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102 gift ideas for a pregnant girlfriend for her birthday + tips

Pregnancy is one of the happiest periods in a woman’s life. A happy addition is about to appear in the family, and the health of the baby depends on the mood of the mother. It is necessary to maintain a prosperous climate in the family and more often to please the expectant mother. A birthday is a great way to brighten up gray days, and a good gift will help make the birthday girl happy. Next, we will tell you what you can  give a pregnant girl for her birthday.

TOP 50 ideas of what to give a pregnant girlfriend for her birthday

Gifts for a pregnant friend may be based on her personal preferences, or the specifics of a special position. Some things will help a girl cope with physical discomfort during pregnancy, improve her mood and much more. Here is a more detailed list of gifts:

  1. A foot massager will help to cope with the feeling of heaviness and pain in the limbs.
  2. “Pregnant” photo session with a good photographer. Such a gift will help capture a wonderful period of life.
  3. Humidifier (a useful gift that helps to cope with occasional nasal congestion).
  4. Soft bathrobe and slippers.
  5. Nightgown (suitable if you know your friend’s size well).
  6. Antistress toy.
  7. Subscription for classes for pregnant women.
  8. Pillow massager for the neck.
  9. A wonderful, touching idea – a music box.
  10. Ecological alarm clock is a device that will help you wake up without unnecessary stress.
  11. Foot bath.
  12. A guidebook for young mothers.
  13. Photo album for children’s photos.
  14. Bola necklace. This accessory helps to calm the pregnant girl and her baby.
  15. Set of soft socks.
  16. Delicious bouquet.
  17. Fruit basket.
  18. A set of vitamins for pregnant women.
  19. Course of special massage.
  20. Portrait of a girl from a photo.
  21. Blanket with sleeves.
  22. Small fountain.
  23. Aquarium with fish.
  24. Soft pouf.
  25. Nightlight.
  26. Star map.
  27. Fragrant tea and quality honey (find out if a woman is allergic to honey).
  28. Sleep mask.
  29. A set of hand-painted wooden boxes.
  30. Beautiful hairpin.
  31. Anti-stress coloring pages.
  32. Set for embroidery.
  33. T-shirt with a funny inscription.
  34. Baby diaper set.
  35. Heated mug.
  36. Moisturizing hand creams, hair serums.
  37. Aroma candles.
  38. Necessary household appliances: mixer, blender, juicer, etc.
  39. Kitchen scales.
  40. Cotton kigurumi.
  41. Bath towel set.
  42. New, beautiful linens.
  43. Massage mat with LEDs.
  44. Bandage to support the abdomen.
  45. Fitness bracelet for monitoring the health of a girl.
  46. A beautiful diary for recording important moments of pregnancy (tests, ultrasound scans, diets, etc.).
  47. Picnic trip.
  48. Going to the cinema (pick a good movie that will not upset or disturb the viewer in a special position);
  49. Coupon for the purchase of children’s clothes in a specialized store.
  50. A set of special hypoallergenic cosmetics.

These gifts will definitely cheer up the girl. So you show your care and attention to your friend.

Original gift ideas for a pregnant friend for her birthday

The best gift is the one you made with your own hands. Such items contain a piece of your soul and care, and it is doubly pleasant to receive them. If you love to embroider, make a touching embroidery for your friend. She will be pleased to place your embroidery in a frame and hang it in a conspicuous place. A musician can create a pleasant composition for a girl, and a poet can dedicate a verse to her. A sea of ​​touching emotions is guaranteed.

Here is a list of other unusual gift ideas for a pregnant girl:

  • Set for creating a cast of the tummy;
  • Body art set. By the way, this gift can be combined with a visit to the photographer;
  • Lamp in the shape of a unicorn head;
  • Plush toy with a heating pad. The main thing is to make sure that the plug of the filled heating pad is always tightly closed;
  • Baby sling;
  • Hanging organizer for various things;
  • Walk to the farm where you can meet llamas, horses or lambs. Charming animals will bring a lot of positive emotions to a woman!

An equally good idea would be to create a surprise party. Invite all the relatives and friends of the girl and start celebrating the birthday together.

Practical gifts for a pregnant friend

A practical gift is always valuable. Of course, any gift given with a soul brings positive emotions, but practical gifts can help out in a difficult situation. Pregnancy is a happy, but still difficult period in a girl’s life. Motherhood takes a lot of energy, especially if the child is the first: you need to do everything right and be in time everywhere. The following gifts will help greatly facilitate the girl’s pregnancy.

Practical gifts for a pregnant girlfriend:

  • A set of oils for massage;
  • Back massager;
  • Cream for stretch marks;
  • Subscription for yoga classes;
  • Heated sheet;
  • A set of children’s sheets protected from getting wet;
  • Gels and foams against puffiness;
  • Quality water filter
  • Big set of diapers. Of course, not the most poetic present, but be sure: after the birth of the baby, the extraordinary value of this set will become clear;
  • A baby monitor is a useful gift for any family;
  • Rubber mat to help prevent falls in the bathroom and other slippery places
  • Annual subscription to a magazine for pregnant women;
  • Calendar for pregnant women;
  • Heated mug;
  • Digital Watch;
  • Sleep mask and earplugs. A useful gift if a girl has repeatedly complained about the neighbors being too loud;
  • Teapot;
  • Lunchbox;
  • A portable food cooler is a great item for going on a picnic.

Such useful gifts will repeatedly help the girl in different situations.

What to give a pregnant girlfriend just like that?

In order to please a friend, it is not necessary to wait for the holidays. Make a useful and pleasant gift just like that: it will show your love for your friend, care and desire to help her in any situation. You can give the girl a thing from our list, or organize a day for a joint holiday.

A few gift ideas for “just because”:

  1. Go on a picnic together. Grab food, water, and settle down in a beautiful forest clearing, in a park, or on the river bank. It is important to take care of safety: clearly follow the route so as not to get lost, grab blankets so as not to freeze, special creams for sunburn and mosquito bites. In this case, nothing will interfere with a wonderful pastime.
  2. Every girl just loves shopping! Take a friend to the mall. There, the girl will be able to buy nice new clothes for herself (the fact is that old clothes most often turn out to be too small during pregnancy). You can combine this event with the presentation of a certificate for the purchase of any goods in the store.
  3. A cafe or restaurant is a classic but effective way to please a girl. Order the most delicious dishes in order to please your friend. It is best to go to a restaurant with live music: a favorable environment will be able to have a beneficial effect on the health of the girl and her unborn baby.

What to give an inexpensive pregnant girlfriend for her birthday

It is not at all necessary to spend too much money in order to make a nice gift for a girl. The importance and usefulness of a gift is not determined by the money you spent. The main thing is to show maximum attention and care to the girl. So, here is a list of inexpensive, but nice gifts for a girl in a “special position”:

  • Fridge magnet with touching inscription. You can use a magnet notebook, which can become a repository of useful information.
  • A set of hair bands. Many girls know how easily hair ties get lost.
  • A set of baby socks. It is better to purchase socks in neutral shades if the gender of the child is not yet known.
  • Book. Before donating, it is better to familiarize yourself with the work. It should not be too gloomy and exciting: pregnant women need positive emotions.
  • Delicious ice cream. It is better to immediately purchase a large package if the girl is famous for her good appetite.
  • Bottle of natural juice.
  • Moisturizing hand cream. Many girls complain about dry skin on their hands and face during pregnancy, so this gift would be very appropriate.
  • Scarf, mittens or warm socks (if it is winter at the moment).
  • Magazine for pregnant women.
  • Plaid.
  • A set of stickers to decorate the room.
  • Cotton pajama pants.
  • Useful recipe book.
  • Bra for nursing mothers (relevant if you have no doubt that you know exactly the size of the girl’s underwear).
  • Sweet mug.
  • Drawing set for art lovers.

These gifts will not hit your wallet too hard and will be able to demonstrate attention to the girl. Remember that the main thing is attention. You should combine the presentation of a pleasant gift and spending time together with a girl. Sometimes, due to hormonal fluctuations, women during pregnancy feel lonely and sad. You should show understanding and try to cheer up the expectant mother.

What is better not to give a pregnant girlfriend for her birthday

Sometimes it is very difficult to accurately determine the gift for the expectant mother. Of course, many of the items on our list will do, but some things are not at all suitable for handing them to a girl. Let’s list them:

  • Items that can harm a girl. These include alcohol, tobacco products, certificates for extreme activities, etc. It should be understood that in this period of life, a girl should take care of herself and the life that was born in her. You should not tempt fate and engage in risky entertainment, and there can be no talk of alcohol, drugs and tobacco at all.
  • Things that a pregnant girl will definitely not need. These include belts, high heels, cigarette cases, etc.
  • You should not give children’s things. This rule is especially important if the sex of the child is not yet known.
  • You should not give a girl too fragrant cosmetics, scented candles and perfume. The fact is that during pregnancy, the sense of smell of girls works differently. Even if six months ago, certain perfumes or candles were favorites, at this moment the girl may feel disgust for them because of the harshness of the smell.
  • You can not give things that remind of existing shortcomings. These include acne creams, weight loss guides, gym memberships (not for yoga and special exercises for pregnant women). It is unpleasant for people when they focus on their shortcomings, and pregnant ladies react to such remarks especially sharply. Try to take care of your friend’s feelings.
  • You should not give an inexpensive cake or cookies bought at a nearby store. The fact is that such a gesture will look like “I bought cookies and dropped in for tea with you.” If you want to please a girl with sweets, take this matter more responsibly. They must be of good quality.
  • Travel tickets. Even the most active women sometimes get tired quickly during pregnancy. Of course, it is important to be physically active during the “beautiful position”, however, too long and tiring walks are unlikely to bring a lot of positive emotions to the girl.

Gifts for pregnant women require special attention. First of all, they must be safe for the expectant mother and her baby. Items made of poor quality materials, too noisy and with a strong odor should be avoided. In this case, the gift can bring more discomfort than pleasant experiences.

You should not load the girl with things for the baby. The best solution would be to leave such chores to the parents, although some of the attributes associated with motherhood can significantly help out the girl in the future. You should also not give animals as gifts: they can cause allergies or simply be undesirable.

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