What to give a woman

TOP 83 ideas What you can give a Woman for 55 years +22 gifts and Tips

By the age of 55, women also have time to settle down in material values, a stable position in society, respect from colleagues, and a good reputation in the eyes of their superiors.

What does all this mean ? It is not easy to defeat such natures with a poorly thought out surprise. They saw almost everything, therefore, what to give a woman for 55 years for her loved ones is especially acute.

If you are one of them, this collection of ideas has been put together just for you.

TOP 83 ideas that you can give a woman for 55 years

  1. Hair dryer with ionizer for hair protection.
  2. Vacuum food sealer.
  3. Air wash.
  4. Reverse umbrella. A colorful pattern on the inside of the accessory is not the only difference between such an umbrella. It is equipped with a reverse mechanism when closing and a comfortable handle.
  5. Candy dispenser.
  6. Music Box.
  7. Table fireplace.
  8. Travel holder.
  9. Bracelet made of natural stones.
  10. Pulverizer for vegetable oil.
  11. A dishwasher is something that her children can give a woman for her 55th anniversary. Such a unit, received from close people for a birthday, will free up a lot of time for the hero of the day. Believe me: ladies on their 55th birthday have already learned to appreciate this resource!
  12. Chocolate fountain.
  13. Automatic corkscrew.
  14. Device for cutting homemade noodles.
  15. Pen with USB stick.
  16. Glass for cooling drinks.
  17. Ultrasonic toothbrush.
  18. Tripod for smartphone or camera.
  19. The original organizer for the bathroom.
  20. Silicone mat with “pyramids” for baking food in the oven.
  21. Garment steamer.
  22. Pocket barrel organ.
  23. A smartphone case with a thermal sensor will appeal to a lady with a good sense of humor.
  24. Kettle for car.
  25. Smart ring.
  26. Automatic window cleaner.
  27. Wireless headphones.
  28. LED night light.
  29. Cappuccinatore.
  30. Heated food container.
  31. Stylish liquid soap dispenser.
  32. Electric frying pan.
  33. Device for automatic feeding of toothpaste.
  34. Fruit pitting machine.
  35. A dough roller is useful if a lady likes to cook homemade cakes.
  36. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  37. An electric eraser is a fun souvenir idea for mom if she works with papers, likes to draw or take notes in her diary.
  38. Book lamp.
  39. Portable shower.
  40. Sleeping mattress in the back seat of a car.
  41. Kitchen scales.
  42. Hydromassage foot bath.
  43. Writing set.
  44. Siphon for water.
  45. Salt nightlight.
  46. Linen tablecloth.
  47. Inflatable bed.
  48. Dressing room mirror.
  49. Electronic notepad.
  50. Dehydrator for fruits and vegetables.
  51. Plant tying device.
  52. Coffee maker.
  53. Opera glasses.
  54. Rolling pin with a pattern.
  55. Organizer for needlework.
  56. Orthopedic pillow.
  57. Recipe book.
  58. A rose in a flask is the perfect solution for what kind of flowers to give a woman for 55 years. Such a gift, like the florarium, will remind you that her beauty is timeless.
  59. Portable stove.
  60. home planetarium.
  61. Hammock for yoga.
  62. Kinetic pendulum.
  63. Magnetic slate board.
  64. Rocking chair.
  65. Picnic set.
  66. Facial sauna.
  67. A set of camping utensils.
  68. Stencils for coffee.
  69. Home photoepilator.
  70. Toaster.
  71. Name vase for flowers.
  72. Antique player.
  73. Double-sided steel makeup mirror.
  74. Double boiler.
  75. Table chest of drawers for jewelry.
  76. Door knocker.
  77. Electric book.
  78. Marinator for meat and vegetables.
  79. Isotonic ring for Pilates.
  80. Dryer-sterilizer for shoes.
  81. Bicycle computer.
  82. Sensory gloves.
  83. Self-heating insoles for boots.

Original gifts for 55 years for a woman

In search of a surprise for a colleague or relative on their 55th birthday, I want to present a memorable gift. These options could be:

Bacon Rack . With such a tool, it will be possible to cook delicious slices of meat in a few minutes in the microwave.

Magnetic clock with metal shavings . A magnet and metal shavings create a unique show for one viewer. The birthday girl will surely appreciate such a gift!

Pac Man potholders . These silicone mitts will make baking for the hero of the occasion a real treat!

Cube for dumplings . Such a “cooking partner” sculpts 4 homemade dumplings at once. The birthday girl will be able to cook a hundred dumplings in one episode of her favorite series. She will definitely appreciate such a surprise after she tries this device in action.

Cutlery with mini dumbbells instead of a handle . This idea is for those who want to get in shape and not make a lot of effort.

A couple more interesting ideas of what to give a woman for 55 years

The search for what to give a woman for 55 years inexpensively is too early to complete if you have not met the following ideas.

Glass-vinometer . With such a souvenir, a person close to you will never exceed his norm, unless he himself wants it.

Smart water faucet . It is equipped with a microscope. Thanks to this, the new owner of the tap will always know whether she washed all the germs from her hands or some objects.

Washer for vinyl records . Fans of antique turntables are well aware of the problem of cleaning discs from fingerprints and dust. If the hero of the day has a similar musical device in her arsenal, she will like the record cleaner. This device will gently clean the surface of the disc and will not damage it.

Action camera . The 55th birthday is the perfect age to discover the talent of an operator and director of your own life.

Smart Marker . It will instantly digitize whatever you write on a special whiteboard and send the information to the smartphones you specify.

DIY gifts for a woman for 55 years

In the question of what can be presented to a woman for 55 years, the decisive factor is not so much the functionality of the item.

It will be important what emotion he will give to his new owner.

The hero of the day will appreciate handmade gifts for sincerity, originality and the time you spent to make them.

Try to make the following items for the birthday girl to please her.

  1. Brooch made of wood.
  2. Set of ethnic ornaments.
  3. Perfumes and cosmetics for skin care from natural products.
  4. Tiara handmade.
  5. Knitted plaid.
  6. Decorative lamp.
  7. Garland for a photo shoot.
  8. Handmade paper.
  9. Bags for underwear or other small things.
  10. Breakfast table in bed.

Cardboard scarf hanger


For work you will need:

  • 3 sheets of thick cardboard;
  • 200 gr. water-based paint;
  • brush;
  • universal PVA glue;
  • blue color;
  • stationery knife;
  • pliers;
  • metal hook;
  • OK. 5 m. satin ribbon.

Working process:

  1. Glue 3 sheets of PVA cardboard with glue. Let dry (about 8 hours).
  2. On the workpiece, draw the features of the roof and windows of the “house”.
  3. Cut with a clerical knife along the contour of the hole.
  4. In the roof, make a hole for the hook about 2 cm from the very top.
  5. Fasten the hook with pliers.
  6. Dilute the paint with a few drops of blue color.
  7. Apply the first layer of paint to the workpiece with a brush or sponge. Let dry for about 2 hours.
  8. Apply a second coat of paint. Hang up and dry.
  9. Decorate the edges of the roof, windows with ribbon, tie a bow on the hook.

Perforated plywood shelving in the hallway


To work you need:

  • a piece of dense plywood of the right size or a finished perforated MDF sheet;
  • pegs as hooks;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • guides;
  • straps for fasteners.

Working process

  1. Calculate the distance between holes. Drill them on a rough workpiece.
  2. Fix the template and use a screwdriver to mark points for future drilling of holes.
  3. Attach guides.
  4. Drill holes at a 90 degree angle from the face of the plywood so as not to compromise the integrity of the veneer.
  5. Clean the finished board from sawdust and guides.
  6. Attach the planks to the wall to secure the shelving to them.
  7. Arbitrarily insert pegs.

Tips: How to choose a birthday present at 55 for a woman


Only people close to her or herself will be able to give full recommendations on how best to choose a gift for a lady on her 55th birthday.

However, there are some basics of gift giving that every gift giver should know.

Attention . Rely on the interests and hobbies of a woman when choosing a gift to really please her.

Time . Choose and stock up on a birthday present for the hero of the day in advance. If you are invited to a celebration, she will definitely inform you about this not a week or a day before the holiday.

Expensive rich . It is not necessary to put a luxurious gift that a woman will not be able to answer at the next holiday in an awkward situation. You don’t want to end your relationship with her, do you? Exceptions may be pooled gifts, when the price of the gift is divided among several guests. This will not oblige the birthday girl to give each of them too expensive gifts in the future.

Otherwise, when choosing a gift, rely on your own intuition, observation and the budget you have allocated for a surprise.

What is better not to give a woman for 55 years

The abundance of options for presenting gifts to a woman on her 55th birthday should not mislead you.

There is a list of gifts that are better not to give ladies for this anniversary.

  • Remedies for wrinkles . A reminder of age-related changes can hurt the hero of the occasion.
  • Money . This surprise is included here conditionally. You can give a woman an envelope with banknotes if the birthday girl does not adhere to the old rules of etiquette. They say that you can’t give money for a birthday.
  • Medicines . It is a mistake to think that this looks like a sign of concern. With such an offering, you will hurt the feelings of the birthday girl. You didn’t come to the party for that, did you?
  • Pet . Such a surprise may not please the hero of the occasion. Even the most unpretentious pet requires care, time and attention. Perhaps the woman has other plans for her free time.
  • Subscription to a plastic surgeon . This gift can deeply offend a woman in the same way as a cream or exercise equipment to combat excess weight and “orange peel”.

On the eve of her 55th birthday, a woman often refuses many signs and prejudices. If so, consider a stylish mirror, a set of quality kitchen knives, or other items that usually end up on the list of forbidden gifts as a surprise.


Whatever you want to surprise a woman on her 55th birthday, remember that the gift should be not only useful, but also pleasant. Pack it in beautiful paper and give it to the birthday girl with a small congratulatory speech. This will convince her that you really appreciate the location of the hero of the occasion.

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