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TOP 121 ideas What to give a girl for 11 years +55 gifts and Tips

Is it hard for you to decide what to give a girl for 11 years, who has almost everything? We have collected a wide range of ideas in one collection for a gift for a girl on her 11th birthday!

It is really difficult for guests invited to the celebration to make a choice. It is at the age of 11 that children take on new forms. In girls, breasts begin to grow, posture and gait change. All this is a consequence of hormonal changes.

In order not to be mistaken with a surprise for a girl, keep in mind that not only her appearance is changing. The inner world and attitudes of the girl also undergo significant metamorphoses. Relations with the opposite sex, maximum separation from parents come to the fore.

Reflections and options for what can be given to a girl for 11 years should emphasize the individuality of the hero of the occasion, her independence and the teenager’s own merits.

Remember that the surprise should be appropriate for the age of the child. If you are at a loss at the thought of what to give a child for an 11 year old girl, take a look at the list of our ideas! They are compiled with the advice of experienced parents and child development experts.

TOP 121 ideas What you can give a girl for 11 years

  1. City backpack.
  2. Electronic notepad.
  3. Glowing hair.
  4. Crystal ball or ball of predictions.
  5. Nightlight.
  6. Selfie stand.
  7. Board games: “Scrabble”, “Monopoly”, “Jackal” or “Evolution” – this is not only a decision on what to give to a girl of 11 years old. Such games require the participation of other people in them, which will bring the birthday girl closer to her family and teach them to trust them.
  8. Wireless headphones.
  9. Voice picture.
  10. Set for making ice cream.
  11. A ZD pen is a universal idea of ​​what to give a girl of 11 years old for graduation. This gift will definitely not gather dust in a teenager’s desk drawer!
  12. Ebru kit.
  13. Magic curlers. Do not forget that the birthday girl’s interest in her appearance is only growing!
  14. Electric scooter.
  15. Gyroscooter.
  16. Kigurumi. No young fashionista will refuse such pajamas!
  17. Children’s knitting machine or embroidery machine. 11 years old is the very age when a girl should be taught needlework and discover her talents.
  18. Aquarium with its own ecosystem.
  19. Levitating light bulb.
  20. Thermos mug.
  21. Set for creating perfumery.
  22. Microphone with speaker.
  23. Ultrasonic aroma diffuser.
  24. Flexible piano.
  25. Piggy bank.
  26. Smart watch.
  27. A diary with a plush cover and a padlock.
  28. Homemade soap kit.
  29. Puzzle with a large number of pieces (2000 – 5000 pieces).
  30. Terry house dressing gown of pink color.
  31. Children’s easel with a set of brushes, paints or pencils.
  32. Set for beading. You can choose a set with a wide variety of beads or a set to create a specific item – jewelry, jewelry box.
  33. Doll-mannequin for creating hairstyles and makeup.
  34. Synthesizer with karaoke microphone.
  35. Fluffy fur keychain in the shape of an animal.
  36. Bright accessories for swimming: mattresses, circles, goggles, fins, beach towel, waterproof cover.
  37. Fluffy house slippers, for example, in the form of unicorns.
  38. Stylish backpack, for example, with sequins or a chameleon.
  39. Apparatus for making cotton candy.
  40. Dance USB mat.
  41. Pottery set.
  42. Scratch poster, for example, “100 things to do for a real princess.”
  43. Sewing machine.
  44. Cool design sunglasses.
  45. A set of children’s jewelry, good quality.
  46. Roller Skates.
  47. A mirror in a stylish frame that can be hung in a girl’s room.
  48. A set of lumigurumi for weaving bracelets, key chains, smartphone cases, rings and pen cases from rubber bands.
  49. A box of fortune cookies.
  50. Smart speaker with voice assistant.
  51. Apparatus for making popcorn.
  52. A set of children’s varnishes.
  53. Eco-cube for self-growing a plant.
  54. Digital microscope.
  55. Bean bag in the form of a funny animal.
  56. Dressing table with compartments for storing cosmetics and accessories.
  57. Large suitcase – a case with double-sided felt-tip pens.
  58. Fashion baubles.
  59. Gymnastic ball – jumper.
  60. Bike.
  61. Badminton set.
  62. Hair ornaments: invisible, decorated with rhinestones, “crocodiles”, elastic bands – and much more.
  63. Luminous powder for creating a unique polish in the dark.
  64. Chocolate making set.
  65. An e-book if a girl is fond of reading.
  66. Big teddy bear.
  67. Hair crayons.
  68. Growing pencils.
  69. A convenient roomy pencil case with a pattern for a girl or plush.
  70. Bedding set with your favorite characters from the animated series.
  71. Fashionable comb with a bright design.
  72. Set for felting and making soft toys.
  73. Umbrella with funny ears.
  74. Neogam – chewing gum for hands.
  75. A set of plasticine, kinetic sand or mass for modeling.
  76. Roombox.
  77. Suitcase – a case for cosmetics and accessories.
  78. A cute girly accessory for a comfortable sleep is a funny sleep mask with a unicorn or a fluffy bunny.
  79. Glitter gel for hair.
  80. “Tasty Help” This is a series of sweets – marmalades and marshmallows, packed in transparent jars with funny labels.
  81. Polymer clay, from which the girl can make jewelry and various cute crafts – photo frames, key rings.
  82. Grass, watering it, it eventually becomes overgrown with live grass.
  83. Kanekalon for braids and beautiful hairstyles.
  84. Mittens with animal muzzles.
  85. Pendant – it can be a sign of the zodiac, hearts with pebbles, animal figurines.
  86. A set of accessories for a fun selfie.
  87. Hula hoop.
  88. Belt bag banana.
  89. Unusual office.
  90. Decorative fountain with lighting.
  91. Digital piano.
  92. Sets for various experiments and experiments, for example, one of the most popular “Colloid Garden”.
  93. Pins are bright and cool icons for denim jackets, school uniforms or backpacks.
  94. Luminous pillow in the form of a star or a cool animal.
  95. A set of markers for nail design.
  96. Reusable diary, notebook, pencil.
  97. Braiding machine.
  98. Disco ball.
  99. Soft headband embellished with flowers or rhinestones.
  100. Ice skates.
  101. Inflatable tubing for winter fun.
  102. Lava lamp with sparkles.
  103. Repeating hamster.
  104. Bright bouncing ball.
  105. Wallet with an unusual decor.
  106. A set of felt-tip pens for painting fabrics and several white T-shirts as an object for painting.
  107. Piñata filled with various sweets.
  108. Sketchbook for drawings.
  109. A set of interesting cosmetics for the bathroom, such as soap confetti, glitter bombs or plasticine soap.
  110. Quilling panel kit.
  111. Eau de toilette with a light fruity aroma.
  112. Antibooks – funny covers for books and textbooks.
  113. Sets of natural cosmetics suitable for age.
  114. Smart jump rope with adjustable harness.
  115. Chameleon cup with the girl’s favorite cartoon character.
  116. Rose in a flask with light, from the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast”.
  117. Balloon constructor.
  118. A corrugated curling iron with different nozzles will become an integral part of the image of a little fashionista.
  119. Sneakers with different lighting modes.
  120. Crystal growing kit.
  121. Magnetic bookmarks for books or a light panel – an overlay for a book.

There are many good ideas that, in addition to fantasy, will turn into real masterpieces and delight in the girl. All the brightest and most fashionable, beautiful and cute, unusual and cool, and, most importantly, relevant gifts are collected in this guide.

As well as useful tips to help you choose the best gift for a girl of 11 years old, which she will appreciate.

Original gifts for a teenage girl on her 11th birthday

In search of a surprise for a classmate or girlfriend for her birthday, you should show all your imagination.

When desires and opportunities coincide, it’s great. But if the budget for a gift is not big, you can also find a cute gift.

We offer a selection of interesting offerings. Among them there are no boring gifts, but their price does not go off scale.

Squishy toy . For girls 11 years old, you can still buy a similar interesting little thing. This anti-stress toy is increasingly winning the hearts of adults and children all over the planet. Maybe among the fans of this funny little thing and the hero of the occasion?

Camera sling bag . This accessory is useful for a girl who is passionate about the art of photography and does not part with her camera.

A set of pushpins in the form of an airplane . One type of these “aircraft” sets you in a working mood.

If the birthday girl likes to put off important things for later, this surprise will be an additional incentive for her to act.

Hair styler . Remember that girls at the age of 11 begin to carefully monitor their appearance? Help the girl find the best helper for creating a fashionable hairstyle!

Russia map with scratch layer . It will now be easier to explore the expanses of the native country of the hero of the occasion!

Alarm clock with a target . Let time itself submit to the hero of the occasion, and if you wish, you can even shoot at it.

DJ mixing console . With him, the hero of the occasion will be able to party at any time!

Desktop punching bag . Not only boys and adults want to let off steam after school or an unsuccessful project. Offer the birthday girl a peaceful solution to this problem.

Wireless stereo speaker . A modern birthday present for an 11 year old girl. What teenager doesn’t like listening to music?

Offer the birthday girl a device that will make her sounds clearer than before.

Box for banknotes . You can pick up a mini-safe with a cover in the form of a banknote, a banknote stylized as a book.

At the age of 11, you can already start collecting start-up capital for your own ideas.

Universal gifts for a girl 11 years old


TOP 121 ideas What to give a girl for 11 years +55 gifts and Tips

The first thing that comes to mind when you start choosing what to give a child for 11 years is various toys. Everyone loves them. When buying a toy for a girl who is 11 years old, the main thing is that she should not be too childish.

A small Teddy bear or a huge plush handsome man the size of a girl herself are perfect for this occasion. And also a good option can be:

Sweet box. Sweet treats are loved by all girls. And, most importantly, with such a gift, a minimum of hassle, a maximum of joy!

Depending on the budget, you can put together a gift basket by filling it with, for example, some of the following: kinders, foreign sweets, chocolate bars, candied fruits and nuts.

Under each of which there is an object for an exciting game: a doll, accessories for it, puzzle stickers and even pets.

Pink table glider in the form of a rug – coloring. A multifunctional gift is made of special plastic, which works according to the principle: “write – erase – write”.

The girl will be able to write down an infinite number of times: the schedule of lessons and homework, girlfriends’ DR, make important notes and reminders. You can write with ordinary pencils and felt-tip pens.

A heating toy,  for example, in the form of a unicorn. Not only a child, but also an adult will be happy with such a gift.

A cute plush unicorn with closed eyes will melt even the coldest heart, and a bag of cherry pits and lavender inside the heating pad will relax your muscles and help you fall asleep soundly and calmly. The toy will give the girl a lot of pleasant emotions.

Fortune-telling casket for girls. Perfect as a gift for young lovers of funny games.

The set contains many topics for divination: school, psychology, family, etc. and everything you need – and a fortune-telling rug, a mirror, pencils, fortune-telling cards and much more for fun evenings with girlfriends.

Gifts for the Development of an Eleven-Year-Old Girl

The age of 11 years is a period of active development in children: girls tend to learn more and comprehend something new. To help them, you can donate the following options:

Usborn cards. Such a gift for a girl on her birthday at 11 years old will allow you to study and train a lot of things with interest: vision, memory, perseverance and much more.

But, most importantly, cards for children of all ages, they are bright and exciting, and they are loved first of all by the children themselves. Cards are presented in the form of: books, board games, puzzle books.

Stickerbook. This is a book and a toy at the same time. To date, such books are gaining immense popularity, while not only incredibly captivating, but also bring undoubted benefits – they entertain and teach at the same time.

Even psychologists and therapists use stickerbooks in their work.

This is always a creative process that perfectly develops the child’s imagination and logic. That is why stickers attract even adults. For example, the “Watercolor Mood” series will allow you to create beautiful bouquets without paints and brushes.

A wooden puzzle is  not an easy puzzle, it is an exciting game that will be interesting for school children and even adults.

As soon as the girl opens the box with the elements, she will immediately feel the woody aroma, as the parts are made from eco-friendly materials. After collecting the puzzle, the resulting image can be used to decorate the room.

Drawing tablet with LCD screen. An interesting gift for a girl for 11 years, allowing you to draw without paper.

The drawing or inscription remains as long as it is needed and can be erased at the touch of a button. The girl will be able to create again and again!

Flip flop portrait is  a bright, amazing and unique surprise on the AR. But, most importantly, the girl will be able to create the portrait herself, in front of all the guests, even if she does not have artistic skills.

It is essentially a white canvas drawing platform. The girl randomly decorates it, the film is removed and the WOW effect occurs. Her finished portrait appears before everyone’s eyes.

A set of materials for creating an album or book in the style of scrapbooking. A very interesting activity that makes the child immerse himself in the process as much as possible. The finished result, especially for beginners, always causes a feeling of delight, tenderness and pride.

The necessary materials and tools will allow the girl to make a photo frame or a unique album with her own hands.

Choosing the best gift for a girl is a separate issue that requires an integrated approach to its solution. After all, the girl has overcome the 11-year milestone – the beginning of a transitional age, the time of awareness of her personality, the formation of hobbies.

It seems that she is still a child, but looking at the situation differently, it becomes clear that the girl is already almost a teenager.

And it is not always possible to find out what the girl herself wants to receive as a gift. And before every holiday, a dilemma arises: what to give a girl for 11 years, so that the thing will please her, and use it brings pleasure.

If your surprise brings positive emotions to the child – joy, then it will be pleasant, and you – you really guessed the desired gift for the young lady.

Fashionable gifts for the beauty of a young lady

A young lady grows in every eleven-year-old girl. Watching her mother or familiar girlfriends, the girl seeks to imitate them in the ability to dress stylishly, combine clothes, and take care of herself.

This list of gifts can easily include the following options:

The animal hat is  a bright, fashionable accessory for stylish girls. A thing that will give warmth and joy, and, most importantly, create a unique image and cause envy among girlfriends.

There are a huge number of models with ears: fox, owl, wolf, husky. All models are made of high quality faux fur. You can complement such an unusual surprise with animal mittens.

Stud earrings. An excellent decoration and a universal gift for a young fashionista, which amazes with its originality.

There is a wide variety of collections, for every taste and budget, so you can easily choose any earrings for your daughter, niece, sister or granddaughter. You can choose a product made of silver, white and red gold or medical alloy.

Printer-stamp for nails with a cosmetic bag. A cool gift for a girl of 11 years old, having received which she will be able to open a nail salon right at home. The kit includes everything you need to make your nails beautiful and well-groomed.

Using the printer is simple: just insert the design into the machine. Paint your nails with varnish, insert your finger into the machine, press the button, and a pattern will be imprinted on the nail.

Colored strands on the clips. With such a gift, you can experiment with your hairstyle without coloring your curls. The strands look very bright, fashionable and attractive on the hair.

Beauty – boxing, from your favorite video blogger. The best gift for a modern girl. Firstly, it is an elegant gift box, which is nice not only to receive as a gift, but also to store your favorite cosmetics or accessories in it. Secondly, all cosmetics are hypoallergenic and certified.

Inexpensive gifts

A presentation that is unlike any other is always received with joy and interest. In this case, you can give the girl something inexpensive, but unusual in design and shape:

Cool lip balms. An interesting gift option that you can present to a friend or classmate. You can pick up with a cool design, for example, a bottle – in the form of an animal or with a transparent stick.

A gift set with six of the most popular lip balms in a tin in the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle looks very interesting. Long-lasting hydration, softness and unique taste of your favorite soda on the lips.

A set of 3D lollipops – planets. Space lollipops will be a great gift for a girl on the DR and beyond. 3D candies are caramel lollipops with a fascinating image of the planets of the solar system, as well as the Sun and Moon.

Album for girls . An inexpensive gift that any girl of 11 years old will love. A padlocked notebook in which she can keep her innermost secrets, and funny questions in the questionnaires will delight all her friends.

If the child does not like to get up in the morning for school, and the monotonous sounds of the alarm clock cause tears or apathy, then morning awakening must be made a fun game.

A cool alarm clock is perfect for this  : running away, flying away, in the form of a rug, an alarm clock from Lego or in the form of your favorite character. Such unusual gifts for an 11-year-old girl will wake her up in the morning and give her a good mood.

Chameleon mug. Unusual ceramic mug with the image of your favorite character with the effect of “chameleon” – will be a great gift for your niece or girlfriend.

The mug is made of ceramic and covered with a special thermal paint. When exposed to high temperature, the mug changes its color or magically reveals a drawing, photograph or a cheerful inscription – a wish.

Unusual surprises

Surprising a girl who has everything, and even more pleasantly surprising, is not an easy task, but feasible. The choice depends only on financial capabilities, you can choose from the following options:

A butterfly farm is  one of the options for surprising a girl of 11 years old with a gift. To buy such a surprise is to give the girl the opportunity to grow real tropical butterflies at home and observe their life.

The set perfectly develops interest in the natural sciences, emotional intelligence, self-discipline, responsibility and, most importantly, it is the best replacement for gadgets.

Selfie camera for kids. A multifunctional and easy-to-use camera, produced especially for children.

The kit includes everything you need so that the girl can take photos and videos, process them using applications and share her pictures with her friends on social networks.

Spray-mist perfumed for girls. It is a special series of children’s cosmetics with a shimmer, which can be played in a beauty salon or decorate the skin with fragrant sparkles.

This gift will be especially relevant in the summer season.

Mp3 player. Such a device has long been recognized among children. For a girl of 11 years old, it is better to purchase a player with a large set of functionality. You can also highlight the following important criteria:

  • Specifications: memory capacity, battery life, format support, etc.
  • Complete set: the color display, convenient earphones.
  • Design for girls, made in matching colors.

T-shirt or hoodie with a fun print, lettering or pattern that glows in the dark. This is a special category of modern clothing. Images on it are made with special paint as bright, interesting, and eye-catching as possible.

Accumulating light, the drawing then emits it, which always looks cool on the street.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a girl for her 11th birthday

What gift can you give a girl 11 years old? Everything that a girl dreams about, everything she is interested in, everything that your budget is enough for, everything that will cause a pleasant smile and joy in a child. For example, one of these:

Huge coloring poster.  There are a huge number of plots: space, cities, animals, princesses and much more. A wide-format canvas will allow the girl to have fun painting princesses or space aliens. And also, children really like to look at the details of a large drawing.

This format provides an immersive effect, as if the child is inside the picture, and this inspires him to be creative!

A wrist watch that matches the girl’s style. It can be a sports model, a watch with your favorite hero or an elegant model with rhinestones. The main thing is that the watch should be modern, resistant to scratches and damage, and preferably moisture resistant.

In addition, you can always choose a stylish thing for a girl’s room and give, for example, such gift options:

Large vinyl stickers –  with their extraordinary beauty, they will please the girl and perfectly decorate the nursery, without leaving any marks on the wallpaper. You can choose decorative stickers with princesses, cute animals, planets or your favorite movie characters.

Fluffy bedside rug –  it will harmoniously complement any nursery, creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Lightbox –  will make her room beautiful and elegant, fill it with bright colors and serve as a night lamp. You can choose a ready-made model, for example, with an image of an animal, or order it with an individual design: a photo of a girl.

A music box with a dancing ballerina  will be an original gift for a lovely lady on her birthday, March 8, New Year or any other celebration.

After all, a child’s room is his legitimate “shelter, nest” from the outside world, where the girl should feel comfortable. And, such interesting gifts will allow the girl to create a creative environment and comfort in it.

A birthday surprise for a sister is even more difficult to make than for the rest of the family. It seems that the sister has everything and she does not need anything. Do not rush to conclusions! How about gifts like:

  • Skipping rope with electronic calorie counter . With such a simple and familiar simulator from childhood, the hero of the occasion will always be in excellent physical shape.
  • Webcam . It is already difficult to find people who do not use modern types of video communication. So let your sister have the best transmitter of information!
  • Device for foot and ankle massage . The best thing about this massager is that it massages automatically. No effort on the part of the birthday girl is required. Such a gift will definitely appeal to an active teenager!

Think about what other surprise you could please the birthday girl while we tell you what rules you should know when going to a celebration.

DIY gifts for a girl for 11 years

What to give your best friend on her birthday? Eleven-year-old girls, as we have already mentioned, appreciate fashionable things. For many years, such objects have been the results of manual labor. What handmade gifts will please the birthday girl? Let’s list a few ideas.

  1. Hat and snood hand knitted.
  2. Plaid.
  3. Handmade wallet.
  4. Wall organizer.
  5. Table chest of drawers for jewelry.
  6. Lamp.
  7. Stand for pencils.
  8. Handmade soap.
  9. Knitted yarn carpet.
  10. Set of sofa cushions.

Sleep mask “Unicorn”


TOP 121 ideas What to give a girl for 11 years +55 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • blue, white, pink and black felt;
  • ribbon of gold sequins;
  • rubber;
  • fabric glue or glue gun;
  • scissors;
  • pencil.


TOP 121 ideas What to give a girl for 11 years +55 gifts and Tips

Working process:

  1. Draw mask blanks on paper. Separately depict bangs, ears, eyes. Cut out the templates and transfer them to the felt. Attach with pins and cut out. There should be two faces of a unicorn!
  2. Glue the details to the muzzle of the animal. It is better to attach the eyes first, and then glue the ears and bangs.
  3. Glue the sequin ribbon onto the unicorn horn. Do it better in a zigzag pattern.
  4. Glue or sew an elastic band onto the mask.
  5. Glue the second part of the mask on the inside of the mask. It will hide the elastic and give density to the product.

Door hanger


TOP 121 ideas What to give a girl for 11 years +55 gifts and Tips

To work you need:

  • a skein of hard wire;
  • pliers;
  • wire cutters;
  • paint can.

Working process:

  1. Measure the width of the door and create a life-size drawing of the future hanger.
  2. Unwind the wire. Use a vise to straighten particularly difficult bends.
  3. Form a U-shaped loop with pliers. She will hold the hanger on the door.
  4. Bend the wire to the loop at an angle of 90 0 .
  5. Form the silhouettes of the necessary objects. Use a vise to create square and rectangular shapes. Rounded shapes are best formed with round objects (it is enough to wrap the wire around them).
  6. When the product is ready, create another U-shaped loop. Cut off excess.
  7. Paint the hanger with spray paint. Dry.

Tips: How to choose the best gift for a girl for 11 years

It is important to understand the recommendations on how best to choose an original gift for a girl of 11 years old. Otherwise, even the surprise may be a failure.

One of the frequent questions is –  should I give an 11-year-old girl dolls ? At this age, girls still love to play with dolls, however, they try to appear more mature than they are. Therefore, you can give dolls, but with some nuances and taking into account age:

  • If a young lady likes to invent different hairstyles, you can give her a doll – a mannequin. On which she can train to do styling and makeup.
  • A girl likes to dress up or sew, then she will definitely like a doll – a model. Comes with fabric and accessories for sewing.
  • The girl prefers to collect dolls – give her a vintage doll or a handmade model.

Different toys for sisters. If suddenly you had to choose a surprise for two girls at once – for example, two sisters – then take care of their similarity. Especially if the girls are close in age, for example, one girl has a doll with blond hair, and the other with dark ones.

Quality.  Whatever the value of the gift, it must be of high quality. Sturdy, drop-resistant, safe in composition and certified surprise will please the child much more than a flimsy toy.

Relevance.  The interests and hobbies of modern children change very often, so current trends must be taken into account when buying a gift. All new models of gadgets, clothes, popular brands, trends – all this is a priority. Like a form, such a thing unites. Compliance is not an excess, but a way of communication among today’s children. Therefore, when choosing a gift, do not forget to take into account the trends of the XXI century.

Complete your main present with a little  sweetness: your favorite chocolate, natural marshmallows or marmalade, cupcakes.  After all, all girls love sweets and on a holiday they can and even need to be pampered!

Package.  Do not forget that children. Especially for girls, it is very important how the gift is packaged. The brighter and more beautiful it will look – the better! Therefore,  a box, bows and satin ribbons are a must .

It is important to understand the recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a teenage girl right away. Otherwise, even a surprise for the daughter may turn out to be a failure.

  1. Forget about the word “Useful!” . It is customary to give practical gifts to children. Leave them for another occasion. On her birthday, the girl is still waiting for a miracle. Yes, even if she is already 11 years old, he does not want to receive a set of dictionaries as a gift.
  2. Communicate ! It’s easy to find out what the birthday girl dreams about. It is important not to lose her trust. Then the girl herself will tell about those things that are of interest to her. You just need to hear her.
  3. Ask ! At 10-12 years old, a child can still answer without hesitation what he wants to receive for his birthday. You can invite the girl to act like an adult: make a wish list and send it to invited guests. They themselves will choose what surprise they can present to the birthday girl.
  4. Only for her ! Gift etiquette says that you need to choose a birthday present so that only the birthday person uses it. For children’s parties, this rule will be no exception.
  5. Don’t bother ! You can’t spoil a girl’s birthday with words of edification when presenting a gift. For example, give your niece a watch and remind her not to be late. To do so is ugly. On a birthday, it is not customary to point out either a word or a gift to the shortcomings of the hero of the occasion.
  6. Do not take all the attention of the girl . Asking if the girl liked the gift at the celebration is not accepted. No need to insist on explaining to the birthday girl how to use the item. Let the hero of the occasion enjoy the holiday and everyone’s attention. Discuss what your surprise is good for, you will burn in a couple of days when the girl opens all the gifts.
  7. Be an example ! Give a gift to a girl in a beautiful package, carefully tied with a ribbon. Don’t forget about flowers for her and mom, as well as a congratulatory speech and a card!

What is better not to give a girl on her 11th birthday

What is the worst mistake you can make at a birthday party? Handing over is not what the hero of the holiday dreams of. And there is also a list of gifts that are better not to give even to a granddaughter.

  • Used items . Used items are easy to recognize. And, if you give such a gift to a girl, you can forever lose her favor.
  • Certificate . In many cases, a girl will not be able to use it without the participation of adult relatives. Whether they will be able to adjust their schedule for visiting an entertainment center or a store before the expiration date of the certificate you handed is unknown.
  • plant or pet . With such gifts, you need to be more careful. They do not always bring joy to adult family members who will have to take some of the worries about this gift on themselves.

Of course, there are gifts that it is not advisable to give a girl either for 11 years or for any other dates. These include gift ideas:

“Necessary” things, for example, shoes . The exception is if the girl herself asks for it. Agree, such presents are more likely for her parents than for her.

Gifts out of season . Children, regardless of age, live in the present day and, of course, want to use the gift for its intended purpose “here and now.” Instead of waiting for spring to ride a bike, having received it, for example, for the New Year.

Stationery, school supplies, encyclopedias  are also not suitable as a gift for an 11-year-old girl. It is not necessary to load a child with studies on a holiday, a girl needs emotions and joy.

Trinkets, figurines, frames  and other useless things that will immediately be thrown into the far corner.


It is necessary to choose a surprise for a girl on her 11th birthday so that he brings positive emotions to the hero of the occasion. So the sincere joy of the girl will reward you for your efforts in finding the best gift for her!

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