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TOP 64 ideas What to give Dad for 50 years + 24 more gifts and Tips

Anniversaries are an important holiday that brings a lot of warm emotions and pleasant troubles. On this day, you need to make sure that the birthday person feels the attention and care of loved ones.

For a beloved father, no money, no effort, no time is a pity. However, it is quite difficult to immediately decide what to give dad for 50 years, especially if he is a person who has everything.

If nothing comes to mind, check out a selection of unique and practical ideas, including inexpensive gifts and DIY crafts.

TOP 64 ideas What can I give Dad for 50 years

  1. Wall map of the world.
  2. Original custom cake.
  3. Leather phone case.
  4. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  5. Business portfolio.
  6. Pants suspenders.
  7. Tent for outdoor recreation.
  8. Wireless charger.
  9. Company tie.
  10. Jackknife.
  11. Rubber boat.
  12. Notebook in leather cover.
  13. Souvenir chess.
  14. Country wicker furniture.
  15. Orthopedic pillow.
  16. Silver or gold cufflinks.
  17. Stylish umbrella.
  18. Tool storage box.
  19. Wall key holder.
  20. A copy from the collection: coin, stamp.
  21. Car navigator.
  22. Coffee brewing machine.
  23. Leather belt.
  24. Lamp or lamp.
  25. Screwdriver.
  26. Fur belt for the problem area.
  27. Warm wool vest.
  28. Scale model of the ship to build.
  29. Thermos.
  30. Back massager.
  31. Code safe.
  32. Bar for drinks.
  33. 3D lamp.
  34. Warm blanket.
  35. Electric Toothbrush.
  36. Heat resistant gloves.
  37. Leg hammock.
  38. Field glasses.
  39. Samovar with painting.
  40. Auto mug-refrigerator.
  41. Wrist Watch.
  42. Flask in a leather case.
  43. Brand lighter.
  44. Bath set (hat, rug, mitten).
  45. Business card holder.
  46. Electric fireplace.
  47. Home smokehouse.
  48. Cooler bag.
  49. Bedding set.
  50. Carpet in the room.
  51. Irrigation system for a summer residence.
  52. Car seat cover with massage effect.
  53. Home brewery.
  54. Leather key case.
  55. Binoculars.
  56. Comfortable computer chair.
  57. Electric grill for home.
  58. Mechanical weather station.
  59. Home electric grill.
  60. Garden decor (lantern, sculpture or weather vane).
  61. Glasses for strong drinks.
  62. Beverage cooler.
  63. Ionizer.
  64. Slippers with massage effect.

Original gifts for father on his 50th birthday

Some men in old age have a good sense of humor and are not averse to getting an original little thing for their birthday.

Here’s what you can give dad for 50 years:

Plaque with an inscription . An engraved plaque is a unique and interesting gift for a loved one. Particular attention should be paid to products with parables and quotes about parents.

Medal “To the best dad in the world ” Such a gift for dad on his 50th birthday will be a memorable thing that will take an important place in the house.

Personalized robe with embroidery . This gift for dad for 50 years will warm and delight with its original design. A warm terry product with the name of the hero of the day will pleasantly surprise a loved one.

Nominal money clip . All relatives will appreciate such an original gift for dad for his 50th birthday.

Useful gifts

A useful gift for dad for his 50th birthday is related to work, home, leisure and, of course, health.

Some of the best ideas include:

Table fan . This thing is available in almost every home. Choose silent and compact models with adjustable vertical tilt and USB power for a gift.

Trainer . Give preference to the device that the birthday person needs. It can be dumbbells, a power expander, or even a treadmill to keep fit and promote health.

Folding travel chair . This product provides maximum comfort during a picnic or fishing trip. The main thing is to choose models from durable fabric with armrests.

Fitness bracelet . For men over the age of 50, a device with a heart rate monitor and sleep quality control is suitable.

Inexpensive gifts

Sometimes you have to deal with a situation where the budget is strictly limited, and you really want to please your loved one.

Even if there is no money, you can present a modest but practical gift that will certainly be appreciated.

The main thing is to remember that parents value attention first of all.

The most successful gift ideas for dad for 50 years, which are inexpensive:

Multifunctional flashlight . A useful and inexpensive gift can be found in almost any hardware store.

Towel with embroidery . A nice gift from children will be a towel with the inscriptions: “Beloved dad”, “Happy Anniversary”.

Keychain with engraving . This simple and memorable gift will always be at hand for the birthday boy, reminding him of an important holiday.

Double tier lunchbox . Useful for a man who takes food to work with him.

50th Birthday Gifts for Dad from Son or Daughter


TOP 64 ideas What to give Dad for 50 years + 24 more gifts and Tips

Everyone is pleased to receive a gift from children. Ideas for what to give dad for 50:

Car vacuum cleaner . A great gift from my daughter for easy interior cleaning. It is useful to every car owner.

Barbecue set . If dad is a fan of getting out into nature and cooking barbecue, then a folding brazier, skewers and other accessories will definitely come in handy.

Model for assembly from wood or cardboard . Such products will captivate even an adult man for a long time. Some representatives of the stronger sex collect models of military equipment and ships.

Beard grooming kit . If a father wears a mustache and beard, he will appreciate a special gift from his son. The set includes oils, soap, styling wax and balm.

A couple more interesting ideas of what to give Dad for 50 years

A good gift for a father for 50 years is associated with the preferences and habits of the birthday man. As a rule, everything is known about the father.

Therefore, you should be guided by the characteristics of his character and choose one of the following options:

Fishing tackle or boat . If the father likes to go fishing, you can give him an appropriate gift. It can be books about his hobbies, a cover for a boat motor, a life jacket or an echo sounder to find fish.

Sports goods . Many men in their 50s try to take care of their health and their bodies. If the birthday boy already has sports equipment, you can give him a high-quality bag for classes, a subscription to a fitness club, and good sneakers.

Car accessories. If dad is a car repairer or loves driving with all his heart, you should please him with a massage seat cover, a folding shovel, a radar or other car accessory.

Phototechnics . If the birthday boy loves to take pictures or is professionally engaged in shooting, there should be no thought about what gift to give dad for 50 years. You can buy him a new lens or a camera bag.

Kitchen leather apron or utensils . This is a great surprise for dad for 50 years. The option is suitable if the father has no equal in cooking.

DIY gifts for dad for 50 years

Think about your creative abilities and please your father with a pleasant surprise. The following ideas will tell you how to surprise dad at 50.

edible bouquet


TOP 64 ideas What to give Dad for 50 years + 24 more gifts and Tips


Not a single man will refuse a meat or fish bouquet.

To create it you will need :

  • 1 dry vobla;
  • 1 ram;
  • 1 carp;
  • pistachios;
  • hunting sausages;
  • thin wooden skewers;
  • Scotch;
  • colored ribbons;
  • paper packaging.

Step by step work :

  1. Dried fish is wrapped in cellophane and attached to skewers with tape.
  2. Tie the fish with ribbons.
  3. Pistachios are glued to the skewers on the sides.
  4. Hunting sausages are strung on skewers.
  5. Make blanks in a bouquet.
  6. Everything is wrapped in a package and decorated to your liking.

Ingredients and their quantity are chosen at will and financial possibilities. Bouquets with boiled crayfish, pigtail cheese look great.

Photo collage


TOP 64 ideas What to give Dad for 50 years + 24 more gifts and Tips

Creating a collage with family photos is quite simple.

For this you will need :

  • whatman;
  • photographs of different years;
  • colored ribbons;
  • double-sided tape or glue;
  • paints or markers.

Stages of work :

  1. Markup is done on a Whatman paper and the most harmonious version of the photos is chosen.
  2. Stick cards on whatman paper with glue or tape.
  3. They sign pictures, write various congratulations.
  4. Decorate the collage with ribbons.

On paper, you can write funny comments on pictures or sincere congratulations.

Alternatively, you can prepare a video appeal to the birthday man. Such a congratulation will not leave indifferent any dad. In the film, you can include photos and videos in which there is a father with his family. If you wish, you can insert congratulations from relatives and apply touching music.

Mug of coffee beans


TOP 64 ideas What to give Dad for 50 years + 24 more gifts and Tips

To create a gift you will need :

  • any mug;
  • coffee beans;
  • cotton pads;
  • thread wide white;
  • brown paints;
  • glue.

Step by step creation :

  1. Paste the entire surface of the container with discs.
  2. Wrapped with thread.
  3. They paint with paint.
  4. Glue coffee beans in 2 layers.

It remains only to decorate the mug as you wish.


At 50, men already have a certain set of interests and habits. Things that the younger generation likes can upset the birthday boy.

Therefore, you should immediately think about what you can give your father for his anniversary, and what not.

Here are some important tips for this:

  • If dad asks not to give anything, this does not mean that he has no desires. He’s just trying to keep the kids from spending money.
  • It is important to be more attentive to the hobbies and interests of your parent. Perhaps he himself repeatedly hinted at what kind of gift he would like to receive.
  • It is worth considering the temperament and scope of the hero of the day. Some serious men will not appreciate joke gifts if they somehow belittle their work or principles.
  • It is worth asking the household or other relatives what the birthday man dreams of.
  • When buying a thing via the Internet, it is important to take into account the delivery time and possible interruptions in the work of the mail. It is better to purchase goods on trusted online markets.
  • Be sure to think about how to wrap the present. It is necessary to decorate a gift in a smart way, but at the same time strictly.

The size of the available budget plays a big role. In any case, it is worth considering in advance what gift to give dad for his birthday, and prepare financial resources. Otherwise, an unexpected increase in prices can derail all plans.

What is better not to give

The list of the most unfortunate gifts for dad for 50 years includes:

  • Underwear. In extreme cases, you can donate socks knitted by yourself.
  • Home pet. Not every birthday person wants to be responsible for the animal that was presented to him. Even if the father loves German Shepherds, you should not give a puppy without his consent.
  • Useless souvenir. It is unlikely that the hero of the day will be delighted with another figurine that will collect dust.
  • Cosmetic accessories. Shower gel or shampoo will surprise few people. This is clearly not the best gift for such a serious date.
  • Money. Of course, finances will not interfere with anyone, but not every dad will appreciate such a present.

Please note that items intended to store something are not presented empty. Therefore, be sure to put a coin in your wallet or piggy bank.

When thinking about what to give dad for an anniversary, you should not make a choice in favor of things that impose your opinion. So, if the father needs to lose extra pounds, you should not buy him a subscription to the gym.

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