What to give for the New Year

TOP 87 ideas What to give Brother for the New Year +10 gifts and Tips

To give a high-quality and original gift to your brother for the New Year is not an easy task. Despite his age, he still remains a little boy, even if he is over 30.

But at the same time, you need to understand that he needs a really important and high-quality gift.

It is because of these contrasts that not everyone manages to find a good gift for a brother on New Year’s Eve. But in fact, it is quite simple, all you need to know is your brother’s preferences and his hobbies.

TOP 87 ideas What to give Brother for the New Year

If you have not been able to answer the question of what you can give your brother for the New Year, do not despair.

There are hundreds of things in the world that he will definitely like. And to simplify your search, we have created a list below:

  1. Cosmo nutrition – a small set of food, consisting of tubes and pastes, that astronauts eat;
  2. Bio-fireplace, an interesting thing that will not only warm you up in cold winters, but also looks quite colorful in the house;
  3. Unusual lamp with the shape of a computer hero or a musical instrument;
  4. Cushion with pocket or organizer for remotes;
  5. Sofa warrior mantle with fur lining and pockets;
  6. A cool sign on the door on which you can write all your thoughts;
  7. Cocktail shaker with written recipes;
  8. Folding barbecue for picnics;
  9. Picture based on your shared baby photo;
  10. An Oscar engraved with your brother’s name;
  11. Bath set with personalized embroidery, consisting of a bathrobe, a pair of slippers, a hat, several towels, a washcloth and jars of essential oils;
  12. Heated glass scraper;
  13. Device for reading electronic books;
  14. Toolbox with many compartments for a variety of men’s accessories;
  15. Holder for a smartphone on the handlebars of a bicycle or in the car
  16. A travel album designed to store exclusively vacation snapshots
  17. 3D printer for printing three-dimensional figures;
  18. Personalized robe with various logos and writing style;
  19. Chocolate set in the form of tools, pistols or bolts;
  20. Wooden stand for handmade gaming headphones;
  21. Radio-controlled robot with movement and talking functions;
  22. Balanceboard – a means to improve balance and leg training;
  23. Flip clock in the form of a bicycle or car;
  24. Tasting set of 3 German beers;
  25. A mug in the shape of a grenade, bomb or explosive;
  26. Wireless headphones droplets or overhead;
  27. Table globe-bar, created antique;
  28. Plaid with your photos and loved ones;
  29. Men’s watch with a waterproof base;
  30. Fitness bracelet or smart watch to track the number of steps;
  31. External battery Power Bank Pro;
  32. Scratch map of the world where you can mark the countries where you have already been;
  33. Snow crossbow or snow blaster, projectiles made of snow;
  34. Railway with a large number of wagons and decorations;
  35. USB heated mug that connects to a computer or power outlet;
  36. USB vacuum cleaner for complete cleaning of the computer and keyboard;
  37. Warm slippers in the form of tanks or animal paws;
  38. A decision ball that gives answers to any questions;
  39. Virtual reality glasses for phone or computer;
  40. Stylish portable speaker of an unusual shape;
  41. Coffee maker or Turk for a coffee lover;
  42. Ergonomic or flexible keyboard;
  43. Mouse for a computer in the form of a tank or car;
  44. Pillow for a computer chair under the neck;
  45. Pillow with an unusual shape of a movie or cartoon character;
  46. Case for a smartphone on hand during training and classes;
  47. Cooling stand for laptop or phone;
  48. Beer mug in the original design, in the style of a skull, helmet or keg;
  49. Sports backpack with 15 compartments and a waterproof base;
  50. Electronic piggy bank, made in the form of an ATM with a password;
  51. Unusual magnetic, plastic, electric or metal constructor;
  52. Badminton, table tennis or tennis;
  53. Neocube puzzle, consisting of 216 magnets, from which you can arrange all sorts of ornaments;
  54. Steering wheel and pedals for racing games on the computer;
  55. Office mini golf set with 3 balls;
  56. Hand simulator with illumination of different widths for hand development;
  57. A set of lenses for a smartphone of different widths and strengths;
  58. Personalized box of cookies with all kinds of predictions;
  59. Mechanical Santa Claus with the ability to play music;
  60. Touch gloves for working with a phone or tablet;
  61. 3D pen for volumetric drawing;
  62. Mini drum set for fingers;
  63. Darts with beer caps and lights;
  64. Machine for making popcorn or cotton candy
  65. Multifunctional round keychain;
  66. Collapsible dumbbell of various strength and gravity;
  67. Portable universal projector;
  68. Hockey skates or rollers for sports;
  69. Electric scooter;
  70. Original leather passport cover with an unusual print;
  71. Bass guitar with equipment;
  72. Giroskuter with playback of music and various videos;
  73. A table tree decorated with lights and song balls;
  74. Set for making ice cream of various flavors;
  75. Nuremberg Christmas cookies in a funny package;
  76. Massage cape on a car seat;
  77. External solar battery;
  78. Keyboard with special wrist rest;
  79. USB air freshener with sea breeze or forest scent;
  80. Desktop punching bag and gloves;
  81. Helium balloons with luminous garlands inside;
  82. Alarm clock, which is turned off by hitting the wall with all your might;
  83. Exotic fruits in hatboxes from all parts of the world;
  84. Wooden bow tie or tie for a suit;
  85. Glasses for working at a computer that do not spoil vision;
  86. A set of figurines based on a video game, series or movie;
  87. Electronic toothbrush.

What to give your brother for the New Year if he is small?

Children are picky people, and they will like an ordinary machine. But even a child will get tired of receiving the same gifts every time.

Therefore, you need to show a little imagination when choosing.

So what can you give your brother for the New Year? Below are unusual and interesting presents for a boy:

A learning laptop is a small invention besides entertainment, it has many other useful features. Such a laptop will help your brother learn English, geography, history and many other subjects.

Slingshot with birds Angry birds – everyone’s favorite birds are now live. Such a toy is not only fun, but also quite useful. It develops in children dexterity, accuracy and eye.

Aerofootball is safe and interesting. The little flat boy won’t break anything or hurt anyone. Such a thing will help the child become concentrated and dexterous.

The starry sky spotlight is a colorful and really amazing thing. It can help the child fall asleep and even learn astronomy.

What to give your teenage brother for Christmas

TOP 87 ideas What to give Brother for the New Year +10 gifts and Tips

If your brother is a teenager, then he needs to give modern gifts or gadgets. Toys or business accessories are not suitable for them. Here is a sample list of gifts:

Drawing tablet – if your brother loves to draw or wants to learn this thing will help him a lot. Such a tablet can also help in studies.

A set of a young chemist, a magician, a biologist … – such sets not only help in their studies, but also expand the horizons of a teenager. Thanks to them, any experiment can be carried out in reality.

The PlayStation is the thing that every teenager dreams of. Immerse yourself in fabulous worlds, play your favorite games and have a good time.

A camera is a very important thing for any teenager. The camera develops skills well and helps to see the world from a different perspective. Yes, and over time, with the help of it, you can start earning.

What to give a gift to an adult brother for the New Year

The elder brother for the New Year will no longer be able to give a toy. He prefers important and multifunctional gifts, but he will not refuse funny ones either.

Helmet for a beer lover – if your brother likes to drink beer, then such a gift will be very useful to him. Convenient, compact, and most importantly, it will fit several liters of beer.

Thermos of an unusual shape – now your brother will not need to run around the establishments in search of hot coffee or tea. After all, such a thermos will warm the drink for several hours.

Sports simulator – with age, it is important to take care of your body and such a gift will help your brother in such a difficult task. No need to spend money on subscriptions, because everything will be at hand.

Tips for choosing a gift for your brother for the New Year

The main thing when you choose a gift, do it with soul. The packaging is not as important as its contents.

A person will immediately understand that you are giving him this thing simply because of a debt and you don’t care about him. Therefore, if you want to surprise and please your brother, always do it from the bottom of your heart.

But it is best to ask the brother himself what kind of gift he wants. Yes, because of this, a surprise will not come out and will not greatly surprise a relative, but he will definitely like such a gift.

But if you do not want to ask directly, then start a conversation with him about his preferences. During it, you will be able to decide on a gift.

Before buying a gift, consult with relatives. Quite often, the gift you decide to give your brother could have already been bought by someone else. Yes, and, and other people can help in choosing a presentation.

Never look to your interests. Quite often, when choosing a gift, people forget that they are giving it not to themselves, but to another.

And as a result, a person receives a thing that is useless for himself, but important for another. That is why forget about your own preferences and give your brother the thing that he dreams of.

Also, always look at your brother’s preferences. For example, if he is an athlete, then he will not need a guitar stand or a set of expensive knives.

Otherwise, the person will feel unnecessary and realize that you do not care about him. So always think twice about what to give your brother.

A little boy does not need a leather belt or an expensive parker, just like a set of cars for an adult. If you want to make a really high-quality gift, always remember the age restrictions.

Give only the things you need. No matter how beautiful the bauble is, you don’t need to give it as a gift, because all it will do is stand on a shelf. Give really necessary and important gifts.

But if your brother collects certain collections himself, then you can give a figurine.

Well, never give classic gifts. They are boring and uninteresting, and more often than not, your brother can buy them himself.

Such a gift will not cause any emotions, except for bewilderment and discontent. And if you want to really surprise your relative, show your imagination.

What can not be given to a brother?

  • Alcoholic drinks . This item does not need to be considered if your brother is a collector and collects such drinks. And so it is better not to give any alcohol, no matter what kind of exposure and brand it has. Everyone can buy such a drink, and not everyone will like such a present.
  • Clothes . We do not argue that clothing is an important thing, especially if it has an unusual print. But not everyone will be happy with such a gift, and it’s not a fact that it will fit at all. This item includes: sweaters, pants, jewelry, shoes and more.
  • Money . Is money the best gift? This is, yes, only if a person collects them for a certain thing. But if your brother does not save up for anything, then these pieces of paper will be of no use to him. It’s a boring gift and might offend your brother.
  • Men’s cosmetics . A necessary gift, but boring. No man will like it if they give him another razor or shampoo. And it’s not a fact that you will choose exactly what your brother will like.
  • Animals . If your brother dreams of a small puppy or kitten, then there is no problem, give without even thinking. But if you have never heard from him a word about the desire to have an animal, then you do not need to give it. As a result, it turns out that the brother has no time, no money to raise the acquired pet.
  • Photo frame . This is one of the most useless and boring gifts. Everyone can go to the store and buy an inexpensive frame. Such a gift will offend your brother quite a lot, which will make him feel useless.


And in the end, remember that choosing a really high-quality and original gift for your brother for the New Year is not so difficult. The main thing to remember is that if you gave a thing with all your heart, then your brother will definitely like it. Do not be lazy and show your imagination, and then New Year’s Eve will become a truly fabulous holiday.

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