What to give a girl

TOP 31 ideas of what to give a Girl for a year of relationship + 7 gifts

Many lovers treat anniversaries with extraordinary trepidation. It looks especially touching when such an initiative comes from men, for whom the question “ what to give a girl for the anniversary of a relationship ” becomes a real problem.

If you are one of them, and everyday thoughts have already deprived you of peace and sleep, refer to the list of ideas that will tell you what to give your beloved girl for her anniversary.

TOP 31 ideas that you can give a Girl for a year of relationship

  1. Spa certificate;
  2. Paired T-shirts or sweatshirts with funny slogans (for example, “Mine” – “Mine”, “I love him” – “I love her”, “Busy!” – “Busy!”, etc.) that will testify about your status as a strong couple;
  3. Bank of confessions (small pieces of paper with words of love are placed in a glass container, which can be decorated with small photographs, hearts, beads, ribbons, etc.);
  4. Skates, roller skates, a skateboard or a bicycle (if your significant other loves outdoor activities and is not averse to learning something new);
  5. Organization of a cultural program for a week, where every day will be accompanied by new entertainment (visiting the theater, exhibition, cinema, concert of your favorite group, etc.);
  6. Unlimited shopping at your expense during the day;
  7. SLR camera (if your beloved is fond of photography);
  8. Manicure set;
  9. A SIM card with a beautiful number consisting of numbers that are important for your couple (you can take the date of your acquaintance as a basis, for example);
  10. A flower in a block of ice (it’s enough to buy a girl’s favorite flower, put it in a beautiful shape, fill it with water and put it in the freezer, after which you can very quickly present a present until it melts);
  11. Jewelry box handmade;
  12. Plaid with sleeves for two;
  13. A set for a bath or sauna, consisting of a washcloth, natural soap, essential oils, towels and other accessories that you cannot do without in the steam room (if your significant other is not averse to taking a steam bath);
  14. Gift card to the girl’s favorite store;
  15. Anatomic pillow with memory effect, which helps to relax the muscles of the neck and spine as much as possible, improve blood circulation, breathing and ventilation of the lungs during sleep;
  16. Electric blanket or electric sheet (if your lover often freezes at night);
  17. Fitness activity tracker;
  18. Night light-projector of the starry sky;
  19. Wall biofireplace;
  20. Scratch map of the world where you can mark the places you have visited together;
  21. A box of homemade cookies, on each of which you can write affectionate nicknames for your chosen one or cute compliments;
  22. A love lock engraved with your names, which can be hung on any bridge in your hometown or a specially designated place for this;
  23. Pillow in the car with the inscription “Busy!”;
  24. Cheerful twister sheet for adults (for repeating poses from the Kama Sutra);
  25. Medal “To the best companion in life!”;
  26. Sweet card made of chocolate with the addition of marmalade, nuts, fruits and other favorite delicacies of your chosen one;
  27. Thermo glass or thermo mug with original print;
  28. A talking alarm clock with the ability to record, which will wake up your soulmate with a pleasant voice message from a loved one;
  29. Oscar statuette “For the best female role in my life”;
  30. Film projector;
  31. A set of three mittens, two of which are ordinary, and the third is joint so that you can hold hands even in severe frost.

What to give a girl on the anniversary of dating for new experiences

When thinking about what to give a girl for a year of relationship or another important date, remember that things wear out over time, break and simply lose their value, while emotions remain in memory for life.

Give your loved one the opportunity to remember the feelings experienced until old age and give her one of the following gift-impressions:

Personal quest . You can arrange this event right in the apartment of your beloved or your common home.

Throughout the house, you need to leave notes with tips that help you move to a new level, and some cute, symbolic present (for example, a bunch of balloons) will be the reward for all the puzzles solved;

Journey .Puzzling over how to surprise a girl on your anniversary, think about traveling! What could be better than spending time with your loved one, especially if it happens in a beautiful place?

At the same time, a joint trip can reveal not the most pleasant features of your chosen one, so you can get to know your other half much better;

Flight in a hot air balloon . It can be an unforgettable gift for a girl for a year of relationship.

What to give a girl for 1 or 2 years of relationship in accordance with her hobby

If thoughts about what to give a girl for 1 year of relationship or any other holiday concerning your couple do not find a solution, then it’s time to remember your soulmate’s hobbies.

In fact, this approach can be considered the most advantageous, since it is impossible to make a mistake here, so we advise you to follow the example of the following options:

A girl who loves to cook will appreciate a set of bright silicone molds or unusual cutting boards, high-quality knives, a stylish apron or a set of beautiful oven mitts and towels.

Also, a fan of delicious dishes will like a cookbook from a famous chef. A great idea would also be the opportunity to participate in a culinary master class, from where your beloved will return inspired and ready to treat you with new delicacies of her own preparation;

If you need to think of what you can give a girl for her anniversary, if she is engaged in needlework, remember that all supplies for your craftswoman’s creativity must be stored somewhere.

For this purpose, special organizers and caskets are perfect, which will allow you to put all the little things in their places and facilitate the process of finding a particular item. Also, do not forget about the materials themselves, which, as you know, are never in abundance.

If you understand your girlfriend’s hobby, present her with a set of quality tools necessary for her needlework. Such things are usually expensive, and it is almost impossible to do without them;

It is easy to please a dance lover with a subscription to the appropriate classes. There, the girl will not only be able to improve her physical skills, but also meet like-minded people.

A worthy option would also be an invitation to the coolest party in the city or a ball, of course, accompanied by you. An equally valuable present will be a beautiful outfit in the style of your chosen one’s favorite dance or a new pair of dancing shoes;

A girl whose whole house is lined with indoor plants will be delighted with a new copy for her collection. When choosing this kind of gift, you should give preference to unusual, exotic plant species that can surprise an experienced gardener. At the same time, it is better to read about the chosen flower in advance – perhaps it will turn out to be poisonous or, according to signs, will bring bad luck.

How to choose what to give a girl for an anniversary of dating

Choosing what to give a girl for a year of relationship or any other date is not an easy task, therefore it requires special responsibility and concentration. Consider all the options in advance and select among them the ones that are right for you.

The following tips may help you with this:

  • Even if the present itself is extremely practical, complement it with a cute postcard with warm words, a bouquet of flowers, balloons and other touching little things that the stronger sex pays so little attention to;
  • Give special preference to gifts that remind you of your first meeting or some common important event;
  • Having decided that you need something related to her hobby to give your beloved girl for her anniversary, soberly assess your level of knowledge regarding this topic. If it is quite low, go to the appropriate forum and chat with its “inhabitants”. Another option is to read articles related to this hobby;
  • In the event that your thoughts are related to what to give a girl for a year of relationship, find out how your chosen one relates to this kind of holiday – perhaps she does not attach due importance to them at all, and considers gifts on this occasion to be a waste of money;
  • Pay attention to the reaction of your beloved to the presents that guys give her friends on the day of the anniversary. It is likely that some of them will cause her admiration, while others – ridicule and misunderstanding – this will be a hint for you;
  • Don’t overdo it with surprises – some people get pretty nervous about spontaneous situations. Surprises should be in moderation, otherwise interest in them will fade. In addition, if your present requires some preparation, warn the girl in advance so that she does not feel uncomfortable.

What is better not to give a girl for a year of relationship

To avoid disappointment in the eyes of your beloved, we advise you to avoid such presents as:

  • Too expensive thing (may cause confusion and inconvenience on the part of your soulmate);
  • Stereotypical and banal gifts (will demonstrate your unwillingness to bother and look for an original present);
  • Self-development books, if you were not asked about it (may be taken as an offensive hint);
  • Pets (perhaps your girlfriend has repeatedly talked about her desire to have a little friend, but one desire may not be enough – perhaps she does not have time to care for an animal or the appropriate conditions);
  • Things that hint at the external flaws of your beloved (anti-cellulite belt, push-up bra, anti-aging cream, etc.);
  • Ring, if you do not intend to propose now (may be misunderstood by the girl, which, as a result, will put both of you in an awkward position).
When choosing what to give a girl for the anniversary of your acquaintance, do not be afraid to show your imagination and talents. Such a holiday is an occasion not only to give a present to your beloved, but also to spend as much time with her as possible and pay maximum attention. Remember that your attention will be much more appreciated than a gift, no matter how wonderful it may be.

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