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102 cool gift ideas for mom at 50 + tips

Mom is the most dear and significant person in the life of every person. Naturally, any child always wants to please such an important person, to make a surprise. Often, adults do not have enough time to be with their family often and pay attention to it, so it is very important to show your love and care at least on your birthday. Of course, choosing a present is very difficult, because it is necessary to take into account the wishes and tastes of a person, try to guess what exactly he wants. In this article, we have selected many options for what you can give mom for 50 years.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a gift

Children, as a rule, are well versed in the preferences of their parents and know what they dream of. However, sometimes it is really difficult to understand which gift to choose in order to please a loved one exactly. In addition, there are a number of mistakes that are made by almost everyone who wants to congratulate their loved ones on their holiday. Before you start choosing a method of congratulations, pay attention to some rules that you should follow in order to please a person.

  • Try to choose a practical, necessary gift for use. You will feel much better if you see that your mother actively uses your gift, and did not put it deep into a forgotten closet;
  • Don’t skimp on a gift. The budget does not always allow you to choose something expensive and luxurious, but even at fairly affordable prices, you can find useful and high-quality things. The main thing is to search;
  • Don’t forget your mom’s birthday because you’re having budget problems. It is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money on buying a gift – you can make it yourself, thereby delighting your mother even more. And not every creative gift has a high price;
  • Make a gift beautiful and stylish. Gift wrapping adds elegance to any present;
  • Add a bouquet of flowers to the gift. Depending on your budget, you can choose a luxurious bouquet or an inexpensive but cute bouquet of fresh spring flowers;
  • Try to come to your mother or call her. Of course, adults do not always have enough time to communicate with their families. We are all busy with work, creating our new family, various things. But at least once a year you need to devote a few hours or even a whole day to your beloved mother. Believe me, your arrival will be the best gift for her. If there is absolutely no way to come, then call her by phone or video link.

Remember your childhood. Just think about how much mom invested in you, how much effort she spent on your upbringing. Does she really deserve only a banal SMS message or an unnecessary gift that was not given from the heart? If you wanted to buy something ordinary and unforgettable for her, then read this article to the end – it will help you find something interesting. Remember that mom loves you the most, so you should give her a lot of love and care. Do not think that there is absolutely nothing to surprise an adult with. If you wish, you can make it pleasant even to that person who, it would seem, has everything.

Even if you don’t have time to prepare a big surprise, you can get a cool creative gift. We have collected a lot of gift ideas that you can buy or make in a short period of time.

TOP 30 best ideas for what to give mom for 50 years

Surely you think that there are very few options for a gift for mom, but this is not at all the case. In the era of the development of modern technologies on the Internet, you can find anything! A lot of gadgets, technological household items and much more will meet you on any gift site. We have prepared for you 30 great gift ideas for mom.

  1. Stylish pillow with a funny print.
  2. Warm knitted sweater for the cold season
  3. Vintage telephone in antique style.
  4. Table lamp in which you can change the color and brightness of the glow
  5. Quality chocolate in a gift box.
  6. Figurines for the garden. Many women love to work in the garden. If your mother is one of those, then such a gift will be very useful ..
  7. Small automatic umbrella. With it, you can go on long trips or just walk around the city.
  8. A tablet or netbook with a webcam to communicate with relatives via video call.
  9. Good coffee set.
  10. A modern smartphone without fancy features.
  11. Stylish vase for fruit or flowers.
  12. Gift certificate for a massage or beauty salon.
  13. Stylish leather diary.
  14. Hammock or swing for the garden.
  15. A glass on which a funny inscription appears from the rise in temperature.
  16. Eco-calendar made of natural wood.
  17. Plant in the pot.
  18. A rolling pin with adjustable length and thickness, or an embossed rolling pin with an inscription.
  19. Home aqua farm.
  20. Timer in the shape of an antique clock.
  21. A small barrel and a spoon for honey.
  22. Shelf for storage of flour products.
  23. A set of tools for the garden.
  24. Orthopedic pillow of an ergonomic form.
  25. A small handy sewing machine.
  26. Jug with water filter.
  27. Portable music player.
  28. High quality non-stick cookware set.
  29. Bath cosmetics set
  30. A set of stylish bed linen.

Original gifts for mom for 50 years

  1. Decor items. This is one of the easiest gifts to find, because home stores offer a huge range of different items for decorating an apartment.
  2. Electric body massager. It will become the best friend for a person who is often tired at work or faces strong physical exertion in the gym.
  3. Digital photo frame. In the past, people often gave each other photo frames. Now traditional printed photos are no longer very relevant, so you can give a digital frame and upload family photos into it.
  4. Air humidifier in the apartment. Constantly being in a dry room, we stop noticing that such air is not comfortable and damages the skin and the internal state of the body. By giving such a gift, you will help your mother monitor health and beauty.
  5. Cozy bean bag chair
  6. Stylish flower vase
  7. Wall clock-photo frame
  8. Pillow with her photo or with pictures of relatives
  9. Soft gloves or mittens
  10. Spring coat
  11. LED lamp in the room
  12. Fitness bracelet. Perfect for the woman who wants to track calories burned and keep track of her daily steps.

Useful gifts for mom for an anniversary

Every year we have gifts that are absolutely unnecessary to use. They fill the apartment with themselves, taking the place of truly necessary things. It is unlikely that you want your mother to put your gift away and never use it. We have compiled a list of gifts that will really come in handy for mom.

  1. Microwave. In the 21st century, almost no apartment can do without this device.
  2. Machine for baking bread. Agree, fresh homemade bread cannot be compared with store-bought products.
  3. Robot vacuum cleaner. This modern technological miracle will make cleaning the apartment much easier and give mom more time to relax and enjoy her own hobbies.
  4. Multicooker. In it, cooking is much easier and faster than on the stove or in the oven.
  5. Electric meat grinder. This device will allow you to quickly scroll the minced meat so that mom does not spend a lot of time preparing products for cooking meat dishes.

Traditional gifts from a daughter

It is much easier for daughters to give gifts to their mother than for sons, because the daughter is the main person in the mother’s life, she always knows about her hobbies and tastes. If you still find it difficult to choose a present, keep a few good options.

  1. Jewelry storage box. It can be chosen according to the style depending on the interior of the mother’s room.
  2. Big picture with your joint photo. You can hang it in your mother’s room so that she constantly sees you and feels tender feelings.
  3. Her favorite perfume. Almost every woman constantly uses perfume or toilet water. If you know what perfume mom likes lately, you can safely buy it. However, if you are not sure of her preferences, then you should choose something else.
  4. Cosmetic set for manicure and pedicure
  5. Mug with family photos
  6. Photo collage with pictures of relatives
  7. Personalized hoodie or sweatshirt
  8. Name diary
  9. Organize a family photo shoot. If you want to arrange such a surprise for your mother, then you need to prepare everything in advance: arrange with a photographer, rent a studio or find a suitable place in nature, coordinate shooting with weather conditions (if you want to shoot outdoors). In addition, be sure to make sure that mom does not plan other trips and activities for this day.

Gifts for 50 years from son

It is difficult for men to understand what women really dream about. Often, representatives of the strong half of humanity are very mistaken with presents if they do not ask someone for advice. If you don’t want to risk trusting your intuition, then this list will come in handy.

  1. Dishwasher. Most often, it is women who do everything in the kitchen. They cook dinner, set the table, treat relatives. But after all this, there are mountains of dirty dishes that no longer have the strength to disassemble. In this case, the dishwasher will come in handy as never before.
  2. Massage chair. Be honest: everyone, including you, dreams of buying this device in an apartment, because it is able to relax your muscles after a hard day’s work and allow you to calm down.
  3. Manicure set
  4. Gift set of essential oils
  5. Cosmetics. If a man gives the necessary cosmetics, a woman is simply delighted. Of course, it will be difficult for you to choose something suitable yourself. In this case, you can go for a little trick and ask your sister for advice. If you are the only child in the family, or if there are only brothers, you can turn to your mother’s friends – they definitely know something.

Options for expensive gifts for mom for 50 years

If the budget allows, then you should not save on a gift for your mother and choose something expensive. Keep some interesting ideas.

  1. Notebook
  2. Smartphone latest model
  3. smart watch
  4. Fur
  5. gold jewelry

Interesting Mom Hobby Gift Ideas

Each woman has her own preferences, depending on which options for congratulations should be selected. We have picked up a few gift ideas for those who have some permanent hobbies.

  1. Sewing machine. If mom is fond of sewing, then you can give her this machine to make it easier for her to sew voluminous things.
  2. Illuminated magnifying glass for sewing and knitting
  3. Embroidery kit
  4. Chaise lounge for giving
  5. Grill set
  6. Gym sneakers
  7. Sports backpack
  8. Album of her favorite artist or group

50th Birthday Flowers for Mom – Cool Bouquet Ideas

When it comes to women’s holidays, people always talk about flowers. In fact, a stylish bouquet of flowers will always add sophistication to any gift, give it beauty and brightness. There are many different options for bouquets, a huge number of flowers. They should be selected depending on the tastes of the mother. The main problem is that some people are allergic to flowers. Be careful and give your mother flowers only if you are sure that she is not allergic to them.

  1. Bouquet of roses. Of course, roses will always remain a universal gift for a woman of any age. If your budget allows you to buy a large bouquet of scarlet roses, then feel free to purchase it and expect delight from your mother..
  2. Bouquet of sunflowers. This option is always relevant, because sunflowers symbolize freshness and spring mood.
  3. Bouquet of daffodils. These delicate yellow flowers will undoubtedly be able to awaken spring and happiness in the soul of every woman.
  4. Bouquet of tulips. Tulips can be called a universal spring gift for any girl or woman – graceful flowers that, as a rule, delight our eyes in the spring.
  5. Bouquet of peonies. Almost every female representative loves these beautiful flowers.

Memorable souvenirs for Mom’s birthday

Thinking about what you can give mom for her birthday, many people forget about such an option as souvenirs, because they consider them banal and boring. However, any kind of gift can be interesting if you approach it creatively. We have collected several types of cool souvenirs that will remain for mom as a memory of her anniversary.

  1. Embroidery in the form of a portrait of mother. Such a gift will definitely decorate the most prominent place in her room, especially if you make it yourself.
  2. Commemorative cup “To the best mother”. This souvenir will daily remind her that you love her very much and consider her the best mother in the world. You can add a postcard to it, in which all family members will write their wishes and kind words.
  3. Wall clock with family photo.
  4. Desk calendar with photos of mom and the whole family.

Ideas for bright impressions for 50 years old mom

It is not at all necessary to give something material, because there are so many cool entertainments in the world!

  1. Flight on a paraglider
  2. Dinner with the whole family in a cafe
  3. Family picnic in nature
  4. Ticket to the sanatorium
  5. Family trip to the mountains
  6. A ticket to a concert of her favorite artist or band

Options for inexpensive but original gifts for mom’s 50th birthday

The holiday is just around the corner, and the budget is very limited? It’s not a problem. There are many cool and inexpensive gifts out there.

  1. Case for phone. It is absolutely necessary for every person.
  2. Towel. You can buy a large towel for the body or a small one for the face.
  3. Candle. They are standard and aromatic. You can give a candle with a pleasant aroma to create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment.
  4. Book. From time immemorial, books have been considered the best gift for any person, regardless of their gender, age and hobbies. Everyone can find a book to their liking. If you know your favorite author or at least your mother’s favorite literary genre, feel free to buy a book.
  5. A recipe book is one of the best gifts for a woman who enjoys cooking. However, everything is not so simple. You should know what exactly mom likes to cook, and present a themed book with recipes for these dishes.
  6. Nail polish. All women from school age take care of their nails, paint them with varnish. Having presented this thing, you can be sure that your mother will be incredibly grateful for such a present.
  7. Natural soap. Recently, eco-friendly products, including natural cosmetics and hygiene products, have begun to gain popularity.
  8. Small mirror. This is an indispensable attribute of every woman throughout her life.

What can you give mom for an anniversary, made by yourself

The most original are always those gifts that are made by hand. They turn out to be absolutely unique and evoke positive emotions in the birthday person, as they are definitely made from a pure heart. We have compiled a list of gifts that are easy to make yourself.

  1. Birthday cake with candles
  2. Fruit and berry bouquet

Surely on the Internet you have seen advertisements for fruit bouquets to order or even ordered them yourself for someone. In this case, you know that they cost a lot of money. But after all, such a bouquet can be made independently in a very short time period! Just buy some fruit and a holiday wrap, then fasten them together tightly with skewers, tape, and glue. So you save money and invest your own efforts in making a presentation.

  1. Knitted sweater
  2. Cushion with an interesting print
  3. Homemade jewelry box

How to find out what mom dreams about?

You must understand that for every parent the main thing is not gifts, but care and attention from children. Try to pay as much attention to your mother as possible on this day, spend this holiday with her.

If you have really good reasons why you can’t visit her on this memorable day, don’t ignore the idea of ​​congratulations. You can send a gift by mail or courier service. You can personally congratulate your mother by phone or Skype. Such a congratulation will be much nicer than a banal SMS ..

There are situations when children do not know at all what their mother dreams of, what she most wants to acquire. In this case, try to communicate with her more often, listen carefully to her and listen to all the little things. It is quite possible that she will directly say that she lacks some, for example, a piece of furniture or a gadget.

If you absolutely cannot understand the desires of your mother, and your own ideas have not yet arisen, you can take your dad into service. He, most likely, knows about all the hobbies of his wife, and also has the opportunity to directly ask about something, pretending that he is simply interested in the answer.

Remember that the gift does not have to be material. Each person will be delighted with the surprise in the form of some interesting experience. Take your mom to a cafe, a family dinner at a restaurant, or a hot air balloon ride. Go with her to where she has long dreamed of visiting. Give a ticket to a concert of a band she really wants to hear live. You are free to make any surprises!

What should not be given to mom on her 50th birthday?

Thinking about what gift you want to give your mother for her holiday, you should immediately abandon several ideas that can cause misunderstanding between you or even offend the birthday man ..

  • Alcohol. Even if mom is sometimes not against a glass of quality alcohol, you don’t need to focus on this and give her alcohol. She will be much more pleased if you give something related to a healthy lifestyle;
  • Bijouterie. Do not forget, women at this age want to look solid, especially if they work in a prestigious company. Women generally prefer high-quality jewelry, and they practically do not wear jewelry;
  • Stuffed Toys. Over the course of life, people lose the desire to litter the apartment with soft toys, because they do not bring any practical benefit – they are only dust collectors;
  • Shop postcard with the number of age. You should never remind a woman of her age. This is inappropriate, and may hurt her feelings;
  • Money. No matter how many people say that this is the best gift, you should not give them to loved ones. Donated money is most often perceived as an attempt to “get rid” and not bother with the choice of a gift.

In addition, the idea of ​​banal, uninteresting gifts that she can receive from unfamiliar people, work colleagues should be abandoned. Be creative and try to surprise your mom with something unusual and exciting.

Mom’s birthday is an important holiday, on which you need to give a lot of love and care to this wonderful person. Even if you do not know what gift to choose, you can come to your mother and tell her a lot of warm words that will warm her soul. However, if you still add an original present to this, mom will be doubly happy! We hope that this article will help you make the right choice and please your beloved mother.

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