. Slide projector.
  8. A cube that broadcasts cartoons and movies on any surface.
  9. Skiing.
  10. Table hockey or football.
  11. Survival kit.
  12. Musical instrument: xylophone, guitar or a simulator for playing it.
  13. Portable music speaker.
  14. A play tent, such as an Indian wigwam.
  15. Dry pool with balls.
  16. Transformer.
  17. Magnetic darts.
  18. Aeroball.
  19. Baseball cap with the logo of your favorite computer game, football team.
  20. Twister for a fun game with friends.
  21. Machine gun with laser sight.
  22. Rocket launcher – team.
  23. Periscope.
  24. Virtual reality glasses.
  25. Magformers.
  26. Tank battle on radio control.
  27. Alarm clock – a dumbbell for a peppy morning.
  28. All-terrain vehicle – amphibian on the control panel.
  29. Wireless headphones with charging case.
  30. Game console Dandy.
  31. Apparatus for making popcorn.
  32. Digital microscope.
  33. A set of soap bubbles with a device for the show.
  34. Slingshot with soft bullets.
  35. The kit is an experiment for growing crustaceans and bacteria.
  36. Movable figure in the form of a hero of a comic book, animated series, film.
  37. Electronic quiz.
  38. Sets of experiments. For example, a set for experiments “Volcano”.
  39. A large set of board games, such as Imaginarium.
  40. Set of radios.
  41. Telescope.
  42. An electronic piggy bank with a combination lock or a piggy bank in the form of a symbol of the year.
  43. 3D pen with display.
  44. High-speed glacier, sled for winter fun.
  45. Puzzles, for example, a big book with puzzles or a popular ball – Pereplexus.
  46. Ant farm.
  47. Blaster: with soft bullets or snow.
  48. Large set of magician.
  49. Game console or console.
  50. Children’s weather station.
  51. Stand for gadgets with a column.
  52. Lego.
  53. Shadow play.
  54. A set of kinetic sand.
  55. Prefabricated models of sailing ships, tanks, cars.
  56. E-book with downloaded library.
  57. Alarm clock with a target.
  58. Quadcopter.
  59. Cotton candy machine.
  60. Magnetic easel or teaching board.
  61. VR gaming virtual reality helmet.
  62. Spy pen with invisible ink and camera.
  63. Watch phone with GPS and voice assistant.
  64. Chest with pirate accessories, pirate inflatable ship.
  65. Electronic laser sword.
  66. Radio control constructor.
  67. Themed set of a policeman, military or other character.
  68. Tubing in the form of a car.
  69. Interactive bracelet in the form of a reptile.
  70. Bow with arrows.
  71. A book in the boy’s favorite genre (fantasy, encyclopedia, detective story, etc.).
  72. Desktop drum set.
  73. Binoculars.
  74. Desktop punching bag.
  75. Armchair – a bag, for example, in the form of a soccer ball.
  76. Express is a sculptor.
  77. Mannequin for working out blows.
  78. Disc with a new computer game for PC or console.
  79. Fluorescent laces.
  80. Throwing glider.
  81. Wooden or cardboard 3D puzzle.
  82. Set of Christmas candy canes.
  83. Electronic synthesizer, flexible piano.
  84. Plasma ball.
  85. Stormglass.
  86. Space powered box.
  87. Electronic designer for soldering.
  88. Stick with a puck.
  89. Night-vision device.
  90. Cool USB fridge for one jar of sweet water.
  91. Luminous bank – a night light on a solar battery.
  92. Tellurium is a desktop device for a young astronomer.
  93. Computer speakers with light music.
  94. Children’s set for sawing with a jigsaw.
  95. Sports corner, horizontal bar.
  96. Electromechanical designer.
  97. Game steering wheel with pedals for racing enthusiasts on the computer.
  98. An infrared controlled robot, such as a spider.
  99. Tabletop slot machine – candy thief.
  100. Traditional Santa Claus sock with sweets.
  101. Interactive parts of superhero costumes (luminous hand in the form of a superhero glove).
  102. Set of racing cars.
  103. Children’s machine – an airbrush for a tattoo.
  104. Attack helicopter with a gyroscope.
  105. Multitool: bracelet, keychain, buckle.
  106. Lava lamp.
  107. Cinematographer.
  108. Balanceboard.
  109. Programmable robot.
  110. Children’s radio.
  111. Home projection shooting range.
  112. Wireless mouse with backlight.
  113. Interactive globe.
  114. Sword with diskette.
  115. Acoustic system for gadget.
  116. A book of Christmas stories.
  117. Ring throw.
  118. Selfie tripod.
  119. Set for preparation of hot chocolate.
  120. Jumpers.
  121. Metal constructor with nuts and bolts.
  122. Scratch map of the world or puzzle map.
  123. Smart watch.
  124. Comics of your favorite series.
  125. Basketball hoop in the children’s room.
  126. Spy set.
  127. A set of soldiers with military equipment.
  128. Electronic piano gloves.
  129. Table tennis set.
  130. Children’s instant camera.
  131. Pogo stick.
  132. Fingerbike
  133. Battery case for phone.
  134. Workbench with interactive tools.
  135. Set of soldiers, ninja turtles, dinosaurs, monsters.
  136. Chocolate tools.
  137. Sports accessories: wristbands, holders, multifunctional compass, collapsible adult or children’s weights.
  138. Complicated dominoes, for example, the Patchwork Kingdom series.
  139. A piggy bank-ATM for storing the first savings.
  140. Present – set for excavation of dinosaurs.
  141. Jenga.
  142. 3D lamp that creates a three-dimensional image.
  143. Cartographic puzzles.
  144. Silicone keyboard – foldable with backlight.
  145. Beyblade.
  146. Large arena with spinning tops.
  147. Anatomical skeleton-constructor, consisting of a realistic 3D human model, elements and a special stand with assembly instructions.
  148. Anti-gravity car – moves on any horizontal and vertical surface.
  149. Diode LED watch on hand.
  150. Agent vest.
  151. Stickbot Studio – for creating animated videos.
  152. game target.
  153. Colorful kaleidoscope.
  154. Chess with stylized pieces.
  155. Suitcase of tricks.
  156. An inflatable bivan will come in handy if one of the boy’s friends decides to spend the night.
  157. Nintendo pocket console.
  158. Home mini-laboratory.
  159. Flying saucer.
  160. Sneakers with USB charging and backlight. A popular product that all boys dream of.
  161. Keychain: in the form of a symbol of the year, with a flashlight, flint.

New Year’s gifts for the Boy of preschool age

At this age, the boys still believe in miracles and gifts from Santa Claus. Therefore, it is important here to maintain this faith and live up to their expectations.

For example, by donating one of these:
Large excavators or other specialized equipment . Presented in a reduced form and perform the same functions as a real excavator.

Such a surprise will be useful in the imaginary technical work of the boy.

Spyglass. Great gift for a 6 year old boy. An interesting gift for a child for playing, exploring the surrounding nature, exploring the panorama of the area, finding objects and tracking their movement.

Parking or garage . The main feature is the possibility of both independent play of the child and interaction with friends.

In addition, the variety of this type of gaming products may surprise you. Prefabricated  models are produced and, even with elevators , so that transport can be delivered to different floors.

Velcro constructor. An entertaining present from Santa Claus to a little boy who will captivate the boy for a long time.

Velcro constructor includes a lot of details, which are soft balls, which, in contact with each other, are connected to each other. From these parts, the child will be able to assemble any figure – from cars to dinosaurs.

Submarine –  will be a wonderful gift for a boy of 5 years. Outwardly, it looks like a warship, it fires torpedoes that are hidden in a special compartment.

The boy will be able to play with her both in the bath and on the floor (there are wheels), arranging real military battles. The set also includes targets.

Interesting gift ideas for a schoolboy for the New Year

At this age, the boys are still inquisitive, but games are gradually being replaced by interests in more serious accessories.

For the New Year, a child-boy of 7-10 years old can be presented with:

Table ping pong. Able to interest both adult boys and the smallest players.

The boy will be able to play table tennis with friends for a long time, which is not only very exciting and interesting, but also quite useful for his physical development.

The spinner is an  inexpensive toy that has captivated millions of children and adults around the world. It will be a good option to give your friends boys for the New Year.

There are a huge number of models and types, the most popular are: singles, karambit, in the form of a drum with cartridges.

A gun with a laser sight is  the best idea what to give a child for the new year. A functional toy will appeal to any boy aged 7-8 years and older. Shoots plastic (safety) bullets.

Perfect for shooting exercises and active military or spy games. A sniper rifle – will be a great New Year’s gift for a little man!

An economic game such as Monopoly. Which in turn is the most popular game of all time.

A strategy that will allow a boy of 10-11 years old to plunge into the adult world with interest and understand a little how the economic world works.

A little boy can buy  a children’s version , and an older boy, for example, a series  with voice control  or  a game series.

Fencing set –  includes two swords and protective masks. Fencing is a classic sport that perfectly trains coordination, agility, and the vestibular apparatus. And it’s also very fun and interesting!

Top Gift Ideas for a Teenage Boy on New Year’s Eve

Without taking into account current trends, it is simply impossible to please a teenager. In adolescence, boys begin to think about their appearance, they want to stand out among their peers.

Therefore, when thinking about what to give a boy for the new year, be sure to pay attention to such gifts:

A leather bracelet with silver inserts is  one of the options that you can give your beloved boy for the New Year.

A stylish hand accessory made of leather is becoming an increasingly popular gift among male teenagers.

If the budget is limited, you can give a 14-year-old boy  a paracord bracelet . It is not only a fashion accessory, but also an indispensable assistant in an emergency, hiking and everyday life.

It is made of durable nylon, in the weaving of which they add: a flashlight, flint, compass and much more.

Scratch poster. This is a developing interactive poster with many exciting tasks for the boy.

It brings together the most important things that need to be done while you are a child of 10 – 12 years old.

The boy himself chooses any task that he likes, completes it and erases the protective layer (the picture with the task becomes colored.

The tasks are all aimed at developing certain skills: new interests and talents, uniting all family members, being independent, achieving goals and much more.

Webcam and headset to communicate with other players. These are the best New Year gifts for a teenage boy who loves to play computer games or communicate via video call with friends.

Playing with good headphones will bring a lot of new impressions to the boy: they provide spatial sound and make it easier to navigate in the virtual world.

If you want to give a student a worthy gift, then you can buy  a teenage crossbow . Such models are convenient for shooting, as they are made of a special lightweight material. Additionally, you can purchase a sight and protective equipment.

Depending on the age of the child, you can purchase:

  • Children’s crossbow with arrows – a boy from 5 years old.
  • Automatic – crossbow, a boy from 10 years old.
  • Block onion – for a child from 12 years old.

Track-transformer  will be a wonderful gift for every modern boy! It is assembled from special pipes, with special sections for tricks, so the complexity of the track depends on the boy’s imagination.

Inexpensive options for New Year’s gifts for the Boy – friend, classmate and not only

A gift should evoke positive emotions, tear the child away from reality and bring a lot of joy.

And most importantly, it does not have to be expensive. You can congratulate and surprise a budget boy on New Year’s Eve by considering the following gift options:

Mug-designer. One of the options for what to give a boy for the new year is cheap, but original.

Any blocks from Lego constructors are suitable for the LEGO mug, so it can be easily turned into a spaceship, a car, and everything that your imagination can do. The boy will definitely be delighted with such an unusual cup.

Gingerbread house. This is not only a dessert for the New Year’s table, it is more a joy and an additional reason for a sincere laughter of a child.

You can give a ready-made version of a gingerbread house, decorated with multi-colored candied fruits and nuts.

And you can give a set to create it with your child. Believe me, from the preparation of such a house – a boy of 4-5 years old will get a lot of pleasure!

Keychain  for a briefcase in a brutal men’s style or with an additional function. For example, with a flashlight, a flint, a search for objects, a built-in Tetris, a favorite character in a game or an animated series, or, in the form of a symbol of the year.

Plush or dancing Santas, snowmen are  perfect for little boys, preschoolers.

Older boys can be surprised with high-quality merchandise, for example, a mouse pad or. If the budget allows –  lightbox , with a cool, dancing Santa Claus.

“Paper” watches  will be an original gift for a teenager boy 13-14 years old and older. They look very funny, visually it seems that the watch is torn, crumpled or soaked with water, like any other piece of paper.

But, this is not at all the case, the watch is made of durable material that is not afraid of water, tear resistant and very similar in appearance to paper. A huge number of colors, for every taste and style of a teenager.

Original gifts for the Boy on Christmas holidays

Surprising a modern child is not an easy task, but if you show your imagination and use the selected ideas on what to give the boy in an original way for the New Year, you can easily pick up a couple of win-win options.

Geographic lotto for children,  what to give a boy for the new year inexpensively. This lotto will help in learning English.

And also travel around the world, work out new designs, learn new words and expressions, seas, islands and animals that inhabit them. But, most importantly, all this during a fun game!

The Alarm Making Kit  is a great gift for a young spy.

The boy will be able to assemble the structure with his own hands and protect his personal space (room) with the help of invisible rays, feeling like a real spy.

Cool space weapon Nerf. The most desired gift for any boy. With Nerf blasters, you can be ready for any event: shooting in the yard with friends, conducting serious hostilities with neighboring yards, fighting hordes of zombies and much more.

Assault rifles, grenade launchers, machine guns and more than 200 models to choose from, depending on the budget.

Table sea battle. Such gift ideas for the new year for a boy are classic games with a modern twist! The boy will be able to arrange an epic battle, becoming the main strategist in battle!

Paper is no longer needed, instead of it – full-fledged playing fields in suitcases, chips, ships, stickers.

Slot machine “Sweets”. This is an exciting entertainment for both children and adults. In a reduced copy of the well-known slot machines, you can use a controlled claw to catch a gift.

The toy develops: intelligence, resourcefulness, thinking. You can put small sweets and even small toys into the machine.

Set – an aquarium for growing crustaceans / shrimps. An amazing gift for a young naturalist, contains everything you need to breed shrimp .

The boy will be able to raise funny sea animals on his own and trace the entire development cycle of crustaceans with the funny name “Sea Monkeys”.

Some more original gifts


TOP 161 ideas What to give a Boy for the New Year + 37 Gifts and Tips

Getting to the point of interests of the boy is not easy. In order not to miss you, pay attention to this list of options for what is better to give the boy an interesting gift for the new year.

Such winter gifts will give an unforgettable experience, even in the most severe frosts.

Sliding skates 2in1 –  can be used not only as winter skates, but also roller skates in the summer. The size is easily adjustable, so your gift will last more than one season!

Snow scooter sports motorcycle design. Such a gift for the New Year will delight the boy! The presentation has many additional useful features: skis bent in front and behind, a comfortable adjustable seat, a windshield, a steering angle limiter and much more.

Children’s action camera. A great gadget designed specifically for children and allowing you to feel like a professional operator. It has a shock-resistant case, unusual design, simple operation. All this will help develop the boy’s creative abilities and keep memories of the winter holidays and beyond.

Universal surprises on NG can also be attributed –  “edible” surprises :

A set of chocolate tools. This funny and very tasty box for a boy of any age. Screwdrivers, keys, hammer and other tools made of delicious chocolate!

Children, as you know, do not particularly like to sit at the festive table, savoring salads. Give them sweets! You can please the little sweet tooth by presenting them : a set of Christmas candy canes or painted gingerbread, chocolate or marmalade Christmas decorations.

You can cook all these goodies yourself or purchase a set to create them, so that the child would be interested in making New Year’s sweets himself.

Sweet package from the hero of the popular cartoon, addressed to the child. Depending on the budget, you can fill the box with any sweets (kinders, natural marmalade, bars, fruits), you can add various puzzles, coloring books, prefabricated cars, etc.

Tips and tricks: how to choose the best gift

When choosing a gift for a boy for the new year, you should not rely only on your taste and desires. Be sure to take into account the child’s hobbies, lifestyle, age. Here are some tips on how to choose a good gift for a boy:

The main point that you need to focus on when choosing a gift for a boy on New Year’s Eve is his  hobbies.  It can be sports, music, technical creativity, blogging, gadgets and much more.

Try  to discuss gift options with family, godparents or friends in advance . There is a high probability that everyone will give the same thing, and the magical night will be spoiled, just like faith in Santa Claus.

Expand your boundaries . Modern trends do not stand still, what you think is interesting has long gone out of fashion. All seasonal chips, new gadget models, styles, popular brands – all this is a priority. Like a form, such a thing unites. Compliance is not an excess, but a way of communication among today’s children.

When choosing a New Year’s gift for a boy, be sure to  specify which animated series he likes , if for you the characters are all the same, then for him there is a big difference between them. Therefore, if you are not sure about the boy’s sympathy for a certain hero, choose a toy without reference to a movie or cartoon.

The boy wants to receive an adult present as a gift – a tablet, a phone, a watch, etc. You should meet his desires, but  you should not buy expensive things  – the boys treat them like toys that you want to show off among friends, and do not understand their true value.

Various toys. If suddenly you had to choose a surprise for two boys at once – for example, two brothers – then take care of their similarity. Especially if they are close in age, for example, one constructor with wooden elements, and the other with metal ones.

The child asked for an iPad or an expensive designer,  do not be afraid and do not swear . If the child is of preschool age, then he sincerely believes that the costs are on Santa Claus, and not on you. It is enough to explain that Grandfather Frost brings children’s, not adult presents.

For example, favorite toys or sweets. And a little later, “when you get older,” we will buy or you yourself will be able to save up for an adult gift. If a teenage boy, then it is best to explain the absence of an expensive gift by temporary difficulties, the prevailing circumstances.

But be sure to give the prospect that everything will work out, and there will be an opportunity to buy such things.

The child will remember the gift that will arouse emotions and interest in him , so surprises under the Christmas tree must necessarily correspond to the age category.

If you are choosing gift ideas for the New Year not for your child,  ask his parents or friends , they can suggest the desired thing or the direction of the gift desired for the boy.

Men at any age appreciate the benefits and practicality in gifts . Therefore, various souvenirs and trinkets that delight girls are unlikely to be appreciated by their son. But a suitcase of tools, a gaming keyboard or a pocket fishing rod is most welcome.

Also, do not forget that  any gift must be wrapped  and supplemented with sweets. This will create a New Year’s mood and stir up interest in the gift.

What is better not to give

There is a category of anti-gifts that should not be considered or should be considered very well.

  • Clothing . Representatives of the strong half of humanity – both small and growing up, will treat such a gift with indifference. Items of clothing, regardless of age, are perceived by them as commonplace, because parents will buy everything they need without a holiday.
  • Pets.  Buying and giving such a gift is impossible without the consent of the parents. Since all responsibility falls on them, including financial.
  • A disc with a new version of your favorite game for PC or console and as a gift for a boy can only be bought if you are sure of its quality and compliance with system requirements. Agree, the child will be offended if the new game does not start.
  • Dangerous gifts  – pyrotechnics. Yes, she will delight the boy, but what happens if something goes wrong at the time of the fireworks launch? The safety of children is paramount.
  • School supplies (stationery, teaching aids, briefcase) . Quite often, adults, chasing practicality, tend to buy such things. But, do not forget that the New Year is a holiday of fun and miracles, and for a child, such things will not be the best option.
  • Gifts out of season . Children, regardless of age, live in the present day and, of course, want to use the gift for its intended purpose “here and now.” Instead of waiting for spring to ride a bike, having received it, for example, for the New Year.
  • Trinkets, figurines, frames, albums  and other useless things that will immediately be thrown into the far corner.
  • Used toys and things . The gift must be new – without traces of use and in the original packaging.
  • Only sweets . The child will eat them and forget. As if there was no gift.
  • Bad quality . Buying toys, gadgets and other surprises in dubious stores is not a good idea. Firstly, they can be made from low-quality materials that are unsafe for the child. Secondly, quite often such gifts break on the first day. Still, the gift is intended for the child and you should be careful with the purchase.
  • Soft toys . Preschool boys don’t even mind having soft toys in their room. However, as a New Year’s gift for an older child, it is still better to give a car, a weapon or a transforming robot.
  • Money , they can be given only if you are sure that the boy is saving up for some expensive item, otherwise all funds will simply be spent in the nearest store on sweets.

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