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TOP 30 ideas how to give money to a man and Useful tips

Birthday is a date when a person is surrounded by special warmth and love of people close to him. The birthday boy is waiting for interesting surprises and sincere attention. You can spend more than one day looking for a gift. To be sure that your gift will please the hero of the occasion, you need to know exactly what the birthday person wants.

Failed to find out about the secret dream of a man? Feel free to give him a few crisp bills as a gift. Make this offering non-trivial. If you need to decide how beautiful it is to give money to a man, our selection of ideas is for you!

The best ideas on how to give money to a man


TOP 30 ideas how to give money to a man and Useful tips

  1. A beautiful envelope is the first idea that comes to mind on how to give money to a man. Take advantage of this timeless classic if no other ideas can be realized.
  2. Banknotes can be put in a men’s purse. You can even give your friend’s old wallet with new “filling” to him for his birthday. Let them be surprised and happy!
  3. A wall-mounted money box is another option on how to give money to a man in an original way. All guests of the holiday will be able to replenish such a treasury after your “beginning”.
  4. A safe book with the first capital will please a man on his birthday no less than an envelope.
  5. Wizard socks. Fill your socks with banknotes of different denominations from different countries. Seal them, return to the original packaging. Stick on them the inscription: “Magic”. Let unexpected joy await the chagrin of the hero of the occasion when he guesses to turn his socks out.
  6. Quest. Prepare tasks for the man so that he can find, for example, the stash of his wife and spend it at his own discretion. Don’t spare your guests either. Let them help the hero of the occasion find a gift.
  7. Point a gun loaded with banknotes at a friend right on the doorstep. Shoot a man with fake money from a toy gun, and then hand over your authentic gift. Do not be surprised that he will remember how cool it is to give money to a man, and will play the same trick on you as you already on your birthday.
  8. Pirate treasure. Buy or make a chest. Put bills in it, and fill it with chocolate coins on top. Let the man be surprised a few minutes later, after he eats sweets.
  9. A money broom is another fun variation on how to give money for a man’s birthday. Carefully attach the banknotes to the souvenir broom and hand it to the hero of the occasion. Tell the gift recipient about the tradition of a money amulet in your congratulatory speech.
  10. Banknote cake. What can’t a birthday be without? Of course, no birthday cake! Give him such a kind of “delicacy”. Even the most desperate supporter of a healthy lifestyle will be pleased with such a confectionery product.
  11. Do you dream of creatively giving money to a man? Bring money to him in a radio-controlled car! Borrow it from your son, nephew, or even the hero of the occasion himself without his asking. Practice ahead of time with the remote control. When the birthday boy reaches for banknotes, make the car back a little. Let him chase money for the joy of all the guests!
  12. Shower your friend with gold. To do this, arrange bills in balloons with which to decorate the room. At the height of the holiday, burst one balloon and show the birthday boy that he is with a surprise. Let him find the rest of the bills on his own.
  13. A money bag is a fun way to give money for a man’s anniversary. Paste the linen bag with fake banknotes, and put real banknotes or valuable coins inside. This gift will especially please the numismatist.
  14. Matryoshka effect. Box in box, no gift. Use this option from the movie to give money for an anniversary to a man in an original way. When a friend or colleague gets to the very last little box and doesn’t see the gift inside, they will definitely turn it upside down. There you can attach a few bills.
  15. The modern idea of ​​how cool it is to give money for a man’s birthday can at first even discourage the recipient of the gift. Give him the keychain with the words that you were in a hurry, and nothing better was found along the way. A keychain with a flask for storing banknotes is a great option for packing your money surprise.
  16. Money in a postcard is another classic solution that can please a man.
  17. Bank with money. Fill a glass jar with banknotes of various denominations, cork it with a lid and hand it to the man. You can dilute genuine banknotes with fake banknotes. The hero of the occasion certainly will not be offended by you for this!
  18. Mattress with money. Remember that many do not trust banks. Fill up a man’s budget with a miniature mattress that you can sew yourself from improvised materials and fill it with banknotes and coins. You can also build a small bed for a mattress and cash pillows.
  19. An interesting idea on how to give money with a joke to a man may be the trivial presentation of an umbrella. Ask the birthday boy to inspect it in front of you. When the man opens the umbrella, he will find banknotes on the inside of the umbrella. It will not be easy to fix them, but the effect and joy of a loved one are worth the effort.
  20. Build “sculptures” from banknotes. It can be houses, birds, animals, household items. To save money, you can use genuine banknotes with fake props.
  21. Buy oval crassula (crassula), zamiokulkas (dollar tree), cactus, geranium or bougainvillea (“paper flower”) in the flower shop. All of them are considered plants that increase the income in the house. Decorate them with banknotes and hand them to the man. All these plants are unpretentious, so even a busy person can take care of them. In addition to the listed plants, prosperity in the house is increased by: aucuba, scindapsus, Sander’s dracaena (“lucky bamboo”), lemon and pachira. They can also congratulate the hero of the occasion, decorating them with a garland of banknotes.
  22. Actor play. If possible, use one of the guests or professionals to deliver the parcel in the midst of the holiday “from Prostokvashino”.
  23. Money in a barrel. You can buy a miniature barrel in souvenir shops. Complete it with a slot and the signature: “Money for a barrel!” To amuse the man and his guests. And, of course, make the first contribution to the newly appeared piggy bank.
  24. Ask the birthday boy to open one of the famous 12 chairs so he can find the treasure.
  25. Make a miniature house and present to the man. Ask to open the door or window of your souvenir, inside the gift recipient will be able to find the banknotes you put.
  26. Weave a wreath of fake bills and decorate them with genuine money to give to a man. A good idea how to give money in an original way.
  27. Cabbage fork. Cut the cabbage in half, put the money wrapped in cellophane inside. Connect the halves together again, tie them with a ribbon and give them to the birthday man.
  28. Frozen money. Wrap bills in cellophane, place in a container of water and freeze. Give the man a hammer along with the ice cube so that he can get to the money.
  29. Brick of happiness. Break the brick in half. In one part, scrape out a recess. Put bills and coins in the bag there. Cover with the other half of the brick. Tie with a ribbon that says: “Money Brick” or a similar phrase. So the man will quickly guess that this is an unusual item.
  30. Create a panel with a goldfish out of coins. Even children can participate in this action. The waves or frame of your masterpiece can be decorated with bills.

Tips on how to give money to a man

To unusually give money to a man, you should learn a few rules for presenting such a surprise. Find out how the hero of the occasion relates to cash gifts. If positive, then proceed to the next step.

Determine the amount you are willing to spend on a loved one’s holiday without compromising your own budget.

Prepare banknotes in advance. Choose banknotes without creases, tears and other defects, unless the scenario for giving your gift provides otherwise.

Special attention to the birthday will be the choice of money with an unusual series on them. For example, with a symbolic date at the end of the series: 30, 45, 50 or another number that will “name” the age of a man. You can pick up a bill with a similar numerical order: 0123 … To do this, you can ask people in social networks or special communities for help in advance. Explain the reason for the search – they will surely help you!

When the funds are prepared, decide how interesting it is to give money to a man. Choose from the gift examples above or come up with your own way of giving money (share it with our readers in the comments).

Even if you didn’t have time to prepare, taking money out of your wallet in front of guests and handing it to the birthday man from hand to hand is ugly, a bad omen. And yes, it’s boring! Glue at least an envelope for a loved one if you do not have time to buy it.

When presenting a gift, you should not voice the amount that lies in the envelope, publicly. This is considered bad manners. Silence in this case is also not golden. Prepare a birthday greeting and rehearse the speech at home. This will allow you not to fade away from excitement when giving a gift.

Even when presenting finances, do not forget about the postcard. So the birthday boy will know who to thank for the gift. Usually, money envelopes are not opened at the celebration itself. Such behavior is unacceptable for the hero of the occasion.

Take care of the flowers too. Yes, men get bouquets too! Choose plants that are associated with masculinity, courage and other masculine qualities.

When a man celebrates his birthday in the company of another birthday man, give money in two different envelopes. So you will avoid misunderstandings on the holiday and after it.


Giving money to a man for his birthday in an original way is a whole art. Think about what idea is suitable for your occasion, prepare everything for its implementation and creatively hand over the chosen amount to the man.

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