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TOP 24 ideas What to give a Girl with your own hands + Tips

When approaching February 14, anniversary, March 8, birthday or other holiday, I want to surprise the girl, cheer her up, give her something special and original.

Shops offer a wide range of various souvenirs and ready-made gift sets, but the best gift is the one that is made by yourself .

Below you will find a list of the best DIY gift ideas.

If you don’t know what to give a girl with your own hands, read the ready-made lists below and choose your perfect gift.

DIY gifts for a girl for her birthday

Gifts are nice to give and receive, especially if they are gifts made by yourself. There are several ideas for beautiful and simple things to do. What to give a girl with your own hands for her birthday?

What gifts can you make yourself. to please a girl

  1. Photo collage. A simple but very sweet surprise. Print pictures and make a beautiful collage – you can hang the frames on strings, hang them on a magnetic board or stick them on canvas on a stretcher. You can also make an original lamp from a photo.
  2. Gorgeous photo album. A beautiful photo album made using the scrapbooking technique is a great gift idea for a girl on her birthday. Print out several joint photos, paste them in chronological order, come up with original captions, write congratulations on the pages.
  3. Wooden or metal rose. If your girlfriend likes flowers, you can make an original surprise – an unfading rose made of wood or metal. The work of making such a gift with your own hands is very difficult, but if you know how to handle tools, it will not be difficult for you to make a beautiful surprise.
  4. Coffee topiary. A beautiful decorative tree is a wonderful gift for lovers of coffee aroma. The blank ball must be pasted over with coffee beans (in several rows), then inserted into the tube, which will be the trunk – it can be pasted over with a satin ribbon. Insert the finished tree into a planter filled with alabaster.
  5. Jewelry for your girlfriend. What to give a girl, handmade for beauty? You can make jewelry – it can be beads or a bracelet made of polymer clay, ribbons, leather, fabric or wire. Usually girls highly value handmade jewelry, they wear it with joy and carefully store it.
  6. Jewelry box. You can make a box for small things out of cardboard or buy a box in a store and decorate it yourself. Glue hearts, lace, beads, various keys, artificial flowers, ruffles or decoupage cards onto the box – the choice of decor depends only on your imagination.
  7. Time capsule. An original gift for a girl with her own hands. In a sturdy container, put a romantic letter, small notes and wishes, photos and cute little things that only the two of you understand. Solemnly bury the jar of memories to open together in a few years. A gift can be an addition to a beautiful women’s watch that will count down to X hour.
  8. Mirror with openwork pattern. To make this birthday present, you will need any round mirror, as well as lace or tulle – you need to fix it on the mirror so that you get the desired pattern. Cover the center with cardboard and spray paint from a spray can into the free space, and then remove the protection – you get a cute mirror.

What to give a girl with your own hands on February 14

There are many holidays for which a man wants to surprise his beloved, but the most romantic of them is Valentine’s Day. On this day, it is customary to make pleasant surprises and give cute little things.

What can you give a girl on February 14, made by yourself?

These gifts will cause a lot of positive emotions and make the girl remember this day for a long time:

Confessions box. Inexpensive, but very cute and romantic gift for February 14 or an anniversary. Buy or make your own small box, which you fill with notes with messages. They may contain declarations of love or wishes – the main thing is that the girl should be pleased to read them.

Flower in ice. To make such beauty, place the flower in a vase or a large figured glass. Fill the container with water and put it in the freezer for several hours. Once completely frozen, remove the flower and pull it out of the glass, or leave it there and decorate it with a beautiful bow. Such a gift of ice and flowers can be a wonderful addition to a romantic dinner.

Body scrub in the form of hearts. Girls love to take care of themselves – your sweetheart will be delighted with a natural scrub. To make cute hearts, grind and melt soap base, add red dye, a few drops of essential oil or fragrance, and sugar for a scrubbing effect. To freeze the hearts, place them in special forms.

Heart in a light bulb. What to give a girl with your own hands on February 14 so that she always remembers your love for her? A cute symbolic gift for decorating the interior. To make it, you will need an ordinary light bulb and a coil of red wire, which you need to fold in the shape of a heart. Having carefully opened the base of the light bulb and taken out its internal contents, place the curly wire and fix the souvenir on a wooden block (you can also write a few kind words on it).

A room decorated with colorful helium balloons. An unexpected and pleasant DIY surprise can be made by ordering 10 or more helium balloons. You can tie a serpentine or a silk ribbon to each ball, and if you managed to get only ordinary balls, you can hide notes with warm wishes inside.

Gingerbread cookies, delicious cookies or a cake prepared for a sweetheart. Most men do not know how to cook, and even if you are one of them, try your hand at culinary arts. Prepare cookies, gingerbread, cake or other sweets for a girl with a sweet tooth – it’s easy to do if you have a recipe and the right ingredients. She will definitely appreciate your efforts.

Romantic letter with sincere declarations of love. For romantic ladies, a real love letter written from the heart will be a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day. In it, tell about how you love your girlfriend and why you appreciate her. You can make an envelope yourself by decorating it with beautiful stickers, stamps or even rhinestones.

Relationship calendar. The idea of ​​how to make an easy gift with your own hands. A cute and appropriate gift for Valentine’s Day. In the printing house you need to order a calendar, the first day of which will be the first day of your relationship. Next, you write notes with confessions for each subsequent year and attach them to the calendar. Any girl will be delighted with such a gift.

Gifts made by yourself to a girl on March 8

With the approach of the main women’s holiday, without exception, all the guys think what gift to give the girl on March 8th.

Do you want a surprise to please the girl, surprise her and make this day unforgettable?

Here is a list of DIY gifts for International Women’s Day that a girl will definitely like:

Painting on canvas. To make a gift, cut old magazines into small pieces, cover the entire canvas with them, dry it, draw a silhouette on cardboard, cut it out and attach the silhouette to the canvas. Cover everything except him with acrylic paint, then delete the silhouette. You can depict anything in such a picture – for example, a beautiful heart, a bird, or something else.

Sweet gift. Buy sweets that the girl loves – these can be Kinder bars, Raffaello sweets and chewing gum from Love is childhood. Put sweets on the foam base in the form of a heart, put the chocolate on the edge to the contour. A soft toy can be placed in the center of the composition.

A chic bouquet or wicker basket of sweets and fruits. A simple but original way to show your attention. Weave your own basket or buy a ready-made basket, then fill it with a variety of fruits – apples, oranges, bananas, or more exotic options – mangoes, coconuts, lychees and pineapples. The basket can be diluted with high-quality chocolates or Raffaello, beloved by all girls.

Thread picture. What can you give a girl with your own hands? Use nails and thread to draw a beautiful picture – it can be a big heart, an inscription or something else. Draw a picture on the painted board, carefully drive in small carnations along its contours. After that, wind the threads around the frame, your task is to completely fill the space between the nails.

Wish certificate. Another idea of ​​how to make a gift with your own hands. Inserts, bright cards or a book with checks with a list of various desires – a massage, cooking dinner, washing dishes, going to the cinema, a romantic walk. The girl will have the right at any time to demand the fulfillment of any desire, and you will have to fulfill the request.

Natural soap. For a girl who takes care of her skin and takes care of herself, you can give a hand-made soap with a fruit or flower aroma. To do this, you will need a soap base, essential oil, natural dye and a mold. Alternatively, you can make homemade bath bombs.

Pattern on the cutting board. For girls who are practical in everyday life, you can prepare an original and useful gift for her with your own hands – a cutting board on which you can apply any pattern or text using wood burning. Other similar ideas: plywood tablet holder, patterned wooden spoons. You can also cut out the name of your beloved from the board.

A ball of threads with your own hands. Prepare PVA glue, then inflate the balloons – you can make many small balloons or one large one. Place ordinary threads or knitting threads in glue, and then wind them around the ball – it is better to do this gradually. When the ball dries (it will take about a day), pierce it with a needle and remove the ball. You can put a garland inside – you get an original room lamp.

Tips: how to choose a DIY gift for a girl

Many practical guys believe that a DIY gift for a birthday, February 14 or March 8 is saving on a normal present, as well as a waste of time and effort.

But this is not so – girls love cute memorabilia and trinkets made by themselves. The main thing is to present the gift correctly. How to make a gift for Dr or another holiday with your own hands:

  • Be patient and give enough time to work to make everything perfect. Girls have a habit of paying attention to every little thing, so you need to think through everything – from the idea of ​​​​a gift with your own hands to the packaging in which the surprise will be placed. You can also make a gift box yourself to surprise the girl even more.
  • Remember that the chosen idea must be embodied. If you do not know how to work with wood, you do not need to make a wooden souvenir for the girl. Soberly assess your strengths and choose those crafts that you can definitely do. Let your gift be simple and modest, the main thing is that it be made with love.
  • Focus on the interests of your beloved. Many men do not understand that things that are not interesting to them can interest a girl. Remember what your friend talked about, what she likes and what she would like to receive as a gift for the holiday. This information will help you choose and make something worthwhile.
  • If you don’t know what gift to give a girl with your own hands, but really want to surprise her with your imagination and creativity, buy a simple white mug in the store. After that, apply initials, wishes or an image to it (you can do it with the help of special paints). In the same way, you can decorate a T-shirt or a thermal mug, and then a simple-looking gift will become a memorable and original surprise.
  • Not only a gift is important, but also a special festive atmosphere. Let the girl rest from business and household chores – if possible, prepare a surprise in advance, decorate the room with balloons, prepare a bath with rose petals and arrange a romantic dinner, or simply surround the hero of the occasion with love and care.

What is better not to give a girl a handmade gift

A gift with your own hands is a sign that you are ready to spend time on your loved one, and that for the sake of your relationship you will be able to cope with any difficulties.

Girls feel this on an intuitive level, which is why they like to receive such gifts so much.

What gift to make for a girl is not at all difficult to choose. But the holiday will be irrevocably spoiled if you choose the following ideas:

  1. The postcard is a bad idea. The most banal gift that you can give a girl. Usually, postcards simply collect dust in the farthest cabinet and are thrown away during the first general cleaning. To prevent this from happening, you can make a beautiful card with your own hands, but it should also be an attachment to a more worthwhile gift.
  2. Items not intended for girls. It is unlikely that a girl will appreciate a carefully assembled birdhouse, a shelf for books and other similar items – these are practical gifts, but they are impersonal and will not be able to compete for the title of the best gift for the holiday.
  3. Simple crafts from origami. A paper bird or flower is not a good gift idea. If you want to impress a girl, it is best to choose a different present, for example, a stylish homemade night light or a rose in ice. You won’t surprise anyone with simple origami figures.
  4. If the girl is superstitious, the following gifts should be discarded: a purse, a watch, a mirror, slippers and any sharp objects. Even if you engrave them yourself, a girl who believes in omens will not appreciate your efforts.
  5. Knitted or sewn items. You should not give such gifts to a girl – men are usually not very diligent, and creating a knitted scarf or T-shirt will take a lot of time. However, if you enjoy doing this hobby, there are no restrictions.


To make a loved one happier and give him a great mood for any holiday, it is not necessary to frantically run around shopping centers and spend a huge amount of money. To congratulate a girl on her birthday, anniversary, February 14 or March 8, you can show a little imagination and creativity and make a gift with your own hands. Put all the love and warmth into the congratulation, and the girl will definitely appreciate your efforts, remember your care for a long time and answer you with sincere and tender emotions.

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