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TOP 112 ideas what to give a boy for 4 years +24 gifts and Tips

If the question of what to give a boy for 4 years is perplexing to you, you can be calm, as you are already on the right track. Today you will learn all the secrets that should be followed when choosing a gift.

The most important rule – there are never too many toys! A four-year-old boy is a small man who will be happy to receive a car, a designer, a set of dinosaurs, an interactive steering wheel, etc. as a present.

If you go to a children’s store and get lost at the sight of shelves with toys, remember that four-year-olds are mischievous and why. They will quickly equip a house for themselves from improvised materials, and to imagine being near the sea, they only need a bathtub filled with water.

Therefore, if you don’t know what to give a boy at 4 years old, pay attention to items that develop the imagination and satisfy curiosity.

It will not be superfluous to ask the birthday man himself what he would like to receive as a gift. However, if you want to organize a surprise for the boy, then use the proposed selection of gifts, which contains the most versatile options. Every boy dreams of any of these surprises!

TOP 112 ideas that you can give a boy for 4 years

  1. Machine on the remote control.
  2. Lightsaber like a Jedi.
  3. House voluminous slippers in the form of animals.
  4. Set for drawing with water.
  5. Modeling dough.
  6. Suit of a knight or other hero.
  7. Magnetic board with letters and numbers.
  8. Plane glider.
  9. Children’s playhouse.
  10. Jumper toy.
  11. Giant soap bubbles.
  12. Bright stadiometer.
  13. Three-dimensional puzzles.
  14. Gum for hands.
  15. Night light projector of the starry sky.
  16. Children’s loto.
  17. Pillow glowing in the dark.
  18. Stick and puck.
  19. Spyglass or binoculars.
  20. Soccer ball.
  21. Models of military equipment (tank, army SUV, truck, etc.).
  22. Sneakers with luminous soles.
  23. Table football or air hockey.
  24. Educational books.
  25. Superhero toys.
  26. home planetarium.
  27. Board games with different plot.
  28. Children’s microscope.
  29. Speaking alphabet.
  30. Trampoline for home.
  31. Plaid jacket.
  32. Sports section.
  33. Huge coloring poster.
  34. Large garage for cars.
  35. Flashlight or laser pointer.
  36. Bedding set with cartoon characters.
  37. Lifting crane.
  38. Kite.
  39. Aqua farm.
  40. Finger paint.
  41. Shoe trainer for tying shoelaces.
  42. Racing track.
  43. Fins and mask.
  44. Flying saucer (frisbee).
  45. Set of radios.
  46. Glowing railroad.
  47. Set for experiments.
  48. Magnetic darts.
  49. A set of molds for playing in the sand.
  50. Inflatable vest or circle (for safe swimming in a river or pool).
  51. Dinosaur figurines.
  52. Children’s backpack.
  53. Superhero mask.
  54. Bow tie and dressy suspenders.
  55. Kinetic sand with molds and an inflatable sandbox.
  56. Bag chair.
  57. Coloring house.
  58. Set for role-playing games (policeman, doctor, firefighter, etc.).
  59. Electric Toothbrush.
  60. Soccer ball with musical goal.
  61. Bath toys set.
  62. Children’s face painting.
  63. Snow castle kit.
  64. Luminous faucet in the bathroom (for a fun bath).
  65. Balanceboard.
  66. Interactive piggy bank.
  67. Funny pajamas.
  68. A set of inertial machines.
  69. Puppet show.
  70. A set consisting of a bow and arrows.
  71. Interactive steering wheel.
  72. Large construction vehicles (tractor, dump truck or excavator).
  73. Magnetic fishing.
  74. Bright box for storage of toys.
  75. Gyroscooter.
  76. Machine with a set of tools.
  77. Toy sword and shield.
  78. Children’s watch.
  79. Slime kit.
  80. Magnetic constructor.
  81. Gypsum figurines for coloring.
  82. Mosaic with many colored details.
  83. Children’s badminton set.
  84. A toy that repeats speech.
  85. Karaoke microphone.
  86. Skateboard.
  87. Easel and paints.
  88. Sledge, ice, tubing.
  89. Swing for home or garden.
  90. Sticker book.
  91. Musical instrument (children’s synthesizer, drum, harmonica, guitar, etc.).
  92. Filmstrip projector.
  93. Inflatable pool.
  94. “Reading” pen.
  95. Magician’s set.
  96. Play flooring.
  97. Fire or police car.
  98. A set of children’s dishes made of bamboo.
  99. Interactive book.
  100. A set of soldiers.
  101. Scooter or bike.
  102. Hat with symbols of your favorite hero.
  103. A set of crayons for drawing on asphalt.
  104. Basketball stand and ball.
  105. Robot transformer.
  106. Interactive globe.
  107. USB Disco Ball.
  108. Tablet for drawing with light.
  109. Water pistol or snow blaster (if the boy was born in winter).
  110. Bath toys set.
  111. Warmer toy.
  112. 3D pen.

Original gifts for a boy for 4 years

At first it may seem that there is nothing easier than choosing a gift for a 4-year-old boy. However, due to the wide range of children’s products, it is easy to get confused. To make a worthy choice, use the following tips.

Children’s digital camera. Not a single boy will refuse such an “adult” gift. Feel free to choose this option if you don’t know what to give a 4-year-old boy.

The device is bright in color, so it will immediately attract the attention of a little birthday boy. In addition, it will captivate for a long time, because it has many interesting functions. Since the body of the toy is impact-resistant, it will serve its owner for a long time.

Indian wigwam. Thinking about what you can give a child-boy for 4 years, you can not ignore this gift. The kid will be happy to spend time in it, presenting himself as the leader of the Redskins. This is an absolutely safe game that gives vivid emotions.

These tents are made from high quality durable fabric. The set also includes a soft rug and toy pillows filled with hypoallergenic holofiber.

Children’s electric ATV. One of the coolest gifts on DR. Such a vehicle will not leave indifferent any tomboy. The quad bike is stable and easy to control, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the little rider.

You can ride on any surface – in the park area, on the edge of the forest, outside the city. As a gift, you can also give an outfit, which includes a protective helmet, goggles, gloves.

Kigurumi. An interesting idea if you still can’t figure out what gift to give a boy for 4 years. These are pajamas, home costume in the form of a funny animal or any other hero that the birthday person likes.

Having such an outfit, the boy will transform into his favorite character every day. This will cheer him up, give him confidence in his abilities. To make the gift even more desirable, complement it with voluminous and soft slippers in the same style.

Options for inexpensive presents for a 4-year-old boy’s birthday

When choosing an interesting birthday present for a boy at 4 years old, the price is the last thing you need to pay attention to. After all, the little birthday boy does not yet understand the material value of things, for him the main thing is that the presented thing is bright and exciting.

Here are a few of these options for you.

Ring throw. A good gift option if you don’t know what toy to give a boy for 4 years.

This is not only a fun, but also an educational toy aimed at improving gross motor skills, coordination of movements, eye measurement, attention, speed of reaction. The whole family will be involved in the game, thanks to which the child will learn to be part of the team.

Game tape. Great idea for a cheap gift. This is a sticky tape on which a pattern is applied, for example, road signs, rails, sleepers, etc. It can be glued to any surface, it is removed easily and does not leave marks.

With such a gift, the boy’s games will become even more fun and varied.

Poncho towel. This is a beautiful and useful thing from the category of inexpensive gifts. The towel is soft and fluffy, and its main advantage is a large hood. It’s perfect for going to the beach or pool.

When folded, the towel does not take up much space. It absorbs moisture well, does not require special care, pleasant to the body.

Colorful kaleidoscope. Another interesting idea of ​​what to give a four-year-old boy. What could be better than watching how multi-colored pieces of glass shimmer and change their patterns.

The boy will completely plunge into the bright magical world, while his imagination will develop and calm down, the optic nerve will relax.

What useful gifts can be given to a 4-year-old birthday boy

Since the boy is a small man, it means that he needs to give gifts that will be beneficial.

Therefore, if you find it difficult to answer the question of what is better to give a boy for his birthday at 4 years old, consider the following options.

Machine bed. Think about what the boy dreams about, of course, about the car itself. You have a unique opportunity, at least for a little bit, to become a real wizard in order to fulfill the dream of a birthday boy.

Give him a bed in the form of a racing car, and there will be no limit to the delight of the baby. Now he will not have problems falling asleep, and during the day the bed will turn into an interesting play area.

Children’s stool-ladder. A suitable gift option for four years. With the help of such a stool, the baby will be able to independently use the washbasin or get the thing he needs, which lies high.

This is a light, compact, comfortable, and most importantly safe stool, as its legs are equipped with rubber elements.

Paste dispenser. Dental health must be monitored from an early age, so such a present will not only amuse the birthday man, but will also be useful to him. With the help of a dispenser, the boy will squeeze out a certain amount of paste.

This fun device will turn the process of brushing your teeth into an exciting experience. Don’t forget to complement your present with a bright toothbrush.

School desk. This is a piece of furniture that “grows” with the child. In addition, the desk is equipped with many accessories, thanks to which work at the table will become even more pleasant and organized.

The boy will use drawers for stationery, shelves, and a spacious tabletop can be raised 45 degrees, as a result of which it will serve as an easel.

The coolest toys for a 4 year old boy


TOP 112 ideas what to give a boy for 4 years +24 gifts and Tips

By the age of four, children usually already have a whole collection of toys, so it becomes even more difficult to surprise them. But nothing is impossible! You can verify this for yourself by considering the following options.

Interactive pet. If a boy dreams of a pet, then give him an interactive dog. And you will see how the eyes of the little birthday boy will shine with happiness.

The dog reacts to touches on different parts of the body, can bark, sing songs, and most importantly, follow commands (sit down, stand on its hind legs, turn its head, etc.). The toy will help the child develop visual and auditory perception, for a long time it will become his true friend.

Play mat with imitation of the road and sets of cars. All boys love to play with cars, so such a present will definitely not go unnoticed by the birthday boy.

A bright rug with road markings will make the boy feel like a truck driver, a traffic cop or a racer. The carpet will decorate the children’s room, provide the boy with warmth and comfort.

Toy workbench with tools. If the boy shows interest in his father’s tools, it’s time to give him yours!

The birthday boy will feel like a young master, get to know the purpose and principle of operation of the most used tools. Boyish games will become even more fun. And in the future, home repairs will not cause any difficulties.

Aeroball. A suitable gift idea for an active boy for 4 years. If it is difficult for the baby to sit still, such a toy will definitely appeal to him. The airball is played on any surface: on asphalt, tiles, laminate, etc. The boy will always have a way to realize his irrepressible energy.

With such a device, you can have fun even at home, because the side walls of the ball are equipped with special inserts, thanks to which it seems to float through the air. In addition, the ball glows in the dark, which means that you can play with it even in the evening.

What a gift for a creative boy

When you notice a boy’s inclination towards creativity, try to encourage it. And the following gift options will help you with this.

Music rug. Let the boy feel like the star of the dance floor by giving him a special dance mat. This is a great entertainment not only for the boy, but for the whole family.

The device connects to a laptop or computer, so you can turn on any piece of music. Such an activity develops an ear for music, coordination of movements, concentration of attention, excellent physical shape.

Artist’s suitcase. If the boy loves to draw, then such a gift will impress him very much. The little artist will have everything you need at hand: paints, pencils, felt-tip pens.

All items are packed in separate cells, so they will definitely not be lost, and there will always be order in the suitcase. The lid of the suitcase can be used as an easel. The set is compact and easy to take on the go.

Pencils for drawing on glass. It is never known where a creative impulse can overtake. A boy who suddenly wants to do something unusual can pick up a special pencil and draw directly on the glass with it.

Any glass surface will do: mirror, window, etc. The pencil draws bright and clear lines, while it is quickly washed off without leaving marks.

Shadow play. If a boy likes to transform into his favorite characters, try on different roles, such a present is exactly what you need. The whole family will come up with new stories and play them out.

This lesson is aimed at developing imagination, creative thinking, and the thought process. Such a game will especially help shy children by making them believe in themselves.

What to give an active boy for 4 years

All boys are restless tomboys. They are constantly moving, why not direct their energy in the right direction. By choosing one of the following presents, you will give the boy the opportunity to spend time in a fun and useful way.

Pogo stick. This simulator is also known as the Grasshopper because the children riding it really look like grasshoppers. The device is very easy to use, so there will be no difficulties with its operation.

The simulator is designed for outdoor activities, both at home and in nature. This activity develops endurance, mindfulness, coordination of movements, muscle activity, and also trains the vestibular apparatus.

Roller Skates. Four years is a good time to learn new skills. Worried about the safety of the baby, for starters, you can purchase rollers on four wheels.

Roller skating, the boy will develop all muscle groups, and get a lot of positive emotions. He will improve coordination of movements, increase endurance, develop a beautiful gait and posture.

Runbike. This vehicle is somewhat reminiscent of a bicycle, but without pedals. To set the balance bike in motion, the boy must push off the ground with his feet. The benefits of a balance bike are obvious, because it helps to develop dexterity and attention, coordination of movements, strengthens the vestibular apparatus, and many muscle groups.

In addition, riding a balance bike will give the boy a good mood, he will spend more time outdoors, which will have a beneficial effect on his immunity.

Punching bag with gloves and helmet. If a boy dreams of becoming a great boxer, then give him a pear, let him begin to work out the strength and accuracy of punches. Being engaged, the young athlete will develop speed of reaction, endurance, dexterity, coordination of movements, attention.

It is advisable to purchase a pear that is mounted on a stand so that it is possible to adjust its height as the boy grows. To make the birthday boy feel like a real pro, complete your present with gloves and a helmet.


If you are invited to a boy’s birthday, do not delay choosing a gift. Many make the mistake of thinking that choosing a gift for a small child is very simple.

However, when it comes down to it, it turns out that not everything is as rosy as it seemed. To save time and nerves, it is better to read some useful tips in advance.

Parent recommendations.  If you have absolutely no ideas, then there is no other way out than to ask the boy’s parents what the birthday boy dreams about or what he needs. So you will definitely buy the right thing and do not waste money in vain.

In addition, many parents are against toys such as weapons or other military equipment.

It is also better to notify the parents of the birthday boy about what you are going to buy, because situations where guests bring the same gifts are not uncommon.

Toys first. Most of all, the birthday boy, of course, will be pleased with toys. It does not have to be robots or cars, give the boy sets for active games in nature or items that can be used in collective games.

Why age.  Since the boy is interested in absolutely everything, things that can satisfy the curiosity of the birthday boy, for example, encyclopedias, sets for experiments, etc., are suitable as a gift.

Pay attention to packaging. Try to wrap your gift in the most interesting way possible. It is desirable that the birthday boy’s favorite heroes are depicted on the package, if you want to impress the boy even more, put your gift in the box in the form of a tank, robot, car, etc.

The quality of materials.  This is the first thing you should pay attention to when buying a gift. Make sure that the materials from which the gift is made do not cause allergic reactions.

Do not buy too bright toys that emit an unpleasant odor. You should also avoid buying toys with small parts.

Useful gifts.  Do not chase after fashionable presents, as many of them are not aimed at the development of the child. But at this age, the main thing is that the boy develops imagination, creative skills, physical abilities, fine motor skills of the hands, learns to make decisions independently.

Board games are well suited for this, for example, rpg games or lotto, a bicycle, a scooter, a balance bike, roller skates, a ball, etc.

Make this day unforgettable. While the birthday boy is sleeping, fill his room with balloons. Spread small gifts throughout the apartment and arrange a quest to find them.

Original gifts – a set of dishes or a piece of clothing on which the birthday person will be depicted. You can also invite cheerful animators dressed as the boy’s favorite characters to the holiday.

What is better not to give

So that the gift does not cause bewilderment in the boy and does not upset him, it is important to know which presents should be avoided. The baby should not give the following:

  • Pets.  Since the boy, due to his age, cannot yet feel full responsibility for a living being, then all care for a kitten or puppy will fall on the shoulders of his parents. Therefore, before purchasing such a present, it is better to first consult with your parents.
  • Money or gift cards. It is important for a child to receive a gift with which he can play right here and now, and not sometime. At the sight of incomprehensible pieces of paper, the boy may be offended, because this is not at all what he expected to see.
  • Fragile items.  If the gift falls and breaks, the boy can not only get hurt, but also very upset, so he definitely won’t do without tears.
  • Gifts that are not age appropriate. If the present does not immediately captivate the boy, he is unlikely to want to return to him again. Therefore, choose gifts that can be played or used immediately.
  • Toys that do not match interests.  If the birthday boy is a mischievous and agile boy, then he will definitely like sports gifts, a more assiduous child will like goods for creativity.
  • Stuffed Toys.  Such gifts quickly bother children, after which they turn into dust collectors and can cause allergic reactions.


To make the child even happier, and his holiday bright and memorable, try to fulfill the boy’s dream. After all, he is now at an age when there is still faith in magic and miracles. Warm up this feeling, buy only desired gifts to see a happy sparkle in the eyes of the birthday boy, and a wide joyful smile on his face

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