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Interesting 81 ideas of what to give to the Director (male) + 9 gifts and Tips

What to give a male director for his birthday?

A good gift will help you earn another point in the piggy bank of high marks from the boss.

Below you will find a list of ready-made birthday gift ideas for your director from the team or from you personally.

TOP 81 ideas of what to give a male boss for his birthday

Thinking about what you can give your boss for his birthday, you need to pursue 2 main goals: to give the birthday man pleasure and observe subordination without disgracing himself in front of the boss and without putting him in an awkward position.

  1. Famous brand pen or writing set.
  2. Personalized leather purse.
  3. Bar-globe for storing alcoholic beverages.
  4. A bottle of expensive alcohol.
  5. A decor item for a study: a panel, a picture, a figurine, a globe.
  6. Smoking accessories: a pipe, a set of cigars, tobacco.
  7. Desktop weather station or compass.
  8. Barometer in stylish design.
  9. Plasma panel in the man’s office (if finances allow).
  10. A massage chair or a special massage mat to relax the back muscles.
  11. A collection set for playing chess, backgammon or checkers is a solid gift for a manager.
  12. Dagger, saber or samurai sword as wall decoration.
  13. Figurines with balls that relax the eye or a miniature Japanese garden.
  14. Aroma lamp with essential oils to achieve complete relaxation between work.
  15. A set of different types of cheese, wine and chocolate.
  16. Picture with caricatures of all workers with the hero of the occasion at the head.
  17. A calendar for the next year with redesigned names of the months depending on the employment of the team, on the main cover of which there will be a general picture of the manager with subordinates.
  18. An aquarium with a pair of elite varieties of fish is a good birthday present for the director from the team.
  19. Office desktop organizer made of wood, steel, onyx or any other expensive materials.
  20. Heated cognac glass complete with stand and wide candle.
  21. A small lightbox with a picture of the director (a luminous stand, on the surface of which the necessary prints are applied).
  22. A 3D puzzle, the end result of which is a working mechanical box that can calm the nerves with its continuous movement and deliver aesthetic pleasure with a stylish appearance.
  23. Head portrait.
  24. Doll-cartoon from a photo.
  25. A cake decorated in the director’s theme or in accordance with the company’s activities.
  26. Original table clock.
  27. Thai massage certificate
  28. Photobook that illustrates the history of the company and the development of the director in it with the help of suitable photographs, supplemented by explanatory notes.
  29. Paperweight with name engraving.
  30. A personalized organizer folder that includes a notepad, a stylish pen, business cards and paper compartments and has owner information on the cover or case.
  31. Florarium, inside which there is a composition of stone roses (you can choose other plants – specifically echiveria personifies strength and courage), surrounded by stones.
  32. A certificate for off-road jeep racing, the cost of which, as a rule, includes direct driving in cars, rental of protective uniforms and lunch on the march.
  33. External charger for gadgets.
  34. Set for self-growing plants – for example, oak.
  35. Elegant pocket key holder.
  36. Mini golf set.
  37. A coffee machine is a good gift for the director from the whole team.
  38. Eco alarm clock.
  39. Thermal calendar – when touched, it shows the current date and interesting information about it.
  40. Perpetual calendar, the design of which allows you to independently select the year, month and day.
  41. Gift box of fortune cookies.
  42. Cooler bag or picnic set.
  43. Vintage shoe shine set.
  44. Electronic photo frame.
  45. Case or watch box.
  46. Holder for documents.
  47. Compact bag for laptop or tablet.
  48. Desktop planner.
  49. Leather diary.
  50. Video recorder for the boss who drives the car.
  51. Table pear-antistress.
  52. A digital pen that automatically stores written text in memory.
  53. A compact travel bag, if the director is often on business trips.
  54. Small table fan.
  55. Cooler bag with multiple compartments.
  56. Table fountain with lighting.
  57. Stylish men’s cane umbrella.
  58. Magic ball of predictions.
  59. Decorative ball made of petrified wood to decorate your desktop.
  60. Portable manual coffee maker.
  61. Automobile thermal mug.
  62. Branded cufflinks or tie clip.
  63. Fireplace clock.
  64. Small desktop biofireplace.
  65. Radio receiver in modern or retro style.
  66. A set of elite varieties of coffee or tea.
  67. Stand for business cards.
  68. Gift stamp.
  69. Personalized set of handmade chocolates.
  70. Collectible fountain pen.
  71. Leg hammock.
  72. Retro phone.
  73. A piggy bank in the form of a safe or a book-cache.
  74. An air purifier or ionizer for the director’s office.
  75. Decorative hourglass to decorate your desktop.
  76. Stones for cooling alcoholic beverages.
  77. Wooden map of the world.
  78. Smart desktop lamp.
  79. Newton’s pendulum.
  80. Galileo’s thermometer is a device with a lot of multi-colored balls, to which boards with temperature values ​​\u200b\u200bare attached.
  81. Gift set of honey or jam.

What to give the director for his birthday, depending on his hobbies

Many managers who communicate quite closely with their subordinates do not hesitate to tell them about their hobbies.

Most often, this happens to young bosses who, due to their age, completely surrender to their favorite hobby and are ready to talk for hours on this topic.

In this case, the question ” what to give a young boss for his birthday ” is solved very simply – it is enough to support the director’s passion with a well-chosen present:

New spinning rod, boat or fishing box for everything a fisherman needs. Giving a male executive who is passionate about fishing one of the gifts listed above, you can definitely count on a promotion in the future, or at least an increase in salary.

It is not always possible to buy the items presented from many anglers due to their very high cost, while getting them for a birthday is an ideal solution to the problem;

Puzzling over what to present the original boss for his birthday, remember how he relates to nature outings.

If he likes such a vacation, feel free to purchase a picnic set, a folding barbecue, a tent, a flask, a set of personalized skewers and stuff like that.

You will probably also be able to take advantage of some of the presented presents while relaxing outside the city along with your favorite team led by the boss.

If the head of the department really likes to read, and he is happy to share his impressions of the next work with his subordinates, give him a collector’s copy of a famous author or some rare edition.

At the same time, it is worth focusing not so much on the popularity of the writer, but on his authority.

You can give your boss sports equipment for his birthday if he is a big fan of an active lifestyle.

We are talking, for example, about a fitness bracelet, a home exercise machine, a certificate for a purchase in a sports nutrition store, etc.

A valid option is to present a gym membership to the boss, but you should be careful with such a gift – some people may take it as a hint of the presence of flaws in the figure and be offended.

It is possible that you can give a male director for his birthday something that is useful on the hunt, of course, if he is an avid hunter. Good solutions in this case would be a high-quality knife, a weapon cleaning kit or a durable backpack.

If the director from time to time with burning eyes broadcasts to the team about his success in collecting, the question “what can I give the boss for his birthday?” disappears by itself.

Try to get a rare specimen for his collection, be it a coin, a stamp or a badge, and delight in the eyes of the hero of the occasion is guaranteed.

If it is not possible to find this or that little thing, or you are simply afraid to make a mistake with the acquisition, give the birthday man a beautiful stand on which he can place his treasures.

What to give the boss for his birthday inexpensively

Picking up a birthday present for the boss is not difficult if the donor has no difficulties in terms of money.

If financial opportunities are very limited, the question “what to give the boss for his birthday inexpensively?” rises especially sharply. In this case, you should consider such ideas as:

Mug with USB heating . Despite the relatively low cost of this device, its benefits and comfort will soon become apparent to the male leader.

With your birthday present to your boss, you will allow him to keep the temperature of the drink in the mug for a long time – just connect the USB port to a laptop or computer tablet.

The printing of the firm logo on the surface of the mug will help to add originality to the gift.

Organizer for belts and ties . It seems to many that it is necessary to give the manager a birthday present with something related to his work and status.

If you also hold a similar opinion, then this option is for you.

This accessory brings complete comfort, allowing you to neatly place ties and belts at home or in the office.

In addition, thanks to a convenient storage system, all items can be sorted by color and size.

How to choose what to give a male director for his birthday

The task of “giving an original birthday present to your boss” often involves certain difficulties.

They are connected, first of all, with how, among the huge variety of presents, to choose the one that this particular male leader will like.

To make the right choice and not miss, you must follow the recommendations below:

  • Consider the communication style of the director with his subordinates. If your head of a department or company can easily be awarded the title of “father”, then when choosing a gift, it is allowed to show a sense of humor and play a trick on the birthday man, giving him even the most frivolous present. If in your relations with the management there is a clearly traced connection “boss-subordinate”, this subordination should not be violated, but it is better to give preference to more solid things;
  • In the case of management, cheap gifts should be resorted to only in extreme cases, even if we are talking about a very young director. Remember that it’s better to give a young boss one thing for his birthday, but more expensive than a set of a couple of cheap items. However, if a low-cost presentation still could not be avoided, take care at least of a competent presentation in the form of stylish packaging and the right words of congratulations;
  • It is believed that simpler presents can be given to the director on his birthday, while gifts for the anniversary should be much more solid. It is advisable to take care of a gift for such a serious occasion by the whole team and spend money on a really expensive, high-quality thing;
  • Pay attention to the design of the presentation. You should not choose bright packaging and balloons. It will be enough wrapping paper of strict colors and a satin ribbon to match;
  • When choosing what to give a male boss for his birthday, most subordinates mistakenly believe that it is even unnecessary to think about flowers in this case. In fact, even the representatives of the stronger sex are allowed to present bouquets, which, however, must meet a number of requirements: they must be saturated, dark shades without additional decor, have clear shapes and rush up.

What should not be given to the head of the department or director

Thinking about what to give the original boss for his birthday, it is important not to overdo it with this very originality. It is important to understand that it is much more important to demonstrate to the manager a respectful attitude and an adequate view of things, so you should avoid such presentations as:

  • Personal hygiene products (deodorants, shower gels, shampoos) and perfumery;
  • Cloth;
  • Pets;
  • Jewelry;
  • Devices for monitoring the state of health (for example, a blood pressure monitor, a glucometer and other similar devices), because it is believed that giving a male boss a birthday present is insulting and tactless;
  • Handmade gifts.
The question “what can I give my boss for his birthday?” deserves special attention of any employee. It should be understood that with a properly selected present, you are able to demonstrate your quick wit and respect for the boss, which can serve as a springboard for career advancement in the future. Throw all your strength in search of a cherished gift, and a positive result will not be long in coming!

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