What to give for the New Year

TOP 83 ideas What to give your Son for the New Year +28 gifts and Tips

In the New Year, you always want to please your beloved children. The boys are waiting for this holiday like no other – after all, whatever one may say, on New Year’s Eve you will not be left without a gift. The only question is, what will this gift be?

If your tomboy is convinced of his own infallibility, and confidently composes sincere letters to Santa Claus, you should not deny your child a good toy. After all, a gift to a son for the New Year is an expression of parental love and care, which even the most inveterate naughty deserve.

Below you will find many options for ideas of what to give your son for the New Year to make this wonderful holiday unforgettable for the child.

TOP 83 ideas What to give your son for the New Year

  1. Smart watch
  2. Game console
  3. Table game
  4. Darts
  5. Talking interactive poster
  6. Robot constructor
  7. Umbrella katana – in the form of a samurai sword
  8. A box of paints or quality pencils
  9. toy excavator
  10. Soccer ball
  11. Boxing gloves
  12. Transfer tattoo set
  13. toy truck crane
  14. Filmoscope for viewing filmstrips
  15. Binoculars
  16. cowboy costume
  17. Spy device with voice recorder
  18. 3-D pen that can draw all sorts of shapes and objects right in the air
  19. Projector lamp in the bedroom
  20. mini concrete truck
  21. Double-decker toy bus made in English style
  22. Children’s telescope for a young astronomer
  23. toy dump truck
  24. Tepee tent
  25. Lego
  26. prefabricated airplane
  27. Set of rubber dinosaurs
  28. military boat
  29. racing car
  30. Cup with the image of your favorite characters of the series or cartoon
  31. Luxury car model set
  32. attack helicopter
  33. toy tank
  34. Toy soldiers set
  35. Football stadium construction model for assembly
  36. mini hockey
  37. Dominoes
  38. Wireless headphones
  39. Snowboard
  40. Wood burner
  41. Crystal Grow Kit
  42. Sports game complex
  43. Invisible ink set for little spies
  44. Junior Pathfinder’s Bundle
  45. snowmobile
  46. Young hunter’s toy gun
  47. Police play set
  48. Rocking horse
  49. Sandbox filled with kinetic sand
  50. Sled
  51. real walkie-talkie
  52. Spiderman costume
  53. fireman’s car
  54. submarine model
  55. Helm of the brave knight
  56. Magnetic fishing set
  57. Train with magnetic connection
  58. Toys “Wild Screechers” (modern boys adore these characters)
  59. Guitar
  60. Rocking simulator
  61. Tetris
  62. Paint by numbers
  63. Camera
  64. Weapon Nerf Blaster (from the favorite computer game of many boys “Fortnite”)
  65. Sonic toothbrush
  66. Children’s drawing tablet
  67. Inflatable tube for snow slides
  68. Magic kit
  69. Quadcopter
  70. Gyroscooter or Segway. This super transport of the future will definitely warm the soul until spring
  71. Encyclopedia of Marvel Comics
  72. Flying glowing ball
  73. glowing sword
  74. game console
  75. cube labyrinth
  76. Water mat for drawing
  77. Slime set
  78. Non-staining plasticine
  79. UFO radio controlled flying saucer
  80. Toy “Magnetic Fluid”
  81. Jenga
  82. The game “Colonialists”
  83. Constructor “Minecraft”

Original and interesting gifts for the son for the New Year

New Year’s Eve for every child is the time for the fulfillment of the most cherished desires and unusual surprises from Santa Claus. And how to surprise your son, if the boxes and cabinets are bursting with toys anyway? If you want to deviate from generally accepted norms, and not give your child another car or a steam locomotive, we offer the following few entertaining ideas.

Universal sports complex. Now such complexes combine several games at the same time. Usually you can play basketball, hockey, football with them. The child will be able to study both alone and with a group of comrades. Sports complexes are also universal in their application: they are suitable for outdoor and indoor games.

Set “Non-Newtonian fluid”. The toy will be interesting for young science lovers. These kits include everything you need to create a special liquid that has the qualities of both a solid and a liquid body. Your son will definitely feel like a real researcher with his own laboratory: in addition to the main substance for creating liquid, you can find cups, gloves, vials with dyes in the set.

Launching rocket designer. Often children are given rockets, but so that they can also take off – this is already something out of the ordinary. But now you can please your son with such a gift. The child must assemble such a rocket himself, and then make fuel for it from special components. Of course, this process is performed only in the presence of an adult and in compliance with the safety measures indicated in the instructions.

Reversi. An excellent board game for the development of logical thinking. Designed to play with the enemy. In the course of the lesson, the child develops strategic skills, learns to calculate further moves, acquires the ability to make responsible decisions.

A kit for creating and coloring a three-dimensional bas-relief. The kit perfectly includes everything you need to mold and paint a plaster picture with bright colors. If the son is not indifferent to the creation of sculptures, such a gift will definitely please him.

Board game in “Tanks”. There is a craze for the game “World of Tanks” among the male population of all ages. So if you give your son such a toy, this is almost a 100% guarantee of guessing the gift. Usually the game is designed for two, so that the child can play with friends.

Or alone, inventing various stories with existing tanks. To win the battle, you need to destroy all enemy equipment.

Tellurium. A special desktop device that demonstrates the movement of the planets around the Sun.

It will be interesting for a young astronomer to visually observe how day and night change, why the seasons change, why solar eclipses occur.

Constructors: for every taste, for every child

The best gift for a son for the New Year, according to many parents, is a designer. From the whole variety of toys, you can choose the one from which your child will definitely be delighted.

Electronic designer for programming. A great gift for kids who love the latest technology. The set usually includes a mini-computer, “trained” in one of the programming languages, sensors, control panels.

Building constructor. With such a toy, the son will feel like a real engineer. From the details, the child creates buildings, construction machines. And, of course, in each such set there is a wheelbarrow for transporting building materials.

Techno constructor. Surely everyone has ever stared at the images of a mechanistic labyrinth, along the back streets of which a ball is moving towards the exit.

Turns, lifting mechanisms, winches and flexible rails again and again show the fascinating work of a perpetual motion machine. With the help of a techno-constructor, a child will assemble such a labyrinth in reality.

Medieval castle constructor. Such a toy will be great fun for your son, especially if he already has a couple of dozen plastic knights or soldiers lying around in his box.

Or is it possible that in the same impregnable fortress a beautiful princess, your daughter’s favorite toy, is imprisoned? Brother and sister will be very interested in playing together.

New Year’s gifts for little sons

TOP 83 ideas What to give your Son for the New Year +28 gifts and Tips

Consider several options that you can give your little son for the New Year.

  • Tablet for the development of logical thinking. The toy consists of a base and wooden figures (round, square and other shapes). The figures are painted in different colors. The kid during the game will learn the names of these figures, as well as in which holes they can be placed on the tablet.
  • Pyramid. Perhaps not a single toy can replace the classic pyramid. The childhood of our parents and grandparents could not do without it. Bright and funny, it will immediately interest the baby.
  • Lacing game. Now such toys are made in various forms. There are holes in the figures, cubes and balls, with the help of which the baby can make something of his own – for example, a steam locomotive or unusual beads.
  • Yula. Another item with which each of us associates years of carefree childhood. And among many parents, the modern spinning top – “carousel” is popular. It consists of a dome with various toys inside.
  • Machine (normal, inertial or clockwork). Already at 2-3 years old, kids love to play with cars. You can provide a gift with a bright outdoor track, or a toy gas station.
  • Simple constructor. For the smallest, constructors are made from 6-7 elements, with which you can assemble one item – for example, a house, or a fungus. This number of components is optimal for a two-three year old. From a larger number of components, kids at this age will still not assemble a designer.
  • Toy smartphone. A bright toy suitable for children 3-4 years old. With her, the baby will be able to “talk” on the phone, like an adult.
  • Wheelchairs. Now kids love these funny toys, with which a walk turns into a pleasure. In addition, it will be easier for mom: after all, it is easier to bring a plastic wheelchair to the playground than a son in her arms.
  • Toy wooden workbench. Bright plastic or wooden screwdrivers and wrenches will appeal to every boy. From an early age, the child will learn how to work with the instrument.
  • Busyboard or business cube. Allows you to distract the little rascal for a long time, while mom prepares dishes for the festive table, and dad hangs bright balls on the Christmas tree.
  • Large picture book. You can pick up a New Year’s edition for kids. These books are made of soft material. So the child will be happy to flip through its pages, and favorite characters and decor – Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, cute animals, a New Year tree – will create a festive atmosphere.

What to give an adult son for the New Year

The child has long grown out of childhood, and children’s cars and cubes have long been forgotten. Here are some useful ideas for what to give an adult son for the New Year.

  • Sports Equipment. It can be dumbbells, a football or basketball, a punching bag or even a barbell.
  • Wireless speaker. Young people adore such things, because with this speaker you can listen to your favorite music anywhere.
  • Video game. And teenagers, and young men, and even adult guys love to “cut” into various toys. If you are afraid not to guess with a particular game, you can give your son a gift certificate to a specialized store.
  • High quality headphones and microphone. Now many guys start their own video blogs, Youtube channels. So this kit will be indispensable for those who record videos, sing, lead all kinds of streams or comment on sports events.
  • Good backpack. Choose a backpack with discreet colors, but high quality. You can stop at one of the modern models – for example, young people now like to wear backpacks with one strap, thrown over their shoulders.

Tips on how to choose what to give your son on New Year’s Eve

First of all, when buying toys, you can not do without taking into account the age of the child.

For young children, toys made from large parts are best suited – various cubes that develop kits. You can give a kid an easel for drawing, or a children’s tent. A child of 3-6 years old is already more interested in playing with the participation of characters. In such games, children display adulthood. Therefore, the son will be pleased with the machine, a set of tools, a set of a young scientist. At this age, the two main criteria for choosing gifts are their safety and benefits for development.

If the son is in elementary school, one cannot do without taking into account his preferences and hobbies. A designer or a robot will become a universal gift.

The hardest thing to please is a teenage son. If you do not take into account his tastes, then on New Year’s Eve you can get resentment on his part. In many ways, it is important for a child to be considered an adult, even despite his age. So if the boy is already over 12 years old, the gift should be appropriate, and not belittle the dignity of the future man.

Important in the pre-New Year’s fuss and gift wrapping. If there is no extra money, it can be made from improvised materials. For example, wrap a coffee jar with blue colored paper and stick foil stars on its surface. Inside you can put a gift or sweets.

Psychologists recommend giving gifts regardless of behavior. “He behaved very badly”, “You didn’t deserve a gift”, “Some triples and deuces, how so?” – complain the parents, tired of the pranks of their son.

Why is it worth giving gifts in this case? From the point of view of psychology, if a parent focuses on the good that is in his child, then positive qualities will develop. Surely everyone in their own childhood or on other examples witnessed the situation: a weak student is scolded for triples, but in the end he does not improve, but studies even worse. Teachers and parents make a cardinal mistake by constantly reproaching children for their overindulgence or poor grades. In order not to spoil the self-esteem of the child, be sure to give a gift – from yourself or “from the hands of Santa Claus.”

What is better not to give your son for the New Year

If your son is still very small, you should not buy toys with small details. Also, do not buy soft toys for babies aged 1-2 years – they still do not understand how to play a game with characters.

Refrain from buying clothes, textbooks, school supplies. The child is waiting for the holiday, and all this can be bought at the usual time.

It is also not recommended to buy too many sweets, chocolate. First, it is unhealthy. Secondly, many children are much more waiting for toys as a gift, rather than sweets that are quickly eaten.

If the family budget does not allow fulfilling the dear desire of the child, psychologists do not recommend following the lead of the child and giving a designer for 20 thousand rubles. Here it can be explained that this year Santa Claus has run out of cash, so for now he can only give a less expensive toy.

The parent himself should think: if the son asks for a too expensive gift for the New Year, it means that before he was too often indulged in desires. Gradually, small requests became larger, and one has to reap the rewards of connivance.

We figured out how and what you can give your son as a gift for the New Year. We hope that this holiday will bring only bright emotions, and the son will be satisfied with the present from Santa Claus!

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