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164 gift ideas for Aquarius (woman) + Tips

A bright and freedom-loving nature, a wonderful companion, the Aquarius woman conquers people with her creativity, beauty, charm and extraordinary intuition. Women of the eleventh sign of the zodiac strive for harmony with the world, carefully choose their social circle, but are ready to help everyone who is ready to improve the world.

Aquarians are charming. They treat everything with a smile, smart, direct, sociable. They prefer to relax in the company. They know a lot, they know even more. It’s never boring with them. Women born under the auspices of the dazzling Uranus are unlike others. Many consider their ambiguous feature to be a virtue: unpredictable, illogical behavior. But it is precisely such actions that make life bright!

Hide innate intelligence and sense of humor Aquarians do not see the point. Very attractive and confident. Idealists and perfectionists. They not only constantly burn with the desire to change life (and the world!) for the better, but also motivate friends and relatives to achieve. The choice of what to give an Aquarius woman, who has diverse interests, is not easy.

In this article, we will tell you what to give an Aquarius woman for her birthday if she is your colleague, lover, boss or fitness trainer. A selection of various presents: useful and original, funny and necessary, budget and luxurious will pleasantly surprise you.

TOP 164 ideas What can give an Aquarius woman

  1. Magnetic tablet. A cool thing with a magnetic pen for drawing with magnets.
  2. A two-sided board for visualizing dreams and planning goals. “Dream come true” is helped by inspiring stickers.
  3. Clock + writing board + USB hub. A special gift from the handy 3 in 1 category. Includes three alarm clocks, illuminated transparent writing board and multi-port hub. Very stylish and very functional.
  4. Digital photo frame with touch screen and player.
  5. Lamp-fireplace. A decorative lantern that imitates a cozy fire in a fireplace. Through the dark glass, “smoldering” logs and flames are visible.
  6. USB lamp with hearts. Table night light in the form of a glass opaque flask with 3D effect.
  7. Slim container for lunch. The thickness of the compact box is about two centimeters, it even fits in a laptop bag, accommodating a full 4-course meal.
  8. Herbal shoes.
  9. Cozy houseboots from the British brand Warmies filled with millet and lavender. Warm up in the microwave in one minute, keep warm for three hours.
  10. 100 balloons with compliments and good wishes.
  11. Humidifier.
  12. Quest box with a surprise box in which you can put one more gift.
  13. Bamboo luxury table. For those who like to have breakfast and soak up in bed.
  14. Gift set of tea with wishes.
  15. Light alarm clock that mimics natural dawn. In addition, it can charge a smartphone wirelessly. Another option is an alarm clock with a projection of stars and sounds of nature.
  16. Wall florarium. You can find a more useful option: a hanging garden with live plants and a lamp at the same time.
  17. Wine set: cooling jacket and corkscrew.
  18. Neon lamp in the form of a bird in a cage.
  19. Mojito and caipirinha set. A lover of Cuban and Brazilian drinks will like it.
  20. Tablet-lightboard for drawing with light.
  21. Desktop organizer.
  22. Bed linen in crinkled silk, jacquard or embroidered satin.
  23. Bamboo or New Zealand wool blanket.
  24. Warmer in the form of a large pink slipper for two legs at once.
  25. Bucket for cooling drinks.
  26. Fragrant bath pearls.
  27. Coffee maker or cool Turk.
  28. Glowing map of the starry sky.
  29. Warmer toy. For example, a very cute White unicorn – it not only exists, but also magically warms its mistress (after briefly sitting in the microwave).
  30. Lightbox with self-created luminous inscription.
  31. Cool ladybug slippers with heating from USB.
  32. Leather case for tablet.
  33. Fountain pen Parker.
  34. Mini fridge with heating function for the car.
  35. Electric aroma lamp or touch aroma lamp.
  36. A set of cutlery in the form of a flower pot with herbs.
  37. Book holders.
  38. Carafe in the form of a diamond.
  39. Pear chair.
  40. Cool leather belt.
  41. Smartphone projector.
  42. Basket with cosmetics of a famous/elite/favorite brand.
  43. Cool clutch. Classic, with rhinestones or a bow, fashionable elongated long size.
  44. Leather briefcase.
  45. Box for storing jewelry, watches or small items.
  46. Space thermo mug with constellations. When you pour hot tea, the stars gather into constellations, their names appear.
  47. A set for pedicure and manicure with a spa bath.
  48. Optical mouse on the finger.
  49. Moisturizing SPA-set.
  50. Beauty mirror with light.
  51. Piggy bank in the form of a metal safe with a combination lock.
  52. Pearls for cooling drinks.
  53. Floor lava lamp.
  54. Suitcase on wheels with a combination lock.
  55. Universal TV switch.
  56. Pillow-headrest. But not the usual option, but, for example, in the form of shrimp.
  57. Key fob tracker, radio search engine for keys and other items.
  58. Bathroom wipers. Cleans foggy mirrors like a car windshield.
  59. Smart garden for growing plants with built-in smart system.
  60. Manual coffee grinder in the form of a chest of drawers with a metal bowl.
  61. Selfie bluetooth remote.
  62. Woolen scarf, cashmere tippet or silk scarf.
  63. Levitating Bluetooth speaker. It is convenient to use it as a loudspeaker during a telephone conversation.
  64. Portable glowing speaker with jets of water beating to the beat of the music.
  65. Convenient reading lamp (attached directly to the book).
  66. Waterproof bluetooth shower speaker.
  67. Lunch box heated by cigarette lighter.
  68. Embossed leather product: business card holder, purse or key holder.
  69. Slippers in the form of pink flamingos.
  70. Electric brush for face care.
  71. Music box in design.
  72. Waterproof LED Gemstone Candles. A flickering candle can be lowered under water.
  73. Wall panel clock. Number stickers can be placed in any configuration, at any distance.
  74. A set of “diamond” glasses. When filled, they look like diamonds.
  75. Inflatable bath pillow with suction cup.
  76. Cool hair styler: hair dryer, curling iron, straightener.
  77. Elegant and ergonomic umbrella stand.
  78. Suede hammock organizer for accessories: glasses, phone, remote control and everything else that should be at hand.
  79. A set of denim storage cases.
  80. A cool set for cheese gourmets: a board with “minks” and “mice” devices.
  81. Night light in the form of an open book.
  82. Easel or artist’s set. Aquarians are fond of painting. If they do not feel talent in themselves, they will prefer to study art as theorists.
  83. Organizer on the armrest of the sofa for easy storage of small things.
  84. A set of unusual shelves. A good gift for an Aquarius woman from relatives. To please with a gift, get acquainted with the design of your birthday girl’s room in advance.
  85. Puzzle map of the world. Travelers on such mark the places they have visited, attach photos.
  86. Hanging organizer on the door handle. Everything important is put in the pockets in advance so as not to forget anything.
  87. Book. Aquarians read a lot. But not romance novels, their passion is scientific literature, encyclopedias, books on geography and history. Love publications in beautiful bindings.
  88. Cocktail set.
  89. Magnetic hourglass.
  90. Multimedia station with the functions of a lamp, clock, music speaker, FM radio, light alarm, Bluetooth.
  91. Non-falling tumbler with double walls.
  92. Double wall mug with paddle mixer on the bottom. Effective and comfortable item.
  93. Plaid with sleeves for two. A nice present for your other half.
  94. Robot vacuum cleaner on the control panel. You can buy a super-thin model (for cleaning in hard-to-reach places) – in case you already have the usual “thick” one.
  95. Book safe.
  96. Automotive devices: parking sensors, navigator, equalizer. The more “fancy” the car, the better for the Aquarius autolady.
  97. Portrait of a birthday girl from a photo with rhinestones. Aquarius ladies love themselves very much. Having received their own image as a gift (talented!), they will be happy.
  98. Home planetarium or telescope. Aquarians are interested in astronomy – they often look at the stars, or study them. They love to share their experiences with their friends. They can even create a thematic video blog.
  99. Bag with imitation crocodile or snake skin in unusual blue or red. A handbag with an unusual or asymmetric shape, a trendy bag with a chain strap, a mini-handbag, the size of a credit card, more like a piece of jewelry.
  100. Scratch poster of 100 poses of Kamasutra.
  101. Stormglass. The unusual barometer looks like a glass drop flask with a chemical environment and decorates the interior nicely.
  102. Pendant in the form of a key – the talisman of the sign. Usually Aquarians are skeptical about esoteric symbols, but this pretty decoration will be accepted favorably.
  103. Illuminated mirror.
  104. Virtual reality glasses.
  105. Capsule coffee machine.
  106. Steel soap is a souvenir that can be handed to curious representatives of the sign just like that.
  107. Mini exercise bike.
  108. Stencils for art latte.
  109. Electronic measuring spoon with display.
  110. Edible bouquet.
  111. Bedside mat with backlight.
  112. Audio player.
  113. Medball.
  114. Waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker.
  115. Night light with remote control.
  116. Sunshine solar charger.
  117. Ozonator – if you want to surprise Aquarius with something, present this device to him. It purifies air, water and products from harmful substances. This will keep the vigor and health of the lady of Aquarius and her family for a long time.
  118. Compact set of camping utensils.
  119. Sketchbook.
  120. Isotonic exercise ring.
  121. Hammock for yoga.
  122. Retractable pet leash.
  123. An electronic notepad is an interesting solution for what to give Aquarius for a birthday when you are closely unfamiliar with the preferences of a new acquaintance.
  124. Wireless keyboard and computer mouse.
  125. Home textiles of excellent quality.
  126. Tripod for smartphone or camera.
  127. Portable microwave oven.
  128. Shoe rack or sterilizer-dryer for shoes.
  129. Steel ice for drinks.
  130. Magnetic hourglass.
  131. Geyser coffee maker.
  132. Selfie ring.
  133. Bobby backpack is an idea for those who are looking for what to give an Aquarius girl.
  134. Floating globe.
  135. media streamer.
  136. Desktop organizer.
  137. Wireless headphones.
  138. Freezer.
  139. A set of handmade jewelry.
  140. Planted aquarium with its own ecosystem.
  141. Gas grill.
  142. Chair-cocoon.
  143. Wireless stereo speaker.
  144. Jewelry with sapphires, aquamarine, jade, carnelian or amethyst. They help Lady Aquarius develop and fill her with energy.
  145. 3D pen.
  146. A garland with clothespins for photos will please the representative of the eleventh sign of the zodiac for the New Year.
  147. Electric brush for face care.
  148. Graphics tablet.
  149. Forms for ice of an unusual form.
  150. A warmer toy is a romantic way to express your love to an Aquarius girl on February 14th.
  151. Chocolate fountain.
  152. Electronic book.
  153. Rainstick. Who, if not a lover of experiments and music, will appreciate this unique wind instrument?
  154. Inflatable bed.
  155. Device for folding T-shirts and shirts.
  156. Sauna for the face.
  157. Newton’s cradle.
  158. Protective shutter for the camera.
  159. Bicycle bag or computer.
  160. Set for making mulled wine.
  161. Electronic Lighter.
  162. Stormglass.
  163. Set of collectible glass holders.
  164. Puzzles in a box.

Decorations for the birthday girl-Aquarius

Do not give these ladies banal jewelry. Neither the size nor the cost will impress a lady with a delicate taste. Uniqueness and style are more expensive for them. Find something original, order an exclusive according to an interesting sketch. Jewelry from a well-known brand or designer jewelry also have every chance of becoming a good gift.

It is great if the stones of the sign are used: amethyst, obsidian, garnet, rock crystal. Aquarians are suitable for minerals that resemble the transparency of water or the depths of the sea. You can choose jewelry with a bluish or transparent stone: aquamarine, beryl, lapis lazuli.

Women born under the sign of Aquarius attract attention with extravagance and delicate taste, they love flashy things. A cool accessory they will love.

Brooch in the shape of a bird of paradise . A golden decoration in the form of a tropical bird, generously decorated with corundum, cubic zirkonia and turquoise, will add a big and bright “zest” to the image.

Bimetallic ring in white and red gold . Unusual accessory.

Silver opening medallion . Inside you can insert a photo of a loved one. Or, more appropriate for the slightly sentimental Aquarius, a motivating motto.

Useful Birthday Gifts Aquarius Woman

Their family nest meets the most current trends. The house has only modern appliances, exquisite furniture, unusual decor.

At the same time, fanatical maintenance of sterile cleanliness and the preparation of grandiose family dinners are not concerned. Why waste your time on boring things? After all, there are so many interesting things around!

Mirror-lamp with touch control and different light (the main one is cold, the lighting around the mirror is warm). The Aquarius girl, who knows the secrets of applying makeup correctly, will be especially delighted.

Girls love taking selfies. The mirror will also help in this: a magnetic stand for the phone is fixed on it and removed using the button below.

Health tracker . The gadget looks like a stylish brooch, pendant or bracelet. The tracker counts steps, daily activity, sleep time, determines the level of stress.

Smart scales . The device controls more than a dozen body parameters, including weight, percentage of water and fat. The application builds charts with analytics, gives advice on proper weight loss. This gift is appropriate to give only to loved ones.

Original umbrella . Aquarius should only have an unusual accessory. For example, in the form of a tulip in a vase. When the umbrella is in a case, it looks like an unopened bud. And here are other options: a transparent cane umbrella with autumn leaves, an umbrella with a heart-shaped dome, a rainbow umbrella. Or the Reverse Umbrella: folds inward, dries quickly, stands up and doesn’t fall off. A reflective umbrella or an umbrella that changes color looks creative. This is a funny rain gauge: the more intense the rain, the brighter the dome.

Wireless portable acoustics . Works at a distance of 10 meters, the waterproof case allows you to relax near the river, is not afraid of precipitation. Cool thing for a picnic and a hike. Can work as a speakerphone.

Thermometer bracelet for wine . It is wrong to think that the colder the better the alcohol. Every wine has its own ideal temperature. You need to put the bracelet on the bottle, and wait a couple of seconds. A simple action to reveal the taste of a noble drink.

Extinguisher for candles . Convenient 3-in-1 candle holder: extinguisher, carrying tongs, candle sharpener for tall specimens. Those who love to “splurge” in front of the guests should like such a gift.

Gifts for Lady Aquarius for Anniversary

Aquarians are multifaceted, optimistic, they love to travel, explore the world, conquer new heights. Everything unusual attracts them. How do you like these ideas for the anniversary?

Self-rotating globe . This unusual souvenir uses the mysterious forces of nature. The sphere rotates slowly, requiring no power sources. If you are thinking what to give an Aquarius woman for an anniversary , this is a good idea. An expensive and presentable gift for a lady-leader or business partner.

Rocking chair. A cool and presentable gift for a mature Aquarius woman. If the birthday girl lives in a small apartment, you can pick up a folding chair . Even the restless Aquarius sometimes needs a rest. With an interesting book or another encyclopedia in hand. And the world will have to wait!

Did you know that in a rocking chair a person perceives and remembers information more easily? It turns out that when rocking, concentration increases.

Beauty Sleep pillow . A stylish and practical gift that will take care of a good sleep and beauty of the birthday girl.

Coffee table with stabilized moss and glass spheres . Original piece of furniture. Aquarians love it.  

Original gifts for a girl born under the sign of Aquarius

When deciding what to give an Aquarius woman for her birthday, forget about the practicality and benefits of the present. For them, joy and pleasant emotions are more important.

Aquarians are not interested in a mixer or a boring tea set. Aquarians love anything unusual, interesting or funny. The main thing is that the gift does not belong to the category of consumer goods.

Stylish ECG thermo mug . When there is a cold drink in it, there is a picture with a fragment of a cardiogram on it: a black screen, a white stripe. If you pour something hot, a scarlet heart appears with the inscription I love U. With the help of a mug, you can unusually confess your love. Invite your subject of adoration to visit, offer tea. Let him see how your hot feelings open from the high temperature.

Aqua farm . A closed ecosystem that maintains a balance between fish and plants.
A cool thing – at the same time an aquarium with a beautiful fish and a piece of “earth” on which you can grow real greenery. Plants take care of the cleanliness of the aquarium, the system regulates itself. For Aquarius, this is very convenient)

” Love as Art  – a set for abstract painting at the moment of intimacy with a loved one. The kit comes with everything you need to create a masterpiece using solids instead of brushes.

Prefabricated USB lamp in the form of a retro bulb with a lot of fireflies . It is not difficult to assemble the lamp: you need to give the bending wire any shape – a pattern, a spiral or a figure. Creates a fabulous atmosphere in the room.

Honey with gold . Gold is everywhere: in food, on the body… A universal set that includes selected honey for food and honey with gold leaf for massage.

Cool birthday gifts for Aquarius Girlfriend

The horoscope endowed Aquarius with an excellent sense of humor. They will like a non-banal and funny present. Like these funny things:

  • pillow “from loneliness” in the form of the hand of a loved one;
  • to the bell It’s sex time ;
  • cool bathroom curtain a la “carpet from the USSR”;
  • cheerful mug “on legs” from the American artist Dylan Kendall.

Or, for example:

Therapeutic quote book Stophandrin . The box, indistinguishable from the packaging of pills, is actually a book with motivating phrases for all occasions. Aquarians sometimes tend to “withdraw into themselves.” Therefore, 100 useful thoughts to increase pep and optimism will not interfere with them. “Live in the present”, “It all depends on you” – you open the book on a random page, and apathy is gone!

Antistress face Caomaru A funny face frowns and smiles, and copes with its task. The mood is uplifting!

Piggy bank Kitten thief. Hides money and meows. Another version of the “thief” is the cunning Panda.

Flip alarm clock. When flipping, the display also flips.

Desktop punching bag with photo . A cool anti-stress for an Aquarius colleague. To heighten the effect, the pear simply needs to be personalized. For example, a photograph of the chef)

What can you give an Aquarius Colleague inexpensively

If the budget is limited, you will have to choose simpler options for the birthday of an Aquarius woman you know. But even in this case, the hero of the occasion can be surprised by giving something from this list:

  • a toast stamp featuring the Eiffel Tower ;
  • scratch poster 100 drinks ;
  • with glowing soap ;
  • USB humidifier in the form of a cup of coffee.

Or something else:

A computer mouse in the form of a beefy male torso. A cool item will “dilute” office everyday life.

Desktop planning “Cockroaches in my head” . A cool way to keep track of planned cases, appointments. And, at the same time, unload the brain by coloring and drawing funny creatures. The organizer will help you relax and get rid of the excess from your head. Garbage and cockroaches. For a confused and organized Aquarius – that’s it.

A set of black and pink balloons with comically offensive inscriptions . Used for comic decoration of the celebration. Important! Only for girls with a very good sense of humor. “How?! Was it 18 ???”, “Kapets, you are old”, “Time has not spared you” – this is not easy to endure)

A couple more interesting thoughts What to give an Aquarius Woman

Amazing lamp-jar with the Sun and the Moon . The bank needs to be “charged” with the sun during the day. And in the evening close – the light will remain there. The darker the room, the brighter the “sun”. If you switch the mode, the time of the moon will come.

Cork globe . A great DR gift for a traveler. And Aquarius simply adore tourism. Various memorabilia, notes and photos are easily attached to the cork ball. The second suitable addressee is a teacher. Your winter boss or woman with whom you are connected by a common business will also be happy with an unusual present. The globe looks stylish, looks impressive on the desktop.

Volumetric neon photo frame with an unusual optical effect. It seems that the drawing is right inside the transparent cube, as if it is floating in it. It turns out that in order to “revive” the image, you need to insert three identical pictures. A status and unusual gift, a great idea what to give an Aquarius woman for her birthday .

Glucophone (a kind of drum) . To play it, a musical education is not necessary. But the birthday girl’s sense of rhythm is only welcome. This wonderful guide to the world of harmony and meditative sounds will appeal to the unusual Aquarius lady.

Aqua farm . A closed ecosystem that maintains a balance between fish and plants.
A cool thing – at the same time an aquarium with a beautiful fish and a piece of “earth” on which you can grow real greenery. Plants take care of the cleanliness of the aquarium, the system regulates itself. For Aquarius, this is very convenient)

Additional gift ideas for an Aquarius woman or girl

When you’re left wondering what to give an Aquarius for March 8th or another holiday, choose a small souvenir for her or her home.

For example, such as:

Ice bucket . There are more than one legend about the hospitality of the lady of Aquarius, but she prefers inner comfort to external chic. Please her with a unique gift that she will certainly appreciate.

Yoga mat . An incredible curiosity and love of life pushes the Aquarius woman to engage in new sports or spiritual practices. Give her another incentive to explore her own abilities.

New gadget . It does not have to be expensive, it is important that the Aquarius girl is not yet familiar with him. She will study it thoroughly and explain the principle of its work to all her friends in a nutshell.

What to give Aquarius to a girl with your own hands

When you are left confused about what gift to give an Aquarius woman, take a win-win step.

It is simple : create a gift for her yourself.

It could be:

  1. Rug made of pompoms or pebbles.
  2. Photo collage.
  3. Candlestick from improvised materials.
  4. Desktop perpetual calendar.
  5. Panel from saw cuts of a tree.
  6. Painting or installation from cardboard sleeves.
  7. Unusual photo frame.
  8. Key holder on the wall.
  9. Photo album handmade.
  10. Lacy lampshade or chandelier from old napkins.

Painting from pencil shavings


164 gift ideas for Aquarius (woman) + Tips

For work you will need:

  • white paper or whatman paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • tassel;
  • fabric for impregnation of excess glue;
  • colored pencils or felt-tip pens for drawing contours and details;
  • sharpener and pencil shavings;
  • glass or other press.

Working process:

  1. Choose a template for the picture and transfer the layout to paper.
  2. Sort the chips by color, size and texture.
  3. Apply glue to the drawing.
  4. Press the chips to a sheet of paper with glue, wipe off excess glue if necessary.
  5. Put the finished picture under the press. It should easily separate from the painting with glue residue.

Candles of an unusual shape


164 gift ideas for Aquarius (woman) + Tips

For work you will need:

  • candle template;
  • paraffin;
  • wax crayons of the desired color;
  • wicks;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • PVA glue.

Working process:


164 gift ideas for Aquarius (woman) + Tips

  1. Download and print the candle template of the desired shape in the required size on glossy photo paper. You can also use cardboard, but with glossy paper, the finished candle will be even and smooth.
  2. Precisely cut the template along the outline.
  3. Bend all lines along the ruler.
  4. Glue the faces along the lines and according to the numbering, i.e. glue edge “1” to “2”, etc. Press the edges firmly so that they stick together well.
  5. Paint the finished workpiece with acrylic paints so that paraffin does not leak out of the mold.
  6. Melt the paraffin in a water bath. Add to it crushed wax crayons of the desired color and aromatic oil (optional).
  7. Position the wick in the center of the workpiece so that it reaches its bottom, fill it with paraffin.
  8. After complete hardening, remove the paper blank from the finished candle.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Aquarius for a female

Aquarius often do not understand what they want. It is difficult to guess with a gift for a birthday girl. These ladies will perfectly master all fashionable gadgets, will be delighted with an unexpected adventure, they will gladly accept everything related to her hobby.

The girls of this sign are still those narcissists. They love their body and get real pleasure from the process of self-care. Skin care products will be to their liking.

Aquarians are bright fashionistas. And it’s really not difficult to choose a present from the “image” category – these fickle ladies prefer a variety of styles. In some direction you will definitely “get there”.

If you do not want to risk buying a birthday present for an Aquarius woman, feel free to give a gift card. The birthday girl will be only too happy to choose something you need. A great idea is a certificate for tailoring clothes or shoes and the opportunity to get a unique product according to your own standards. And if you give a certificate to a lingerie salon, the soul of Aquarius will simply start dancing.

If your choice is a certificate or a card, be sure to package it nicely. Otherwise, the gift will seem too “dry”.

To summarize what you can give an Aquarius woman for DR, a present suitable for her, in our opinion, is this:

  1. Modern, multifunctional and trendy. Being “in trend” is very important for her.
  2. Creative, bold and unconventional. Aquarius love originality. Even if you give a useful thing, it should be different in design or unusual functions.
  3. Individual, special and bright. Aquarians love to be the center of attention and hate to be compared to others. Banal thing they do not need. Standing out from the crowd and being an object of imitation is the main slogan of your familiar birthday girl.

And the wow effect is also very important. When choosing a gift for an Aquarius woman, be guided not by logic, but by emotions. At the sight of a presentation, there should be a desire to exclaim “Wow!”.

Give a present in a non-trivial and solemn way. Aquarians love subtext, hidden meaning that needs to be unraveled. For them, the packaging and the process of extracting the gift is important. Keep this in mind.

Blue roses, unusual tulips – Aquarius does not have a certain taste in flowers. However, choose something extraordinary. And make it the same way – without the usual standard for everyone.

If you set a goal to interest an Aquarius woman with your gift, take note of some rules, tips and tricks on how best to choose a gift for her.

  • Be attentive to them. Aquarians are not constant in their hobbies. But this is not due to their frivolity, but because of the desire to learn everything new that is in the world. If yesterday they still wanted to get an old brooch, today everything could change.
  • Refuse gifts that directly or indirectly restrict their freedom. For the ladies of Aquarius, there is nothing worse than being under the control of another person. Enough with her that sometimes she has to play by the rules of society.
  • When you don’t clearly know what Aquarians love, give them a new gadget. Any inventions arouse their keenest interest. They will carefully study the novelty in their home with curiosity.
  • If you want to please a friend, remember that Aquarius will be pleased with a device or collection of something related to music. It’s okay if you don’t get the style right, perhaps your gift will serve as an impetus for the Aquarius lady to explore a new direction in the music world.

The main condition when choosing a gift for Aquarius is still one: the purchase for them must be made from the heart.

A surprise without a sincere desire to please the gifted bearer of the sign will be unsuccessful. Her subtle mental organization allows the Aquarius woman to instantly recognize falsehood.

What is better not to give Aquarius to a woman

To draw up options for what is better to give Aquarius to a woman, decide what is unacceptable for the ladies of the penultimate sign of the zodiac.

These ladies do not like boring and prosaic things. Aquarians will not appreciate the gifts associated with mysticism, as they consider them meaningless.

Here’s what else is at the very bottom of their list of desirable gifts:

  1. Appliances for the kitchen. Aquarius girls are not born cooks. They themselves admit it.
  2. Service, a set of dishes. They are simply not interested.
  3. Dream catcher, amulets, amulets, talismans. Just hide somewhere far away. Esotericism and Aquarius are like parallel lines: they do not intersect.
  4. Ordinary souvenirs. Aquarians have a well-developed taste and sense of humor. Most likely, you will feel that this time with a gift – you didn’t guess. And, absolutely.
  5. Artificial flowers . Girls do not like non-real flowers. We understand them.
  6. Antiques, old and rare items . (Aquarians love modern gizmos – that’s for sure).
  7. Pretentious and huge gifts . He will not appreciate a bulky figurine, a picture in an elaborate frame at all.
  8. Draws . Aquarius, of course, are fun people. But it is important for them to “stay on top”, so feel the “edge”.
  9. Sentimental Gifts . Angels, cute toddlers, hearts, etc. they are not interested.

Original gifts are quite budgetary, but excessive cheapness will be offensive to Aquarius. The sign is distinguished by heightened dignity and self-respect.

Don’t donate money. Aquarius will accept them and immediately forget.

For all their delicacy, representatives of the sign will not accept from you:

  • Piggy banks, safes, banknotes . Aquarians treat money as a means to achieve goals and nothing more. To people who make accumulation an important goal of all life, the ladies of this sign will experience neglect and may be disappointed in them. They do not ask for anything in debt and expect the same from their entourage.
  • Fake stuff . To give an Aquarius girl any object of dubious quality or origin is to inflict an unheard-of insult on her. She rightly believes that she deserves better.
  • Clothes and shoes . Often, to show their independence from public opinion, the ladies of Aquarius wear an extravagant wardrobe. It may have a special logic and system that only its owner understands.
  • Expensive jewelry . Lady Aquarius cannot be indebted to someone for a luxurious gift. And she will not see valuables in gold jewelry without a specific message, a pleasant memory or some kind of action.
  • Light Literature . As a bearer of high spiritual principles, the Aquarius woman is interested in serious work, and in literature she is looking for a source of self-development, and not entertainment.


When deciding what to give Aquarius to a woman for her birthday or for no particular reason, be guided by your intuition. Directly asking a woman born under the sign of Aquarius about the desired gift is not worth it. It might hurt her. Ladies Aquarius do not need luxurious gifts, but they must be unique and sincere desire to please her.

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