What to give for the New Year

TOP 103 ideas What to give a Colleague for the New Year +26 gifts and Tips

In our time, it is especially important to know the rules of gift etiquette, otherwise there is a chance of being considered an impolite and even illiterate person. And if a gift, its packaging for relatives and friends is relatively easy to choose, then business presentations need to be approached with special art and imagination.

What to give a colleague for the new year, you need to know in order not to get either him or the donor into an awkward position. Even on the eve of the holiday, on New Year’s Eve, an incorrectly chosen souvenir can be regarded as pressure or even a bribe.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, it is better to familiarize yourself with the ready-made list in advance of what a gift to a colleague should be for the new year, and meet this event in comfortable communication at the festive table.

TOP 103 ideas What to give a Colleague for the New Year

Despite the fact that the New Year is a family holiday, when a live Christmas tree is put up at home, and Santa Claus is invited for children with a bag of gifts, the work team also celebrates the celebration.

A person spends a significant part of his time in the office, so it has become a common event to please colleagues with New Year’s gifts. What can you give your colleague:

  1. Planner or diary;
  2. Good fountain pen;
  3. Funny mouse pad;
  4. Container for snacks at work;
  5. A low living plant or flower in a pot;
  6. Oil burner;
  7. Foam or bath salt with aromatic oils;
  8. Soap made by hand;
  9. Hand cream suitable for the winter period;
  10. Colorful, colorful scarf or a set of hats, mittens and a scarf, knitted to order;
  11. Mirror with original design;
  12. Terry or woolen socks;
  13. Warm boots with a Christmas pattern. Such a gift will suit a close colleague, since you first need to know the size of his foot;
  14. Beautiful potholders for the kitchen;
  15. original candle;
  16. An apron or towels with a suitable theme;
  17. Tea or coffee pair;
  18. Extraordinary board for cutting products;
  19. Fortune Cookies;
  20. Thermos;
  21. Blanket or blanket with snowflake patterns;
  22. Blanket with sleeves. An indispensable thing for everyone who does not like it when the blanket slips off their hands and makes them freeze;
  23. A set of different types of honey;
  24. Magnetic board made of stylus;
  25. Salt stove. This can be purchased not only at the pharmacy, but also to order;
  26. The battery for the phone is external;
  27. An interesting board game. With it, you can diversify your pastime right on the holiday;
  28. Mini desktop humidifier;
  29. Cardholder;
  30. Magnets are symbols of the coming year. Budget option that will appeal to everyone;
  31. Desk calendar with photos of the team;
  32. Named individual chocolates. It is possible to order ready-made options in online stores, or you can use Photoshop yourself;
  33. Book safe;
  34. Mini bar;
  35. Service;
  36. Vase;
  37. Inexpensive household appliances;
  38. DIY Christmas toy;
  39. Sweet pastries of own production in the original box;
  40. Exotic fruits in hatboxes;
  41. Gift set from Lacoste or another brand;
  42. Flip clock;
  43. Personalized gift book. You can leave your congratulations on the title page;
  44. Name robes;
  45. A year’s supply of socks – very original on New Year’s Eve;
  46. A set of sweets with text corresponding to the theme;
  47. A sliver-lever is an idea of ​​​​what to give a man to a colleague for the May holidays, which men will appreciate. To add a festive atmosphere to the gift, you can decorate it with balloons, ribbons and bows;
  48. Shoe shine kit. The firm “Authority” has proven itself very well in terms of making such presentations;
  49. Antistress toy;
  50. Nominal thermoglass “Happy New Year”;
  51. Mixer mug;
  52. Photo lamp with a logo with the logo of the organization or personal photos;
  53. Light alarm clock;
  54. Motivational portrait on canvas. This gift will raise self-esteem, give a smile and create motivation for other colleagues to strive to be at the level;
  55. Table lamp for laptop;
  56. A set of corks for wine, decorated with artificial stones;
  57. Eye patch for sleep;
  58. Coffee press;
  59. Original pizza cutter;
  60. Kitchen mittens in the form of bear paws;
  61. Organizer in the shape of an animal, snowflake or star;
  62. Ceramic bowls for decorations with cheerful images;
  63. An extraordinary version of the game “tic-tac-toe”;
  64. Table tennis set;
  65. Solar-powered flashlight – relevant to those who love to get out on hikes;
  66. popcorn machine;
  67. Mini vacuum cleaner;
  68. “Claws” for serving meat;
  69. Sketch poster with 100 important goals;
  70. Housekeeper;
  71. Star map;
  72. Video postcard;
  73. Knitted mug cuff with herringbone pattern. She will decorate the holiday and keep tea or coffee hot for as long as possible – this is very popular for an office worker;
  74. Set for making mulled wine;
  75. Nominal piggy bank;
  76. Keychain-opener for bottles. You can add decoration with congratulations;
  77. Wooden wine box;
  78. T-shirt with a picture of a deer, Santa Claus or a Christmas tree;
  79. Clock on the wall from a vinyl record in the shape of a snowman;
  80. The holder for a bag “Disk” which will fix it in any necessary place;
  81. “Sweet Jam” set, which includes tea, lingonberry and raspberry jam;
  82. Stand for office supplies in the form of a spiral;
  83. Wireless speaker;
  84. Case for credit or bank cards;
  85. Acrylic stele;
  86. Laptop backpack with original design;
  87. Watch case;
  88. Name box for jewelry;
  89. Cosmetic bag with mirror and handmade comb;
  90. A sticker book that creative and creative colleagues will love;
  91. Reusable notebook;
  92. Globe with a protective layer;
  93. Spa bouquet or “bombs” for pleasant bath treatments;
  94. Pocket multitool with hammer;
  95. Radio-controlled helicopter, plane;
  96. Flask with folding glasses;
  97. Belt bag for phone, keys;
  98. Board for various reminders;
  99. Decorative pillow with the logo of your favorite computer game;
  100. Panel for photos;
  101. A non-spill mug with a straw will keep important papers from spilling water from the mug, which often occurs during the period of submission of reports or sudden changes in documentation.
  102. A fishing rod or other devices for fishing, hunting, if a colleague has such a hobby;
  103. A stylish leather briefcase is a necessary attribute of every business person.

It should also be remembered that in addition to gifts, you can always present:

  • Lovely postcards where to collect congratulations from the whole team. Such postcards are always valuable if they are made by hand – so they will be stored in the most honorable place.
  • A bottle of champagne, decorated with bright ribbons;
  • A bag of sweets and candies.

15 original and very non-standard gifts for a colleague on New Year’s Eve

What can you give a colleague for the new year, if you want to not only see a smile, hear “thank you”, but also surprise by arousing genuine interest – of course, pick up an extraordinary version of the present.

On the eve of the holiday, they usually give various trinkets, little things, and so that the gift does not gather dust on the mezzanine, there are interesting ideas:

  1. Ice cream maker – with her the holiday will be tasty and fun in any team;
  2. Tape dispenser – useful for employees;
  3. “Imaginarium” for a cheerful company;
  4. The juicer will support a healthy mind and immunity in a harsh winter;
  5. Public address system;
  6. A set of stickers with Latin letters – it’s easier to organize your notes;
  7. The game “Zverokartiya” – every lover of strategy will like it;
  8. A glass in the shape of a skull – motivates for achievement;
  9. Spice set from “Switch” – the button switches compartments between spices;
  10. A rotating wine glass will appeal to those who like to enjoy a delicious drink for a long time;
  11. Textile book stand – especially popular for those who read a lot;
  12. A bicycle cover will protect your favorite transport from dust and rain, it is relevant for those who like to ride a bike to the office;
  13. Stabilized moss, which can not only decorate the desktop, but also purify the air in the room;
  14. “Rozetkus”, to which 4 devices of low power can be connected;
  15. Sandalwood beard oil will appeal to men who wear beards.

New Year gift ideas for a colleague-boss

What to give a colleague for the new year, if this is a boss or boss – a question that interests the team long before the holiday.

You don’t want to waste time on trifles, but you need to choose a worthwhile valuable gift.

Despite the wide range of assortment, you should first study the character of the leader, his hobbies, perhaps the presence of his “Wishlist”, which he voiced.

What are the options:

  1. A set of bottles of expensive premium alcohol. There is a remark here: if the boss drinks high-quality alcohol, then it is worth presenting only a high-quality option;
  2. Expensive genuine leather belt;
  3. Wristwatch or bracelet. It is worth noting that jewelry today is not only worn by women;
  4. Perfume of popular brands. It’s even better if employees know the boss’s favorite scents;
  5. E-book or tablet. The gift depends on the financial capabilities of the team;
  6. A decorative lighter with an original shape, such as a gun. It will emphasize the business style of the interior in the director’s office;
  7. Large houseplant for office. This is a great alternative to bouquets, but it is important that the plant is beautiful (exotic), and the pot is bright, extraordinary design, suitable for the office;
  8. Handmade jewelry box with personal engraving;
  9. Original, expensive vase, you can choose a floor;
  10. Gift certificates to the spa, beauty salon.
  11. You can choose a watch or not too expensive jewelry as a present.

Tips for choosing a gift for a colleague

TOP 103 ideas What to give a Colleague for the New Year +26 gifts and Tips

Even at work, there is a distance, so very personal gifts are not appropriate. It is worth considering the following recommendations when choosing presentations:

  • You need to choose a neutral, but useful gift;
  • Age and position are taken into account;
  • We must not forget about subordination;
  • Too expensive presents will make a colleague owe in the future. He can even refuse them immediately, which will confuse the donor;
  • The gift must be suitable for the occasion. So, on New Year’s Eve, giving badges on Victory Day is not logical;
  • It is good if the gifts are the same for all colleagues. If they are different, then they should be in approximately the same price category.

The most important rule is that the choice of a present should not offend or embarrass anyone. These can be pleasant little things, souvenirs, universal items that will come in handy later in everyday life.

What not to give a colleague for the New Year

Business etiquette has its own rules. If you have just joined the team or, on the contrary, you have known everyone for 5-10 years, then it will be an inappropriate gift:

  1. Clothing . Hats, shirts, ties, and, even more so, underwear – this is a purely subjective choice of each person;
  2. Objects of religion and worship . It is not always known what faith a colleague professes. In addition, this is a rather intimate part of a person;
  3. A joke gift . You should carefully consider whether a colleague can appreciate the joke. Caricatures, ditties, double dolls are not appropriate, especially for a colleague who is older in age;
  4. Cosmetics . The color scheme, type of face and body creams are selected individually. Someone may have allergies to certain components that are not always possible to guess.

The presentation that is presented to the boss should be both neutral and respectful. You should not give the last money to make the gift expensive and chic. The boss always keeps the financial capabilities of the team in focus, so he will regard such presentations incorrectly. The characteristics of the right business gift will be the following:

  • Correctness;
  • Restraint;
  • Memorable packaging, content or words;
  • Unobtrusiveness;
  • Originality;
  • Practicality.


Any sign of attention to a colleague brings joy, highlighting this day among gray, identical everyday life. Gifts for large-scale events and holidays are an integral part of team work. If you take into account all the rules of business etiquette, then such presentations will bring the team together, create a healthy environment and bring pleasure and fun.

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