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TOP 56 ideas What to give Grandma for 80 years +12 gifts and Tips

The 80th anniversary is one of the most important dates in the life of every person. Behind a whole life – your grandmother gave many years of work, raised children and grandchildren, reached a respectable and respectable age.

On this day, I want to give the birthday girl a special gift, but it is not always easy to choose what to give to my grandmother for 80 years.

It is very difficult to choose a gift for the hero of the day, especially if she already has everything. However, you can still please your beloved grandmother on her birthday. What to give grandma for 80 years? List of best ideas:

TOP 56 ideas What you can give your grandmother for 80 years

  1. Air purifier or ionizer in the apartment – it will humidify, disinfect and refresh the air in the room.
  2. Heated massager for a grandmother with joint problems.
  3. Orthopedic mattress complete with pillow.
  4. Foot massage bath.
  5. A chic chair for grandma – regular or with massage functions.
  6. A set of ceramic dishes made in a retro style.
  7. Comfortable rocking chair.
  8. The magazine rack is a practical accessory with which you can conveniently arrange newspapers and magazines.
  9. A floor lamp, sconce or retro-style chandelier will help bring back positive memories of your youth to the birthday girl.
  10. A garden swing is a great gift for an 80-year-old grandmother who spends a lot of time in the country.
  11. Wall clock or alarm clock with a family photo in the background.
  12. An electronic “pet”, like a butterfly lamp in a jar, is an idea that can be given to an 80-year-old grandmother instead of a live pet.
  13. Blanket, mattress or rug with electric heating.
  14. Portable radio.
  15. Beautiful two-tiered jewelry box or stand.
  16. Gift set of honey – jars with buckwheat, chestnut and linden honey.
  17. Yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks.
  18. Homemade high fur boots or beautiful embroidered boots.
  19. Large floor or table vase in vintage style.
  20. A gift edition of a book by your favorite writer or poet.
  21. Beautiful service or tea pair.
  22. The Japanese rock garden is a beautiful interior decoration that will distract you from negative thoughts and help you relax.
  23. Silver cutlery with beautiful carvings.
  24. A painting by a contemporary artist to decorate an interior or a reproduction of a grandmother’s favorite work.
  25. A salt lamp is not only stylish, but also a useful decoration for your home. Salt crystal will help improve the microclimate in the room.
  26. Modern TV with cable TV or satellite dish.
  27. A pan for pancakes with emoticons is a cool and original birthday present for grandma.
  28. Gift set of teas of different varieties in a box with personalized engraving.
  29. Quality air conditioner.
  30. Umbrella complete with exquisite gloves.
  31. Instant hot water faucet.
  32. Decorative plate with congratulations from all family members.
  33. A jade heating pad that improves joint function.
  34. Mobile phone with big buttons and screen.
  35. A safe electric fireplace that imitates flames, and also creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in the room.
  36. High quality water filter.
  37. Spacious trolley bag for shopping.
  38. Automatic aroma lamp – a device for aromatization of rooms.
  39. Apron with a beautiful pattern, image or name inscription. You can also attach potholders of the same color to the gift.
  40. A beautiful teapot or thermal mug.
  41. Personalized eyeglass case with name engraving.
  42. A cosmetic bag with a mirror and a comb is an inexpensive gift for an 80-year-old grandmother who still feels like a fashionista.
  43. A carved icon is a good gift for a believing grandmother.
  44. Home fountain.
  45. Bed linen made of quality material.
  46. Curtains or tulle in pleasant colors.
  47. An electronic photo frame with family photos and videos loaded into it.
  48. Crystal vase on a leg for sweets.
  49. A necklace, earrings, chain or bracelet with magnetic clasps is a wonderful gift for a grandmother from her granddaughter.
  50. Gorgeous wall key holder.
  51. Walking stick made of natural wood.
  52. A set of soft or decorative pillows with embroidery or appliqué.
  53. Scandinavian walking poles for a grandmother who takes care of her health and goes in for sports.
  54. A flower in a vacuum flask is a gift that will delight grandmother for several years. If the birthday girl doesn’t like flowers, you can buy beautiful balloons for grandma.
  55. Portrait of a grandmother from a photo by a professional artist.
  56. Handset for mobile phone in retro style.

Practical gifts for grandma for her 80th birthday

Elderly people value comfort and practicality first of all. A gift can be chosen according to this rule. List of the best useful gift ideas to buy grandma for her 80th birthday:

Warm scarf. Elderly people freeze more – the older the person, the worse the body’s heating system works. Please your beloved grandmother by giving her a thing that will warm her on cold evenings. You can buy a warm scarf, shawl, natural wool blanket or terry bathrobe complete with slippers. Alternatively, you can give your grandmother a modern heater for 80 years. Using the gift, the grandmother will warm up and remember you with love and warmth.

Digital weather station. Older people often feel unwell due to sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. A home weather station will help to cope with this problem, which will warn a person in advance about all changes. The device is able to measure the exact atmospheric pressure, humidity and air temperature, wind speed and direction, predicts the weather for several days ahead. Also, the weather station shows the time and has an alarm function.

Household items. Many grandmothers at the age of 80 can give odds to the young – they lead an active lifestyle and love to spend time in the kitchen. In this case, you can give your grandmother a slow cooker, ice cream maker, waffle maker or other equipment for creating culinary masterpieces. And if your grandmother finds it difficult to perform daily household chores, you can buy her a new washing machine, robot vacuum cleaner or clothes dryer with an automatic level of regulation.

Cookbook. Grandmothers love to please their children and grandchildren with different goodies. For a birthday girl who loves to cook, for her 80th birthday, you can give a chic cookbook with recipes from the best chefs from around the world. If your grandmother can easily compete with them, give a book with blank pages – there the birthday girl can write down the secrets of her delicious dishes herself.

More birthday gift ideas for grandma


Grandmother is one of the dearest people you have known since childhood. Why not please the birthday girl on this special day for all family members? Ideas for memorable gifts for grandmother for 80 years:

  1. Pedigree book. In ancient times, genealogical books were kept as documents that formalized the privileges of the nobility. Now this tradition has disappeared, but some families continue to keep a diary of the life of several generations. This is a symbolic gift for the grandmother for her anniversary. Thanks to him, the birthday girl will be able to remember the life path she has passed. Fill out the book on your own or together with your grandmother – you can immerse yourself in memories, life stories and leave a mark on future generations.
  2. Carved samovar. Not only a useful thing in everyday life, but also a wonderful interior decoration. The samovar is a symbol of hospitality and Russian life. To surprise your beloved grandmother, give her a samovar or a samovar set painted “Khokhloma” or “Gzhel” for her anniversary. You can choose an electric model or a modern version of a samovar, which is designed to use natural fuel.
  3. Plant in the pot. A good gift for a grandmother who loves indoor flowers and takes care of them tenderly. You can give a decorative aloe bush, indoor version of lemongrass, tangerine tree or chic geranium. You can attach a book or an entire encyclopedia to the gift, which is dedicated to caring for flowers and plants at home.

What to give your grandmother for 80 years with your own hands

You can make a gift for the hero of the day with your own hands. The main thing for an 80-year-old grandmother is not material things, but your attention and time. Ideas for inexpensive, memorable or really useful gifts that you can make yourself for your grandmother on her birthday:

  • Collage of family photos. Grandma will be pleased to remember the past years – print out photos of different years and make a beautiful collage out of them on whatman paper. Dilute the pictures with warm wishes from all the guests of the anniversary.
  • Wicker basket with memories. Inside the basket you can put sweets, magazines, music records and film recordings from the birthday girl’s youth. If it is difficult to find such things, you can put photos of the family and the grandmother herself in the basket, as well as diversify them with fruits or your favorite sweets of the hero of the day.
  • Genealogical tree. Get a few photo frames and make a beautiful family tree out of them – you can put it on a large Whatman paper or construct it using artificial branches.
  • Cutting board. A great gift from your grandson that you can make yourself. Make a board or buy it in a store and burn a beautiful pattern on it. Don’t forget your birthday wishes for grandma.
  • Vase or planter painted using decoupage technique . This is a technique for decorating objects by creating an appliqué or pattern. The finished work will resemble a painting. Anyone can make such a cute gift for grandmother – both a child and an adult, the main thing is to show a little imagination.

Tips: what gift to choose for a grandmother for 80 years

Not sure what to get grandma for her 80th birthday? Do you find it difficult to choose a surprise and doubt whether it is worth giving this or that thing? The following tips will help you choose and give the best gift option:

  1. At 80, grandmothers usually take care of the emotional side of life, not the material side. It will be important for her if she receives care, support and attention from you on such a significant anniversary. You can give preference to practical and inexpensive gifts – the main thing is to approach the choice with all responsibility and surround the birthday girl with love.
  2. If the grandmother lives with her children or grandchildren, do not give gifts that will be useful for the whole family, such as new furniture or plumbing. Your gift for such a grand anniversary should be for the birthday girl, and no one else.
  3. Many people change their life views and values ​​with age – keep this in mind when choosing a gift for your grandmother. Perhaps, in her youth, her grandmother wanted to go on a short trip or have a pet, but this does not mean that her desires and opportunities have remained the same.
  4. A gift should be chosen in accordance with the well-being and lifestyle of your beloved grandmother. A gift for an active lady who does not lose heart, goes in for sports and lives adventures, will be different from a present for a grandmother who prefers to spend all her free time at home watching TV.
  5. What flowers to give grandma for 80 years? Preference should be given to solid options – these are chic roses, chrysanthemums, gerberas, as well as lilies, tulips or peonies. You can attach a nominal vase to the bouquet – then your gift will be not only pleasant and beautiful, but also practical.
  6. Eighty years is an important date. Grandmother has lived a lot, and she deserves the fulfillment of her most secret desires. If you don’t have enough money to buy an expensive gift, try getting along with other family members. You may be able to send your grandmother to a sanatorium close to home to improve her health.

What is better not to give grandma for her 80th birthday

People of the age are picky – to please your beloved grandmother, you just need to come to the celebration of the anniversary. But if you decide to give a gift, approach this process responsibly. List of gifts not to give:

  • Money. It is categorically not recommended to give money to a grandmother for 80 years. Firstly, it is not customary to do this – giving money to people older than you is considered bad form. Secondly, your grandmother expects attention and care from you. If you chose money as a gift, then you did not think at all about the wishes of the birthday girl.
  • Medicines and medical devices. It is not necessary to give such gifts for an anniversary, even if they are expensive. Do not remind your grandmother of age and illness. Try to buy pills or a blood pressure monitor just like that, and give something special for your birthday. Also, do not give anti-aging cosmetics.
  • Cloth. It makes no sense to give an elderly grandmother beautiful clothes “to go out” – most likely, she will just lie in the closet. People of this age are distinguished by practicality and a desire to put such things in reserve. It is better to give the birthday girl a thing that will come in handy for her here and now.
  • Difficult technique to handle. If you want to donate household appliances, choose the simplest models or customize them yourself. If you buy, for example, a washing vacuum cleaner, it will be difficult for a grandmother to take it apart, wash and clean it after each use. The same goes for sophisticated modern phones – such things are simply useless for older people.
  • Animals. A kitten or a dog is certainly a cute and touching gift, but at 80 years old, people are often no longer able to look after a little tomboy. If the grandmother is confident in her abilities and asks to give her a pet herself, feel free to do it – but be ready to help her take care of the animal.


Finding what to give an 80-year-old grandmother is a difficult task, but not overwhelming. Choose a gift with a soul, taking into account the age and interests of the birthday person, do not forget about warm wishes, give from the bottom of your heart – in this case, the surprise will be pleasant and bring a lot of positive emotions to the birthday girl.

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