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TOP 142 ideas What to give a woman inexpensively +23 gifts and Tips

In fact, there are much more inexpensive gifts than expensive ones. If you have reached this page, then you have a problem in choosing what to give a woman for her birthday inexpensively.

So that you do not waste time looking for ideas, below you will find ready-made lists of presents from which you can choose the most suitable and inexpensive gift for a woman right now, depending on who you are, an anniversary or a themed holiday.

The secret here is to choose something unique and original for her that meets the interests and hobbies of the hero of the occasion, it is also necessary to take into account the age and scope of the woman.

Even inexpensive gifts can be useful for a birthday girl, and not stand idle on a shelf or in a closet. Then you will be able to make an inexpensive but pleasant surprise.

So, to get started, we have prepared a top list of ideas, among which you will surely find a modest birthday gift for a woman that you can buy when money is tight.

TOP 142 ideas, What an inexpensive gift you can give a woman for her birthday

  1. Warm blanket.
  2. Massage chair cover.
  3. Chocolate postcard.
  4. Warm terry bathrobe.
  5. Set for Spa procedures.
  6. Stylish leather wallet.
  7. A set of spices in glass jars.
  8. Gift set of fresh fruits in chocolate.
  9. Magnetic slate board for writing.
  10. Checkbook of desires.
  11. Stylish set of lunch boxes.
  12. Massage Slippers.
  13. Vacuum packing machine.
  14. A set of wine glasses.
  15. Thermo mug or miniature thermos.
  16. External battery for charging gadgets.
  17. A set of terry towels.
  18. Stylish vase for flowers.
  19. Portable breakfast table.
  20. Soft slippers in the form of a favorite animal.
  21. Luminaire in the shape of the moon.
  22. Stylish umbrella with original handle.
  23. Wireless headphones.
  24. Fitness tracker.
  25. Aroma sachet.
  26. Humidifier.
  27. Portable coffee maker in the car.
  28. Iron or hair dryer.
  29. A small foot or back massager.
  30. Beautiful watch with leather strap.
  31. Fashionable handbag or clutch.
  32. Manual coffee grinder.
  33. Set of shadows with different colors.
  34. Rose in a flask.
  35. Handmade soap set.
  36. Electric foot file.
  37. A set of elite varieties of Chinese tea.
  38. Original key holder or housekeeper.
  39. Holder or stand for jewelry.
  40. Travel kit: inflatable pillow, earplugs and sleep mask.
  41. Eco cosmetics set.
  42. A bag for hiking or for a trip on vacation.
  43. Depilation set.
  44. Gift set of honey or jam with different flavors.
  45. Growing kit.
  46. Inexpensive geyser coffee maker.
  47. Nail dryer and manicure set.
  48. Portable selfie lamp.
  49. Smoothie jars.
  50. Organizer for cosmetics.
  51. Stole.
  52. Set for making rolls and sushi.
  53. Molds for baking.
  54. Figurines for the garden.
  55. Lanterns for giving on solar batteries.
  56. Stylish wooden box for valuables.
  57. Set for sports training.
  58. Stylish cosmetic bag.
  59. French press.
  60. Laptop case.
  61. Knitted scarf and hat.
  62. Double boiler.
  63. Gift book from your favorite author.
  64. Armchair for giving.
  65. Fondue set.
  66. Original moss painting.
  67. Desktop aquarium.
  68. Air ionizer.
  69. Belgian chocolate in a gift box.
  70. Blanket with sleeves.
  71. Beautiful brooch.
  72. Tea couple.
  73. Accurate scales for the kitchen.
  74. Automatic corkscrew.
  75. Fashion sunglasses.
  76. Cozy pajamas.
  77. Foot massage bath.
  78. Digital weather station.
  79. Shower radio.
  80. Alarm clock with imitation of dawn.
  81. Wireless mouse or keyboard.
  82. Mixer or blender.
  83. Dryer for fruits and vegetables.
  84. smart garden system.
  85. A set of hanging planters for flowers.
  86. Apparatus for making cotton candy or popcorn.
  87. Original apron.
  88. Set for creativity, knitting or sewing.
  89. Electric samovar.
  90. Large fitness ball.
  91. Lemon or orange tree.
  92. Picnic set.
  93. Addictive board game.
  94. A set of dumbbells for sports.
  95. Hammock or swing for the garden.
  96. Portable juicer.
  97. Shower curtain with original print.
  98. Decorative pillows.
  99. Pillow that remembers the shape of the body.
  100. Pear chair.
  101. Illuminated home fountain.
  102. Original wall clock.
  103. A set of aroma lamps and essential oils.
  104. Rock garden.
  105. Candy bouquet.
  106. Heating blanket or sheet.
  107. Magic ball of predictions.
  108. Set for felting wool.
  109. Inflatable sofa or armchair.
  110. Gel socks for moisturizing feet.
  111. Eyelash curler set.
  112. Electronic butterfly in the bank.
  113. Potholders for hot.
  114. Magnet with a photo of the birthday girl.
  115. Multi-colored crayons for coloring strands of hair.
  116. Reading Glasses.
  117. Original candlesticks.
  118. Kimono robe.
  119. Electric heated mat.
  120. Magnetic or luminous shoelaces.
  121. Cache-pot with self-watering function.
  122. Raincoat.
  123. Parktronics.
  124. Curlers electronic for a curling of hair.
  125. Music Box.
  126. Jars for spices.
  127. Parking card with phone number.
  128. Stylish business card.
  129. Ice cream maker or waffle maker.
  130. Sports water bottle.
  131. Hidden book.
  132. Bath set.
  133. Monopod for smartphone.
  134. Selfie ring.
  135. Portable irrigator.
  136. Karaoke.
  137. A set of growing pencils.
  138. Set of LED candles.
  139. Massage hoop.
  140. Exotic flower in a pot.
  141. Wicker basket.
  142. Facial sauna.

Original gifts

The easiest way to choose an inexpensive gift for a woman is to focus on unusual and original things. Even if there is no money, such a surprise will surprise and delight the birthday girl. In addition, it can be quite an ordinary thing, but at the same time originally designed or with unusual functions. Here are some interesting ideas.

Cosmetic mirror with illumination . Such a mirror will delight any woman who takes care of herself, relevant at 30 and 60 years old. Thanks to a special backlight, you can apply makeup in any conditions and not worry that some imperfections will be visible in daylight.

In addition, this mirror will look great in any interior. There are large-sized models, and there are also small, desktop ones.

Salt lamp . Such a present is best suited if you need to buy something inexpensive, but original and healthy.

The salt lamp normalizes the electromagnetic radiation in the room, purifies the air and improves the quality of sleep. In addition, it is very useful in diseases of the upper respiratory tract and asthma.

Scratch map of the world . The perfect gift for those who love to travel the world. These cards have a special protective layer that can be washed with a coin.

Having visited a new country, the birthday girl will be able to mark it on this map in this way. And it is also convenient to plan new trips and trips with it. The card will perfectly fit into any interior.

Socks with peeling function . An unusual gift that will certainly surprise the birthday girl. You just need to wear such socks for several days and during this time a miracle happens with your feet.

Due to the special acids in the composition, the skin on the feet is completely renewed, it becomes soft almost like a small child. With a similar effect, there are special gloves for hands.

Kigurumi pajamas . This is a warm plush pajama made in the shape of an animal or cartoon character. It will appeal to women who appreciate home comfort. You can pick up pajamas with her favorite character or animal.

Useful inexpensive gifts

Of course, for every woman it is important that the gift is useful, and not just gathering dust on the shelf.

Especially if the birthday girl needs to choose a present for her 50th anniversary. In the selection of practical and at the same time inexpensive gifts for a woman on her birthday.

Screw juicer . A wonderful gift for those women who care about their health and try to stick to proper nutrition.

Thanks to it, you can quickly and easily make fresh juice for breakfast from your favorite fruits and vegetables. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen.

Wall florarium . If the birthday girl is fond of growing flowers at home, then she will certainly appreciate such a gift. Florarium will create a green area in the room and a cozy atmosphere. In addition, it will become an unusual decoration in the interior.

Anti-reflective goggles . They will be especially appreciated by those women who constantly drive. In summer, when the sun shines especially brightly, these glasses help to remove glare from objects, thereby providing better visibility on the road.

This can prevent an accident and make the birthday girl feel more confident behind the wheel.

Auto irrigation system . It is a device from different flasks, thanks to which a woman no longer has to worry about the fact that she forgot to water her favorite flower.

The irrigation system fits perfectly into the interior, looks very nice. This is especially true for those who often go on business trips or going on vacation.

Desktop biofireplace . In modern realities, we can only dream of a real fireplace, especially when living in an apartment. But there are bio-fireplaces that not only maintain heat in the room, but also perform an aesthetic function.

They look unusual and create the very atmosphere of the house, which is lacking for many residents of big cities. When you look at the fire, you become calm, stress goes away, and the body relaxes after a busy day.

Symbolic gifts

Sometimes you want to present not an ordinary gift for a name day, but something special, with meaning. It is not always easy to choose such a symbolic gift for a woman for her birthday; here you need to rely on her personal qualities and your relationship.

However, there are several universal gifts from this category that are sure to please every woman.

Fortune cookies . This is not just a delicious gift for a woman on a birthday, it will add a little mystery and magic to the holiday.

By choosing one cookie, the hero of the occasion will be able to find out what awaits her in the near future. Whether she believes it or not is not so important, the main thing is to create an atmosphere.

Kalimba.  The perfect gift for those who love music. Yes, this is a musical instrument of African origin, but to play it, you do not need to know musical notation and have any special skills.

Any person can do this. Kalimba has a pleasant sound, which is somewhat reminiscent of a music box. In addition, playing this instrument relieves stress and induces a calm meditative mood.

Bamboo bathroom table . It’s nice to lie in a warm bath after a hard day’s work, and with a bamboo table, you can add your favorite book and a glass of wine to this without fear of dropping or spilling something.

The material of the table is impregnated with a special composition that does not allow moisture to penetrate inside and destroy it.

Visualization board . Women who are actively engaged in self-development and use various trainings and techniques for this will really like it. The board is a board for visualizing desires and building routes to dreams.

There are many motivating stickers in the set. The glider can be filled for a week or for a whole year, and then just follow the notes.

Rose in a glass jar . When choosing what to give a woman inexpensive, but at the same time romantic, you can stop at this option. Such a rose will not wither over time and will delight the birthday girl with a beautiful appearance for a long time.

She does not require special care. This flower can be a symbol of eternal love for you.

Gifts for a work colleague

We spend a significant part of the time at work and our social circle largely depends on it, so we cannot ignore a colleague whose birthday is coming soon. For an employee, you can buy an inexpensive gift, the main thing is that it matches her interests and social status.

In this case, attention is much more important. So, if you need to choose a budget gift for a work colleague, especially for a 30th or 40th anniversary,  we offer you some interesting options for a present.

Heated mug holder . Very often during work we are so carried away that we forget about everything. Many are familiar with the situation when you bring tea or coffee, sit down to work and completely forget about the drink. And when you remember, everything has already cooled down. Such a stand will warm up the mug, and tea and coffee will not cool down while the birthday girl is busy with work.

Handmade soap set . A nice gift for a woman, soap is usually made in different forms, flowers, animals or hearts are made. You can choose the shape and flavor.

Then the soap is placed in a special box or basket, everything together looks very beautiful. And most importantly, what the birthday girl will appreciate is the natural composition of such soap.

Money tree . This is both a wonderful decoration for the interior and an amulet that attracts money and prosperity to the house.

If a woman is inclined to believe in such things, then she will surely be delighted with such a souvenir from her colleagues. The gift can be put on the desktop or taken home.

Heated snack container . A useful thing, thanks to which you can take home-made food with you to work and at the same time not worry that it will cool down and become tasteless.

Food stays hot and fresh throughout the working day. So you can no longer spend money on fast food and cafes, but simply bring a container of homemade food with you.

beauty gifts

  • Hair styler.  This is a multifunctional device that allows you to make a wide variety of hairstyles without damaging your hair. There are different attachments that can be used to straighten, style or curl your hair. Thanks to the styler, you can create a new and unusual look every day not only with the help of different outfits, but also by changing hairstyles.
  • Turban for drying hair.  A special towel that allows you to quickly dry your hair after washing thanks to a special material. The use of such a towel will reduce the need to use a hair dryer, which damages the hair structure. In addition, such a turban can be taken to the bath or worn during cosmetic procedures.
  • Yoga set . Among women, yoga is becoming more and more popular, some are doing it in the gym with a trainer, and some at home. Be that as it may, a yoga set will come in handy for every woman who is passionate about it. It includes a mat, special stretches for the arms and legs, as well as bricks for the correct performance of asanas.
  • Comb with ionization function . This is a special comb that not only does not damage the curls, but also makes them smoother due to ionization. It is made using natural bristles, but it is anti-static, unlike similar combs.


To choose a good, but at the same time inexpensive gift for a woman, you need to analyze her tastes, hobbies and hobbies. We have put together a number of useful tips and tricks to help you make the right choice of present.

  1. Pay attention to changes in life . For example, if a woman has recently moved into a new apartment, then practical items for the home will certainly come in handy. If the birthday girl has problems in the family, give her something fun to cheer up. Analyze what things can be useful for a woman in this period of her life.
  2. Go for the trick . It will come in handy if you are still in doubt about what to give as a gift. Just say that you have already bought a gift, and then invite the birthday girl to guess what it is. The first few choices she comes up with will be the best choices for her birthday present.
  3. Remember what a woman often says . Surely in a conversation with you, she often mentions what worries her or, on the contrary, pleases her. She may complain of back problems, then buy her the appropriate exercise machine. Or maybe she dreams of a new set of skin care cosmetics, then it’s enough just to pick up and beautifully pack the necessary products.
  4. Choose a gift for her, not for yourself . What you like does not necessarily have to please the birthday girl. Think about her tastes, whether such a gift will please her in the same way that it would please you.
  5. Usefulness . Ceteris paribus, give preference to the gift that will be useful to a woman in everyday life. Souvenirs can be beautiful but useless. As a result, they just gather dust for years on the shelf. Try to find a reasonably practical gift.
  6. Don’t forget about quality . Even if the thing is inexpensive, it must be of decent quality. Let it be something simple, but well-made. It is better to give a set of quality bathroom towels than a cheap smartphone that will break in a month and go to the landfill.
  7. Joint gift . In the case when the budget is very limited, sometimes it is better to chip in with other guests and give one thing, but good and necessary, than if everyone buys some kind of trinket. Yes, and think about what you can give together.
  8. Appearance and flowers . Do not forget also that any gift, large or small, needs to be beautifully packaged. Even a few ribbons can give any item a festive look. And even better if it is the original box and beautiful packaging. Also, be sure to buy flowers that the birthday girl loves. This will complement your gift and make the woman even more happy.
  9. Congratulations . It is worth remembering that sometimes it is more important how you presented your gift than the gift itself. Therefore, come up with congratulations in advance, if you know how, then try to dress it in a poetic form. You can buy balloons, crackers and confetti to create a festive atmosphere at the time of presentation.

What is better not to give

In addition to successful gifts, there is a whole list of what is better not to give a woman a birthday. Such surprises can greatly offend her or cause disappointment.

In order not to spoil the holiday and relations with the birthday girl, we bring to your attention a list of inappropriate and unsuccessful gift ideas.

  • Any things that hint at the possible flaws of a woman . If a lady is trying to lose weight, then in no case should you give her scales or some things to lose weight. If she has skin problems, don’t even think about giving her a remedy for those problems. So you run the risk of greatly spoiling the relationship with the birthday girl. Also, any age-related cosmetics are prohibited.
  • Personal hygiene products . An inappropriate birthday present, even from loved ones.
  • Soft toys . Most often they become dust collectors in the apartment. If a woman does not have a special love for teddy bears, then it is better not to make such a gift.
  • Means for health and medical goods . By giving such a present, you provoke a person on your birthday to think about their health. It will be especially unpleasant for the birthday girl if it is unimportant. Such a gift can upset a woman, and the holiday will be simply ruined.
  • Fake brands . A thing may look almost like the original, but still remain a fake. This deception is likely to be revealed and the relationship can be ruined.
  • Cosmetics sets . Most often, women choose individual care for themselves, and in sets, a lot of funds simply may not suit the birthday girl. An exception may be some universal collections of skin care cosmetics.
  • Money . An appropriate gift only from the closest relatives or if it was agreed in advance. In other cases, such a gift indicates that you decided to pay off and did not take the time to pick up a good present for a woman’s name day.
  • Postcard with ready-made congratulations . If you want to give a card, then compose a congratulation from yourself and write down all your wishes in it with your own hand.
  • Banal . A box of chocolates and flowers should be given only as a last resort. Or try playing around with it. Buy not ordinary sweets, but fortune cookies, not simple flowers, but an exotic plant in a bowl.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes . All this, of course, is prohibited. Such gifts are a manifestation of disrespect for the birthday girl. An exception, and then as an addition to the main gift, may be a bottle of good wine.


In this article, we have collected the best inexpensive birthday gift ideas for a woman. The main thing is to always remember that your attention and care is much more important for the birthday girl, and if she feels that the gift is chosen with her soul, then she will certainly like it.

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