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Super 53 ideas of what to give a girl on a date in examples + tips

A man always goes on a date with his beloved with anxiety. And the point is not only that he will see the one, the only one that he has dreamed of all his life. The reason for such an exciting state can be quite mundane – he simply does not know what to give to his chosen one. What to do if you don’t want to give banalities, but original ideas don’t come to mind? Today we will talk about what can be presented to the chosen one on the first date, and what gifts can excite and please your companion, and present you in a favorable light for you.

TOP 20 best ideas for what to give a girl on a date

So, what can serve as an inspiring gift for such an exalted being as your chosen one? Here is a sample list of suitable gifts.

  1. Love thermometer. This touching souvenir has a heart inside that turns red from the amount of heat in the palms. If you hold it in your hands, it turns bright red, showing how strong feelings a person experiences. Such a gift will create an excellent atmosphere of the game on your first date and will help overcome shyness and stiffness, both for you and your companion.
  2. Boat trip on the water. If you are a romantic and want to make something original as a present for your girlfriend, then you simply cannot think of a better present than to swim in a boat on a beautiful river or lake. Such a small trip will help you not only get to know each other better, but will also give you the opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy its beauty and harmony. Such a gift will be remembered by your chosen one for a long time and will be a great alternative to banal flowers.
  3. Visit to the planetarium. If you can’t think of anything to give your companion, just think of the stars. How many lovers they helped in their attempts to attract the attention of the girl and please her. There is nothing more romantic than the night starry sky, so feel free to take your beloved by the hand and go to the planetarium, a place where you can get to know the stars and each other better.
  4. Your own verses. When going on a date and confusedly thinking about what to give her, remember that the female gender really appreciates the presents that the man made himself, making efforts and diligence to create a masterpiece. So, for example, your friend may be delighted with the poems you wrote especially for her. And if the poem is colorfully framed (for example, framed), then your chosen one will surely be captivated by the talent and romance of her lover.
  5. Balloons. It’s no secret that balloons evoke romantic thoughts about the sky and the feeling of flying, which we so lack in everyday life. Therefore, the idea of ​​giving your loved one a bunch of balloons of different shapes is not so bad. In addition, they can be sent into the sky at the end of the date, arranging colorful fireworks for yourself at parting.
  6. An outlandish plant or an expensive flower.
  7. Beautiful flowers can win the heart of any girl, no matter how impregnable she may be. A truly unique plant or a rare type of flower is best suited for this. If you nevertheless opted for a rose, then it must certainly amaze with its beauty and be more beautiful than all the flowers that the girl was given before.
  8. Exquisite brooch or hairpin. When puzzling over the choice of a gift for your girlfriend, think about the fact that jewelry is one of the favorite items of women’s clothing. Therefore, since it is too early for jewelry to appear in your relationship, a fashion accessory will be an excellent gift option during this period of your love. In addition, by giving such a present, you will be able to find out whether your gifts are appreciated or you can throw them on the far shelf and forget about them.
  9. A box of chewing gum “Love is …”. Yes, do not be surprised, it was in these chewing gums that the generation of the 90s found funny pictures and pleased their soul mate with them. Why not revive this interesting tradition now?
  10. Wish lantern. You can present it at the very beginning of a date, and towards the end, jointly launch it into the air.
  11. Headphones in which you can listen to music together.
  12. Beautiful and original keychain or handbag.
  13. 3D postcard
  14. A flower in a vacuum flask – this gift is good for the second and subsequent dates with the chosen one.
  15. Puzzle in the shape of a heart with a photo of you together as a keepsake. A puzzle can be a magnet at the same time. If your meeting is the first, then the theme of nature is suitable for the picture.
  16. The castle of lovers – it will symbolize your feelings. It is best to hang it close to the place where you first met.
  17. A basket of delicious fruits. A huge plus of an edible gift is that it can be eaten in a nearby park at a picnic.
  18. Coin for luck with the image of a double-headed eagle on both sides.
  19. A mug with an original and commemorative inscription, it can be humorous.
  20. Funny soft toy. A fabric or fur kitten, or a puppy will come in handy for a girl with a soft character. If you want to show your originality, you can give a handmade woolen or felt craft. No one else will have such a toy.

What is the original gift to give a girl on a first date?

Preparing for your first date with the girl you like, you will worry and try to please the chosen one. And this is natural – after all, her heart has not yet been conquered, and you have no idea how she treats you. Therefore, the question arises sharply: what gift will best emphasize her dignity and hint at your attitude towards her? Here are some gift ideas that can be given to a girl on a first date.

  • Sweet tooth dream. The most common and winning gift option on a first date is sweets. However, we are not talking about an ordinary candy box, but about something really original. Such an offering can be, for example, a unique handmade chocolate set with a romantic inscription. A set of fragrant jam and honey or flower-shaped sweets made from Belgian chocolate will also work.
  • It would be nice to give the chosen one chewy marmalade, or beautifully decorated muffins or cupcakes. It is better if the gift set is small and preferably without love confessions – at this stage of the relationship, this will be superfluous.
  • Your idea of ​​parachute jumping or hang gliding will differ in originality.

Attention! It is important that your creativity does not seem excessive. All girls are different, and what pleases one may upset and scare another.

Delicious gifts for a girl on a date

If you’re having a hard time with creative gift ideas for your friend, you can try to find a way to her heart through her stomach. Most women are not indifferent to delicious, so we offer you a choice of one of the following:

  1. Candy bouquet. If you don’t want to give an ordinary bouquet of flowers, then a bouquet of chocolate bears and other sweets is quite suitable – this is both a gift and a treat at the same time.
  2. A set of fortune cookies. Such a gift will certainly please your companion, especially since it has long been known that the weaker sex is not indifferent to intriguing notes. Therefore, such cookies will surely impress the girl, and the process of eating will turn into an exciting game.
  3. A chocolate card is also a great gift for your girlfriend, especially since cards have always been considered a sign of gallantry and romance. The fact that the card is made of chocolate, and not plain paper, will surely cause a lot of positive emotions in your companion and help you find a common language.

Romantic gifts for a girl on a date

Romance is appreciated at all times. Therefore, when preparing for a meeting with your beloved, be sure to stock up on a present that will make you in her eyes the greatest romantic of all her familiar men. Here are some creative gift ideas for your loved one with a touch of romance.

  1. Rooftop picnic. Any woman will be captivated by such an idea, and yours is no exception.
  2. Joint lesson in pottery. This gift will leave a lasting impression on your friend.
  3. Amusement rides. It’s no secret that both children and adults love to ride. Therefore, choose a park and feel free to take your companion to the rides.

Advice! Do not opt ​​for rides that terrify your girlfriend, be tactful and attentive – not everyone likes when adrenaline goes off scale in the blood.

  • Bicycle ride. This inexpensive and healthy gift-walk will surely please your chosen one and make you an extraordinary man in her eyes.
  • Skating. This present will bring freshness and joyful moments to your relationship.

Advice! If your friend is shy about skating because she doesn’t skate well or doesn’t know how to skate at all, you can offer to teach her how to skate. However, in case of refusal, do not insist – perhaps she does not want to appear in front of you in an awkward way.

  • A night light from joint photos is another suggestion you might want to think about. The night light can be glued in the shape of a heart and when the two of you look at it, it will cause you a whole storm of romantic feelings.

What to give a girl for a date

Don’t be discouraged if creative ideas don’t want to come to your mind. We decided to help you and offer some unusual gift ideas related to the interests of your companion, her profession or hobby.

  • Nice notepad. This gift is suitable if your favorite journalist cue writes poetry.
  • Fountain pen with a gold nib with a commemorative inscription. If you cannot afford such an expensive gift, then give her just a beautiful pen with a kind or funny inscription. Your girlfriend will like this present if she is related to the epistolary genre.
  • It happens that a girl is fond of some board game, for example, tennis. Present her a set for this game and you will make her a little happier.
  • If your chosen one is a musician or loves to play an instrument, then it would be a good idea to give her this instrument to emphasize that you are delighted with her playing and wish to continue to enjoy it.
  • In the event that your companion loves tea or coffee, the problem of choosing a gift can be solved simply by giving her a box of good tea or expensive coffee on a date, adding an original chocolate postcard to them.
  • A photo album, a set of photo frames or a selfie stick. Such gifts will suit your sweetheart if she is fond of photography.
  • In the case when a girl is a programmer by profession or is related to computers, she will surely like the creative and stylish computer mouse that you will present to her at the meeting. You can add something else to the mouse, such as a keychain or a beautiful rose.
  • An interesting book or a favorite work of hers. No wonder they say that a book is the best gift. An erudite girl who prefers reading to other hobbies will definitely appreciate such a sign of attention.

What to give your girlfriend on a date just like that

If you have been together for more than one day, then, most likely, the tastes of your girlfriend have long been familiar to you. Here are some ideas for men who just like that, without any special occasion, want to please their beloved.

  • Lovely jewelry. A man on a first or second date is not recommended to bring expensive earrings and rings. It will be enough to find an original decoration, inexpensive, but exclusive. It can be anything: a bracelet, a finger ring or a pendant.
  • Mittens for a couple in love. A good gift, useful in the cold, and besides, very romantic.

DIY gifts for a girl on a date

As you know, the best gift is the one in which your work and feelings for the girl are invested. It is gifts created by oneself that will tell her about your feelings and win her heart. These ideas are for men with creative thinking who do not want to give ready-made presents that are sold at every turn.

1. Origami

You can’t imagine a better gift if you are knowledgeable in this matter. You can, for example, make a figurine at a table in a cafe and present it to your chosen one during a joint dinner.

2. “Eternal” bouquet

In order to prepare such a craft, you will need to make a special solution of water and glycerin in a ratio of 3: 1, pour it into a jar or vase and put fresh flowers there. Plants will stand for a long time, reminding her of you. It is recommended to decorate the bouquet with pebbles of different colors or beads.

3. Bag of surprises

Take a pretty jar or pouch made of brightly colored fabric and put there wishes notes, sweets and rose petals bought in advance from a flower shop. By tying a bag with a beautiful ribbon and giving it to a girl, you will please her, and the path to her heart will be open.

4. Postcard with beautiful confessions

They can be written in poetic form (it is better if they are your own poems), or you can write them in prose. It is not so important what the form of recognition is, its essence is much more important.

5. Heart panel with coffee beans

Such a gift is original and smells fragrant – which is also important.

6. Romantic home-cooked dinner

This is a classic of the genre. Try to make the food tasty, and the girl’s location will be provided to you.

What flowers to present on a date to a girl?

Despite the fact that flowers are considered a banal present, they should not be discounted. Most women love flowers, and whether a woman likes a bouquet or not will largely depend on the type of flowers and the style of the bouquet.

  • If you have been dating for a long time and just want to please your girlfriend, then prepare a small bouquet of daffodils, violets, lilies of the valley or cornflowers for a date. They will cheer up your companion and convey your sincere feelings to her.
  • If you want to make your girlfriend admire, choose bright and eye-catching flowers such as magnolias, yellow orchids or callas.
  • If your desire is to express your tenderness in the language of flowers, then the bouquet should be distinguished by discreet pastel shades.
  • If you want to tell your chosen one about your sexual desire, then roses, tulips or black irises are perfect for this.
  • Bright red flowers will tell about your love, especially roses.

Advice! Love can convey not only roses. Give her the flowers that she loves the most – show her that you remember and know her preferences.

What is better not to give a girl on a date?

  1. Expensive things. Giving an expensive thing, you create an atmosphere of tension. So the girl can decide that the gift is with a hint and you are waiting for something in return.
  2. Cheap stuffed toys. In the case of toys, everything happens the other way around – if the toy is cheap, then, as a rule, it looks untidy and unaesthetic, thus offending the taste of the girl and showing that she is indifferent to you.
  3. Big bulky things. Agree, it will be extremely inconvenient for a girl to carry a huge bouquet or a giant bear that you presented with her on a date. Opt for small, handy gifts that are comfortable to wear while you chat.
  4. Flower in a pot. This is not the best gift idea at the beginning of your relationship. You should not impose long-term flower care on a girl – perhaps the girl will not want to take care of him or she will simply have no time.
  5. Kitten or puppy. The same principle applies here – until you know for sure that your chosen one dreams of a pet, you should not give her an animal.

When choosing a gift with which you will go on a date with a girl, you need to remember one simple rule: it is not the price of the present that matters, but its originality and presentation. The quality of the presented item is also important. Do not forget that your gift should bring joy into her life and a reminder that there is a person in the world who cares about her.

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