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TOP 88 gift ideas for Mom for 60 years + 34 Gifts and Tips

Deciding what to give mom for 60 years – such a serious anniversary – is not at all easy.

The sixtieth birthday is a wonderful time when most of the worries are already behind, you can develop in any direction, relax and spend time with your beloved grandchildren and children. A woman at this age is freed from prejudices and ideals, she appreciates real feelings, attention and warm relationships. Therefore, a gift for mom on her 60th birthday becomes a serious issue for loved ones.

Thinking about what you can give your mother for 60 years, I want to present a truly worthy present for the hero of the occasion, to touch her, to emphasize respect for age and life experience.

Relatives of the birthday girl should take this date seriously and think in advance about what is better to give mom for her 60th birthday.

TOP 88 ideas what to give Mom for 60 years

  1. Home decor item . Representatives of the weaker sex in adulthood especially appreciate the comfort in their homes. To make the appearance of the house more attractive will help such gizmos as vases, statues, paintings, panels and much more. If the parents live in a large area, a decorative fountain or rock garden with a bonsai in the center will be a wonderful present. A symbolic and stylish decoration of the interior will be a portrait of the keeper of the hearth;
  2. Casket . Nowadays, you can find many models – from elegant handmade chests to full chests of drawers with numerous shelves. The choice of materials is also unlimited – wooden, plastic, ceramic products are sold. Start from the interior of the parental home and the preferences of the hero of the occasion;
  3. Breadmaker . This device is suitable for gourmet women who will never exchange home-made products for store-bought ones. It will also be appreciated by housewives who value time, because if earlier it took a lot of time to prepare homemade bread, now it will be enough to put the necessary ingredients in the bread machine, and she will do everything herself;
  4. Multicooker . This is another useful unit in the household, allowing you to devote more time to yourself, and not to cooking. It should also be understood that it is very reasonable to give your mother such a miracle of technology for 60 years, since with its help it becomes as simple as possible to prepare healthy food;
  5. Humidifier with ionization function . Presenting the device in question to your mother for her 60th birthday is a brilliant idea, since it makes it possible to improve the atmosphere in the apartment and protect yourself from various kinds of diseases;
  6. Massager . The choice of the presented products also cannot be called scarce today. Perhaps your mom would like a handheld massager with a vibration function, a massage chair cover or a hydromassage bath. In this case, it is better to build on the characteristics of the health of the hero of the day;
  7. Subscription to the spa . Let mom feel like a woman and take care of herself – after your favorite procedures, any representative of the beautiful half of humanity will shine;
  8. Ticket to the sanatorium . It seems to many that it would be very reasonable to give such a present to mom for her 60th birthday. In the sanatorium, the hero of the occasion will be able to improve his health and take a break from household chores;
  9. Oxygen concentrator . The presented device, due to its ability to release oxygen molecules from the air, is considered an indispensable tool for cardiovascular diseases;
  10. Subscription to the pool or fitness club . Many people think that giving such a gift to a mother for 60 years is only appropriate if she is a very active person. However, one can disagree with this opinion, because it is never too late to start joining a healthy lifestyle, right?
  11. Items to simplify housekeeping : washing machine, microwave, blender.
  12. Steam iron or handheld garment steamer.
  13. Luxurious tea service and elite tea included.
  14. Antique items: coffee table, porcelain figurines or dishes, other antiques.
  15. Transforming blanket, which is used in the form of a regular blanket, bedspreads, pillows, stole.
  16. A large book with photographs, where, in chronological order, frames of the mother’s life are located: childhood and youth, wedding photographs and the first pictures of her children, grandchildren, frames with adult children and their families, joint photos.
  17. New modern TV.
  18. Pillow under the back with an original and interesting print.
  19. Warm knitted sweater with a picture of a family or just a nice pattern.
  20. Decorative bonsai tree with natural stones.
  21. Figured dispenser for soap with a sensor.
  22. Telephone set in retro style.
  23. A new sconce over the bed, a floor lamp by the chair, a chic chandelier in the living room or a stylish lampshade in the kitchen.
  24. Belgian chocolate in a gift box.
  25. Decorative figures for decorating the garden: a black bear, a birdhouse for birds, a hedgehog.
  26. Elegant caviar on a leg.
  27. Compact automatic umbrella with bright print.
  28. Tablet with webcam for Skype with family.
  29. Wicker basket for storing various things.
  30. Elite coffee set.
  31. A modern mobile phone without fancy features, with a beautiful discreet design.
  32. Spectacular vase for fruits or flowers.
  33. Nesting dolls with the image of all family members.
  34. Certificate for a course of wellness or beauty treatments.
  35. Natural wool carpet.
  36. Aroma lamp with Himalayan salt.
  37. Smart thermos with thermometer.
  38. Relaxing night light in the form of an hourglass.
  39. Massage pillow with infrared heating.
  40. Table mirror with magnification and illumination.
  41. Multibaker with nozzles.
  42. Desktop biofireplace.
  43. Soft slippers with heating.
  44. Clear french press.
  45. Electronic book.
  46. Plush plaid with sleeves.
  47. Non-stick electric crepe maker.
  48. Picture with LED-backlight.
  49. Heated electric blanket or electric sheet.
  50. Jewelry with natural stones.
  51. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  52. Smart mini garden for growing vegetables and fruits in the apartment.
  53. Fresh flowers in a glass vacuum.
  54. Wooden key holder with a three-dimensional image.
  55. Electric samovar.
  56. Room mini-waterfall.
  57. Foot massage bath.
  58. Florarium.
  59. Window wiper robot.
  60. Electric Toothbrush.
  61. Coffee machine.
  62. A basket with seedlings of rare plants or elite varieties of fruitful trees.
  63. Mixer-dough mixer.
  64. Machine for separating pits from berries.
  65. Unusual sweet set (honey with gold, honey soufflé, cupcakes, macaroons, chocolate or handmade sweets).
  66. Magnetic board for the refrigerator. For notes.
  67. Diary in leather cover.
  68. Garden hammock or swing.
  69. A chameleon mug with a pleasant inscription or pattern that appears.
  70. Eternal Eco-calendar made of natural wood.
  71. ECO cube for growing a plant.
  72. Rolling pin with adjustable length and thickness or embossed with a pattern.
  73. Aqua farm.
  74. Timer in the form of a cute animal figurine.
  75. Bamboo barrel and honey spoon.
  76. Mini heater.
  77. Breadbox.
  78. Branded gardening tools.
  79. Orthopedic pillow of an ergonomic form.
  80. Mini sewing machine.
  81. Jug with water filter.
  82. Portable radio.
  83. Good set of cookware with non-stick coating.
  84. Portable deck chair with massage mattress.
  85. Heated mug.
  86. Food processor, turns waste into fertilizer for plants.
  87. Carved cabinet made of natural wood for storing spices.
  88. A set of beautiful mittens for hot dishes.

Original gift ideas for Mom for 60 years from Daughter

On the anniversary, the daughter should express her sincere love and warm attitude towards her mother. After all, from birth she gave her children all the best, denying herself a lot. You can pleasantly surprise your loved one by giving her something that she has long dreamed of. Here are some ideas for what gift to give mom for 60 years:

Drip irrigation system . Watering the garden takes a lot of time and effort from summer residents. This device facilitates the care of the garden and saves electricity and water. A practical and inexpensive gift for mom for 60 years from her daughter.

Beauty pillow . The older the person, the more quality rest is needed. This original gift minimizes skin deformation, prevents the formation of wrinkles and puffiness of the face and gives the dear person a healthy sleep and easy awakening.

Paraffin bath . It will allow you to carry out a cosmetic procedure at home. Paraffin therapy eliminates dryness, peeling, cracks on the hands. The bath is simple and effective in use. In just an hour, the pens are transformed beyond recognition. Wonderful gift from my daughter.

What can you give Mom for Anniversary from Son

Choosing a good surprise for a mother’s sixtieth birthday is both a pleasure from choosing a gift and a problem for a son, regardless of age and financial condition. I would like to present an original and at the same time practical gift.

What can you give your beloved mother for an anniversary from her son:

A set of tea in test tubes . Chinese tea is a whole philosophy. Each type of tea gives a special mood, taste and character. Six different types of tea, each in a test tube, are collected in a beautiful set. Give this set to your mom for 60 years and there will be no tea for any occasion – day and night.

Gingerbread board “Peonies”.  A million red roses, in our time, you will not surprise anyone. And mom always wants to present an unusual gift.

For example fragrant and sweet peonies from dough. A board for forming such gingerbread cookies will help the birthday girl prepare such a beautiful delicacy.

Painted bast box . An unusual idea for a present, for a mother who loves Russian traditions and beautiful things, in it the mother will be able to store the most precious jewelry and little things.

The box is created using ancient technologies and hand painted. This box will take pride of place in the house.

TOP useful gifts for mom for 60 years

The older a woman becomes, the more she begins to appreciate the comfort and cozy atmosphere in the house. Here are a few ideas for the best gift for mom to choose for 60 years:

Set for embroidery with ribbons . As a rule, at the age of 60, a woman no longer works. She has a lot of free time, which she spends on hobbies “for the soul.”

Give your mom such a creative gift for which she will spend more than one exciting evening.

Electric dryer for vegetables and fruits . If your mom loves gardening or picking berries, herbs and mushrooms, then this device is the best gift for mom for sixty years, she will be delighted.

The dryer has several tiers, which are evenly blown with warm air, preserving all the vitamins and the taste of vegetables and fruits.

Apparatus for making cottage cheese and cheese . If there is no money, then such a present will be a great helper in making homemade cheese and cottage cheese.

In just 1.5 hours using a microwave, refrigerator and this set, your mom will learn how to cook delicious foods with the help of detailed instructions.

A selection of Inexpensive gifts for Mom’s Anniversary

For any person, there is no one closer and dearer than mom. She will always help and support in difficult times. will rejoice with you over success. But, not everyone has the opportunity to present an expensive gift to the hero of the day.

In this case, it is worth stopping at a small present, but from the heart.

A selection of the best gifts for the anniversary of 60 years, beloved mom, if there is no money:

Garden lantern . A stylish accessory that will add a touch of magic and comfort to your summer vacation. It will illuminate the evening family dinner and spiritual conversations against the backdrop of nature.

ECO loofah washcloth.  An inexpensive but useful gift for mom for her 60th birthday. The washcloth is made of natural material. Acts as an excellent massager, improves blood circulation and improves skin tone.

Miracle ladle . This stylish and magical accessory will please any housewife in the kitchen. It takes up little space and most importantly stands upright and never falls! A bright and practical present for mom for her anniversary.

Foldable shoe dryer . A comfortable and stylish entryway rug, with an ultra-absorbent charcoal layer, keeps floors and shoes dry. A practical gift for mom on her 60th birthday.

Bath pillow with headrest . An inexpensive gift for a woman who loves to soak in the bath. The headrest is made of high quality material with suction cups that securely fix the pillow.

Massage mat with imitation of sea pebbles . Sloping pebbles act on active points on the feet, stretching the small muscles of the feet. Increase circulation and relieve swelling of the lower legs. Reviews about this rug, only positive, mom will definitely like such a surprise.

Some more interesting ideas What to give Mom for her sixtieth birthday

If the birthday girl loves unusual and original gifts, then we have collected several monitor lizards what to give mom for 60 years:

Video postcard . The best gift for mom for 60 years is a touching personal video greeting to beautiful music in a postcard. On a special device installed in a postcard, you can make a selection of memorable photos from mommy’s childhood or short video wishes from each family member.

Bottle with water ionizer . Any woman likes to take care of herself and her health. The built-in ionizer changes the structure of water, regulates the acid-base balance and saturates the water with antioxidants. Give a beautiful present with health care, mommy will be able to take a bottle with her, on any trip.

Orchidarium in dodecahedron . Glass polyhedron containing natural flowers: orchid, moss, succulents. Easy to care for, takes up little space, looks bright and unusual. An original gift from children that will definitely surprise mom and cause a lot of delight and surprise.

Ocean wave projector . Caring for children and grandchildren, household chores, hobbies, all this takes energy and strength from an aged person. Good rest and relaxation is necessary for cheerfulness and energy. The movement of the ocean waves will relax and calm any person, let him lie quietly “at the bottom”, watching the waves.

Oral irrigator . If you still don’t know what gift to give your mom for 60 years, feel free to buy this device. With age, the gums become very sensitive, the irrigator will help to clean the oral cavity and gums with high quality.

All models operate in the same way, the only thing you can choose is additional nozzles. Such a present will please a mother who monitors her health.

Solar battery . The present is very necessary, because now mommy will always have an additional source of energy at hand, and she will be able to charge her smartphone in the country or on the road.

Commemorative gifts that you can give mom on her 60th birthday

The family occupies a special place in the life of every woman, especially at that age. Often, mature ladies attach much more value to things reminiscent of loved ones than to expensive and fashionable presents.

You can remind mom of your love every day with the following gifts:

Pedigree book . If you have time and opportunity, you can try to collect as much information as possible about your family members, even the most distant ones, find their photographs and display the resulting picture in a special edition.

The decoration of such a book will be an expensive leather or textile binding. Do not forget to leave room for future representatives of the genus.

Photo collage or photobook . The first option is quite budgetary, so any donor can afford it. A beautiful composition should be made from the obtained pictures, and a stylish frame will help to complete the picture.

A photo book will cost more, but the customer will be offered a lot of ways to design it. In both cases, focus on the photographs, where the hero of the occasion turned out well.

Family movie . This may be a collection of kind words and wishes from the closest, supplemented by photographs of the hero of the day. To make the video more touching, children’s memories of a young mother and declarations of love to her will help.

Bed linen with photo print . If it seems to you that giving your mother bedding for her 60th birthday is too banal, order a set with family photos.

The pictures applied to the fabric will remind the birthday girl of your ingenuity and care every day before going to bed.

What can I give mom for 60 years for her hobby

A gift to support mom’s hobby is a win-win option, because in this case it will be a gift for the soul.

Based on the hobby of the hero of the day, you should pay attention to the following presentations:

A sewing or knitting machine , an illuminated magnifying glass for working with small items, a table lamp, a basket or a storage rack for small items. Any needlewoman engaged in sewing, knitting, embroidery, creating toys or jewelry, etc. will be happy with such gifts. Alternatively, you can present the hero of the day with the materials she needs in the process of creating new products;

Reclining armchair or deck chair , parasol, swing, hammock. The presented products can be presented to mom for her 60th birthday, if she is an avid summer resident. These things will remind a woman that in the garden you need not only to work, but also to relax. If this story is not about your birthday girl, present her with a set of garden tools or seedlings of rare plants and flowers;

Certificate for a master class in acting / dancing / drawing, etc. You can give this opportunity to your mother for her 60th birthday if she has not yet decided on her hobby and is in search of “her own” business.

DIY gifts for 60 years for Mom

Mom is a special person in the life of every child. She always wants to please not only with achievements, attention, care, but also with good gifts or a surprise. Below are some great ideas on how to make a gift for mom for 60 years with your own hands.

To please her mother-birthday girl, a daughter can:

  • collect a beauty box of care products;
  • bake mom’s favorite cake;
  • sew a beautiful patchwork quilt or kitchen potholders.

But what is better to give mom for 60 years, from her son, depends on skills and age:

  • fake using decoupage technique, even the youngest member of the family can handle it;
  • to burn on a cutting board, a pleasant wish or drawing, an older relative can already.

Even if you have already bought the main gift, do not be lazy, put a drop of imagination and time and create a cute postcard that your child and mom’s beloved grandson can help you create.

Do not be afraid to create something with your own hands, all it takes is a little patience and materials.

For example, make  a bouquet of mom’s favorite fruits .


TOP 88 gift ideas for Mom for 60 years + 34 Gifts and Tips


  • any fruits and berries;
  • long skewers;
  • food film;
  • satin ribbon;
  • paper to wrap the bouquet;
  • glue gun;
  • Scotch.

How to do:

  • We wash and dry all fruits and berries.
  • We insert a skewer into each fruit (not the entire length).
  • Several fruits can be cut so that they look beautiful in a bouquet. To do this, cut off only the top and be sure to wrap tightly with cling film so that the fruit does not wind.
  • Fruits can be sorted by size. For example, in the middle, the largest fruit is a grapefruit, and along the edges are the rest of the berries and fruits, forming a beautiful composition.
  • When all the fruits are collected, fix all the skewers with tape.
  • Crayons details (greens, ribbons, sweets) fasten there. Where there are gaps and skewers are visible.
  • Pack in kraft paper like a regular bouquet.
  • Tie the lower part with a satin ribbon or twine. Ready!

Sweet postcard-envelope


TOP 88 gift ideas for Mom for 60 years + 34 Gifts and Tips


  • cardboard;
  • double sided tape;
  • scissors;
  • jewelry (beads, satin ribbon, sequins, etc.)

How to do:

  • The prepared sheet of cardboard, cut according to the template.
  • Using adhesive tape, glue the “wings” and connect the parts together.
  • It all depends on the existing decor, we glue it to the postcard: sequins, satin ribbons in the form of flower bows, etc. Ready!

How to choose what to give mom for 60 years

Some good tips to help you choose the perfect gift for your mom:

Regardless of the gift, for your near and dear person, it is not the cost that is important, but the attention and care from you. Do not be stingy with emotions on this day. You should definitely add a postcard or a letter with nice words, even if it is sentimental. But for the older generation, this is very important!

Do not forget about fresh flowers, give preference to delicate shades in a bouquet. Can be ordered in a box or basket. If you want something original, you can present a bouquet of vegetables, fruits, sweets and even sausages with cheese.

Pay attention to the packaging, this is an important moment that gives the hero of the occasion good emotions and a smile.

If for some reason you cannot attend the celebration, be sure to send a gift by courier and attach a note with nice words to your beloved mother.

It is better to give one small but high-quality gift than a cheap teapot or iron that will quickly fail.

Decorate the house, create a magical atmosphere for a loved one. Help in receiving guests, free her from household chores so that mom can relax and feel loved on such a holiday!

If you choose what is better to give your mother for her 60th birthday, and do not want to miscalculate with a present, you must follow the following recommendations:

  • Watch and listen . Often, the representatives of the weaker sex themselves talk about their dreams and desires. However, people around, even the closest ones, are so busy with their thoughts and worries that they simply do not notice these signs. Just listen and take a closer look – perhaps the puzzle with the gift will be solved by itself;
  • Pay attention to the home environment . It is possible that recently the stove of the hero of the day broke or the sofa was torn – why not an idea for a gift?
  • Take dad as an ally . If the riddle is “what to give mom for her 60th birthday?” not in a hurry to guess, seek help from the second closest person – dad. Perhaps he will be able to successfully complete the above tasks for you and give you an idea. After all, a dad can ask his wife a direct question, pretending to be interested for personal reasons;
  • Ask directly . If your mother is a practical woman who clearly knows what she wants and is not shy about talking about her desires, ask her a direct question about gift preferences and just buy the right thing;
  • Complement the present with beautiful packaging and a bouquet of flowers . Do not forget that even the most expensive and necessary gift needs proper decoration.

What is better not to give mom for 60 years

When thinking about how to make a gift to your mother for 60 years, you should immediately exclude a number of gifts that can cause negative emotions and upset your loved one. Among them:

  • Soft toys . Your mother is no longer a young lady, she is unlikely to like soft toys, for her this is a dust collector.
  • Alcohol . Even if your mother sometimes drinks, you should not encourage this and give it, even an elite and expensive drink. Better give a gift. for a healthy lifestyle or a ticket to a sanatorium.
  • Greeting card with ready text . Please mom with an interesting congratulation, come up with it yourself. Better yet, if you make a postcard with your own hands.
  • Frame.  The most boring and banal gift. Give a better colorful collage of family photos.
  • Decorative cosmetics . At this age, every woman likes to choose for herself what cosmetics to use. Replace mascara, lipstick, natural – body creams, scrubs, body oils.

A beloved child can please his mother with almost any gift. Even if the birthday girl doesn’t like the thing, she may not even show it, but the sediment in her soul will remain.

To avoid negative emotions on the part of the hero of the occasion, it is not recommended to present the following presents:

  • Everything that can at least in the slightest way remind a lady of her age. In fact, this rule is very subjective – you should focus on the character traits of the birthday girl. If the numbers in the passport are a sore subject for her, it is not recommended to hand over medications, anti-aging cosmetics, etc.;
  • Money . In adulthood, people already, as a rule, manage to take place financially and do not need material resources so much. With such a gift, you will only demonstrate your unwillingness to strain in search of the necessary present and even, perhaps, embarrass or offend the hero of the day;
  • Banal things (figurines, photo frames, candles, etc.);
  • Clothes and perfumery . Even the closest people may not have the same tastes and preferences, so it is better to purchase a purchase certificate, as mentioned earlier.

Buying a gift for mom for 60 years is a great opportunity to express all your feelings for your dearest and most beloved person. Present ideas can be different, but be sure: any gift you choose will definitely please her, because the best gift for her is you.

You can give your mom almost anything for her 60th birthday. The main rule that should be followed when choosing a present is to put all your love and attention into finding the right thing, and also not be afraid to spend time looking for that very, ideal option. Then the birthday girl will be doubly happy and once again make sure that her children are the best.

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