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TOP 96 ideas What to give a Boy for 7 years + 21 gifts and Tips

Not every adult can immediately answer the question of what to give a boy for 7 years. And this is not surprising: the world of toys today is full of hundreds of new products every month. So that you can find a solution, we have collected the best gift ideas for a boy’s 7th birthday.

To figure out what to give a seven-year-old boy for his birthday, you need to clearly understand who you are going to celebrate.

A seven-year-old boy is no longer a kid who will be happy with any bright toy. The child for the first time begins to realize his masculine nature, reaches out to his father and tries to separate himself from his mother as much as possible.

The boy copies the behavior of the one he considers to be an authority: father, grandfather, godfather. In relations with his mother and girls of his age, the son also repeats the behavior of his father. And the best thing that a father can give a child for 7 years to a boy is to set the right vector for the development of the inner world of his own child. And both parents should become the best friends for the child, whom you can tell about everything in the world!

About what you can give a boy for 7 years to other guests of the holiday, we will tell in our selection. It contains dozens of the most modern gift ideas!

TOP 96 ideas that you can give a boy for 7 years

  1. Turnover machine.
  2. Antigravity machine.
  3. A radio-controlled helicopter, boat or car will delight the young hero of the occasion.
  4. A toy tractor with a trailer, a concrete mixer, a crane or a garbage truck will be useful to the grandson in his extensive garage of cars.
  5. Lego”. With it, you can create models of equipment, robots, houses and entire cities.
  6. Electronic book.
  7. Educational kits and home laboratories of a physicist, chemist or archaeologist are a great idea what to give your son for 7 years. Boys of this age begin to take a serious interest in how the world works.
  8. Electronic designer.
  9. Board games: “Jackal”, “Tower”, checkers, “Mnemonics”, chess and geographic lotto.
  10. Microscope.
  11. Waterproof flashlight. You can take such a device in the bathroom with you!
  12. Baby dumbbells.
  13. Interactive globe.
  14. Pirate ship with a motor.
  15. Wireless headphones.
  16. Ant farm.
  17. Harmonica.
  18. Galileo’s thermometer will awaken the child’s interest in observing changes in nature.
  19. A set of paints for face painting.
  20. Children’s electric ATV.
  21. 3D pen.
  22. 3D lamp.
  23. The sky map will open up a new world for your nephew if you present it to him for his birthday.
  24. Mini trampoline.
  25. Railway.
  26. Darts on magnets.
  27. A set for artistic creativity (an easel, a set of luminous paints and other accessories for drawing).
  28. Inflatable pool.
  29. Balanceboard.
  30. Jumpers or the Grasshopper trainer, otherwise it is called the Pogo Stick.
  31. Night-vision device.
  32. Pen with invisible ink.
  33. Roller skates or removable rollers for shoes.
  34. Kick scooter. It can be with sparks, crayons or run on an electric charge. This children’s transport will never get old!
  35. 3D puzzle.
  36. Chocolate fountain.
  37. Game steering wheel.
  38. Scratch map of the world.
  39. An electronic piggy bank is a practical and fun idea to give a 7-year-old boy for graduation.
  40. Home range.
  41. Snow thrower.
  42. Racing track with cars.
  43. Toy radio.
  44. Phone or tablet.
  45. Spirograph. The popularity of this stencil is back again. Show your child how to use it and you’ll have another reason to play together!
  46. Electronic notepad.
  47. A set of pencils for drawing on glass or fabric.
  48. Clock with an open mechanism. Who knows, maybe the hero of the occasion will be interested in the work of the mechanisms?
  49. Slide projector.
  50. Neocube These magnetic balls will not leave indifferent even adult family members!
  51. Set for painting with sand or water.
  52. Magnifying jar for catching and studying insects.
  53. Kite.
  54. Luminous flying disk or boomerang.
  55. Rear bike light with laser.
  56. Bright bracelet with built-in flash drive.
  57. Encyclopedia, which is dedicated to the boy’s hobbies – science, cars, weapons.
  58. Bike.
  59. Skateboard.
  60. Backpack with built-in solar battery.
  61. Swedish wall in the birthday room.
  62. Children’s punching bag and gloves.
  63. Table tennis, hockey or football.
  64. An interesting puzzle (for example, the Rubik’s Cube or the Perplexus maze ball).
  65. Aqua farm.
  66. Phone case with battery function.
  67. Bow and arrow, Jedi sword, or other toy weapon.
  68. T-shirt with equalizer.
  69. Bluetooth hat.
  70. Runaway, flying away alarm clock or target alarm clock.
  71. Snow scooter, ice rink or tubing for a winter birthday party.
  72. Snow blaster.
  73. Luminous laces or sneakers.
  74. Apparatus for making popcorn or cotton candy at home.
  75. USB vacuum cleaner for tech, gadgets and desktop.
  76. Laser keyboard, vertical computer mouse, gamepad, game steering wheel and other computer accessories.
  77. Children’s smart watch.
  78. Interactive pet robot.
  79. Quadcopter.
  80. A set for growing a tree at home.
  81. Portable printer.
  82. Football, volleyball or basketball.
  83. Telescope or children’s spyglass.
  84. Indoor basketball (ball and ring, which is attached to the wall)..
  85. Bed linen with the image of the favorite characters of the birthday boy.
  86. Metal detector.
  87. Projector of sea waves or starry sky.
  88. home planetarium.
  89. Instant camera.
  90. Virtual reality glasses.
  91. Wood burning kit.
  92. Magic ball of predictions.
  93. Musical wireless speaker with built-in radio.
  94. Sound system for mobile phone.
  95. Gyroscooter, mini-segway or electric scooter.
  96. Selfie stick, monopod.

Original gifts for 7 years for a boy

When you want to surprise a child, you need to think about what to give your godson for 7 years to a boy from the list of the most interesting ideas.

Choose a surprise that the boy will definitely like!

Light tablet for drawing . Drawing helps the child to splash out emotions, express their hopes.

With such a device, your favorite pastime will also turn into magic!

Night lamp “Full moon” . The boy will be able to adjust the brightness of the lighting in his room.

To do this, you just need to press the button on the lighting control panel.

Stretching slime . Even 20 years ago, such a toy was called a “lizun”. Today, this fun, hand-kneaded mass is often sold in a large container.

This jelly-like mass has the properties of a non-Newtonian fluid, so you should not dismiss the request for such a gift. Let the birthday boy have fun getting acquainted with scientific laws!

Dry pool with balls . Every child loves to play in such a pool!

World map with animals . Hang it on the wall and explore the countries where certain animals live.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give for the boy’s 7th birthday


TOP 96 ideas What to give a Boy for 7 years + 21 gifts and Tips

Choosing a cool gift for a classmate is not so easy. Think about what you would like to receive yourself on your birthday.

Perhaps your desires with a friend will coincide. Let’s check!

Ukulele . This stringed instrument is very similar to the guitar, but smaller in size. Thanks to this, holding it in your hand is not as difficult as learning to play the four strings.

Airplane launcher . Children all over the world have been waiting for this device for many years! A wooden launcher can send a paper plane flying 30 meters! Do you think your brother will like this gift?

Fingerboard . The finger skateboard can be used in any situation. The original design of the deck, durable and maneuverable wheels will attract the attention of the hero of the occasion.

DIY gifts for a boy on his 7th birthday

You can prepare a surprise for the birthday man yourself if you are confident in your abilities.

For such a gift, choose only high-quality materials and create things for the boy such as:

  • Congratulations video.
  • Basket for toys.
  • Garage for toy cars.
  • Sweet tree.
  • Salt dough decorations.
  • Massage Mat.
  • Finger Theatre.
  • Hat, scarf and mittens, knitted by hand.
  • Wall organizer.
  • Pillow-antistress.

DIY car wash


TOP 96 ideas What to give a Boy for 7 years + 21 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • 5 liter plastic canister;
  • yogurt cups;
  • sponges for washing dishes;
  • scissors;
  • permanent markers;
  • shaving foam;
  • old toothbrushes;
  • moisture resistant adhesive tape.

Working process:

  1. Cut out the sink body from the canister.
  2. Arrange entry and exit for cars with scissors or a knife in a yogurt cup.
  3. Cut the sponge into lengthwise strips. Glue them to the ceiling of the sink.
  4. Decorate the sink with markers.
  5. Fill a glass of yogurt with shaving foam and put toothbrushes next to them.
  6. The boy’s fleet is ready for a wash!

Barrel of soap bubbles


TOP 96 ideas What to give a Boy for 7 years + 21 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • a jar with a closing tap;
  • 3.5 liters of water;
  • 1 glass of dishwashing detergent;
  • Art. a spoonful of glycerin.

Working process:

  1. Pour water into the jar.
  2. Pour dishwashing liquid into the container and st. a spoonful of glycerin. Mix and close the jar.



TOP 96 ideas What to give a Boy for 7 years + 21 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • 6-8 plastic straws;
  • scissors;
  • Scotch.

Working process:

  1. Trim the cocktail tubes to make parts of different lengths.
  2. Lay the blanks in a row and connect them with tape.

Tips: How to choose a gift for a seven year old boy

We offer some tips for choosing and presenting a surprise to a little birthday boy.

Recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a boy for 7 years are simple.

Ask the boy about his desires . At the age of 6-7 years, boys can open their cherished dreams not only to a relative. Memorize the way the boy talks about each toy or device. Even intonations betray the desire of the hero of the occasion to get one or another thing.

Look for an offering in advance . Do you know the child’s wish? Find the highest quality version of the toy they want! Sometimes it will be necessary to wait for the delivery of goods from another city, so start looking for a gift in advance.

Choose an interesting gift . The present should bring joy to the birthday man. The boy will not be pleased with an unpleasant surprise for him.

Create an aura of magic around the gift . At 7 years old, you still want surprises to be unique and magical. Present a gift to a boy in an unusual package or setting.

Connect the boy’s friends . To give a boy a gift in an unusual way, you can ask his friends or classmates to put on a performance for him, the result of which will be the presentation of your gift. Brothers and sisters of the hero of the occasion can come to the aid of the boy’s friends.

Remember that the gift is not so much important for the boy as the emotions that he will bring. Remember what pleases the boy before the final choice of a gift.

In order not to be mistaken in this, communicate with the birthday person directly more often, and not by phone.

What is better not to give a boy at 7 years old

The birthday of a younger student will be filled with joy if unsuccessful gifts are avoided. What things are better not to give and why, read below.

  • Large soft toys . The child will no longer be interested in such a gift, and his parents will not be happy either. This is how much dust will be collected on a teddy bear or a hare! And she will breathe a child!
  • Loud toys . When a boy knows the measure in fun, it is reassuring. However, he may not let go of the drum that you gave him. Imagine how to live in constant noise, and you will understand the bewilderment on the faces of the parents when you give such a surprise to their child.
  • Cheap Chinese souvenirs . The production of toys in the Middle Kingdom is not distinguished by the choice of high-quality materials. They can break within a day or two after you hand over the gift. However, this is only half the trouble. The composition of such products for children may contain substances harmful to children’s health.
  • Unsafe Items . Knife or saber – any sharp objects are not suitable as a birthday present for a seven-year-old boy. He can still carelessly handle them in the heat of the game, so do not buy piercing and cutting items for the birthday boy.
  • Fashion verdict . Leave the privilege of buying clothes and shoes for the boy to his parents. You may not guess with the size, color and even the composition of things that the child’s parents can choose with great care.
  • Computer games . Perhaps adult family members do not approve of such fun, because the psyche of a child at 7 years old is still unstable. He may not distinguish between the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds.
  • Sweets . Believe me, parents will pick up a treat for their beloved son and his friends so that everyone has enough sweets!
  • Empty wallet or suitcase . This gift needs to be filled with something. How about a few banknotes for the wallet and chocolates for the suitcase?
  • Money . If you follow the etiquette of gifts, then such an offering is unacceptable to a birthday man of any age. In the modern world, the attitude towards such a surprise is ambiguous. Ask your parents in advance if it is possible to give such a gift to their son.

What other gifts should not be given? Folk signs say that it is better not to present slippers, socks, scarves, towels and pectoral crosses to the birthday man.

They did not make it to our main list, because it is unlikely that anyone would think of giving these items to a little boy.


Birthday is the most long-awaited holiday in a boy’s life. Do not disappoint him with a careless word or a gift that does not suit him in terms of age, temperament or inclinations. Choose the offering so that it brings sincere happiness to the boy.

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