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102 ideas What to give a Fish Woman +37 gifts and Tips

Women born under the sign of Pisces are the most romantic and mysterious in the zodiac family. Refined and gentle, they really appreciate the signs of attention, enjoy cute little things. Wanting to win the heart of the Pisces lady, a man needs to pamper his chosen one more often, surround him with care and warmth.

Women of the last sign of the zodiac have absorbed all the best of the representatives of the previous signs of the zodiac circle. Lady Pisces is charming, mysterious, soft, receptive, dreamy and has great intuition. Her confidence that every person is capable of accomplishing a feat, and a man completely turning the world upside down, makes her entourage choose with special care what to give Pisces to a woman for her birthday or for another reason.

Pisces patronizes the water element. Among the women of this sign, the vast majority of moviegoers. Pisces ladies love everything that concerns creativity: music, painting, theater. Prone to mysticism, love riddles.

Below you will find a list of options for what to give a Pisces girl to please her.

Ordinary or practical things will not bring the “fish” any pleasure, but it may not be imbued with too eccentric options. If you are confused and absolutely do not know what to give a Pisces woman, pay attention to ideas based on the recommendations of astrologers. The proposed thematic collection of gifts is somehow connected with the native element of fish – water, which means you can’t help but like it! This zodiac sign is hard to please with a gift, but possible! The Pisces woman is very much looking forward to surprises, loves them and accepts them with great pleasure. When choosing a gift, just remember with what anticipation you were waiting for the holiday as a child and be guided by these feelings!

TOP 102 ideas What you can give a Pisces woman

  1. Art objects. If a Pisces woman is fond of painting, she will certainly appreciate a picture from an art salon. Another option is a creative kit. Preference should be given to high-quality items that the girl herself cannot always buy for herself.
  2. Gift book interpretation of dreams. Expensive literature that explains incomprehensible mystical phenomena will be a pleasant surprise for romantic natures. Pisces love everything mysterious.
  3. Aquarium with goldfish. The symbolic attribute of the zodiac sign will bring good luck.
  4. Electric bath with foot massage. This gift will give comfort to a Pisces woman. In addition, the feet are the most vulnerable parts of the Pisces body, and need constant care for good health.
  5. Orchids and forget-me-nots. You can choose a container with a flower. Pisces ladies are very fond of flowers, they are happy to care for and breed at home.
  6. Nightlights and lamps. Pisces will like nightlights that project the depths of the sea or the starry sky. Lamps of an unusual shape, bringing mystical notes to the interior.
  7. Dear spirits. Among all the signs of the zodiac circle, Pisces are the biggest fans of good fragrances.
  8. Charms and amulets that will protect the home.
  9. Shell or pearl. Small gifts related to the sea will please Pisces more than banal souvenirs that fill the shelves of souvenir departments.
  10. Folding mirror with light.
  11. Beauty box. When you find out how many treasures can be hidden in one box, you are seriously surprised. A surprise with a gift of cosmetics will definitely succeed in this way!
  12. Water bottle with filter.
  13. Portable coffee maker.
  14. Wireless headphones. When wondering what to give Pisces for a young birthday, stop at this idea.
  15. Pilates ring.
  16. A New Year’s Plasma Ball is another perfect gift for Pisces, who love to feel the magic around them.
  17. A magnetic hourglass is a nice souvenir if you are looking for what to give Pisces on March 8th.
  18. Mannequin for clothes.
  19. Car piggy bank for small change. Here, even Pisces, indifferent to money, will breathe a sigh of relief. No one likes to collect small things around the cabin.
  20. Ozonator.
  21. Handmade napkin holder.
  22. Ocean waves projector.
  23. Astrolabe.
  24. A set of floating candles.
  25. Magnetic board for the refrigerator.
  26. Foot suction brush.
  27. Smart lamp “Yin-Yang”. The second unofficial symbol of the representatives of the sign of Pisces is Yin-Yang, because Pisces harmoniously combines feminine and masculine features.
  28. Means for taking water procedures (fragrant foam, whirlpool effect powder, handmade bombs, etc.).
  29. Bedside rug (Pisces love things that create comfort).
  30. Decorative amulet for the home.
  31. Silk linens.
  32. A cozy blanket with the zodiac sign Pisces.
  33. Heated slippers.
  34. Home waterfall.
  35. Grasshopper (eco-toy).
  36. Scented candle.
  37. Pillowcase in a marine style.
  38. Antique items (for example, an antique candlestick).
  39. Warm item (sweater, cardigan, etc.).
  40. Living unfading rose in a flask.
  41. A set of fluffy terry towels in blue or blue.
  42. Home plant (a woman will equally like both an exotic orchid and simple flowering violets).
  43. Waterproof shower radio.
  44. Talented item from a jewelry store (for example, a stylish bracelet with a commemorative engraving on an arm or leg, drop-shaped earrings, etc.).
  45. Cozy pajamas.
  46. A painting on a marine theme (for example, a reproduction of Aivazovsky’s paintings).
  47. Basket with exotic fruits.
  48. Souvenir bottle with sand and shells.
  49. Manicure blow dryer (useful for a woman, as this zodiac sign is in a hurry all the time).
  50. Gift set for making coffee.
  51. Striped women’s blouse.
  52. Nautical scratch map of the world.
  53. Jewelry stand in the form of an elegant lady in a hat.
  54. Fur earmuffs.
  55. A set of aroma oils for the bathroom.
  56. Diving equipment.
  57. A set of plates united by a marine theme.
  58. Porthole mirror.
  59. Handmade photo album (Pisces are very sentimental, so they will gladly place many pictures in it).
  60. Painting on gold leaf “zodiac sign”.
  61. Blue silk shirt.
  62. Self-watering planter.
  63. Pajama jumpsuit in the form of a whale or a shark.
  64. Chameleon effect cup.
  65. Puzzle on a marine theme.
  66. Care or decorative cosmetics (since Pisces is a suspicious sign of the Zodiac, do not give a cream against wrinkles, cellulite, etc.).
  67. Decorative pillow with the sign of the Zodiac “Pisces”.
  68. Tea or coffee service in shades of blue.
  69. Sketchbook for watercolor.
  70. Alarm clock with sounds of nature.
  71. USB speaker dancing fountain.
  72. Forms for baking cookies in the form of a fish.
  73. Umbrella original design.
  74. A set of author’s jewelry, made in marine shades.
  75. Inflatable bath pillow.
  76. Coaster with the image of the sign of the Zodiac Pisces.
  77. Coloring-mandala on a marine theme.
  78. Handmade soap in the shape of a fish.
  79. Set of sky lanterns.
  80. Silver comb with the image of fabulous fish.
  81. Cotton travel laundry bag with drawstrings in the shape of a fish.
  82. A set of beautiful water glasses.
  83. Spoon, on which the sign of the Zodiac Pisces will be engraved.
  84. Painting of the sea with Swarovski crystals.
  85. Chocolate figurine set consisting of shells, starfish, fish.
  86. Tea pot in the shape of a manatee.
  87. Raincoats for shoes.
  88. A map of the starry sky, where the zodiac constellation Pisces will be clearly visible.
  89. Figured chalk board in the form of a fish on the refrigerator.
  90. Beautifully shaped herring.
  91. Apron and potholders in the shape of fish.
  92. Aqua farm.
  93. LED LED picture on the marine theme.
  94. Souvenir coin made of brass with the image of fish.
  95. An adult inflatable ring or a brightly colored mattress.
  96. Keychain in the form of a goldfish with amber.
  97. Bathroom mirror wiper.
  98. Table clock with natural stone corresponding to the sign of the Zodiac (amethyst, opal, chrysolite, etc.).
  99. Lovely fish socks.
  100. Seascape painting from amber chips.
  101. Photo frame made of natural stone, suitable for a woman according to the sign of the Zodiac.
  102. Porcelain salt and pepper set in the form of fish.

Original gifts for a woman born under the sign of Pisces

Pisces women have creative potential, of course, not everyone creates masterpieces, but they will appreciate creative gifts.

The following selection has been compiled taking into account the preferences of this zodiac sign.

Flower pot-aquarium. A great gift for a Pisces woman according to the zodiac sign. It can serve as a fashionable decoration for any interior. An ornamental plant can be grown in the upper part of the product, and an exotic fish will live in the lower part.

Thanks to the biogeochemical cycle, the aquarium does not need frequent cleaning, as the water does not stagnate in it. The rest of the feed is converted into useful substances for the plant. And the water that the flower is watered with is naturally filtered, saturated with oxygen, and only then enters the aquarium.

Perfume with sea freshness. Sea fragrances will suit a woman of any age, especially in the warm season. They do not weigh down the image, subtly reminiscent of exotic coasts.

It is impossible to get perfume oils from the ocean breeze and salt water, but the imagination of perfumers is limitless, so the perfume “with the smell of the sea” is created from fruits, flowers growing in water, berries and even vegetables.

Thanks to this, real masterpieces are obtained that allow you to feel yourself in the vast expanses, hear the sound of the sea, the cries of seagulls, and feel the power of the sea wave.

Aquamarine tree of happiness. Even in ancient times, sailors used this stone as a talisman, it was believed that the talisman would help them find the right direction.

Aquamarine is also known for its healing properties: it relieves many chronic diseases, raises vitality, and has a positive effect on the nervous system.

And according to the Chinese philosophical system of Feng Shui, a stone develops internal abilities, helps to gain the support of influential people, attracts well-being and success in business.

Dream Catcher. Since this sign of the Zodiac attaches great importance to symbols, amulets and talismans, such a gift is guaranteed to please. The dream catcher originates from the Indian settlements of North America.

It is believed that this magical item affects the quality of sleep. One has only to place it at the head of the bed, and it will protect a person from evil spirits, filling his dreams with pleasant sensations.

As a result, the owner of the amulet wakes up in a good mood and is less prone to various ailments.

What an inexpensive gift can be given to a Pisces woman

The cost of a gift for Pisces does not play any role. A woman is more likely to appreciate the symbolism of the presentation, the emotional overtones.

If you have no ideas, carefully study the options offered.

Sea shell.  Since ancient times, people have endowed the shell with a mystical meaning. This gift of the sea served as a monetary unit, it was given as a sign of love, worn around the neck as a protection from evil spirits.

Now it is just a beautiful interior decoration, on which you can put a commemorative inscription. Ornaments, caskets, lamps, etc. are also made from shells. The choice is yours!

Colored shower head. A great idea if you don’t know what to give a Pisces woman an inexpensive birthday present. Water is the element of fish, for sure the hero of the occasion spends a lot of time in the bathroom.

By presenting such a present, you will turn a daily ritual into a magical act. The color of the nozzle will change from blue to scarlet, depending on the temperature of the water – this is a mesmerizing sight!

A set for growing a crystal in the shape of a coral reef. Pisces are creative natures, so they will not refuse to participate in an interesting experiment. To hold a coral reef in your hands, it is not at all necessary to go to distant lands, offer the “fish” to grow it on their own.

Under natural conditions, these structures grow for hundreds of years, and at home, positive results can be achieved in a few hours.

Personalized soft toy. If you want to give a woman a themed gift, choose a fish, a shark or a whale.

Inside the product there can be both a synthetic winterizer, a synthetic winterizer, and a small granule of expanded polystyrene, then the toy will serve as an anti-stress. In any case, the donated thing should be pleasant to the touch, perform not only a decorative function, but also have orthopedic properties.

In order for a woman to remember your present for a long time, do not forget to personalize it: put the name of the hero of the occasion, her date of birth or a pleasant wish.

Useful gift ideas for Pisces woman according to the zodiac sign

It is believed that a girl born under this sign of the zodiac lives in dreams and dreams all her life, so gifts that bring benefits cannot surprise her.

However, if you follow the following tips, you will be able to break this stereotype.

Hot plate in the shape of a fish. Such a present will appeal to the economic “fish”. The stand can be made of wood, metal or ceramic.

This is a spectacular thing that will bring zest to the design of the kitchen, become a worthy decoration of the table, serve its intended purpose and delight a woman for many years. If you want to make your gift more memorable, engrave it.

Frying pan for fish. A product with a non-stick coating will further reveal the taste of the dish, expand the culinary possibilities of the hostess, and significantly reduce the cooking time.

You can fry fish with a minimum amount of fat, and the high and curved edges of the product will allow you to drain excess liquid without splashing and streaks.

Fish can be cooked in different ways (on the stove or in the oven), and then effectively served on the table in the same pan.

Foot bath. Fish, in contact with water, enjoy, so such a gift will be received with delight. Before use, it is necessary to pour water into the device, then turn it on and lower your legs there.

Thanks to the special inserts built inside, the legs will be massaged, the woman will be able to fully enjoy this procedure at home. It is especially nice to relax like this at the end of a working day.

Board with a clip for cleaning fish. Many housewives know firsthand that cleaning fish is a dubious pleasure. To facilitate this process, a special board was invented, which has an elongated shape and a clamp with sharp teeth.

The fish is securely fixed and does not strive to “escape”. Such a device makes life much easier, a woman will be able to pamper her household with delicious delights more often.

Gifts for the Pisces woman related to her element

“Fish” will be delighted with any thing related to water. If you are choosing a present for an unfamiliar woman or are afraid not to guess with a surprise, take note of win-win options.

floating candles. Candles that stick well on the water are guaranteed to cheer up the “fish”. Choose curly products in the shape of a flower or ordinary ones in the form of tablets, white or multi-colored, they will look very impressive on the festive table.

They can be used not only on a solemn occasion, but also to decorate the interior, cheer up.

Headphones for swimming. Pisces women often experience discomfort from the tension of the nervous system. To achieve peace of mind, they need to be in their native element – water.

Make swimming in the pool, taking a bath or shower even more enjoyable by presenting such an unusual present. The girl will be able to enjoy her favorite music and will no longer worry about the safety of the device.

Products have a high level of tightness, are protected from salt water, are securely fastened, and do not cause inconvenience.

Ocean night projector. A great gift for those who are vital to hear the sound of the sea and contemplate the beautiful ocean waves.

To be on the coast, you just need to turn on the projector, which, like a time machine, will take you to a sandy beach, under a bright sky and a scorching sun. Any device (phone, tablet, computer) on which music is recorded can be connected to the device.

It will be doubly pleasant to enjoy the rest with your favorite song.

Gifts that emphasize the image

All women want to look good, so they will gratefully accept a gift that helps them in this. Choose a present, starting from the tastes of the “fish” and your financial capabilities.

Pearl necklace. This stone serves as a talisman for Pisces. It is believed that if he constantly accompanies a woman, she will learn to make only the right decisions and will not rush to extremes.

Also, Pisces love to surround themselves with magical things, there is a belief that it is pearls that help to see prophetic dreams and even foresee the near future. To believe in it or not – to choose a woman.

We know for sure that this is an elegant decoration that will stand out from the crowd and will make it possible to remain stylish in any look.

Raincoat poncho with zipper. Any woman, and especially Pisces according to the sign of the Zodiac, wants to look attractive even in bad weather. It is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

It will be equally pleasant to enjoy autumn walks, go mushrooming or move around the city on business.

The raincoat is super light, after use it is removed in a special cover, it does not take up much space during storage.

Red thread with zodiac sign Pisces. On the wrists of many public figures, you can see such a red thread.

This is by no means done for beauty, it is believed that a woolen thread of just this color helps to succeed in business, acts as a powerful amulet against the evil eye, and attracts financial well-being.

Even if you are skeptical about this, believe me, Pisces will be delighted with such a present.

Neckerchief with fixing ring. This small accessory can serve as a final accent in the image.

And thanks to the clip or ring, the product can be tied in a new way each time, as a result, an ordinary scarf will emphasize individuality, add sophistication to the outfit.

It is desirable that the product be blue, silver, green or purple, then, in addition to its intended purpose, it will also bring good luck to the “fish”!

Additional gift ideas for a Pisces woman or girl

It’s not easy to figure out how to surprise a Fish, but it’s worth a try. To see genuine joy and admiration in the eyes of these girls is worth a lot.

Look for gifts like:

Vintage or unusual perfumery . To plunge into the world of past years or another place with the help of smell is in the style of Pisces.

A writing set with a fountain pen and paper with vignettes or other patterns on the anniversary will please the birthday girl. Be sure you will be the first to receive a letter from a Pisces girl in a beautiful envelope. Even if you live in the same house.

Handmade jewelry . To please the bearer of the sign even more, choose them with stones that patronize Pisces. Jewelry with pearls, pearl agate, aquamarine and moonstone are perfect for these purposes. These gizmos can be given just like that, because the Pisces girl is always happy with new jewelry.

A photophone and a stand for it are an interesting option for what to give a Pisces girl. These filming paraphernalia can once again immerse a woman in a fantasy world while still keeping in touch with the real world. The Pisces lady will certainly be able to present herself in front of the camera, and the shots will turn out to be very original.

Antique turntable . Music creates and immerses in an atmosphere of unreality no less than smells.

Watch what Pisces loves at the moment to guess with a gift for a woman. The mood and interests of the bearers of this sign are very diverse and fickle.

What to give Pisces to a girl with your own hands

To interest a Pisces woman, you should choose only non-trivial souvenirs for her. If these are difficult to find, create them yourself. Handwork is unique, and the ladies of this sign remember it well. They can be given:

  1. Diary handmade with designer paper.
  2. Necklace made of polymer clay or resin.
  3. Lamp of unusual design.
  4. Leather or textile bag.
  5. Knitted tippet or shawl.
  6. A straw hat for the beach or a smartly cut accessory, such as a horse racing hat.
  7. Ceramic gaiwan for brewing tea.
  8. Diadem.
  9. Jewelry box.
  10. Brooch-pendant.

Decorative cactus made of stones


102 ideas What to give a Fish Woman +37 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • smooth stones;
  • acrylic paints or gouache;
  • brushes of different sizes;
  • markers;
  • epoxy adhesive;
  • flower pot;
  • soil or sand.

Working process:

  1. Pick up stones similar in shape to cacti, rinse and dry them.
  2. Paint them with green paint, you can use paints of different shades. Let the paint dry.
  3. Apply another coat of paint in a lighter tone. Dry.
  4. Draw needles with thin brushes with paints of light shades. They can also be drawn with markers.
  5. You can also use small pebbles to give realism to stone cacti. Color them and glue them to the “adults”.
  6. Plant stones in pots with soil.

For additional decor, you can use artificial flowers. They can be glued to the tops of the stones with super glue.

flower photo frame


102 ideas What to give a Fish Woman +37 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:  

  • children’s hoop with a diameter of 60-100 cm;
  • balloon paint;
  • satin ribbon – 2 m;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • thread or wire;
  • Natural flowers.

Working process:

  1. Spray the paint on the hoop in two layers, dry.
  2. Print photos of memorable moments for a Pisces girl.
  3. Make a mesh on a satin ribbon hoop. Fix them with glue.
  4. Cut flowers or branches. Attach to the hoop with threads or wire.
  5. Attach printed photos to ribbons with pins or clothespins.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Pisces for a female

Only astrologers can give recommendations on what gift to give to a woman under the zodiac sign of Pisces. They assure that the ladies of the last sign of the zodiac:

  • They believe in miracles and fairy tales . They don’t need practical offerings unless they fit into their daydreams. Choose a gift for Pisces ladies the way you choose a surprise for a five-year-old niece on behalf of Santa Claus;
  • They love water . When you don’t know how best to choose a gift for Pisces, give a woman something for her bath, seaside vacation or water park;
  • Waiting for a unique congratulations . If you are invited to a celebration, prepare interesting gift wrapping and a touching speech for the Pisces woman. Received without emotions, even the most expensive gift for her will mean nothing.

Pisces women are romantic subtle natures.

They appreciate beauty. They do not care about the material side, but the spiritual. Therefore, even a small present will bring them more joy than a boring expensive thing that is not suitable for Pisces.

When choosing a gift, you should pay attention to the marine theme and the mysticism that the stars have endowed these beautiful ladies with.

The colors of accessories and clothing should be soft, gentle tones. Ladies love all kinds of frills, rhinestones, beadwork. If shoes are selected as a gift, then the heel must certainly be high and elegant.

The packaging is also important . An excellent solution is an intriguing wrapper. When choosing a gift, it is worth considering that a woman born under the constellation Pisces remains a little girl in her soul with a belief in a fairy tale. You need to try to create such a fairy tale so that the lady feels happy. Knowing her dreams, it is impossible to miss the choice.

Most importantly, remember one thing when choosing a surprise for the representatives of the last sign of the zodiac. To answer what is better to give to Pisces (woman), your intuition can also help you. Pisces are exactly the people who will understand you if you say when giving them a gift: “When I saw this thing, I immediately thought of you!”.

A well-chosen present will help a woman feel like a queen of the holiday, she will remember these feelings for a long time. Indeed, for this zodiac sign it is important to know that they are remembered, loved and respected. Thanks to the following tips, you will organize a fabulous day for a girl that she will enjoy without any effort.

Symbols. Pisces zodiac women love everything mysterious associated with mysticism. Therefore, they will gladly accept a gift with meaning, for example, an amulet, a talisman, a talisman. Be sure to give your gift with explanations, the hero of the occasion will be pleased to know that your choice is not accidental.

Romance. For “fish” it is impossible to overdo it with romance. It is vital for them to experience sublime feelings. Don’t be afraid to give sentimental soft toys, touching little things, or make surprises, for example, write under the window: “Happy Birthday”, launch balloons into the sky, etc. Believe me, a woman will never forget this!

Element. You definitely can’t go wrong if you give a gift related to water. It can be either a traditional present – an aquarium with a fish, or a somewhat extraordinary one, for example, a swimsuit with a print of fish scales.

Focus on creativity. Don’t be afraid to give a handmade item. Pisces, like no other sign of the Zodiac, will be able to appreciate such a present, because a piece of the soul is invested in it. You will also impress if you yourself compose a verse or sing a romance in honor of the hero of the occasion.

Presentation of a gift. Since people born under this zodiac sign like everything mysterious, don’t be lazy and wrap your gift in a multilayer package. This will further fuel the interest of the woman, she will turn on all her imagination, while step by step she will reveal the secret of the gift.

For the soul. A Pisces woman will gratefully accept stylish things, fashion accessories. It can be a light flying scarf, a fantasy brooch, etc. Any donated item should correspond to the preferences of this zodiac sign: if it is metal – silver, stone – coral or pearl, color – blue, turquoise, steel, etc.

What is better not to give Pisces to a woman

The TOP list of gifts that are better not to give a Pisces girl open:

  • Piggy banks and safes . Pisces women cannot be called practical. However, if you decide to present them with an envelope with money, be prepared that the recipient of such a surprise can spend all the money in a couple of hours.
  • Clothing and footwear . Are you talking about practicality again? The ladies of the last sign have their own taste. If you want to give Pisces an item for her wardrobe, take the gifted girl with you. Just don’t be surprised when she, in a new blouse you bought, asks nicely about how you could forget about a gift for her on her birthday or on March 8th.
  • Usual souvenirs . There are no banal things in her house. Lady Pisces will appreciate only a gift chosen especially for her. At the same time, he does not have to cost fabulous money, but simply must meet her character and hobbies.

It is important to consider that on February 14 or on another holiday, a Pisces girl should give gifts so that she feels your sincere feelings for her. Ladies of the last sign of the zodiac value friendship, affection and love above material values.

Pisces is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac. It is difficult to determine what they really like, what ideas they visit, what they dream about.

However, it is known for sure that it is not recommended to give:

Humor gifts. Rude jokes, offensive jokes, this zodiac sign will definitely not appreciate. This can not only upset, but also offend sensitive natures.

Envelope with money. Money has always been considered not the best gift option. However, if you have no other choice, complete your gift with a bouquet of flowers and a creative postcard.

Pets.  This zodiac sign has a sense of responsibility. Therefore, you should not take risks by imposing unnecessary troubles on a woman.


A Pisces woman can be compared to a sleeping beauty: she prefers to live in her world of feelings and emotions, looks at everything through rose-colored glasses. Awaken her fantasy and dreams by giving a worthy gift! The main thing to remember is that this zodiac sign is unpretentious, a girl will appreciate any present if she feels sincerity and love from the donor.

Pisces women, by virtue of their nature, remain children throughout their lives. They are fascinated by romantic and mystical stories, the water element. To achieve harmony, they need rest and peace.

When giving a gift, it is worth creating a romantic atmosphere. The main thing is to approach with a soul, and remember that the material side is not the main one for cute gentle Pisces.

You need to give gifts to women of this sign with or without reason. They are sensitive, and not only appreciate the attention from a loved one, but also constantly need it.

The choice of what can be presented to a Pisces woman is no less than for other signs of the zodiac circle. Buying or preparing a surprise for her simply requires more delicacy, sensitivity and attention to her desires.

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