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116 gift ideas for Grandma’s birthday

To please a wise and experienced beloved grandmother is a noble goal. To cope with such a task, you have to try. It will save time and effort, help you decide what to give as a gift, a detailed list of ideas. Each present is good in its own way.

TOP 63 gift ideas for grandma

  1. An unfading flower in a vacuum flask will be an elegant sign of attention.
  2. A massage bath will give you moments of relaxation.
  3. The smartphone will open up more opportunities for communication.
  4. A handmade shawl will warm you up in the cold season and add a special charm to your look.
  5. A three-tier fruit vase is useful to every housewife in the kitchen.
  6. A beautiful umbrella is a practical and effective thing.
  7. Tea service for friendly gatherings.
  8. Complimentary wood cutting board to make grandma always feel loved and beautiful.
  9. Anti-slip soles for prevention.
  10. A gift set of sweets is divinely tasty and status.
  11. Bakeware to try new recipes.
  12. Set of anti-aging cosmetics for skin care.
  13. Modular paintings will immediately transform the interior.
  14. Bathrobe, which is so nice to wrap up after water procedures.
  15. Basket from a rod for storage of vegetables and fruit.
  16. An electronic photo frame with family photos to always be close to your loved ones.
  17. Robotic vacuum cleaner for perfect cleanliness without difficulty.
  18. A pilgrimage tour to holy places will bring a lot of impressions, meeting interesting people.
  19. A portrait of a grandmother from a talented artist will delight.
  20. A pillow with a stand is a convenient novelty.
  21. A massager designed to work out different parts of the body.
  22. Courses for the elderly, where you can learn computer skills or learn foreign languages.
  23. Multifunctional sewing machine to realize creative ideas.
  24. A thermal bag will come in handy for those who like to often go out into nature.
  25. An aquarium with fish is a wonderful sedative.
  26. Orthopedic mattress for healthy sleep.
  27. A thermos will keep hot coffee or tea on the go.
  28. Yoga mat to practice at home.
  29. Alarm clock projector.
  30. Silver table set – such gifts are appreciated at all times.
  31. Ice cream maker for making natural treats.
  32. Sticks for Nordic walking.
  33. The vitamin complex will support natural immunity.
  34. Hair accessories, if you want to bring something new to your hair.
  35. Icon of a guardian angel, from whom you can ask for help in any business.
  36. Photo session to see yourself in a new way.
  37. An electronic door peephole that can transmit an image to a smartphone.
  38. A blanket made of natural materials retains heat and does not cause allergies.
  39. Decorative containers in which it is convenient to store a variety of spices.
  40. Bicycle for lovers of an active lifestyle.
  41. A ticket to a concert or performance is an opportunity to have a good time.
  42. Big screen LCD TV for easy viewing of your favorite characters.
  43. Jewelry will refresh your festive look.
  44. A course of massage will immediately have a beneficial effect on the body.
  45. Elegant tablecloth – table decoration.
  46. A book to immerse yourself in the limitless world of word art.
  47. Bench for giving or garden sculpture.
  48. Consulting an astrologer, drawing up a natal chart will help you find answers to many life questions.
  49. A vase in which fresh flowers should appear more often.
  50. The radio will never let you get bored.
  51. The inhaler will allow you to perform wellness procedures at home.
  52. The carved wooden box will delight you with its beauty.
  53. A subscription to the pool for those who like to swim or plan to make such a useful habit.
  54. Bonsai garden.
  55. A water filter is essential in modern urban realities.
  56. A laptop, thanks to which a grandmother can have new interests and hobbies.
  57. Candle lamps with a remote control will surprise you with their functionality.
  58. Bed linen is a universal gift.
  59. Decorative pillows will add bright accents to the interior.
  60. Water-repellent spray for shoes to resist bad weather.
  61. A dishwasher will make your daily chores easier.
  62. A fitness bracelet monitors the state of the body every second, therefore it is considered the key to longevity.
  63. Exclusive kitchen apron in which you can create culinary masterpieces.

Original gifts for grandma

To make the holiday special and memorable for a long time, you need to show ingenuity. Original gifts will help express your warm feelings. They need to be chosen in accordance with the character, hobbies and lifestyle of the grandmother.

  1. Medal of the best, kindest, caring…
  2. Pajamas with the inscription “When you wake up, then it’s morning” or an interesting print.
  3. Unexpected congratulations with the participation of professional artists at home or in the country.
  4. Author’s song dedicated to grandmother, performed live.
  5. Named cutlery set.

Of course, this is not all. Remember, perhaps your grandmother told you what she dreams about, or what she most wanted in her youth. It’s time to fulfill an unfulfilled desire.

What to give your beloved grandmother

The choice of gift largely depends on the occasion. Sometimes it is necessary to emphasize the solemnity of the moment, and sometimes just pay attention and symbolically congratulate.


Round dates are usually celebrated on a large scale. Based on this, a gift on the occasion of the anniversary should be carefully thought out. It is good if the whole big friendly family will participate in the preparation.

  1. Genealogical book, which contains information about distant ancestors.
  2. A ticket to a sanatorium where you can relax and heal.
  3. A rocking chair is one of the elements of a cozy home.
  4. A bread maker designed for baking bread according to different recipes.
  5. Poetry evening – such events were popular before and will evoke fond memories.

For the day of the elderly

The holiday has international status. On this day, every grandmother wants to feel the warmth of loved ones and, of course, everyone will be happy with pleasant surprises.

  1. The fire detector is considered one of the most effective means of preventing a fire.
  2. The symbolic pendant Music of the Wind will help balance the flow of energy and will organically fit into any interior.
  3. Natural beeswax candles come in a variety of colors and shapes.
  4. A glasses case is a stylish and necessary accessory.
  5. Indoor flower that grandma likes.

Cheap gifts for grandma

As you know, attention is priceless. The cost of the gift does not matter much, the main thing is to present it from the heart, to surround the grandmother with care. This is possible even with a modest budget.

  1. Hair care products.
  2. Herbal tea set.
  3. Keychain talisman.
  4. Notebook.
  5. Handmade soap.

gifts for grandma from granddaughter

Emotional relationships would be appropriate to reinforce with a gift.

  1. Set for the kitchen of towels and potholders.
  2. Puzzles “Italy”, which can be put together and hung on the wall.
  3. Fragrant homemade cookies with orange.
  4. Needle bed.
  5. Aromatic pads.

gifts for grandma from grandson

  1. Organizer for pills and vitamins.
  2. Hot stand.
  3. Case and protective glass for smartphone.
  4. Lottery ticket.
  5. Antistress toy.

Gifts for grandma from little grandchildren

Kids like no one else know how to cheer up. They put all their sincerity, spontaneity and creativity into a gift. Such jewels cannot be bought.

  1. Abstract hand drawings look very cute.
  2. Mandala painted by a child.
  3. Colored paper application.
  4. Beads made of large beads collected on a thread.
  5. Card.

What to choose for a grandmother by age

Every year I want to give my grandmother something useful and unforgettable.

Grandmother 65-70 years old

  1. Inflatable mattress.
  2. Accurate kitchen scales.
  3. Desktop weather station.

Grandmother 70-75 years old

  1. Electric blanket.
  2. Wool cardigan.
  3. Tonometer.

Grandmother 75-80 years old

  1. Mobile tea table.
  2. Specialty cake according to a traditional recipe.
  3. Fur vest.

Grandmother 80-90 years old

  1. Heating pad.
  2. Honey set.
  3. Thermo mug.

DIY gifts for grandma

With a little effort and imagination, you can make a great gift. Handmade items will be a special pride of the grandmother. Most likely, she will tell everyone how caring and hardworking her grandchildren have grown up.

Shoe shelf from a pallet

A comfortable interior detail will last for many years. For its manufacture does not require special tools and special skills.


  • palette;
  • sandpaper;
  • dye;
  • brush;
  • primer;
  • bow.

It’s best to put on gloves and goggles before getting down to business.


  • carefully process the pallet with sandpaper;
  • cover it with a primer and let dry;
  • alternately apply two layers of paint;
  • varnish;
  • install in the hallway.

tea box

It is these things that create a unique homely atmosphere and comfort. Each tea party will be doubly sweeter and more enjoyable thanks to a beautiful gift.


  • decoupage paper;
  • box;
  • bow;
  • PVA glue;
  • napkins;
  • markers;
  • tapes;
  • flowers or other decorative items.


  • Measure the surface of the box;
  • measure and cut a piece of decoupage paper that matches the size of the box;
  • leave decoupage paper in water until it straightens a little;
  • get wet with napkins;
  • apply glue from the wrong side;
  • press firmly to the box;
  • after drying, apply varnish;
  • decorate with flowers, ribbons and other decorative elements.

Composition of dried flowers

Plants retain the summer heat and energy of the sun for a long time. They will be a great decoration for any room in winter. An original bouquet is an endless source of positive emotions.


  • dried flowers (immortelle, acroclinum, kermek or any other plants need to be dried in advance);
  • satin ribbon;
  • aerosol varnish;
  • scissors.


  • Collect dried flowers in a bouquet;
  • cut the stems at the same level with scissors;
  • cover the composition with varnish so that it remains for a long time;
  • decorate with satin ribbon.

Do-it-yourself table napkin

There are not many such pleasant trifles. Napkins are always useful for table setting and interior decoration.


  • fabric (preferably natural);
  • ruler;
  • scissors.


  • measure with a ruler and cut out pieces of fabric measuring 35X35 centimeters from the fabric (proportions can be changed);
  • pull the threads along the edges to make a fringe.

You can finish the edges with a sewing machine if you have one. One of the options for decorating the edge is lace.


For comfort and relaxation, it is enough to put a thoughtful pillow under your head, made by caring hands. Such a gift will help to find peace of mind.


  • the cloth;
  • braid for finishing;
  • filler;
  • thread, needle;
  • scissors.


  • cut out two identical parts;
  • sew the details by hand or on a sewing machine, leaving some space for the filler;
  • fill the pillow with filler and sew the seam to the end;
  • decorate with braid.

Embroidered slippers

Exclusive house shoes will be to the taste of any woman. Slippers with hand embroidery look stylish.


  • plain slippers;
  • thin paper (you can take cigarette paper):
  • embroidery threads;
  • needle.


  • transfer the pattern you like from the Internet onto paper;
  • attach paper to slippers and embroider along the contours;
  • remove paper residue.

What is better not to give grandma

In order for the grandmother to forget about her age, and the holiday to be remembered only by positive and smiles, it is advisable to exclude some gift options.

  1. The envelope with money looks too trite.
  2. Medicines will be completely out of place.
  3. Watches should not be given if the grandmother is superstitious.
  4. Jewelry with pearls, if you believe the signs, bring suffering.
  5. Household and computer equipment, which is difficult to understand, is likely to stand idle.

If you approach the choice of a gift with a soul, grandmother will be satisfied. Warm hugs and touching congratulations will also help you recharge your batteries for a long time. Do not forget that a holiday with your family is also a great occasion to talk, share memories and plans for the future.

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