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367 ideas What to give Grandma for 70 years

Many have the warmest and most wonderful childhood memories associated with their grandmother. Grandmother is care, kindness, comfort, unconditional love and the indispensable aroma of pies.

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of this dear and beloved person, you certainly want to choose some special gift that can convey your gratitude, attention and, of course, love. Do not rely on the material component of the presentation. First of all, give something that can really please the birthday girl, reflect your concern for her and ease her daily chores. And, of course, do not forget about flowers: going to your grandmother’s 70th birthday without a bouquet is unacceptable. So, we offer you the freshest, most interesting and diverse ideas.

TOP 113 ideas of what to give a grandmother for 70 years

  1. silver painting
  2. Country cottage area
  3. Vitamin shower head
  4. Bouquet of dried fruits
  5. family diploma
  6. Boots with embroidery
  7. LCD TV
  8. Canning Autoclave
  9. fur product
  10. Nominal icon
  11. Iceland moss tree
  12. Umbrella cane
  13. Electric meat grinder / electric grater
  14. Birch bark
  15. electric scooter
  16. Heater
  17. step stool
  18. jewelry decoration
  19. Wireless headphones
  20. Upright vacuum cleaner
  21. Garden swing
  22. Home trainer
  23. garden bed
  24. Dish for pilaf
  25. Thermos jug
  26. Certificate for medical services
  27. Portrait of a birthday girl in an interesting way
  28. Document storage box
  29. Air ionizer / ozonizer
  30. Knitted socks/gaiters
  31. Massage chair
  32. Wrist watch
  33. Set of different types of honey
  34. Mobile phone/smartphone
  35. Microwave
  36. Silver water ionizer
  37. Satellite TV set
  38. Cache-pot with automatic watering function
  39. Mop with telescopic handle
  40. Desk lamp
  41. Thermopot/teapot
  42. Service with the monogram of the birthday girl
  43. Food defrosting board
  44. woolen plaid
  45. Notebook
  46. Set of decorative pillows
  47. Salt lamp
  48. doorbell indicator light
  49. Toaster
  50. Landscape designer certification
  51. Silver plate
  52. Trolley bag
  53. Floor lamp with dimming function
  54. Carpet made of natural fibers
  55. Rattan furniture
  56. Manicure set
  57. Newspaper
  58. Fruit/Cheese Basket
  59. Wrought iron garden bench
  60. Desktop keg for drinks
  61. Humidifier
  62. Food Container Set
  63. Acoustic system
  64. Garden figurines
  65. Camel/lamb hair belt
  66. Video peephole for front door
  67. In-line water filter
  68. Herbal set
  69. Furniture safe
  70. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  71. Personalized bathrobe
  72. Pedigree book
  73. Heating pad for teapot
  74. Filter pitcher
  75. Corner shelf for icons
  76. stabilized flowers
  77. Serving table
  78. Electric samovar
  79. Illuminated table magnifier
  80. Set for making homemade sausages
  81. Grill gas frying pan
  82. Garden bench-shifter
  83. Faucet nozzle for saving water
  84. A set of elite tea/coffee varieties
  85. Gas leak sensor
  86. Electric Toothbrush
  87. UV Shoe Dryer
  88. Aquafarm
  89. Sun lounger
  90. Universal remote
  91. Cosmetic organizer
  92. Hydromassage foot bath
  93. Freezer
  94. Silver eyeglass chain
  95. Automatic watering system
  96. Electric roller foot file
  97. Hammock
  98. robot massager
  99. Electric knife sharpener
  100. Blender
  101. Ironing board
  102. Certificate to the lingerie store
  103. Webcam
  104. garden vacuum cleaner
  105. Thermoglass-transformer
  106. Picnic set
  107. Ultrasonic Insect Repeller
  108. Bouquet of dried flowers
  109. digital photo frame
  110. Cotton Light Switches
  111. Patterned wooden rolling pin
  112. Duvet
  113. Magnetic chalkboard

Original gifts for grandmother on her 70th birthday

If your grandmother has an original taste and love for unusual things, you can give her vivid emotions and pleasant memories with the following gifts:

Rose in gold.  In a freshly cut rose, covered with real gold, the natural beauty and luxury of the noble metal are skillfully intertwined. Due to the unique shape and size of buds, stems and leaves, each product is truly unique and fully conveys your feelings to your beloved grandmother. In addition, the flower is very durable and can please its owner for more than ten years.

Stormglass. The spectacular meteorological instrument was developed by a British naval officer two centuries ago. The principle of its operation is based on the sensitivity of various chemical elements sealed in a glass flask to changes in temperature, humidity and pressure. Regardless of what weather conditions the composition of the device reacts to, from the outside it looks very beautiful.

Bouquet of glowing flowers.  LED tulips, orchids and roses are made of silk and latex and practically do not differ from real flowers. Each bouquet is a work of art and serves as a unique interior decoration. In the daytime, such a flower arrangement looks quite ordinary, and with the onset of darkness it turns into an original night lamp. However, it does not cause allergies and does not die in a week.

Also very creative gifts are:

  • 3D lamp with personalized engraving;
  • musical pot for flowers;
  • figured chocolate set;
  • vinyl player;
  • magnetic hourglass;
  • flexible wall fireplace;
  • a table for reading in the bathroom;
  • biofireplace with basalt stones;
  • bedside rug with backlight;
  • set for making coffee on the sand.

Inexpensive gift ideas for grandma on her 70th birthday

Life is a very unpredictable thing, which often throws tricks. Therefore, sometimes, despite careful planning, we can find ourselves in a difficult financial situation. If this happens just before the anniversary of your beloved grandmother, and you cannot please her with an expensive gift, do not be upset: there are many budget, but very worthy presents, for example:

Ice drifts for footwear.  Anti-slip shoe pads will be a real salvation for the grandmother on slippery roads. They will easily fix on the leg and will not allow the birthday girl to fall on the treacherous ice.

Silicone cover “Non-boiling”.  The name of this kitchen accessory speaks for itself. The lid will save granny from the extra hassle associated with cooking, and will allow her not to be present in the kitchen in order to wait for the mysterious moment of boiling milk, broth or compote. In addition, the stove will be kept clean, and the grandmother will not have to wash it from runaway and burnt liquids.

Phone book. Many older people do not trust modern gadgets and write down important information on paper in the old fashioned way. Give the birthday girl a phone book in which she can securely store the necessary phone numbers.

In addition, great inexpensive gifts will be:

  • shopping bag;
  • nominal diary;
  • teapot;
  • flashlight-clothespin for reading;
  • copper Turk;
  • book safe;
  • tea house;
  • electronic spoon scales;
  • salt heating pad;
  • raincoats for shoes;
  • organizer for small things;
  • gift set of spices.

Useful Gift Options for a 70-Year-Old Grandmother

If you want to give your grandmother something practical and useful, we offer you the following ideas:

Lamp with motion sensor.  Thanks to such a present, grandmother will not have to worry that she forgot to turn off the light. A special sensor with a built-in photocell that reacts to movement will turn on the light only at night and save its owner from additional costs.

Robot glass cleaner. Washing windows is already a difficult task, and sometimes overwhelming for an elderly person. The robotic window cleaner will securely attach to the glass and clean it in minutes. Thanks to such an assistant, the windows in the grandmother’s house will always sparkle with cleanliness and let in the maximum amount of light.

Whistling kettle.  A great gift for a zealous hostess will be the most ordinary kettle, which notifies you of boiled water with a shrill whistle. Not only will it save energy, it will also prevent you from forgetting yourself on the stove and prevent a possible fire.

The following gifts can also be very useful:

  • talking clock;
  • a set of garden tools;
  • greenhouse;
  • wireless charger;
  • yogurt maker;
  • a set of pots / pans;
  • air conditioner;
  • GPS tracker;
  • water heater;
  • wall key holder;
  • washing machine/dishwasher.

Gifts for health

Obviously, with each birthday a person does not get younger, and therefore, on this anniversary, presents aimed at maintaining health will be quite appropriate. In addition, they, more than others, will be able to convey your touching concern for the birthday girl.

However, when choosing a gift from this category, you need to be extremely

careful: if your grandmother is in great shape and gives odds to the young, she may consider such a present a hint of approaching old age. But, if the birthday girl has certain health problems, you, on the contrary, will help her solve some problems. So, the best gift options:

Medical alarm.  This system will allow the grandmother to send a message to the support center at the touch of a button and call for qualified help even if she cannot use the phone or speak. In addition, the device will monitor the environment and warn the granny in the event of a fire or an increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the room. At the same time, it will not only give out a sound signal calling to leave a dangerous place, but also send a corresponding message to the support center.

Darsonval.  The perfect gift for beauty and health. The device is intended for physiotherapy and cosmetic procedures. With its help, blood vessels expand, the nutrition of skin tissues and complexion improve, swelling and inflammation are removed, and the development of wrinkles is prevented.

Bandage-corset for back support.  The bandage will fix the lumbosacral spine in the anatomical position, prevent overstrain of the back muscles and avoid increased fatigue. The product is recommended for the prevention of disc compression, with infringement of nerve endings and with a heavy load on the back.

Also great gifts for maintaining health will be:

  • oxygen cocktail;
  • glucometer;
  • eye Massager;
  • fitness bracelet;
  • tourmaline rug;
  • device for normalizing sleep;
  • telescopic cane;
  • apparatus “Vitafon”;
  • sticks for Nordic walking;
  • orthopedic mattress/pillow;
  • acupuncture mat;
  • massage cape on the chair;
  • compression stockings;
  • pill box with a timer;
  • automatic tonometer;
  • reflex massage slippers.

Presents-impressions for a grandmother for 70 years

As a rule, by the age of 70, ladies acquire everything they need and it is not easy to surprise them with any material gift. In this case, you can be creative and present a new positive emotion to your grandmother. However, when choosing such a gift, it is necessary to take into account the state of health of the birthday girl, her lifestyle and hobbies.

The most sought-after gift-experiences for 70-year-old birthday girls are:

  • pilgrimages;
  • family dinner in a restaurant;
  • theater subscription;
  • tasting;
  • a ticket to a sanatorium / dispensary;
  • certificate for dance classes;
  • tour of historical places;
  • creative photo session;
  • subscription to museums and exhibitions;
  • journey to the city of youth;
  • weekend in a country hotel;
  • certificate for a massage course;
  • master class on interests;
  • subscription to the pool / yoga;
  • a trip to the city of dreams;
  • tea ceremony;
  • travel abroad.

Traditional gifts for grandma

If you’re not sure if Grandma would love an original gift, give her something from the good old classics, such as:

Sheepskin vest.  For many, such vests are associated with shapeless models of gloomy colors. Fortunately, there are many options on the market today in different shades and different cuts, with embroidery and appliqué, with a fabric top or a curly haircut. In addition, sheep wool contains a mixture of natural fatty esters – lanolin, which has unique healing properties.

Rocking chair.  A chic gift with which grandmother can relax and unwind. Measured swaying will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieve insomnia, distract from everyday problems and allow you to take a nap for an hour or two listening to your favorite series or talk show.

In addition, traditional gifts for the 70th anniversary are:

  • floor lamp with reading lamp;
  • indoor plant;
  • cutlery set;
  • floor vase;
  • jewelry made of natural stone;
  • sewing/knitting machine;
  • Wall Clock;
  • slow cooker;
  • lotto made of precious wood;
  • downy / Pavlovsky Posad shawl;
  • elegant pedestal.

Gifts for the culinary lover

Many grandmothers love to please their relatives and friends with various delicacies, and pampering their beloved grandchildren with something tasty of their own preparation is a sacred thing for them. If your grandma spends a lot of time creating culinary masterpieces and loves to gather guests at the set table, you can safely give her something from the following list:

Dehydrator for vegetables and fruits.  A simple device will allow you to quickly dry almost any product and keep the maximum amount of useful substances in them. For the preparation and processing of fruits, berries, vegetables and mushrooms, simple roomy models are quite suitable, and for the preparation of marshmallows, yogurt, fish and meat snacks, more complex dehydrators with temperature control inside the working chamber will be needed.

Tureen.  An unfairly forgotten cutlery is guaranteed to please a grandmother, whose relatives often gather for family dinners. The tureen will allow you to beautifully serve the first course on the table and will deservedly become a symbol of hospitality and a large and friendly family.

Ham.  With such a device, a grandmother will be able to delight her family with a variety of sausages, rolls, ham and other delicacies from meat, poultry or fish. The cooking process is very simple and is based on the heat treatment of products and their compression inside the mold. You can cook sausages on the stove (in a saucepan or pressure cooker), in the oven, in a slow cooker or in an air grill.

Also, the queen of the kitchen will be able to please such gifts:

  • a copper basin for making jam;
  • double boiler;
  • automatic seaming machine;
  • electric crepe maker;
  • raclette;
  • kitchen scales;
  • forms for baking;
  • a set of containers for liquid spices;
  • cake shop;
  • nominal apron;
  • juicer;
  • marmite;
  • device for wrapping dolma and cabbage rolls;
  • cooking thermometer;
  • noodle machine;
  • recipe book.

Gifts for comfort in the house

Of course, you have visited your grandmother more than once, you are perfectly familiar with the interior of her house and you will surely be able to easily pick up a gift that can create additional comfort in it. It could be:

  • aroma diffuser;
  • tulle and curtains;
  • Modular / LED painting;
  • chandelier with remote control;
  • vertical clothes dryer;
  • interior fountain/waterfall;
  • antique item;
  • a blanket;
  • covers for upholstered furniture;
  • anti-slip bath mat;
  • hanging table for the balcony;
  • bench-chest;
  • interior perfumery;
  • tablecloth with napkins;
  • stand for indoor plants;
  • bedding set.

Grandma Hobbies Gifts

With the onset of retirement age, many people have a second wind and new hobbies and hobbies appear. Surely your grandmother found herself in some particular area. If this happened, you are a real lucky person, before whom endless horizons of potential gifts stretch. Considering the interests of the birthday girl, you can present her with:

  • the missing exhibit in the collection;
  • home cheese factory;
  • balancing platform;
  • performance of your favorite artist;
  • a bouquet of skeins of yarn;
  • embossing machine;
  • seedlings;
  • e-book with e-ink matrix;
  • bowl for yarn;
  • travel suitcase;
  • homemade mycelium;
  • smart garden;
  • digital camera;
  • spinner for beads;
  • diamond embroidery;
  • phytorack for seedlings;
  • harvest baskets;
  • a subscription to the bath / sauna;
  • a table-showcase for storing the collection.

Symbolic souvenirs for your beloved granny

If you want to give grandma something symbolic, you can use the ideas from the following list:

  • portrait matryoshka;
  • photo calendar;
  • avoska bag;
  • Galileo’s thermometer;
  • T-shirt with a thematic inscription or print;
  • a set of cups with photos of all family members;
  • handmade soap set;
  • tree of happiness from natural stone;
  • painting with Swarovski crystals;
  • collector’s edition of your favorite work;
  • grocery set “a la USSR”.

Gifts for grandmother for 70 years from her grandson

A gift from a grandson should reflect the warmth and care of the birthday girl and together have a masculine character. Quite appropriate from a grown boy would be such presents:

Food waste grinder.  A magnificent kitchen device will greatly facilitate the everyday life of your beloved granny. The disposer is built under the sink and turns the food left on the plates into a homogeneous gruel, which is easily washed off with water and does not create blockages in the pipes.

Wallet with RFID protection. As you know, older people often become victims of scammers. A wallet with a chip sewn into it will help protect and block grandmother’s bank cards from Internet thieves.

Also, the grandson can give:

  • electric can opener;
  • bladeless fan;
  • tub for pickles;
  • tablet;
  • treadmill;
  • illuminating lamp;
  • electric blanket;
  • garden lights;
  • computer headphones with a microphone;
  • Bluetooth keychain for finding keys.

Gifts for grandmother for 70 years from her granddaughter

From her beloved granddaughter, the grandmother will be glad to receive a cute, gentle and purely girlish gift, no matter how old the girl is. It could be:

A set of care cosmetics.  A woman remains a woman at any age, and a grandmother will surely be delighted with high-quality creams, emulsions, toners, lotions and other products that will give her skin vitality and smooth out wrinkles, prolong youth and preserve beauty.

Florarium.  A creative and extremely popular gift does not require special care and will delight the birthday girl for many years. The ultra-compact garden, placed in a special closed container, does not take up much space, looks chic and feels great in the microclimate created by the plants themselves.

In addition, the following presents will be relevant from the granddaughter:

  • sheepskin slippers;
  • perfumery;
  • blanket with sleeves;
  • dressing room mirror;
  • massage scarf;
  • lady’s bag;
  • smart scales;
  • dress tailoring certificate;
  • cashmere tippet;
  • home clothes;
  • jewelry box / stand;
  • certificate for a beauty salon.

DIY gifts for grandmother for 70 years

No one appreciates a handmade gift the way a beloved grandmother does. For her, such a present will be truly priceless and will certainly be the subject of her special pride. Spend a little time, put in a little effort, and present Grandma with an exclusive handmade item.

papier mache vase


  • disposable gloves;
  • newspapers;
  • White paper;
  • polyethylene film;
  • vase;
  • PVA glue;
  • gouache;
  • brushes;
  • glossy varnish.


  1. Wrap the vase with foil.
  2. Tear the newspaper into medium-sized pieces.
  3. Dilute one part glue with three parts water.
  4. Put on gloves.
  5. Alternately dip pieces of newspaper in glue and glue them on a vase wrapped in cling film. Let the layer dry and make another 7-8 layers, not forgetting to dry them.
  6. Leave the vase for 2-4 days until completely dry.
  7. Carefully separate the paper vase from the glass vase.
  8. Decorate the product with white paper using the same technique as with the newspaper and leave it for a day.
  9. Decorate the vase with various decorative elements and cover with a glossy varnish.

edible bouquet


  • round candies;
  • decorative elements (ribbons, beads, bows, etc.);
  • colored corrugated paper;
  • wooden skewers;
  • scotch;
  • glue;
  • wrapping paper for flowers.


  1. Attach the candy to the skewer with tape.
  2. Wrap the candy with corrugated paper, fixing the tip of the paper with glue.
  3. Do this with all the candies that will be included in the bouquet.
  4. Collect all the skewers and wrap them with tape at the bottom.
  5. Pack the bouquet in paper and decorate as you wish.

Surprise box


  • thick cardboard;
  • colored paper;
  • decor elements;
  • glue;
  • paints;
  • brushes;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • plastic bottle.


  1. Cut out two squares from cardboard: 19×19 cm (for the box) and 8.2×8.2 cm (for the lid).
  2. From each edge of the large square, measure 7.4 cm and draw parallel lines. Cut out the part that resembles a cross and bend its sides.
  3. Step back 2 cm from each edge of the smaller square and draw parallel lines. Do as shown in the picture.
  4. Decorate the box with decorative items.
  5. From colored paper, cut butterflies large enough to fit in the box.
  6. Cut thin strips from a plastic bottle.
  7. Glue one edge of the strip to the box, and attach a butterfly to its other edge. When you open the box, the beautiful insects will create a fluttering effect.

flower lampshade


  • artificial flowers;
  • glue gun;
  • table lamp with shade.

Progress: purchase the required number of artificial buds and use a glue gun to stick them on the lampshade.

Needle cover

Find a suitable pattern on the Internet, buy the necessary material and sew a cute organizer for your beloved granny, in which she can store not only knitting needles, but also other little things for needlework.

colorful palms

Take finger paints, gouache diluted with water or, in extreme cases, watercolor and create a stylish and interesting picture from handprints. In addition to you, your parents and other representatives of numerous relatives may be involved in the case.

Also for the grandmother you can do:

  • crafts made from natural materials;
  • coaster for a mug or hot;
  • photo collage;
  • tablecloth;
  • openwork shawl;
  • video greeting;
  • cutting board;
  • birthday cake;
  • bedside rug;
  • panel made of wood;
  • storage baskets.

What flowers to give grandma for 70 years

Of course, when choosing flowers as a gift for your grandmother, you need to be guided by her preferences. But, if you are not sure that you know her tastes well, you can resort to the simple rules of flower etiquette:

  • on a woman’s 70th birthday, it is customary to give lush bouquets tied with a bright ribbon;
  • traditionally, compositions of white, scarlet, red or yellow buds are presented on such an anniversary.
  • it is permissible to give wild flowers, but with one condition: to give presentability, the bouquet must be made by a professional florist.

When choosing a flower arrangement, do not forget about the symbolism of each flower. On the 70th anniversary, as a rule, they give:

  • roses – a symbol of love, gratitude and tenderness (a bouquet of maroon roses would be appropriate for a grandmother);
  • orchids – love and beauty;
  • lilies – greatness and glory;
  • chrysanthemums – the personification of happiness, prosperity and nobility (on the 70th anniversary, a composition of cherry or wine-red chrysanthemums will be relevant);
  • daisies – modesty and beauty, respect and reverent attitude (an appropriate gift from a grandson).

In addition, if the grandmother loves indoor flowers, she can be presented with:

  • crocuses – will tell the birthday girl how dear she is to you, improve the energy in her house and create comfort in it;
  • violets – a symbol of beauty and modesty, the most homely and atmospheric flower;
  • azaleas – will express your deep respect to your grandmother and emphasize that you and her have some kind of common secret.

What is better not to give a grandmother for 70 years

Of course, among the whole variety of gifts, there are things that can upset the birthday girl or put her in an awkward position. To avoid this situation, it is better not to give:

  • money;
  • pets;
  • too complicated gadgets;
  • extreme experiences;
  • stupid souvenirs;
  • used items;
  • tablets;
  • low-quality items;
  • presentations with subtext;
  • unreasonably expensive gifts;
  • noisy things;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • alcohol and tobacco products.

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