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TOP 47 ideas What to give an Athlete + 19 gifts and Tips

Wednesday is contagious. It affects a person more than genetics, upbringing and training combined. You can fall under the influence of an informal leader unconsciously.

If there is a person who is passionate about sports in your environment, consider yourself lucky .

Why? There is a chance that you will be inspired by his success and lead a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes there are difficulties in questions of what to give an athlete for the holidays.

Failure to comply with the sports regimen can cross out all his achievements. To prevent this from happening, we have compiled a list of what to give the guy to the athlete on the DR. So people close to him will have a chance for a great surprise for him!

TOP 47 ideas that you can give an athlete for a birthday or holidays

  1. Night light with humidifier function.
  2. Electric duster.
  3. Backpack with a chair.
  4. A digital kitchen scale is an option to give a jock if he counts calories and monitors the balance of BJU.
  5. Carbon monoxide detector for the kitchen
  6. Lunchbox with cutlery.
  7. Anti-mosquito bracelet.
  8. Cutting board for fish.
  9. An electric knife sharpener is a practical gift idea for an athlete on February 23rd. Household worries should not distract a loved one on the way to the top of the sport.
  10. Silicone foldable form for roasting fish.
  11. Multitool.
  12. Sealed bag. It will keep the athlete’s things dry if the discipline involves rafting.
  13. Hanging hammock chair.
  14. Sock bag. Why not give it to an athlete on February 23?
  15. Travel wallet on the wrist.
  16. Universal adapter for sockets. This device will perfectly help the athlete at field camps and competitions.
  17. Camping lantern.
  18. Travel pillow. The horseshoe shape is not the only one, by the way.
  19. A hot tub will come in handy for a runner. He knows firsthand how “the legs are buzzing” at the end of the working day.
  20. Medicine container. It can carry vitamins and supplements allowed for athletes.
  21. The medal holder for NG will set the athlete up for the title of champion in the coming year.
  22. Protective RFID case for bank cards.
  23. Buff. Something between a bandana, a scarf and a snood, this accessory will protect the head of an athlete during training from the sun’s rays.
  24. Bottle for water.
  25. Catalytic heater. You can also hand it over on February 14, as a symbol of your undying love for the athlete. It will especially appeal to those who often find themselves in the cold corners of the planet.
  26. The board game will support the gambling spirit of any athlete.
  27. Good thermos.
  28. Electronic book.
  29. Compression bag.
  30. The solar panel. Modern models can be very compact.
  31. Tape tape. The athlete will be happy with this roll even on New Year’s Eve. This consumable for fixing muscles is not cheap, but many athletes and tourists have already appreciated taping.
  32. Scratch map of the world. On it you can mark the points where competitions or training camps took place.
  33. Set of ecological soap and shampoo. And no, these are not too banal gifts. These products are specially designed so as not to harm the environment.
  34. Compact towel. For an athlete, there are not many of them!
  35. Waterproof portable speaker.
  36. Gaiters. They will protect shoes when walking from water, gravel, debris, snow.
  37. Travel bag for small items.
  38. Binoculars.
  39. Sets for camping and hiking.
  40. Travel tripod.
  41. Trekking socks. Yes, we did not advise buying clothes and accessories without the consent of the hero of the occasion, but such socks have additional protection. Simply put, they are very comfortable and wear out less.
  42. Waterproof diary.
  43. A book about sports or a subscription to a sports magazine.
  44. GPS tracker for luggage. After presenting such a gift, the athlete will surely tell you more than one story about how he lost his suitcase at different airports.
  45. External battery.
  46. Camping garland on batteries. How many times did an athlete have to celebrate the New Year without home attributes of the holiday?
  47. Eye patch and earplugs. It is almost impossible to be alone at sports bases.

Useful gifts for athletes

I want to make any surprise unforgettable and useful. If you’re looking for an interesting gift and you can’t decide on the final idea, then get acquainted with a number of ideas.

A smart watch is something that an athlete should definitely give to a guy. They help to monitor the state of health on a daily basis. If the values ​​of the heartbeat or other indicators worsen, the person will be able to stop in time.

Wooden plaque . Motivational inscriptions are used not only in arenas. Let your favorite phrase welcome the athlete at home. It will perfectly fit into the interior of his room or gym.

Pocket massager . A device that will ideally replace a personal massage therapist. It can be used to relieve tension in any muscle group or area of ​​the body.

Wristband . These elastic bandages will protect the athlete from injury. Due to constant use, wristbands and knee pads wear out very quickly. This gift will always come in handy.

A couple more interesting ideas for what to give an athlete

It is not easy to surprise and please a person experienced with awards, medals and honors with his offering. But who said it’s impossible?

Kitchen scales . This item is an interesting idea what to give dad to an athlete if he counts calories and the weight of the food he eats.

Shaker . A well-timed sports cocktail will give you a boost of energy and an opportunity for a break.

Sony Walkman . Motivational playlist gives energy. With such a gift, the athlete will not part for a long time.

DIY gifts for an athlete

When not a single option of what to give a man to an athlete resonates in the soul, think about a man-made offering.

A do-it-yourself surprise can be related to sports or not, the main criterion for such a gift is the desire to please a loved one.

Create for an athlete with your own hands:

  1. Diary of victories.
  2. Knitted plaid.
  3. Sports bag organizer.
  4. A book of motivational quotes.
  5. Sweet kettlebell or dumbbells.
  6. Leather bracelet.
  7. Edible bouquet.
  8. Watercolor painted sweatshirt.
  9. Tin phone case.
  10. Hammock.

Coffee table


For work you will need:

  • wicker square basket;
  • Chipboard;
  • wheels for furniture;
  • wooden planks or leather handle;
  • dye.

Working process:

  1. From chipboard, build a lid according to the size of the basket. Paint the color of the basket and dry.
  2. Nail two wooden planks onto the lid or attach a leather handle to the side. They are needed so that the basket can be opened at any time.
  3. Attach wheels to the bottom of the basket.

Holder for paper towels “Brutal”

For work you will need:

  • wooden block;
  • wooden stick;
  • varnish;
  • acrylic paint;
  • brush.

Working process:

  1. Cut out the base from a round wooden block.
  2. Paint the workpiece with varnish or paint. Dry.
  3. The rod can be made from a stick or a chair leg. Cut off the desired length, cover with paint or varnish. Dry.
  4. Connect the parts together.

Tips: How to choose a gift for an athlete


In thoughts about how best to choose a gift for an athlete, there is confusion? Do not panic. Everything is solved very simply!


Remember gift wrapping and a signed greeting card. Usually, only edible gifts are opened at the celebration in order to immediately send them to the table. Other gifts the hero of the holiday can open the next day. Who brought him this or that gift, the athlete will be helped to find out by a postcard with your signature.

Create a mental portrait of your loved one’s personality. He might have taken up sports a couple of months or a year ago. Remember:

  • What did he love before? If an athlete friend in the “pre-sport” era liked to collect ship models, remind him of this with your gift.
  • How did you spend your free time? When he devoted every free minute to reading books or caring for animals, look for a fascinating work for him about the life of our smaller brothers.
  • How has the social circle changed? If old friends have parted or don’t find time to meet, organize a general party for them. Perhaps a quest or competition completed together will strengthen their ties?

In other cases, when choosing a gift, consult your intuition. Ask yourself before buying: will this thing bring benefit or joy to the athlete? If the answer is yes, then why not purchase this item?

When the inner voice is silent, use the knowledge of the rules of etiquette. It also applies to gifts. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, first make a list of what you should not give as a gift.

What is better not to give an athlete

We cannot recommend a complete list of gifts that are better not to give to an athlete. Each discipline has its own characteristics. However, the advice of coaches, sports doctors and other specialists agree on the following gifts:

  1. Alcohol . Even if the coach allows the ward to miss a couple of glasses for the victory, then a bottle of wine is not the best gift for an athlete.
  2. Clothing and footwear . It is not recommended to buy T-shirts, shorts or other wardrobe items as a gift. Firstly, you may not guess with the size or quality of the clothes. Secondly, the tastes of the athlete and your personal style preferences may not coincide completely.
  3. Sports nutrition . Do you know exactly what kind of food your athlete needs, in what proportions do you need supplements? If not, then it’s not worth the risk.
  4. Luxurious gift . In order for the hero of the occasion to feel complete freedom on his own holiday and after its completion, do not give him too expensive gifts. For example, the parents of a person have the right to such offerings. If you are not such, it is better to present something inexpensive to an athlete in order to remain truly close people with him.
  5. Sports equipment . Let’s return again to the question of your awareness of all the nuances of the discipline that a person close to you is passionate about, or is it not worth it?
  6. Items from the list of superstitions . Every sport has its own trappings of success and failure. In order not to get into trouble, read about such things on the Web or find out from the athlete’s close people. Choose only things from the “successful” rating.
  7. Crockery . A mug or glass with sports attributes will look faceless in a series of similar gifts. Agree that almost every guest will come up with a similar idea.
  8. Money . This item came here conditionally. A person close to you may adhere to the old rules of etiquette, when giving banknotes for any holiday was considered an unworthy act. Find out the attitude of the athlete to such gifts in advance, so as not to fall into the trap of embarrassment.

For family members and loved ones of the athlete, these and other restrictions may be lifted.

Sometimes the person himself, on the eve of the holiday, makes a wish list and announces it to his relatives. There may well be things included in the compiled list of prohibitions. Do not be surprised by this: every sport, like a person, is individual.



In search of ideas for a surprise for your beloved guy, an athlete, be guided by the minimum knowledge of the sport, so as not to violate the prescribed regimen for a loved one.

Do the same even with gifts that are not directly related to the discipline itself.

They, although indirectly, can affect the achievements of the athlete.

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