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TOP 24 ideas of what to give a Guy with your own hands and Tips

Many girls, shortly before the memorable date, think about what to give the guy with their own hands. You can opt for a gift made by yourself – it is much more pleasant to receive it than something faceless bought in a store.

Make such a gift to your beloved to surprise and please a young man, to show him your love and care.

What can you give a guy with your own hands? In the article you will find a list of the brightest and most original homemade gift ideas for your significant other.

What can you give a guy with your own hands for his birthday

Many girls do not know what to give a guy with his own hands for his birthday. Shops offer a huge number of ready-made options for any budget, but sometimes you want to take care and make a gift yourself.

We offer a selection of cute and original gifts for the birthday man – such surprises will definitely please the guy:

Photo collage. Create a photo collage of your shared photos, frame it beautifully and hang it on the wall. You can make such a gift in the form of a calendar, you can also print a photo on a T-shirt, bedspread and many other things. A few more ideas – a Rubik’s Cube with a photo (if you put it together correctly, you get an image) or a photo mosaic.

Surprise cards. The idea of ​​how to arrange a surprise for your loved one. Make cards out of thick cardboard – on each of them write a congratulation and some wish, the fulfillment of which is guaranteed to the birthday man. Wish ideas: a delicious dinner, a massage, a picnic in the park or a movie session, gatherings with friends, release from household chores. Cards can be put in a stylish men’s wallet or purse. Another variant of such a gift is a “checkbook of desires” (when a man wants to fulfill a desire, he tears off and writes out a check).

Bouquet of bottles. To please a guy who likes quality alcohol, give him a bouquet of small bottles of his favorite drink – it can be cognac, tequila, whiskey or something else. You can also make a bouquet of beer bottles with snacks – dried fish, elite sausages and cheese.

Beautiful night light (projector of the starry sky). Birthday gift for dreamers. For crafts, you will need a jar and foil with holes made in it in the form of stars. You simply place the foil in the jar along with the included flashlight or garland, and the night light pleases you with a cosmic setting.

Housekeeper. A good gift that will keep the keys and other little things in order. Does your man keep forgetting where he put his keys? Make him a housekeeper. Ideas: a Lego key holder, made of wood and old keys, tennis balls, wires and other improvised materials.

Knitted gift. You can give a guy a birthday present with cute knitted mittens, a scarf, a hat or a sweater. If you want to do something simpler – tie the cuffs for a glass or mug. With it, it will be very convenient to drink hot tea or coffee – an ideal gift in the autumn-winter period.

Personalized pillows. A cute and romantic do-it-yourself birthday gift for your loved one, for the manufacture of which you will need to make a stencil with any inscription or the name of a young person and stick it on the pillow. Purchase acrylic paints and apply them to the stencil, then carefully remove it from the cushion.

Personal mug. Buy a regular white mug and pottery paint from the store. Draw the name of your beloved guy on the mug, draw a picture or write a birthday greeting. If desired, you can use a pre-prepared stencil. You can also stick a sticker in the shape of a mustache on the mug.

What to give a guy on February 14, made by yourself

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday, on which it is customary to give symbolic souvenirs and gifts that signal your love and care.

A surprise should be sweet and romantic – such a gift can also be given on the anniversary of an acquaintance, relationship or wedding.

Here are some original gift ideas for a guy on February 14 and other romantic holidays:

Photo balloons. Surprise a guy by decorating his room in advance – buy a lot of balloons filled with helium, attach a photo to each, which depicts happy moments from your life. In the balloons themselves, before inflating them, put notes with pleasant and warm wishes and confessions.

Photobox. Make a present in a box for a guy. Make an origami box, then stick your group photos in the middle. It should turn out so that when you open the box you can pull out the serpentine from the photos. The present can be decorated with a large red bow. As a result, you get a cute gift for a guy on February 14 or an anniversary, made by yourself.

“101 reasons why I love you.” Take small sticky notes and write on each of them one reason why you love and appreciate your boyfriend. Tie with thread, then put 101 pieces of paper in a jar or a beautiful glass bottle. Let the guy take out one piece of paper every morning – this will create a good mood for the whole day.

Delicious pastries. You can please your loved one on Valentine’s Day with self-made cupcakes, pie or cookies. If you want to do something more unusual, prepare a beautiful cake, muffins or cupcakes. Such an edible gift is sure to please the sweet tooth.

Candy jar. Another surprise for the sweet lover. In a beautiful glass jar, collect the guy’s favorite sweets – these can be sweets, chocolate, marmalade or other edible goodies. Tie the jar with a beautiful ribbon or attach a chic bow.

Wine bottle candlestick. You can put beautiful multi-colored balls into the bottle, after which you need to fill it with liquid for the burner mixed with a few drops of essential oil. A wick is attached from above – an unusual candlestick is ready.

Romantic Quest. Come up with several tasks, the completion of each of which will lead to a new one, and the last one will tell you the location of the gift. You can make a quest around the apartment or the whole city, and write tasks or riddles on bright cardboard cards.

Thread heart. Using small heart-shaped nails nailed onto a wooden board or board, make a large beautiful craft out of threads – just twist them between the nails. You can make not only a heart – the shape of a colorful panel depends only on your imagination.

Do-it-yourself gift for a guy on February 23

On February 23, gifts are received not only by the military; on Defender of the Fatherland Day, it is customary to congratulate absolutely all men.

You can make a themed gift or a brutal surprise, the main thing is that the gift says that the man is your protector.

Here are some original gifts for a guy on February 23:

  1. Box for beer or tools. What to give a guy, made by hand, so that it is sure to come in handy? A homemade box is a wonderful and practical gift. You can buy an ordinary wooden suitcase or take a fruit box, and then age the tree or decorate it.
  2. Bouquet of socks. Socks – albeit a banal, but practical gift that will definitely come in handy for every man. Giving socks for a birthday or February 14th is inappropriate, but making a cool bouquet of good quality socks for February 23rd is a good idea. You can also make a tank out of socks.
  3. Cup decorated with coffee beans. If your defender loves coffee, give him a cup, which with the help of superglue in several layers, paste over coffee beans. If desired, attach a set of exclusive flavored drink in a gift box to the gift. In the same way, you can make coffee topiary.
  4. Braided bracelet. If you know how to weave men’s jewelry, make a stylish brutal bracelet from leather strips for a guy. It can be decorated with steel buttons, coins, a buckle or other metal objects.
  5. Bottle cover from an old shirt. A practical and original gift. Cut off a sleeve from an unnecessary shirt, carefully sew the cut, and then place a bottle of wine, cognac, whiskey or other drink that the guy likes the most in the case. Secure the top with a pretty bow.
  6. Candy shells. What original can you give a guy on February 23 with your own hands? You can make a weight or dumbbell out of thick cardboard, and glue the sports equipment on top with the guy’s favorite sweets.
  7. Scrapbooking diary. A practical gift for those who keep personal records or keep a daily routine. You can make a diary cover in a camouflage pattern – if the guy served and he likes the military theme. You can draw or write something symbolic on the cover.
  8. Soft bath towel. To decorate a gift, glue eyes, a cap made of paper, or a funny cap to the towel. You can give such a present along with a set of soaps with essential oils and fragrant bath balls of your own preparation.

Tips: how to choose a gift for a guy with your own hands

A handmade gift is a great opportunity to show a guy that you appreciate him and care about him. But even such a gift must be chosen carefully.

How to choose the right gift for a guy on his birthday, February 14, February 23 or other holidays? Here are some helpful tips to help you with this:

  • To please a guy, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. To conquer a man, you need to turn on your imagination and add a little attention and love – then even the simplest gift will acquire its own zest.
  • Even when choosing a gift with your own hands, you need to take into account the character of the guy. If he is a practical person by nature, give preference to useful things – give a box for small items and tools, a housekeeper or knitted mittens. A romantic and dreamy guy can be given cute souvenirs or impression gifts.
  • Don’t forget the guy’s hobbies. Even if your gift is not related to his hobby, think about how to wrap the gift. Give a guy who is fond of music a surprise in a box in the shape of a guitar, a football player will like a scarf or a pillow with the name of his favorite team embroidered on it. Such thematic packaging will pleasantly surprise and delight the guy.
  • What can you give a guy with his own hands, if there are no ideas? If you want to give a guy something bought in a store, you can always complete the gift with a congratulatory or personalized engraving. Any text or image can be applied to a watch, a lighter, a camping flask and even a thermo mug.
  • One of the best handmade gifts is a luxurious dinner in a romantic atmosphere. The highlight of the evening can be a delicious cake prepared by you yourself. Believe me, the guy will appreciate your care and efforts in preparing dinner. After all, as you know, men love with their stomachs.

What is better not to give a guy with your own hands

It is best to refuse to give some gifts right away – if they do not spoil the holiday, they will leave an unpleasant feeling for the guy. That is why the choice of the perfect gift for any occasion must be taken responsibly.

What do-it-yourself gifts are not suitable for giving a guy?

  1. Postcard . You should not give a guy a postcard bought in a store with a congratulation thought out in advance and printed on it. If you want to express your words on paper, you can make a postcard yourself – for example, using scrapbooking or origami. But you shouldn’t give one postcard either – prepare something else. It is unlikely that a guy for his birthday will want to receive only a postcard, albeit one made by himself.
  2. Flowers . There are many techniques with which you can make a chic bouquet with your own hands. But such a gift, unfortunately, is not suitable – it is unlikely that your young man will like an origami bouquet, no matter how beautiful it may be. Lovers are not accepted to give flowers, even paper ones.
  3. Vase or flowerpot . Another DIY gift that you should not give a guy. He simply won’t need it – most guys are indifferent to flowers, and many forget to take care of them. Instead of a decorated vase, give your boyfriend a homemade jewelry box or a box for small items – such a gift will be much more useful.
  4. Banal gifts – mugs, towels, various shower sets. Even if you decide to make such a gift, diversify it, bring a piece of your soul into the surprise – draw some symbolic sign understandable only for the two of you on the mug, sew the towel with the initials of your lover, and put the shower set in a beautiful box created by yourself . Even the most banal gift can be original.


Handmade gifts are very popular – there is no price for such things, no matter how much you spend on them. The article offers a lot of original surprise ideas for any holidays – Birthday, Valentine’s Day and anniversary, as well as Defender of the Fatherland Day. You just have to choose on what occasion and what kind of gift you can give the guy with your own hands, prepare a sincere congratulation and create a festive mood for the hero of the occasion.

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