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270 ideas for what to give grandmother for her 80th birthday

Grandmother for many of us is the personification of kindness, care, warmth and comfort. However, when looking for a gift for her eightieth birthday, do not be guided by stereotypes. Focus on the tastes, worldview and lifestyle of the hero of the day. Especially carefully choose various gadgets or equipment – such gifts should be as simple and clear as possible to use. Also, do not forget that at such a venerable age, a person is distinguished by sentimentality and vulnerability and, first of all, pays attention to the spiritual, and not to the financial component of the present.

TOP 64 ideas of what to give a grandmother for 80 years

  1. robot massager
  2. smart garden
  3. Tourmaline Jade Thermal Mat
  4. Darsonval
  5. Gift set of spices
  6. Ceramic food warmer
  7. Table/wall clock
  8. Set of decorative pillows
  9. Flexible Wall Mounted Fireplace
  10. Magnetic therapy device
  11. Camel/lamb hair belt
  12. Sewing/knitting machine
  13. Antiradiculitis bandage
  14. Tiered box
  15. Gift edition of a favorite work
  16. Tabletop rock garden
  17. fur coat
  18. folding umbrella
  19. Universal remote
  20. Furniture safe
  21. Electric blanket/sheet
  22. Multicooker
  23. Retro phone
  24. Textile tablecloth with napkins
  25. Iceland moss tree
  26. Freezer/refrigerator
  27. Pavloposadsky scarf
  28. Bouquet of dried fruits
  29. Honey bowl / candy bowl
  30. Washing machine
  31. Hydromassage foot bath
  32. Apparatus “Vitafon”
  33. Pilgrimage tour
  34. Periodical Subscription
  35. Thermopot/teapot
  36. Set of containers for liquid spices
  37. Manicure set
  38. Bedding set
  39. Air ionizer / ozonizer
  40. Serving table
  41. Designer glasses case
  42. Care cosmetics set
  43. Blanket with sleeves
  44. Florarium
  45. Photo album with family photos
  46. Electric meat grinder
  47. Electronic steelyard
  48. Lamps with motion sensor
  49. Silver water ionizer
  50. Painting with Swarovski crystals
  51. Waffle maker/pancake maker
  52. Purse/handbag
  53. A set of elite tea/coffee varieties
  54. planetary mixer
  55. Massage pillow
  56. Blender
  57. Gas leak sensor
  58. Cane made of natural wood
  59. Juicer
  60. Anti-slip bath mat
  61. Curtains and tulle
  62. Desk lamp
  63. Fur mittens
  64. Acupuncture mat

Practical gifts for grandma for her 80th birthday

Many older people prefer functional and useful gifts to any other gift, so if you decide to choose something from this category, you will not lose. We offer the most requested options:

Mobile phone.  Gone are the days when the phone was an unaffordable luxury, now even preschoolers have portable devices. Depending on the skills of the birthday girl, she can be presented with a traditional model with large buttons, so loved by the elderly, or a simple smartphone that will allow her to contact her family using various messengers.

Glasses for reading lying down. The revolutionary invention will allow the birthday girl not to experience inconvenience and maintain a straight head position when reading while lying down. Lenses-prisms refract the image at a right angle, so that the human body is in a comfortable position and the neck muscles do not leak.

A set of pots / frying pans.  Quality cookware costs a lot of money, and not all retirees can afford to upgrade their much-needed kitchen utensils. Delight your beloved granny with a set of modern non-stick frying pans or pots with glass lids and a thick bottom.

Wireless headphones.  With the help of this modern accessory, a grandmother will be able to watch her favorite TV shows and series at a volume that is comfortable for her, without disturbing the peace of those around her.

In addition, the birthday girl, who has a rational approach, will surely like such presents:

  • electric grater;
  • yogurt maker;
  • electric lighter for gas stove;
  • illuminated magnifier;
  • bread maker;
  • a set of glasses for various purposes;
  • needlework organizer;
  • glucometer;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • carpet made of natural materials;
  • vertical clothes dryer;
  • bladeless fan;
  • talking alarm;
  • duvet;
  • storage water heater.

Inexpensive gifts for grandmother for 80 years

You can choose a great gift for the 80th anniversary even with a very modest budget. The main thing in this case is to show imagination and approach the matter with a soul. A good inexpensive gift for a grandmother can be:

Bluetooth keychain for finding keys. As you know, with age, people become distracted and forgetful. With such a keychain, the grandmother will be able not to worry where she put the keys and not waste time and nerve cells searching for them. With the help of two-way communication in a matter of seconds, the device will help you find the loss.

Recipe book.  Surely over a long life, the birthday girl has accumulated many recipes for preparing various dishes. In order for the unique knowledge not to be lost, give your grandmother a good book where she can write down all her culinary tricks that will help create unique culinary masterpieces.

Ice access for shoes. Inexpensive, but extremely useful thing will become a faithful companion of the birthday girl on winter roads. Devices are worn over shoes, securely fastened with straps and allow you to move on slippery surfaces.

Inexpensive to congratulate the hero of the day will also help such gifts:

  • a vessel for holy water;
  • bakery;
  • heating pad for teapot;
  • filter jug ​​for water;
  • playing cards;
  • room thermometer;
  • newspaper case;
  • home Uggs;
  • electric can opener;
  • floor vase;
  • a set of towels;
  • wall key holder;
  • acupuncture massage slippers;
  • salt/electric heating pad.

Original gifts for grandmother on her birthday

At any age, the hero of the occasion will be happy with some unusual and interesting present, especially since she has probably already received a lot of banal and traditional things over previous birthdays. If you want to surprise and delight the birthday girl, we offer you such original ideas:

Basket of youth.  Get a presentable basket and fill it with various magazines, accessories and records from your grandmother’s youth. It will be great if you can find the surviving originals. But, if this is not possible, put modern items made in vintage style in the basket. Show your imagination and let granny plunge into the days of her youth – you will see: the effect produced will fully justify all your efforts.

Bouquet of skeins of yarn.  Many grandmothers delight their grandchildren and relatives with various knitted products created by their own hands. If your birthday girl is one of them, surprise her with a multi-colored bouquet of quality yarn skeins.

Home cheese factory.  A great gift for a cooking lover. With the help of such a device, the grandmother will acquire a new hobby, delight her relatives with delicious cheeses and, quite possibly, become the founder of a family business.

Back trip.  If the hero of the day is a very active lady who does not complain about her health, organize a trip for her to places that are memorable for her. Perhaps it will be a joint trip to the seaside town where she rested with your future grandfather, or a tour of the city of her childhood, or a trip to the village where she once studied. In order for the gift to be a success, you should thoroughly prepare for it by unobtrusively asking the birthday girl herself or by extracting the necessary information from knowledgeable relatives.

The following presents will also be a pleasant surprise for your grandmother:

  • biofireplace;
  • wall family tree;
  • perpetual calendar;
  • planter with automatic watering function;
  • tickets for a cultural event;
  • planter with automatic watering function;
  • tickets for a cultural event;
  • vitamin shower head;
  • flash drive with songs of the youth of the birthday girl;
  • salt lamp;
  • electronic butterfly in the bank;
  • felt boots with embroidery;
  • stabilized flowers in a glass flask;
  • doorbell;
  • bedside rug with backlight.

Grandma’s 80th Birthday Gift Ideas

Of course, every donor wants his present to please the birthday girl and evoke positive emotions in her for a long time. If you are thinking about just such a gift, we offer you the following options:

Pedigree book.  A status and truly memorable gift, in which the hero of the day will be able to add historical information about representatives of previous generations, inscribe the history of the origin of the clan and surname.

Electric samovar.  A symbol of hospitality, kindness and home comfort will be an excellent gift for a hospitable hostess. Such a present can start a good tradition of Sunday tea parties and gather around you the whole large and friendly family.

Silver icon. As we age, many of us begin to think about religiosity and come to faith. Such an icon will become a truly luxurious and majestic spiritual gift for any Orthodox Christian and is guaranteed to take pride of place in the grandmother’s room.

In addition, a great memorable gift can be:

  • jewelry;
  • portrait matryoshka;
  • 3D lamp with individual engraving;
  • photomosaic;
  • silver dinner set;
  • portrait of a birthday girl in an interesting way;
  • music center in retro style;
  • weather forecaster;
  • service with the monogram of the birthday girl;
  • coaster with commemorative engraving;
  • jewelry with natural stones;
  • family diploma;
  • Modular / LED painting;
  • digital photo frame;
  • personalized book about the life path of the birthday girl.

What to give a grandmother who lives in the countryside

Undoubtedly, a gift for a birthday girl living in the village will be of a slightly different nature. If various expensive figurines and modern gadgets are relevant for a resident of the city, the village grandmother simply may not understand them – something more practical and functional will suit her. For example:

  • faucet water heater;
  • solar-powered garden lights;
  • dehydrator for vegetables and fruits;
  • plastic flower bed;
  • heater;
  • folding greenhouse;
  • automatic watering system;
  • a set of tools for the garden and vegetable garden;
  • trolley bag;
  • forged shop;
  • garden furniture;
  • tub for pickles;
  • natural sheepskin vest;
  • ultrasonic rodent and insect repeller;
  • garden wheelbarrow;
  • stepladder-stool;
  • a copper basin for making jam;
  • Garden swing;
  • autoclave for canning;
  • satellite TV set.

Gifts from great-grandchildren

As a rule, most 80-year-old birthday girls are happy great-grandmothers and do not have a soul in their great-grandchildren. Considering that not all young relatives can be adults and financially independent, quite appropriate and good gifts from them will be:

Video greeting.  Contact all relatives with a request to send you videos with congratulations for your great-grandmother and mount a short film out of them. In addition to relatives, friends of the birthday girl, former colleagues and neighbors can be involved in the case. Such a gift touches the hero of the day and will cause her a lot of stormy, but the most positive emotions.

Figured chocolate set.  Give your great-grandmother a set of themed chocolate figurines. If she’s into gardening, it could be a set of chocolate gardening tools. If she likes needlework, chocolate knitting needles and a chocolate skein of yarn can be packed in a beautiful box.

Great-grandchildren can also give:

  • handmade soap set;
  • original bookmarks for books;
  • homemade mycelium;
  • mug-mixer;
  • chocolate card;
  • wooden rolling pin with a pattern;
  • molds for baking;
  • sea ​​wave projector;
  • a set of different varieties of honey;
  • photoplead;
  • heated slippers;
  • a selection of audiobooks;
  • a flashlight for reading.

Gifts from children

Despite the fact that mom is the closest and dearest person, it is often difficult to choose the right gift for her. If you are thinking about what to buy on the eve of the celebration, we offer you the most popular options:

Robot glass cleaner.  With the help of such a present, the windows of the mother’s house will always shine with cleanliness and delight the eye, while she will not make any effort for this – a smart device will do everything for her. Most importantly, when giving such a gift, do not forget to teach the birthday girl how to use it.

Massage chair.  A chic gift for the most dear and beloved person. Ten minutes of daily massage will help the hero of the day restore physical and mental strength, induce a feeling of vigor and optimism, increase the elasticity of muscle fibers and improve blood circulation in the joints. In addition, massage will have a profound effect on the nervous system, weaken and stop pain and reduce the excitability of the massaged tissues.

Food waste grinder (disposer).  An indispensable device will help eliminate clogging of the kitchen sink. The device is built under the sink, works on the principle of crushing and grinds large and small particles into a homogeneous consistency, which is easily washed off with running water.

In addition, great gifts from children will be:

  • rocking chair;
  • subscription to the pool;
  • e-book with e-ink display;
  • home weather station;
  • interior fountain;
  • air conditioner;
  • doorbell indicator light;
  • automatic tonometer;
  • DVD player;
  • home exercise machine for the elderly;
  • video peephole for the front door;
  • plasma TV;
  • chandelier with remote control.

Gifts from grown-up grandchildren

Gone are the days of broken knees and wet noses. Grandchildren have grown up and may well please their beloved granny with some worthy and interesting gift. It could be:

Tablet.  A modern device will help the hero of the day always stay in touch and make video calls to friends and close relatives. Thanks to this method of communication, the grandmother will not feel lonely and will always be able to personally observe the successes and achievements of far-living relatives.

The device for normalization of a dream.  Many older people experience sleep problems. Such an unpretentious device will help your grandmother to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the day and trust in the arms of Morpheus. Thanks to the broadcast sounds of nature, the birthday girl will be able to fall asleep without any problems and relieve excessive moral stress.

Musical flower pot.  A magical gadget turns any plant into a musical instrument. In order to enjoy the music, you just need to plant any indoor flower in a smart pot and touch its petals. At the same time, the planted plant does not need special care, it can also be watered and fertilized. In addition, thanks to a pleasant backlight, the pot can be used as a night light.

Also, such gifts from grandchildren will be appropriate:

  • downy scarf;
  • sticks for Nordic walking;
  • electronic tablet;
  • GPS tracker;
  • personal chair;
  • air washer;
  • double boiler;
  • wireless Bluetooth speaker;
  • foot massager.
  • electric roller foot file;
  • warm cardigan;
  • main water filter;
  • orthopedic mattress/pillow;
  • personalized bathrobe;
  • aroma diffuser with air humidification function.

Gifts from friends

Friends at such a venerable age are treated especially reverently and carefully, and if your girlfriend happened to have an anniversary, and you still doubt what to give her, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following interesting ideas:

  • perfume with a retro scent;
  • a set of forms for baking;
  • lotto made of precious wood;
  • a set of serving napkins;
  • silver chain for glasses;
  • floor lamp;
  • hanging table for the balcony;
  • corner shelf for icons;
  • thermos jug;
  • cosmetic organizer;
  • massage roller;
  • food basket “a la USSR”;
  • set of vintage dishes.

What to give your grandmother for 80 years with your own hands

At the age of 80, for a birthday girl, warmth and attention is more important than the amount spent on a gift, so a hand-made present at this celebration will be more than appropriate.

Knitted cup cover

Such an original gift will give the hero of the day a feeling of warmth and comfort. This is a great gift idea for those who have at least basic knitting skills, especially since you don’t need to purchase new skeins of yarn to make such a cover – any leftovers will do, and the brighter they are, the better.

Oracle box


  • finished box or cardboard box;
  • decorative elements;
  • colored / gift paper;
  • glue;
  • brush;
  • 20 sheets of paper measuring 9×9 cm;
  • tubes for cocktails.


  1. If you do not have a ready-made box, glue any cardboard box with colored or gift paper and decorate with decorative elements.
  2. On each piece of paper, write a lengthy “prophetic” statement, such as “don’t let it bother you”, “it’s not quite true”, “what doubts can there be?” etc.
  3. Make a roll out of each leaf.
  4. Cut the cocktail tubes into small pieces and put them on the bundles.
  5. Put the bundles in the box.
  6. If you wish, you can supplement the gift with instructions, for example: “Granny, when any question torments you, concentrate on it and put your hands on the box. Clearly formulate the question and, as soon as you feel peace and readiness to receive an answer, open the box and remove the bundle from it.

Decoupage candles


  • napkin with a beautiful print;
  • candles;
  • a spoon.


  1. Separate the top layer with the pattern from the napkin and cut out the desired picture.
  2. Place the cut out illustration on the candle.
  3. Light a second candle and heat a spoon over its flame.
  4. With the outside of the spoon, gently, with light pressure, smooth the napkin to the candle. The gift is ready!

Also great homemade gifts are:

  • knitted socks/jacket;
  • kitchen potholders;
  • shopping bag;
  • Frame;
  • embroidered picture;
  • organizer for small things;
  • patchwork plaid / blanket;
  • painted gingerbread;
  • towels with the monogram of the birthday girl;
  • cake / pie;
  • fruit and berry bouquet;
  • photo collage;
  • a set of cutting boards;
  • bedside rug;
  • coasters for cutlery;
  • candlestick;
  • a picture with handprints of all family members.

What flowers to give grandma for her 80th birthday

Going to a grandma’s 80th birthday party without flowers is unforgivable. However, before choosing a flower arrangement, you should know that not every flower is suitable for a gift to a lady of such respectable age. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the basics of flower etiquette in order to choose the right bouquet for the birthday girl.

Flowers symbolizing longevity and health:

Dahlias.  The leader of the world rankings of the most beautiful plants. Even from 5-7 flowers you can make a chic composition.

Peony roses.  A combination of sophistication, femininity, elegance and rigor – all those qualities that any woman acquires over the years.

Lilies. An excellent choice for an extravagant birthday girl. So that the bouquet does not annoy the grandmother with a rich aroma, choose Asian varieties that do not smell.

Peonies.  Dutch varieties of peonies differ from traditional Russian varieties in more accurate and dense inflorescences, besides, they retain their freshness longer.

Sunflowers. Sunny and bright flowers will evoke memories of childhood in the birthday girl and immerse her in the freshness of the meadows and the hot summer.

In addition, for a woman’s 80th birthday, the following are ideal:

  • chrysanthemums;
  • gladioli;
  • tulips;
  • asters;
  • gerberas;
  • irises;
  • roses;
  • orchids;
  • carnations.

When choosing a bouquet, avoid maroon shades, give preference to buds of rich and bright colors: for example, orange, crimson, purple, lilac and blue. Bouquets in pastel colors are not suitable for an elderly woman.

What is better not to give grandma for her 80th birthday

Older people are not picky in terms of gifts, but still, if you are going to an anniversary, you should make a responsible choice and exclude such options in advance:

  • money;
  • comic gifts;
  • gifts that are not age appropriate;
  • compositions of artificial flowers;
  • difficult to use equipment;
  • medicines;
  • casual wear;
  • Pets;
  • things that were in use;
  • certificates;
  • meaningless souvenirs;
  • extreme experiences;
  • Underwear;
  • personal hygiene products.

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