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TOP 61 ideas What to give a Woman for 45 years +More Gifts and Tips

Forty-five years is maturity and attractiveness. The age of practical realism and balanced decisions.

What to give a woman for 45 years? What present will you like, be useful, bring pleasure and joy?

Below you will find a selection of interesting gift ideas for a woman for 45 years :

TOP 61 ideas What you can give a woman for 45 years

  1. Relaxing Bluetooth mask with headphones.
  2. Water jug ​​with cassettes for filler and ice “WaterJug”. Delicious fruit drink will stay cold for a long time.
  3. Automixer “Nepodgoraika”. Porridge that will never burn, and sauces will turn out without lumps. A battery-powered smart device does not need to be held in your hands – it is simply left in any pan, even non-stick. You can do other things while the magic is happening on the stove.
  4. Leg hammock.
  5. A set for making rolls and sushi, as well as beautiful dishes for them.
  6. Wooden coffee table.
  7. Levitating tree in a Bonsai pot.
  8. Clock-photo frame made of sand.
  9. Plush toy-basik. An unexpected and sweet idea of ​​​​what to give a woman for 45 years inexpensively. A fashionable plush cat with a funny mustache touches the most sentimental lady.
  10. Folklore box for small things.
  11. Biofireplace. Various modifications: desktop, wall, floor.
  12. The samovar is crystal operating.
  13. Interactive musical pot.
  14. Magnetic antistress “Molecular bonds”.
  15. Floor lamp.
  16. The original organizer for jewelry in the form of an evening dress.
  17. Gilded bottle stand.
  18. Bag holder with crystals.
  19. A tea set.
  20. 3D lamp.
  21. Memory super pillow.
  22. Fountain for drinks.
  23. Aquarium garden. Device “Two in one” – a home for fish and a small garden.
  24. Picnic set with thermal compartment.
  25. Biosphere. An exclusive composition of living plants (mini-orchids, fittonia and ferns) in a glass polyhedron will really appeal to connoisseurs of “living” beauty. The quality of plants and the unique skill of florists will delight the birthday girl for many years. The biosphere can be safely left without watering for a whole month. You can give a whole ensemble of several biosphere balls.
  26. Outdoor fireplace.
  27. Leather travel organizer for money, bank cards and documents.
  28. An umbrella is the opposite. An unusual accessory is a godsend for practical people who appreciate the functionality and comfort of everyday items. It has one drawback – it folds at full length. The rest is a unique design and a whole list of attractive qualities:
  • folds in a special way: with the wet side inward, so it will not wet clothes and hands;
  • a large dome over a meter in diameter;
  • dried vertically without support;
  • securely rests on the wrist, freeing hands for a phone or a cup of coffee;
  • doubly reliable thanks to the double dome.
  1. Stone garden. An original souvenir made of limestone and live plants.
  2. Waterproof speaker.
  3. Exclusive kaleidoscope.
  4. Set for mulled wine.
  5. Unusual clutch made of monitor lizard skin.
  6. Wall garden with a mirror “Ecosphere”.
  7. Luxurious bathrobe.
  8. Breakfast table in bed.
  9. Stone tree from valuable minerals. For example, rose quartz. The energy of the mineral brings love, inspiration, prosperity and success to the owners. Quartz helps fight stress, quenches anger and teaches you to enjoy life.

Rose quartz is a symbol of health and pure love. He protects feelings from destruction, teaches to forgive. The stone looks like a wise old man who knows everything in the world and can always help.

  1. Ant farm “Microworld”. A cool idea for corporate and personal presentation.
  2. Author’s design vase.
  3. The book “Family Chronicle. A universal gift will forever leave vivid evidence of the history of the family in the memory of descendants, protect the family from oblivion. Family members will truly enjoy time travel. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be happy in years to read the messages addressed to them. The world of their ancestors will become dearer and closer! For an anniversary date, it is appropriate to present an elite edition – made of wood and genuine leather with gold embossing.
  4. Outdoor fire pit. An original detail of landscape design will create a unique atmosphere of your birthday girl’s country house.
  5. Painting with silvering.
  6. Wall light panel.
  7. Bar holder.
  8. Pot with watering function.
  9. Freezer.
  10. Forged bench for giving.
  11. Desktop telescope.
  12. Fireplace clock.

Directions for your thoughts


Serious adult ladies prefer similar gifts. If you are going to a 45-year-old woman’s anniversary, use our ideas.

Modern digital devices . E-book, tablet. If a friend is a car lady, she will need a new wallet for documents, a car vacuum cleaner, a navigator, parking sensors, a video recorder.

Interior decor items . An original photo frame with cells for family photos, a night lamp or an exotic plant. It is better for a superstitious person not to give a pot of earth – instead, use a hydrogel. The woman herself will transplant the plant as she sees fit.

  • Present a picture for every taste and interior: a copy of a famous canvas, an unusual version with an image of crystals, a three-dimensional panel.
  • A floor vase with exquisite flowers, original wall clocks, wicker furniture will appeal to lovers of home comfort and beauty.

Home textiles . A set of terry towels, a set of silk bed linen. A set of underwear with 3D printing. Beautiful plaid: classic checkered with fringe, alpaca or merino wool. Or a fashionable model with sleeves.

Appliances for the kitchen . Practicality gets better with age. For an anniversary, it is better to give useful devices. Come up with a non-trivial option and hand something interesting: an electric barbecue grill, a stylish food warmer, a marinator, a donut maker.

  • Give the lover of creating culinary masterpieces a multifunctional multicooker, a fondue set or clay pots. Stop the choice on an electric meat grinder, air grill or bread machine. This is practical, but not standard. With these helpers, cooking will become a pleasure.

Household devices . Hand a busy lady a robot vacuum cleaner. A good idea for a presentation is a gadget for appearance. For example, a device for hardware manicure, a photoepilator or a hair styler. A hydromassage bath will give a real relaxation for tired legs.

Accessories . Details make the image expressive and solid. Find out the woman’s favorite shades to choose a harmonious accessory. A well-known lady can give her a handbag, clutch or gloves. More versatile gifts include umbrellas, stoles, and scarves. The original present is a Mobius scarf.

  • A great surprise is an umbrella with a custom-made image. The dome can be decorated with a photo with her husband, a portrait of a pet, a favorite landscape. You can find the Anti-Hurricane umbrella, which is not afraid of strong winds. Or an unusual tulip umbrella.

Crockery . Beautiful and graceful, no pots and pans! A set of unusual plates, a fine porcelain coffee service, an elegant tea pair, silverware. The original version is a chic engraved wine goblet.

Lingerie . If you are thinking about a gift for your loved one, surprise her with a set of beautiful lingerie. A classic set or something frankly erotic – it’s up to you. In order not to turn out to be a character from jokes in a lingerie store, peek at the sizes indicated on the labels in advance at home.

What to give a woman for 45 years to emphasize her attention to her life? Interest related gift!

  • Loves to draw? Present paints and an easel.
  • Transformed into karaoke? She will be happy to receive a certificate to record her own single.
  • If the lady is a designer, a graphic tablet with installed programs will be a useful gift.


Jewelry is worn by almost all ladies. When buying, be guided by the style of a woman. Remember what clothes she prefers, study her social media profile. Make your choice in favor of a non-standard gizmo, whether it be a bracelet, earrings or a necklace.

Give your beloved one something romantic, with a special meaning. A great idea is a pendant with her name or initials. Order a personalized accessory or make an engraving. The decoration will turn into a valuable talisman!

It is not necessary to buy gold and precious minerals – jewelry is at the peak of fashion trends, so it will be a nice present. Stones that imitate branded jewelry are indistinguishable from precious ones, and the coating is reliable and durable.

Be aware of the difference in tastes. Try not to make the gift hint about age and become the “golden mean” – not for “mature”, but not too youthful.

Holiday with a colleague

If the gift is intended for a colleague, gifts intended for the home should be avoided. The best choice would be:

  • leather diary;
  • bag for documents or laptop;
  • organizer with built-in battery;
  • leather wallet with bank card protection;
  • a small plant for the desktop;
  • decision maker “Oracle”;
  • notebook-coloring book “Isotherapy”;
  • a set of good coffee or tea;
  • stylish office organizer.

Lady – 45! Unusual gifts

What can you give a woman for 45 years if she has “everything”? You will have to apply an unbanal creative approach.

Impressions and sensations

  1. Certificate in spa or massage . A subscription to the pool or a paid procedure in a good salon. Close people can please with a vacation ticket.

When choosing a mood gift, consider the factor of the woman’s interests. Remember: some ladies will never go to a beauty salon or for a massage to an unfamiliar master.

  1. A good present – tickets for an interesting event . Ballet, theater, sporting event, concert by Stas Mikhailov or Burito. Anything can be of interest to the birthday girl, so it’s good to test the ground in advance so as not to give the avid rocker a nostalgic meeting with Yura Shatunov.

You can give an exciting excursion or participate in a team game or a creative quest. For example, organize an adventure with pirates or participate in the battle of superheroes. Why not?

  1. Shopping with a stylist “If you want to have what you never had, start doing what you never did.” “…and wear what you have never worn” – I would like to add to the sparkling phrase of Richard Bach. Shopping with a pro is not at all like shopping with your husband or girlfriend. The stylist will give an expert opinion, not what you want to hear.

An image surprise will help a woman to feel her attractiveness again, to see herself completely different, to get rid of the stereotypical image. This is a good present from a friend.

Giving preference to such a gift, you need to be absolutely sure that a woman will perceive the present adequately and will not consider it a hint of an old-fashioned look.

  1. A good idea is a certificate for participation in the master class . Of course, on a theme close to the birthday girl – modeling from polymer clay, felting bunnies or extreme driving.
  2. A joint trip to a male striptease . An original present from a friend or female colleagues.
  3. An interesting gift would be swimming with dolphins , a diving course or a horse ride.

Sometimes the fulfillment of a romantic dream means more than a material gift. Dare!

When choosing “active” entertainment presents, consider the nature and health of the woman. Horseback riding and skydiving are not for everyone.

TOP 9 original gifts

  1. Sand painting. The grains of sand intersperse, creating unique landscapes and inimitable combinations.
  2. Photo in glass. This is an unusual gift – an image engraved in glass.
  3. Studio photo session. Individual or family. If the birthday girl does not have beautiful photos, the gift should be liked.
  4. The book is in a rare edition.
  5. Original utensils for the tea ceremony.
  6. Portrait of a birthday girl on canvas. Stylish birthday girl – a large portrait, made in the style of pop art. No modern lady will refuse to have such a portrait.

Having chosen a classic image, consider an interesting presentation of the photo of the hero of the day. In a Victorian era costume, in the image of Catherine II or Marie Antoinette – the choice is up to your imagination and common sense.

  1. Order an exclusive cake with her image for the birthday girl. A good idea is a cake with fondant decoration, reminiscent of a hobby or profession.

Do not write numbers on the cake indicating the age of the hero of the day. It is not known whether she would like to advertise how many birthdays are already behind. Such a “surprise” can upset.

  1. Edible photo on marshmallow. An individual and tasty present that will be a pity to eat.
  2. Surprise bag. Take a closer look at what kind of bag the birthday girl wears, and pick up a leather or suede accessory of a similar style, but higher in class. Put something nice in your purse: your favorite perfume, a branded neckerchief or gloves. Every lady will like an original present.

What flowers to give a woman for 45 years?

The short answer is love! It is a mistake to assume that for ladies of the age “a little over …” one should choose bulky compositions from “serious” colors of dark or bright shades. A traditional “anniversary” bunch of burgundy roses can disappoint a woman who loves delicate daisies.

An alternative to the usual bouquet is a beautiful houseplant, a bonsai tree, or a composition of sweets or candies. A delicious installation made of chocolate, marmalade, marshmallow or marzipan looks original.

If a lady does not like sweets, opt for a beautiful and vitamin bouquet of fruits. Or assemble an ensemble of meat delicacies – this is also a fashionable direction in food floristry.

Tips: How to choose a gift for a 45 year old woman

The gift is chosen based on the nature of the relationship. What to give for 45 years to mom, colleague and girlfriend are completely different things.

Soberly assess your financial capabilities, and remember: a gift that is too cheap is just as indecent as an overpriced one.

Giving preference in favor of some thing, do not forget to evaluate:

  • Appearance . The present should be beautiful, and the packaging should match the taste of the birthday girl. Even an impossibly practical iron can be decorated brightly, and handed over creatively.
  • Usefulness . Women are becoming more practical over the years – a million scarlet roses, a fire show or a violinist’s solo under the window are unlikely to be appreciated.
  • Individuality . The gift should be intended for the birthday girl: take into account her desires, character and hobbies. A faceless trifle from a nearby store will not bring any joy.
  • Positive . Consider your idea very carefully. It is easy to accidentally offend a lady by handing a wrinkle cream or a weight loss belt. Age 40+ makes women especially vulnerable and vulnerable.

“You should never give a woman something that she cannot wear in the evenings.” Oscar Wilde

No woman will be outraged if they give her this ring from Tiffani. There are not many gems.

3 rules for choosing a gift for a wife for 45 years

A few simple rules will tell you what gift you can give a woman of 45 years old. These tips are for your spouse.

  1. Conduct a secret survey. Close friends are probably aware of the wishes of the birthday girl.
  2. Don’t repeat yourself. Over the long years together, you managed to give a lot. In order not to face disappointment, do not present the same perfume for the third year in a row.
  3. Listen for signals. Women know how to hint and push their soulmate to the right decision. A casually abandoned magazine, constantly open on a spread with a photo of elite jewelry, can set the exact course for your search.

Please the birthday girl and make her holiday unforgettable.

What is better not to give a woman for 45 years

On the anniversary of an adult woman, it is inappropriate to give cheap souvenirs or fake things, rough fakes.

Do not give just one flower on your birthday. Even if it’s a rose. In order not to inadvertently hear: “ Where are the other four? “.

Do not present “helpers” to get rid of individual imperfections: anti-cellulite drugs, diet pills, Talmuds from Hollywood nutritionists. A separate item is the scales, even synchronized with the iPhone. This is an anti-gift!

Everything she needs, the woman will buy herself. An exception is a complex of expensive vitamins, if the lady is obsessed with a healthy lifestyle.

Do not give uncomplicated kitchen utensils and all sorts of mops-brushes. This taboo is not only for the anniversary.

Not a good idea – everything that can cause doubt among superstitious people: watches, pearls,

You can not give an empty wallet, bag or suitcase. Such gifts are good only with something. You need to put a bill in your wallet, and candy in your bag.

Do not give something unreasonably expensive. Super-cream for 50 thousand rubles, the lady mentally converts into a more practical equivalent.

Buying perfume for a lady is a bad idea. Guessing “that” flavor is almost impossible. And to give her a permanent perfume – you can find yourself in a situation “I wanted to change the fragrance, and now I have to use it again.”

Leave a trendy peer gift idea. For example, a 1974 vinyl record. Remember – a lady is always 18!


Make gifts gracefully and with pleasure, accept gratitude from a happy woman! We hope that we have made our modest contribution to the joyful atmosphere of the holiday.

And a little last tip.

Don’t say the hackneyed “berry” joke.

Remember – a woman cannot become her “again”. She is ALWAYS both a berry and a flower!

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