What to give for the New Year

TOP 89 ideas What to give a Girl for the New Year +37 gifts and Tips

There is little time left before the New Year, so you should start looking for a suitable gift for your girlfriend.

If there are no ideas at all what to give a girl for the New Year, below you will find a selection of interesting options. Among them, each guy will definitely find the best gift idea for his beloved for the new year and bring it to life.

TOP 89 ideas What you can give a girl for the New Year

  1. Luminous table for interior decoration.
  2. Roombox is a designer in the form of a room, the interior in which a girl can create on her own.
  3. Instagram is a photo album with pictures printed from the girl’s Instagram.
  4. Set of natural organic cosmetics.
  5. Warm knitted mittens with Christmas trim.
  6. A set of professional makeup brushes.
  7. Stylish purse, clutch or purse.
  8. LED candles.
  9. Terry bathrobe with girl’s initials
  10. Smart alarm clock with nature sounds and star projection.
  11. Piggy bank in the form of a safe, ATM or book.
  12. Electronic notebook.
  13. Monopod, tripod or selfie light ring.
  14. Lenses or flash for smartphone camera.
  15. Pocket photo printer – with it you can print pictures from your phone.
  16. Table chest of drawers for jewelry.
  17. Waffle iron.
  18. Electronic book.
  19. Organizer for cosmetics or jewelry box.
  20. Handmade soap in the form of Christmas accessories, such as Christmas trees.
  21. Dance mat.
  22. Luminous pillows to create comfort in the house.
  23. Aroma candles.
  24. Gift basket with chocolate.
  25. Accessories for a smartphone – a case or a stand for a phone in a themed color scheme.
  26. Money Tree.
  27. Silk bedding set.
  28. Bag chair.
  29. Electronic butterfly in the bank.
  30. 3D night light with custom engraving.
  31. Wall LED lamp.
  32. Bathroom radio.
  33. LED showerhead that “paints” the water in different colors.
  34. Leg hammock.
  35. A set of covers for documents with an original design.
  36. Interior map of the world, made of wood.
  37. LED flashlight for a book that allows you to enjoy reading even in complete darkness.
  38. Ultrasonic skin care device.
  39. Bluetooth speaker.
  40. Multistyler for hair.
  41. A travel glider with which a girl can plan her trips.
  42. Soft toy with a secret.
  43. Colorful diary with lock.
  44. Lovely women’s watch.
  45. Magnetic board for important notes.
  46. Soft rug for the bedroom.
  47. Electric pancake.
  48. Heater – but not the usual, but the original form.
  49. Set for needlework (knitting, sewing, scrapbooking).
  50. Tea service handmade.
  51. Set of New Year’s stickers.
  52. 3D pen for creating three-dimensional drawings.
  53. Stylish backpack.
  54. Virtual reality glasses.
  55. Ice skates.
  56. Electronic toothbrush.
  57. Mini-safe for storing valuables.
  58. LED garland.
  59. Gift set of several types of honey.
  60. Jam from spruce cones.
  61. A bottle of the girl’s favorite toilet water.
  62. Fondue set.
  63. Music Box.
  64. Poinsettia is a plant that begins to bloom in December.
  65. An edible gingerbread house is a sweet gift for a girl for the New Year.
  66. Two glasses and a set of spices for making mulled wine.
  67. Fur earmuffs.
  68. Animal hat – a hat with ears and paws of an animal (made of faux fur).
  69. Gloves with touch sensors to use your smartphone in the cold.
  70. Warm scarf.
  71. Aroma lamp and essential oils with New Year’s fragrances (spruce, fir and others).
  72. Air ionizer with soft pine aroma.
  73. Magic ball of predictions.
  74. Large chocolate figurine in the form of a Snowman, Snow Maiden or Santa Claus.
  75. Slippers in the form of an animal or slippers with heating from USB.
  76. Warm terry socks.
  77. A set of different sweaters for a mug.
  78. T-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater with a New Year’s print.
  79. Warmer toy.
  80. Christmas tree growing kit.
  81. A large basket with exotic fruits or the main symbol of the New Year – tangerines.
  82. Earrings in the form of Christmas trees (handmade jewelry).
  83. Auger juicer.
  84. Breakfast table in bed.
  85. Dream catcher – an amulet that will protect the girl during sleep.
  86. Digital photo frame.
  87. Ice cream maker or device for making popcorn at home.
  88. Small portable biofireplace.
  89. Illuminated keychain.

Memorable gifts for a girl for the New Year from a guy

New Year is a holiday that is usually spent with loved ones. It brings us pleasant memories from childhood, and gifts are an important part of this holiday. With the help of the right surprise, you can immerse the girl in pleasant memories.

Also, these gifts will remain as a keepsake – whenever a girl uses them, she will think of you. Ideas for what gift to give a girl for the New Year to evoke positive emotions in her:

Snowball. Cute symbol of New Year and Christmas. It is a glass ball, inside of which there is a house, a snowman or any other figurine. If you shake the ball, snow will fall inside it. A lot of people had this toy when they were kids.

Projector starry sky. What a great gift idea to give a girl for the New Year. By turning on the projector, she will be able to enjoy the beautiful stars that will be on the walls, ceiling and all objects in the room. You can choose a model that will play soothing music or even buy a home planetarium with many other useful features.

Candy machine. Many of us as children played a tricky game with mechanical claws that pulled out toys. Here the principle is the same, only the machine is small, there are sweets inside it, and now it is not so difficult to get a prize. By placing a coin in the hole, your girlfriend will be able to remember the cult childhood game.

Original gifts for a girl for the New Year

So that the gift does not seem too simple and banal to the girl, you should look for something original and interesting.

Surprise in an unusual performance is sure to pleasantly surprise and delight your soulmate.

Original gifts for your beloved on New Year’s Eve:

Florarium . A wonderful handmade composition will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of nature. Florarium is a small aquarium with various plants and decorative elements. It has a special microclimate, which allows you to save time on caring for indoor flowers. Because the florarium is the best thing you can give a girl for the New Year.

Instant camera – A positive gift for a girl for the new year. This is the perfect gift for a girl who loves to capture her emotions and memories in pictures. With the help of a camera, you can capture the most important and vivid events in just a minute.

Salted caramel . Delicious dessert in a glass jar hello any girl will be delighted. Salted caramel will be a great addition to fragrant tea or homemade cakes.

Romantic gifts for a girl for the New Year


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A New Year’s gift can be not only original, but also romantic. In this case, it is necessary to choose not a simple present, but a special surprise.

Ideas of what to give a girl for the New Year:

Pendant in the shape of a half heart with engraving. A touching present will melt the heart of any girl on New Year’s Eve. This original gift for a girl for the New Year is made to order, so it is recommended to prepare it at least a month before the holiday.

Table game. Such a surprise will add vivid emotions and pleasant memories to the relationship. The board game will not only be a great opportunity to spend time together, but also allow the couple to get closer and learn something new about each other.

Star from the sky. A wonderful romantic gift that will remind a girl about the feelings of a loved one in the New Year. At the time of purchase, a certificate is issued, which displays the coordinates and the name of the star. The chosen one definitely does not expect to receive such a gift.

Photo cupcakes. Handmade pastries are a great idea of ​​what to give a girl for the New Year. With such a present, the guy will catch two birds with one stone: he will impress his beloved with a delicious surprise and make her happy with an original gift.

Inexpensive gifts for a girl for the New Year

Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive. Budget gifts that any girl will be happy with are suitable as a surprise.

We recommend that you take a closer look at the following options for what a girl can do for the New Year:

Bath bombs. They are a mixture of natural ingredients that make home SPA treatments useful and enjoyable. As a New Year’s gift, it is best to choose bright bombs with sparkles of various shapes. And to make the gift look festive, it is recommended to pack it beautifully.

Pajamas kugurumi . This is an interesting home costume in the form of a cute little animal. It is about such a gift that every girl dreams of in the cold period.

Flower with wishes . A cute and original surprise will warm the heart of your beloved even in the most severe frosts.

Christmas tree toy handmade . It can be Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowflake or snowman. A unique and inexpensive present will delight your beloved, and will also be a wonderful addition to the New Year tree.

Other gift ideas for a girl from a beloved guy for the New Year, which can be bought within 1000 rubles:

  • ultraviolet lamp for drying nails;
  • external battery for phone charging;
  • a touching bouquet of soft toys – a gift that can be bought for about 1,500 rubles;
  • thermo glass or mini thermos for hot drinks;
  • an anti-stress pillow under the neck or a travel set (this one will cost a little more);
  • tea or coffee set with the girl’s favorite sweets.

A few more good ideas for what to give a girl on New Year’s Eve

You should carefully choose a gift for your girlfriend – on this wonderful holiday, she expects a special surprise from you. You can buy the right gift, focusing on the character of the girl. Here is a list of interesting ideas:

  • a gentle nature that is freezing in this cold season, give a spacious poncho or a plaid with sleeves, and if you buy a model for two, you can also make the gift romantic;
  • if a girl loves various unusual things and antiques, you can buy a stylized candlestick with a set of candles in the kit as a gift for her;
  • give a fortune cookie in a beautiful gift box to your beloved who believes in fate, in which every wish will, of course, be kind and festive;
  • if a girl is often sad because of the cold, give her a carnival mask and deer ears as an additional surprise – these New Year’s accessories will definitely bring a smile to her face;
  • give a dreamy and romantic girl a flask with a blooming rose that does not fade for about five years.

DIY gifts for a girl for the New Year

 If a guy has golden hands, he can surprise his girlfriend with a homemade gift. For the New Year you can give:

  1. A jar with the best memories.
  2. Natural soap.
  3. World map.
  4. Photo album with joint photos.
  5. Coffee topiary.
  6. The casket.
  7. Time capsule.
  8. Flower in ice.
  9. Romantic dinner.
  10. Body scrub in the form of hearts with a pleasant aroma.
  11. Relationship calendar.
  12. Wish certificate.

Tips and tricks on how to choose a gift for a girl for the New Year

A few recommendations for choosing the best New Year’s present for your beloved:

  • Determine what the girl likes . The fair sex, unlike the guys, never hide their desires. To pick up something really original as a gift, you should listen to the words of the girl.
  • Take into account the level of relationships . At the beginning of the journey, you should not get out too expensive a gift. The girl will be pleased with the attention of her lover, but she may not accept such a present. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to budget presents. In the case when the relationship lasts several years, you can ignore the value of the gift.
  • Make a nice surprise . In this case, bright packaging will become a real lifesaver. She will create a holiday mood, as well as a slight intrigue for the donee.

Examples of unsuccessful gifts that are better not to give a girl for the New Year

If the girl is superstitious, you should not give a mirror, watch, slippers, sharp objects, scarves and a wallet. In this case, the donee will not appreciate the efforts and efforts of the guy. The following gift ideas are definitely not worth considering:

Simple origami fakes are not the best New Year’s gift for your loved one. Each girl expects original gifts from the chosen one, and not useless things.

Money . Whatever the amount, it will not please the donee in the New Year. In this case, the money is completely depreciated. Therefore, for the prepared amount, it is best to buy something original and interesting.

Alcohol . This option is regarded as bad form, since it is not customary to give alcoholic drinks to girls.

Underwear . Such a gift can only be given by close people. If the relationship has just begun, such an idea should be abandoned.

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