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TOP 102 ideas What to give a Boy for 6 years + 26 gifts and Tips

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what to give a boy for 6 years, even knowing the child closely. To put your mind at ease, we offer you a wide selection of gift ideas for a boy’s 6th birthday.

Why is it important not to make a mistake in the question of what to give a 6-year-old boy for his birthday? On the eve of his sixth birthday, the hero of the occasion realizes that he is inevitably growing up.

Boys of this age tend to gain more and more independence, show a competitive spirit in the company of friends, and increasingly listen to the opinions of their peers than their parents.

It is important to show your son at this time that you trust him and support his desire for independence and socialization.

Pick up gifts for the boy’s birthday so that he sees that you appreciate the masculinity awakening in him.

TOP 102 ideas What you can give a Boy for 6 years

  1. Antigravity machine.
  2. Toy tractor, crane, motorbike or tank.
  3. Toy railway.
  4. Radio controlled car.
  5. Roller or ice skates.
  6. Skis or sleds.
  7. A real children’s snowmobile.
  8. Children’s electric ATV.
  9. Children bicycle. Choose for your son, friend, nephew or brother the model that he himself dreams of.
  10. Unicycle.
  11. Gloves, knee pads and a helmet for cycling or rollerblading.
  12. Electric scooter or skateboard.
  13. Balance board is a device for training the sense of balance.
  14. A gyro scooter is a vehicle that runs on electricity.
  15. Jumpers or pogo stick (devices for high jumps).
  16. Fashionable youth backpack.
  17. Set of children’s coloring books.
  18. Swedish wall in the children’s room for the development of coordination.
  19. The ball is a basketball, football or volleyball.
  20. Skipping rope with a counter.
  21. Educational tablet.
  22. Kite, flying saucer, boomerang or frisbee.
  23. Collectible model of a ship, car or aircraft.
  24. A set of soldiers.
  25. Lego constructor, magnetic or wooden.
  26. Electronic designer.
  27. Puzzle set.
  28. A piggy bank in the form of a funny animal or an electronic version.
  29. Interactive globe.
  30. Night lamp-projector of the starry sky.
  31. home planetarium.
  32. Magnetic darts set.
  33. Soft toy. She might as well have a camera. Let the boy feel like a real spy!
  34. Rubik’s cube or other puzzles.
  35. Robot transformer.
  36. A comic magazine with favorite characters is easier to choose for a relative with whom the child shares his feelings about the fate of the characters he adores.
  37. Wireless headphones.
  38. Mobile phone and case for it.
  39. Jedi sword, bow and arrow, or other toy weapon.
  40. Water gun or snowball gun.
  41. A toy crossbow will appeal to a classmate if he is fascinated by the stories of medieval heroes or characters in historical novels.
  42. Sneakers on wheels.
  43. Glow in the dark laces.
  44. Binoculars.
  45. Magician’s suitcase.
  46. Children’s microscope.
  47. Neogam, as well as a set of slimes or slimes.
  48. Electronic firefly in the bank.
  49. Bed linen with images of your favorite characters.
  50. Runaway, flying away or target-alarm clock.
  51. Music rug.
  52. Table hockey or football.
  53. A set of plasticine, kinetic sand or stucco clay.
  54. Figurines with favorite cartoon characters of the birthday boy.
  55. Filmstrips and projector.
  56. Children’s watch.
  57. Set for playing badminton or table tennis.
  58. Bright and colorful kaleidoscope.
  59. Swimming circle or sleeves.
  60. Ledyanka or tubing (cheesecake) will come in handy for a winter birthday man.
  61. Sand painting kit.
  62. Drawing tablet with water.
  63. A set of toy tools.
  64. Chalkboard for notes.
  65. Apparatus for the production of cotton candy at home.
  66. Set of toy dinosaurs.
  67. Game console or game for it.
  68. Virtual reality glasses.
  69. Game wheel or mouse – some children at 6 years old are already active gamers.
  70. Quadcopter.
  71. Metal detector.
  72. Telescope or children’s spyglass.
  73. Sound system (column) for a mobile phone.
  74. T-shirt with equalizer.
  75. Bluetooth hat.
  76. Set for growing plants at home.
  77. Instant camera or portable printer.
  78. Children’s video camera.
  79. Wall projector for mobile phone, with which you can watch cartoons on the big screen.
  80. Board games for the little ones.
  81. Set for playing chess or checkers.
  82. Book-cache or diary with a lock.
  83. Magic ball of predictions.
  84. Ant farm.
  85. Magnifying jar for catching and studying insects.
  86. A set of bright colors for creating face painting.
  87. A set of toys for the finger theater.
  88. Funny slippers in the shape of an animal or a warm bathrobe.
  89. 3D pen.
  90. Children’s meteorological station.
  91. World map with the image of animals.
  92. Glowing map of the starry sky.
  93. Dry pool with balls.
  94. Mini trampoline or inflatable pool.
  95. Toy radio.
  96. Set for playing basketball in the children’s room – a ball and a ring on the wall.
  97. Table lamp made of natural wood.
  98. Airplane launcher – a device that sends a paper airplane flying up to 30 meters.
  99. Fingerboard – a mini finger skateboard or finger drum set.
  100. “Yo-yo” or spinner with instructions for performing various tricks.
  101. Candy machine.
  102. Thermal mug with changing pictures (when heated and cooled).

What to give a boy for 6 years inexpensively

Not all guests have enough money to make an expensive gift for a six-year-old boy. However, at this age, the birthday boy already knows what he wants and can express his opinion about this or that gift.

To please the boy, you can make an inexpensive but good gift. Here is a list of ideas:

Funny umbrella . What should you do in cloudy weather in summer or autumn? Walk in the rain! An umbrella with a cute pattern will cheer you up in an instant!

Magnifying glass . What kid doesn’t fantasize about being a famous detective? And no Sherlock Holmes can be imagined without a magnifying glass!

Goggles and mask for swimming . You need to start learning to swim with the right and high-quality equipment, right? And maybe also grab flippers in the store?

Markers for drawing on fabric . Perhaps the boy will not become a famous designer, but he will definitely decorate his wardrobe with unique drawings!

Original gifts for a guy for 6 years

Looking for what to give a godson for 6 years to a boy from the list of interesting options? Choose from the items below for an idea for a wonderful surprise!

Blossoming (bound tea) . Watching a real flower grow from a small tea leaf in a teapot is like witnessing real magic!

Electric toothbrush . The boy is already brushing his own teeth. Let him have a good assistant in maintaining his own health.

Play tent . Every child dreams of being in their own house at least once! Here the boy will feel like a complete master and set his own rules for visitors.

Aqua farm . The birthday boy enters the age when it is interesting to observe the life of our smaller brothers. Give him this chance!

An aquarium with its own ecosystem requires almost no additional care from people. For this, the boy’s parents will be especially grateful to you.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give a boy for 6 years

When in doubt what you can give a boy for 6 years, rely on his hobbies and hobbies – this is always a winning option.

Remember the main thing: toys for a 6-year-old boy can and should be educational. Here are some more great birthday gift ideas:

  • A boy who shows interest in music will definitely be delighted with a children’s musical instrument – ukulele, harmonica, drums.
  • For a future artist , get an easel with a palette as a gift, as well as a set of regular or finger paints.
  • If the birthday boy is a superhero fan , consider getting him an action figure or even a real Spider-Man, Iron Man or Batman costume (depending on who the boy is into).
  • A hockey player’s equipment, a set of a policeman or a doctor is a gift for a boy who shows interest in a particular profession .
  • A set of experiments: a chemist’s laboratory, physics, a set for growing crystals – a surprise idea for a boy if he is interested in science at such an early age .
  • For an inquisitive boy , buy a children’s encyclopedia in which he will find a lot of interesting information about the world around him.

DIY gifts for a 6th birthday boy


Auto Draft

In deciding what to give a child to a boy for 6 years, their own talents can also help. If you know how to sew, knit or craft something, why not create a birthday gift with your own hands? So a boy for 6 years can be made:

  • Model of a weapon or ship.
  • A book about his family.
  • Scarf and hat hand knitted.
  • Garage for cars of the birthday boy.
  • Bubble.
  • Clothes hanger.
  • Stationery stand.
  • Wall organizer.
  • Diary or sketchbook.
  • Basket for toys.

ghost on clothes


Auto Draft

For work you will need:

  • plain T-shirt or sweatshirt;
  • wide adhesive tape;
  • scissors.

Working process:

  1. Draw a blank for the eyes and mouth of the ghost.
  2. From the tape, cut out the details of the “portrait” of the ghost.
  3. Mark the location of the details on the T-shirt or sweatshirt.
  4. Glue the pieces to the clothes.

Nightlight “Autumn”


Auto Draft

For work you will need:

  • glass jar for 0.5-1 l.;
  • real or artificial leaves;
  • PVA glue or for decoupage;
  • brush or sponge;
  • alcohol;
  • a thread;
  • candle.

Working process:

  1. Wipe the jar with alcohol to degrease its walls.
  2. Apply glue to the surface of the vessel from the outside.
  3. Glue the leaves to the jar.
  4. Lubricate the finish with a layer of decoupage glue.
  5. Tie the neck of the jar with thread.
  6. Put a flat candle on the bottom of the jar.

Tips: How to choose a gift for a boy for 6 years

There is nothing difficult in recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a young birthday man.

To make sure of this, we will recall the basic rules of how to choose the perfect gift for a boy at 6 years old.

A boy of this age prefers not to give up games. In common fun with peers, he tries on various roles, learns to interact with other people, draw conclusions and conquer new territories. Look for gifts so that they can help the birthday person in solving these problems.

Choose a “durable” gift. A quality item will bring more joy to the hero of the occasion than a toy that breaks in a week.

Give preference to a “long-playing” present. Look for such a surprise for a boy, the interest in which the boy will not fade away at least until the next birthday.

Forget the benefits! Of course, the ideal gift is one that brings practical benefits and is necessary for a boy. However, the decisive moment in choosing a surprise should be the emotions that the gift itself will cause in the boy.

Remember the personality of the child! It is necessary to choose an offering not only by age, but also by the character, temperament of the birthday person. An active boy needs some gifts, and a calm boy needs completely different surprises!

Pack your gift carefully. A beautiful box, a bright ribbon and a lush bow will create a festive mood for the boy even before he opens the gift.

Say kind words when presenting a birthday gift. Be brief, because the boy is sure to be eager to know what you have prepared for him!

Know that it is impossible to derive the formula for the perfect gift if you do not communicate much with the birthday person. Only close contact with the child, constant communication with him will reveal to you the true hobbies of the boy, his tastes and desires.

With this knowledge, you can choose the best gift for a boy on his birthday.

What is better not to give a boy at 6 years old

Before packing a surprise for a young hero of the occasion, read a short list of gifts that are best not to give boys at 6 years old.

  • Toys not for age . Age marking on the package above 6 years? Leave the toy at the store. It will help another child.
  • Souvenir weapon . At the age of 6, the boy cannot yet assess the full risk of handling piercing and cutting objects. For a duel, a children’s toy for boys, for example, a Jedi sword, is perfect.
  • Clothing . The young hero of the occasion has already learned in his years that his parents will buy it without much reason. Another ordinary T-shirt or jeans will not bring him much joy.
  • Certificate . It takes time to choose a toy or entertainment center service. The boy cannot go for your “gift” alone, and the parents cannot always adjust their schedule to the term that the validity of the certificate is limited to. Perhaps your gift will be lost.
  • Repeat gift . If last year you gave your birthday a dump truck, then this year choose a different thing. The boy is waiting for a birthday surprise and remembers what you gave him last year.
  • Paintings . A young birthday boy is unlikely to appreciate such souvenirs. He also creates space around himself. If he wants to decorate his walls, the boy will draw a picture himself.
  • Antiques . For the hero of the occasion, antiques still do not mean anything. If a thing cannot be played with, it is worthless to the boy.
  • Used items . At the age of 6, children can already recognize objects that someone else has used before them. The birthday boy will be bitter to receive such a gift, and he may not be able to hold back his tears. You don’t want to ruin your holiday, do you?
  • Gifts for the future . Souvenirs “for growth” will not delight the boy. He wants to use his gift here and now!
  • School supplies . Yes, soon the birthday boy will go to learn science at the school desk. However, this is not a reason to arrange fees for school from his birthday, right?
  • Too simple toys . The boy is already developed enough to enjoy him. But he will not be happy with toys for which you need to purchase additional equipment.


Do not lose your temper in search of the best gift for a 6 year old boy! He longs for a miracle, but that doesn’t mean the surprise has to be expensive.

Listen carefully to the child during walks and joint fun. He will talk about what interests him. So you can fulfill the boy’s dream without much difficulty.

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