What to give for the holidays

21 ideas of what to give a Dog for a birthday or a holiday

Any dog ​​breeder, talking about what caring for his pet gives him, will certainly remember only the good: fun walks, games, joint pampering, the joy of meeting with the owner, devotion in the eyes of the dog, etc. All this makes people think about what they can give a dog to thank her for unconditional love and faithful service. If the question is “what gift to give a dog?” also led you into a dead end, our tips will help you get out of it.

TOP 21 gift ideas for a Dog

  1. Favorite pet treat (meat or liver cake, sweet biscuits, delicious bone from a pet store, etc.);
  2. Frisbee plate;
  3. A new couch or a warm blanket;
  4. A beautiful booth that you can make yourself or purchase in a ready-made form in a store (if the dog lives in an aviary or on the street);
  5. A trip to a dog cafe (a special place where dogs can enjoy various goodies and chat with their relatives);
  6. An autodrinker that provides constant access of the animal to clean running water;
  7. An automatic feeder capable of giving the pet the necessary portion of food at a strictly allotted time;
  8. Raincoat;
  9. Sneakers for a dog that will not let him freeze and stain the floor in the house with dirty paws;
  10. Warm bologna jacket;
  11. Anti-slip food bowl mat with an interesting design;
  12. Collar with personalized embroidery or decoration with decorative elements, such as rhinestones;
  13. Address tag – a small flask containing a note inside with the dog’s name, its address and the owner’s phone number (it will be a salvation if the animal is lost);
  14. A new retractable leash that allows the dog to move freely around you, but does not allow him to move too far;
  15. Toys (rubber squeakers, dumbbells, spiked wheel, ball, stick; tug rope, latex slippers, etc.);
  16. A folding chair with a large soft seat for sleeping or resting a pet;
  17. Elegant tie or bow tie;
  18. A dog grooming kit that includes combs of different sizes, shampoos and conditioners for hair, claw scissors and much more;
  19. Stand for awards (if the dog participates in various exhibitions, competitions, championships, etc.);
  20. A dog carrier with a porthole so that the pet can watch everything that happens around;
  21. Brush trimmer with self-cleaning system.

What to give a dog for his birthday – additional ideas


21 ideas of what to give a Dog for a birthday or a holiday

Any dog ​​breeder who adores his four-legged friend remembers the day of the birth of his pet and prepares for it in advance.

When thinking about what you can give a dog for his birthday, you should start from the interests of the pet. However, if this guideline does not help, pay attention to the following ideas:

A trip to nature with the birthday boy . This option can be considered ideal if it is important for your dog to periodically break out of the home walls and waste all the energy.

As practice shows, this idea is especially to the taste of such breeds as Labradors, Huskies, Terriers, Alabai and watch and hunting dogs. If it seems to you that giving a dog a trip out of town for his birthday is a great solution, you should take care of the proper organization of the holiday.

First of all, you need to decide on a place – it is better if it is as open as possible and remote from a busy highway. A great bonus would be the presence of a reservoir in the immediate vicinity. Also take care of treats for the hero of the occasion and his guests (both people and dogs).

If possible, arrange competitions between dogs for speed and quick wits. The final, but no less important touch in organizing the holiday will be capturing the fun moments of the day with the help of a camera;

Home party . If the hero of the occasion is not delighted with being outside the house, but at the same time likes to have fun and play with relatives, remember that you can give a whole day for your birthday in the company of the owner and your four-legged friends at home.

A competent organization of a holiday for such an unusual birthday person involves filling the apartment with balloons, collecting a special labyrinth for animal games, preparing your favorite treats, etc.

Give your pet a fun song or dance – at such moments, many dogs begin to “sing along” or “dance” along with the owner. Well, if the animal does not understand the full value of your creation, then you can simply infect it with a good mood and have fun together;

Go to the groomer . When choosing what to give a dog for his birthday, we must not forget that even animals do not mind polishing from time to time, and for hygiene purposes it will not hurt.

An animal hairdresser will be able to bring your pet’s coat in order, perform a fashionable haircut and even styling.

In addition to inducing beauty, visiting a specialist also has a practical meaning – the procedures will save the pet from excess hair and the discomfort associated with it, and you from the daily cleaning of this most unwanted hair.

What to give a dog lover

Among friends and relatives, there are often people who are crazy about dogs and are ready to spend a fortune on the maintenance of their pets. Even if you are skeptical about animal gifts, it makes sense to take care of the finances of a loved one or just please him with a useful gift. So, it is believed that you can give a dog lover:

Photo album . It is obvious that it is pointless to give a dog such a thing, since the dog will not appreciate it anyway, while its owner will definitely like it. Naturally, this should not be an ordinary album, but designed to store the best memorable pictures of a person with his pet. The design of the book should also correspond to its content – in this case, images of bones, dog faces, paw prints, balls, etc. will be appropriate;

Frame with a cast of a dog’s paw . When choosing what to give a dog lover, give preference to such a touching present. Naturally, its preparation will need to be done in advance – invite an experienced craftsman who will find a common language with the animal and make a cast, and also wait until the figure goes through the last stages of design. But the creation will delight the owner for many years and arouse interest in his pet;

Original sign on the door . This product can be purchased at the pet store in finished form or made to order. Suitable inscriptions would be “Beware, angry dog! Look, do not step!”, “Attention! The dog is evil, and the cat is generally crazy!”, “Caution! Angry Super Dog!” etc. Such a plate will be an interesting addition to the front door and will amuse neighbors and guests;

Funny cartoon . From time immemorial it has been known that a dog and his master eventually become very similar to each other. The meaning of the picture is precisely to demonstrate the similarities between them. The creation is sure to bring a smile to the dog lover and take pride of place on a wall or shelf in their home;

A book or film about dogs . A person who adores our smaller brothers will be interested to get acquainted with the next work about his favorite animal. Even better, if it is a whole collection of stories or films – this way you will help the dog lover to fill his evenings.

How to choose what to give your dog

When going shopping in search of what to give a dog, you need to take into account a number of recommendations:

  • Focus on the dimensions, temperament, lifestyle, appearance and health characteristics of the animal – these 5 components should be decisive factors when choosing a presentation;
  • If the dog is not yours, talk to the owner – he will definitely tell you about all the addictions of his pet and suggest a good gift;
  • Pay attention to other animals (in the yard, away) – perhaps you will find something in them that the pet for whom the present is being prepared does not have, and what he may need;
  • Consider the dimensions of the dwelling in which the dog lives – for example, a large-sized toy may not find a place in a small apartment.

What is better not to give a dog

When puzzling over what gift to give a dog, it is important to remember that some things are better not to give our four-legged friends. These include:

  • Small items that are easy to swallow, as well as things with sharp edges;
  • Toys made of fragile materials that can quickly break and, even worse, harm the health of the pet;
  • Simple, banal things that the dog most likely already has;
  • Presents that are needed not for him, but for the owner (unless, of course, the gift was originally intended for a person);
  • Cheap gifts made from low-quality materials (the service life of such products, as a rule, turns out to be very short, and as a result, only disappointment remains).


When choosing what to give a dog, first of all, listen to your intuition – no one knows your dog better than yourself. If you need to decide what gift to give to a dog, but not your own, your inner instinct should also not fail, because usually such gifts are common among close people. Most importantly, remember that “a dog can only bite because of a dog’s life,” so choose the right gifts – then the pet will answer you with love and affection.

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