What to give a girl

TOP 84 ideas What to give a girl for no reason (just like that) except flowers

Sometimes you want to give a gift to your girlfriend just like that, for no reason. Usually these are flowers, but what gift can you give a girl besides flowers?

Below you will find more than 80 ideas of what gifts you can give a girl just for no reason, not expensive and pleasant.

TOP 84 ideas What to give a girl just like that, for no reason

  1. Massage subscription.
  2. Chocolate postcard.
  3. Heated sheet or blanket.
  4. Balloon composition.
  5. Fireworks under the windows of your beloved.
  6. Certificate for visiting the float center. Floating – finding the body in a state of weightlessness in a special bath due to the high concentration of salt in the water. The procedure allows you to get rid of stress, relax tight muscles and restore brain activity.
  7. Funny covers for notebooks (if the girl is a student or a schoolgirl).
  8. Antibooks are funny and even provocative book covers.
  9. Personalized gift book (it is enough to buy a girl’s favorite book and “dress” it in an original cover made in a certain color and with the right words).
  10. Stand for pencils and pens, which also acts as a sharpener.
  11. Bath bomb set.
  12. Steering wheel braid with an unusual design (of course, if your lady of the heart has a vehicle).
  13. A tray with kinders (just buy a regular tray with eggs and fill it with kinder surprises).
  14. Basket with exotic fruits.
  15. Organization of a romantic evening (you can arrange an exit to a restaurant or cook a delicious dinner yourself and complement it with pleasant music and candles).
  16. Beautiful pajamas or nightgown.
  17. Travel (based on your financial capabilities, choose a tour abroad or a trip to another city within your country).
  18. Cup with your joint photo.
  19. Marmalade with unusual additives.
  20. A rare indoor flower (if your beloved’s hobby is floriculture).
  21. A set for growing a tree at home.
  22. A pet (it is worth presenting such a surprise for your beloved only if you are sure that she is ready for it).
  23. Cozy slippers.
  24. A set of personalized wine glasses.
  25. Thermo mug.
  26. Cozy plaid with sleeves.
  27. Smart scales that show not only total weight, but also the percentage of muscle mass, water, fat in the body and explain whether such indicators are normal or not.
  28. Manicure set.
  29. Travel bag.
  30. An unusual picture (for example, on boards or from threads).
  31. A set of spices for preparing a delicious dish or drink (for example, borscht or mulled wine).
  32. Set of organizers for underwear.
  33. Body painting kit, consisting of organic dyes, canvas, protective film (to protect the surrounding area from pollution), disposable socks (to easily get to the bathroom), washcloths and instructions for use.
  34. Sweatshirt with an interesting print.
  35. A scratch map of the world that allows you to use an erasable layer to mark places that you have already visited and where you plan to go.
  36. A set of sweets with text (these can be touching declarations of love, compliments to a girl and other nice words).
  37. Bomb kitchen timer.
  38. Illuminated star map (it is very romantic to present such a gift with the words “Darling, I give you the whole Universe!”).
  39. Jar of honey with gold.
  40. Original umbrella.
  41. Gift set of different types of cheeses.
  42. Subscription to a shared gym.
  43. Rain covers for shoes that allow you to wear your favorite shoes even in the most severe rain.
  44. A picture of your voice (it is enough to declare your love aloud to your girlfriend or give her a compliment, and professionals will translate the recording of your voice into an image format).
  45. Glasses with natural wood frames.
  46. Bamboo bathroom shelf, where you can put a book or laptop and combine bathing with other favorite activities.
  47. Electronic book.
  48. Phone stand or holder.
  49. Breakfast table in bed.
  50. Cover for passport or other documents.
  51. Chameleon mug that changes color when heated.
  52. A box for storing jewelry or cosmetics.
  53. Magnetic whiteboard to hang on the fridge.
  54. T-shirt with the image of the girl’s favorite band or just a cool pattern.
  55. Electric Toothbrush.
  56. Table game.
  57. Charger for cool-shaped gadgets (power bank).
  58. Notepad or diary with lock.
  59. Heated lunchbox, which is sure to come in handy for a girl at work.
  60. Anti-stress toy with soft filling.
  61. Star projector or other beautiful night light.
  62. Running away or flying away alarm clock.
  63. Illuminated shower head that “paints” the water in different colors.
  64. Shower radio.
  65. Sports bottle-non-spill.
  66. Needlework kit – these can be accessories for knitting, sewing or scrapbooking (depending on the girl’s hobby).
  67. Magic ball of predictions.
  68. Stand or shelf for books.
  69. The dream catcher is an amulet from the time of the Indian tribes that protects a person during sleep.
  70. Leg hammock.
  71. Pocket key.
  72. Inflatable travel pillow.
  73. Funny sleep mask.
  74. An interesting puzzle – regular or 3D.
  75. Original hair clip.
  76. A set of makeup brushes.
  77. Small pocket mirror.
  78. Electronic butterfly in the bank.
  79. A set of beautiful decorative pillows for interior decoration.
  80. Funny mouse pad.
  81. Keyboard stickers that glow in the dark.
  82. Piggy bank in the form of a funny animal.
  83. Nice teapot or french press.
  84. Original set for spices.

Romantic gifts for a girl from a guy

Sometimes you want to please your beloved for no particular reason. At the same time, it is necessary that the girl likes the gift. A win-win option is a cute and romantic surprise, because almost every girl will be happy with such attention. Ideas for the best gifts that girls give just like that:

Pair pendant. A great idea what to give your girlfriend just like that. It can be a pendant in the form of a puzzle or a Yin-Yang sign. Give one half to the girl, and keep the other half for yourself.

The pendant can be worn as an ornament on a chain or as a keychain. You can find inexpensive options if you look not for precious items, but for jewelry.

Set of candles. A cute and romantic gift is a set of small scented candles. You can also give one large, but very beautiful candle or even a whole candlestick.

The gift will suit romantic and dreamy natures. It will also be indispensable if you are going to arrange a romantic evening.

Hand warmer. A gift for a girl for no reason, which will show that you care about her. Surprise will be especially relevant in the cold season.

All that is needed to heat up the heating pad is to press on the inner cylinder, which will cause a crystallization reaction. You can choose a heating pad in the form of a heart or another original shape.

Heavenly lantern of desires. If you want to add some romance to your relationship, give your girlfriend a Chinese sky lantern so you can launch it together.

Before you send a flashlight into the sky, you need to make a wish – and then everything you dream about will come true.

What to give a girl just like that, made by yourself

If you are bursting with the desire to give a girl just like that, for no reason, a present and, among other things, you want to impress her with your imagination and skills, try to make a gift with your own hands. There are a lot of ideas for such amateur performances, here are some of them:

Confession letter . To make such a message truly spiritual, you need to write it by hand and in your own words. Let it turn out not to be too neat and eloquent, but the girl will not be able to doubt his sincerity.

For even greater effect, the finished creation should be put in a beautiful envelope and placed in the recipient’s purse or mailbox.

Unusual scroll. Another type of letter, but more original. Choose heavy color, drawing, or plain paper for your printer. Then wrinkle it a few times to make it look worn.

If you want to further age the paper, brew tea and apply it to the paper, then dry it. Its edges can be slightly singeed with matches. After all the procedures, write a few warm words or wishes on the scroll.

Handmade soap. How to surprise a girl: you will need remnants or a base, which can be bought at any art store, as well as dye and fragrant essential oil.

You need to melt the soap base in a water bath, add a few drops of oil and dye to the mixture, then mix and pour into molds. If desired, you can add honey, lemon zest or other ingredients to the soap.

Can lamp. You will need a glue gun, a small jar and glass rocks (used to decorate aquariums, found in pet stores), as well as superglue and flat candles.

Apply glue to the jar and place the stones in it, gluing them as close to each other as possible. Start at the top, leave at least half a centimeter below (to the bottom).

Place and light a candle inside the jar – a cute interior lamp is ready. Instead of ordinary stones, you can use colored ones, and instead of candles – an LED design that runs on batteries.

Wall calendar with her photo . To create it, you will need 13 of the most successful pictures of the girl, one of which will be designed to design the first page of the calendar, and the remaining 12 must be correlated with each month.

As a result, you should get a book consisting of a bright cover, on which, in addition to a photo, you can write warm words from yourself, and 12 pages, each of which will represent a specific month and an image of your chosen one.

A good solution would be to fasten the sheets with a spring – it will be convenient to flip pages through it.

What to give a girl just so inexpensive

Many men, in thinking about what gifts can be given to a girl just like that, are faced with a very unpleasant problem – an elementary lack of money to fulfill all their aspirations.

Selfie flash. Many girls love to be photographed and post their pictures on social networks. In this case, feel free to give her tools to create beautiful photos.However, this situation is not at all a reason for frustration, because you can also demonstrate your feelings with the help of inexpensive, but very cute presents, such as:

It can be a flash, a special ring or selfie mirror, as well as a holder, monopod or even a tripod for a mobile phone.

Headphone splitter. Inexpensive but very practical gift. With this device, you no longer have to share one headphone for two.

A headphone splitter is useful if you often walk together and listen to music from the same phone or player. You can also comfortably watch movies on the go.

Unusual keychain . Such a modest, but extremely cute gift can be given to a girl for no reason.

At the same time, try to make even such a trifle original – for example, put a symbolic engraving on the accessory or make paired key rings to order.

Stylish smartphone case . All girls, without exception, love not only themselves, but their smartphones to look smart. The original cover will easily cope with this task, especially if it is made to order.

On the surface of the cover, you can print the name of your young lady, her photo, or just some important symbol for her – in any case, such an accessory will be unique and inimitable.

Fortune cookies . If you want to give a girl just like that, for no reason, something nice, take this idea into service. Firstly, all the representatives of the weaker sex love sweets, and secondly, few of them do not believe in predictions.

The latter, by the way, can be comic, invented independently or taken, for example, from a horoscope. It will be even more pleasant for your chosen one if you bake cookies yourself – you can find a bunch of simple recipes on the Internet.

Tips on how to choose what to give a girl just like that

When choosing what gifts you can give a girl just like that, it is important to know a few rules that will help you make the right choice:

  • Know how to hear your other half, sometimes in the process of a casual conversation, girls can give out their most secret desires. At the same time, soberly assess the capabilities of your memory – if you cannot rely on it, do not be too lazy to write down important thoughts on paper or in phone notes;
  • Pay attention to how your chosen one reacts to certain things in store windows. This does not mean that you need to definitely buy a thing that delighted your companion (perhaps it will simply be too expensive for you), but this will clearly help to understand the direction of her thoughts and preferences. In addition, such attention to detail will demonstrate to the girl how attentive and sensitive a young man you are;
  • Take into account every little thing. We are talking about your beloved’s favorite colors, music, hobbies, style in clothes and jewelry, etc .;
  • Do not trust the choice of a present to anyone but yourself. Friends and relatives do not necessarily know the girl better than you. In addition, one of them may spill the beans and spoil the surprise. Rely solely on your own instinct and understanding of the preferences of your beloved;
  • Feel free to use the Internet for your own purposes. A very valuable find for you will be the girl’s page on social networks, on which you, quite possibly, can learn about the tastes and preferences of the hostess;
  • If you still couldn’t figure out what to give a girl just like that, for no reason, give her a certificate for a purchase in a good store – so the gifted person will be able to independently purchase what she wants;
  • Another possible course of action in case of failure to find a gift is a direct question addressed to your lady of the heart regarding her desires. Only in this case, one should not ask about what to give her, but what to give, on the contrary, is not worth it – this will narrow the circle of searches;
  • It is desirable that a cute bouquet of flowers with a signed postcard inside be an addition to any present – this will add soulfulness to the gift.

What is better not to give a girl for no reason

Refusal of such presents as:

  • Cosmetics (the stronger sex, as a rule, is not strong in choosing such things);
  • Clothes and shoes (there is a high probability of “missing” with the size and style of products; in addition, such presents can offend your chosen one, because they can be perceived as a hint of a tasteless appearance);
  • Underwear (too personal wardrobe items that can only be perfectly matched by the girl herself);
  • Household items (the complete lack of romance is unlikely to please the recipient);
  • Ring (the meaning of the gift is likely to be misunderstood and mistakenly taken too close to the heart).


In itself, the desire to please your beloved, without having a serious reason for it, is already very commendable. Therefore, no matter what gift you choose, it will already make you an ideal man in the eyes of a girl. All that is required of you is to put your soul and your feelings into the present, as well as pay attention to the little things that you know about your beloved.

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