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What to give a Husband for 40 years – TOP 74 gifts + 18 ideas and tips

Sometimes, there are no ideas as to what you can give your husband for 40 years. In this case, we advise you to use the list below of gifts that are most likely to suit your spouse.

TOP 74 ideas What can I give my husband for 40 years

  1. Massage chair.
  2. Orthopedic mattress or pillow.
  3. Home mini-brewery.
  4. Apparatus for creating hot dogs at home.
  5. Device for self-marinating meat.
  6. Set for cooking barbecue or smokehouse.
  7. Charcoal grill.
  8. A set of frameless furniture.
  9. Stylish wrist or pocket watch.
  10. Hookah complete with various mixtures for smoking.
  11. Portrait of the hero of the occasion on canvas, made from a photograph.
  12. Membership to the gym or swimming pool.
  13. Exclusive handmade chess made of ivory, stone or wood.
  14. Backgammon set.
  15. Telescope.
  16. Humidor (a wooden box for storing cigars, equipped with a humidifier and a hygrometer).
  17. A picnic set consisting of a thermal bag, necessary utensils and cutlery, tablecloths and napkins, a cutting board and knives, a corkscrew and glasses, skewers and other little things needed for a picnic.
  18. A new tie and a set of original cufflinks are the perfect gift for a connoisseur of business style.
  19. Stylish belt with original buckle.
  20. High-quality leather business card holder, branded purse or wallet.
  21. Designer briefcase or branded folder for documents.
  22. Pedigree book or family tree.
  23. Bath set, including a waffle bathrobe, hat, mat, special cosmetics for the bath, brooms and much more, depending on the configuration.
  24. Desktop mini-bar in the shape of a globe.
  25. Rocking chair.
  26. Alcohol mashine.
  27. A board game, if a man likes such a pastime.
  28. Japanese rock garden or bonsai tree to decorate your office.
  29. A digital weather station that reports temperature, air humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, and gives an accurate forecast for the near future.
  30. Stylish men’s ring.
  31. Zippo lighter and gas for refilling.
  32. Real Cuban cigars.
  33. Cooler bag.
  34. Spacious travel suitcase or sports bag.
  35. Mini golf, table football.
  36. The book of the birthday man’s favorite author in an exclusive deluxe edition.
  37. Set of swinging glasses.
  38. Whiskey cooling stones.
  39. Named gift set of honey.
  40. A set of tools or a suitcase for storing them.
  41. Poker set.
  42. Multitool credit card or hunting knife.
  43. Electric Toothbrush.
  44. Men’s toilet water.
  45. Table or floor electric fireplace.
  46. Travel kit for shoe care.
  47. An old coin, if the husband is a collector.
  48. Capsule coffee maker or manual coffee grinder.
  49. Fitness bracelet.
  50. Set for care of a beard and mustache.
  51. Hammock for home or summer cottage.
  52. An edible bouquet of vegetables or a man’s favorite fruit basket.
  53. Metal detector.
  54. Razor and brush.
  55. Men’s cane umbrella, made in a classic style.
  56. Music player or radio.
  57. 3D puzzle in the form of a world landmark or a retro car.
  58. Collectible coffee or tea set.
  59. Gold-plated coaster with a spoon included.
  60. Keychain made of precious metal – gold or silver.
  61. Quality thermal underwear.
  62. Beautiful men’s bracelet made of genuine leather.
  63. Shtof for alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.
  64. Decanter for wine.
  65. Virtual reality glasses are a gift that is relevant not only for children and adolescents, but also for adult men.
  66. RC helicopter or car.
  67. Pocket key holder made of genuine leather.
  68. Relaxing table fountain with backlight.
  69. Electronic photo frame with family photos.
  70. Ant farm.
  71. A multifunctional shovel that has several built-in tools (screwdrivers, an ax, a nail puller, and others).
  72. Manual mini wood splitter.
  73. Modern electric samovar.
  74. E-book for the reading man.

Original gifts for your beloved husband for 40 years

Postcards, shaving kits and all kinds of figurines are a great gift if the birthday person likes such presents. However, if this is not the case, you should connect your imagination and choose something more original. List of unusual gift ideas for husband:

Alarm clock with luminous note board. A gift for a man who wants to wake up easily in the morning. The peculiarity of this presentation is that it is equipped with a special transparent stand on which you can write your message or draw a picture. A loved one, waking up in the morning, will see your wish on a luminous screen.

A set of chocolate tools. The idea that you can give your husband an original. If a man is a jack of all trades, but he already has all the tools and he doesn’t need anything, please him with a set made of Belgian chocolate. Suitable for a husband who loves sweets.

“Smart” diary. It is a notebook or notebook, on the pages of which riddles and puzzles of varying complexity are placed. Suitable for business men, as well as those who want to train their mind daily and who cannot imagine life without interesting riddles. Buy a beautiful Parker pen and give it as a gift along with a “smart” diary.

What can you give your beloved husband inexpensively

It is not always possible to give an expensive gift, but you want to please your beloved spouse when he turns 40 years old. There is a way out – you can buy an inexpensive, but interesting present that will surely please your loved one. List of inexpensive, but worthy birthday gifts for her husband:

Desktop or wall perpetual calendar. A gift that will never lose its relevance. On the moving panel of the perpetual calendar with numbers, you can select the year, month and day. Pick up a beautiful wooden calendar that will last a long time, and you can forget about “disposable” options forever.

Heated lunchbox or thermo mug. With the help of such inexpensive, but very interesting gifts, you can show that you care about your husband. Now, being at work, he will not have to worry about lunch breaks – he will have a thermo mug or a lunchbox that can heat up food on its own.

Soft slippers. Another inexpensive gift for your husband for 40 years, which will show that you love and care for him. The main thing is to keep your feet warm, and this gift will perfectly cope with this task. You can also give USB-heated slippers or another warm gift – a bathrobe or a blanket. This is especially true in winter time.

What to give a husband for his 40th birthday from a practical

When choosing what to give your husband for the 40th anniversary of the original, you need to chase not only the unusualness of the present, but, first of all, its compliance with the character of the hero of the day. So, for example, cute trinkets are unlikely to be of interest to a man who appreciates useful things. In this situation, you should look at options such as:

Electric shaver with a set of replacement blades. A gift that a husband will definitely use, unless he grows a beard. Modern razors are suitable for both dry and wet shaving, and some models can be used right in the shower. Suitable for men with any type of skin.

Travel bag. Perfect practical gift for my husband’s birthday. Relevant for those who often travel on business trips or travel. Such a set usually includes a neck pillow, a sleep mask, earplugs and a convenient cosmetic bag for bathroom accessories. The contents of the kit may be different, depending on the need.

Home trainer . Reflections on the topic “what is better to give a husband a birthday for 40 years?” often lead ladies to the decision to buy a sports simulator. It is understandable, because this is a great way to maintain health and improve the external form. In addition, despite its considerable cost, the simulator will soon pay off with regular classes, as it gives its owner the opportunity to save on visiting a fitness club. Suitable options would be an exercise bike, an ellipsoid, a treadmill or a multifunctional complex for power loads.

A few more ideas for what to give your husband for his birthday

Depending on hobbies and hobbies, you can pick up different gifts – this is a win-win option. Your beloved man will definitely like your surprise if you take into account his character. A few more ideas that you can give your spouse for 40 years:

Modern man. If the husband loves new technology and is well versed in it, you can give a new model of a smartphone, tablet, camera or compact laptop. Perhaps the spouse will be delighted with the new computer mouse or keyboard.

Fisherman or hunter. A husband who is fond of fishing or outdoor activities can be presented with appropriate items. Good ideas: a fishing rod, a spinning rod, a fish finder, a handy bag for equipment, as well as a tent, inflatable boat, a cooking pot or a sun lounger.

Motorist. A new acoustic system, massage seat covers, as well as a car compressor, a video recorder, a car vacuum cleaner, a radar detector and other devices that may come in handy in the car. It is appropriate to use these ideas if the birthday boy spends a significant part of his time driving a car or simply appreciates the convenience on the road.

Athlete. New stylish sneakers, boxing gloves, kettlebells, dumbbells or a horizontal bar are great gifts for an athlete husband. An active man can be presented with a bicycle and protection. Even at 40, you can keep track of your physical shape and look 100%.

What to give your husband for his birthday at 40 with his own hands

Any thing made with love and attention is much more valuable and more expensive than a gift bought in a store. What do-it-yourself gifts can be made for a husband on his 40th birthday?

Dominoes made of stones with their own hands

If your husband is into board games, you can surprise him with a handmade domino. You can make knuckles from small pebbles. For this you will need:

  • stones of approximately the same size and shape (28 pieces);
  • acrylic paint – black and white;
  • two brushes – thin and thicker;
  • bright fabric and ribbon.

Instructions for making a gift :

  1. Paint the stones with black acrylic paint using a thick brush. After complete drying, take a thin brush and white paint. Carefully draw lines and dots according to the diagram:What to give a Husband for 40 years - TOP 74 gifts + 18 ideas and tips
  2. Take a bright rectangular fabric and lay it face down, tuck a few centimeters along the top cut and iron.
  3. Sew the fabric, stepping back from the edge of the cut about a centimeter.
  4. Fold the fabric in half (right sides together). Step back from the edge half a centimeter and simply stitch (starting from the line from the previous step).
  5. Turn out the bag. Take a pin and pin it to one side of the ribbon, then thread it into the bag. Alternatively, you can simply tie the bag with a ribbon, without using a pin.


What to give a Husband for 40 years - TOP 74 gifts + 18 ideas and tips

What to give your husband for his 40th birthday for an unforgettable experience

Having visited any forum devoted to the issue of choosing a present for the anniversary of your beloved spouse, you will see that, according to the majority, not material things should be a priority, but sincere emotions. Therefore, puzzling over what you can give your husband for 40 years from his wife, do not rush to spend money on expensive gifts, but pay attention to the following ideas:

  1. Return to childhood . Under this symbolic name lies a trip to the amusement park with the whole family. It is better to think over the program in advance and make a plan for the whole day. You can complement the event with cotton candy and popcorn. Under such circumstances, it will not be difficult for the hero of the day to plunge into the atmosphere of carefree childhood and youth and get enough of these emotions for a long time;
  2. Family travel .It seems to many that it is too expensive to give a husband a similar gift for the DR for his 40th birthday. Naturally, a round-the-world trip or just a trip abroad is not a cheap pleasure. However, no one forces you to choose this option – you can give preference to a trip to another city within your country or a budget tour of the night city, during which you can remember all the memorable moments associated with these places. The main thing is to choose what is right for the two of you and will correspond to your financial capabilities, and you can fill the present with a special meaning without huge investments;
  3. Adventure Gift . If you are looking for something original to give your husband, if he loves extreme sports, you should not pass by this idea. Adventure means, for example, off-road quad biking, paragliding, parachuting, diving and much more. During such entertainment, the hero of the day will be able to throw out the accumulated emotions and recharge with new, unforgettable impressions;
  4. Romantic date . Having decided that you can give your husband a similar present for his 40th birthday, take a responsible approach to organizing a surprise. The first step is to take care of the place of the date – win-win options are a chic hotel room or the roof of a tall building, which offers a beautiful view of the city. In both cases, the place must be decorated in advance. Candles, your joint photos, balloons, rose petals, etc. are suitable for this. It would be useful to invite a professional photographer for some time, thanks to which you will have beautiful pictures from such a wonderful evening. And, of course, we must not forget about the musical accompaniment of the date.

How to choose what to give your husband for 40 years

The question “what is better to give a husband a birthday for 40 years?” causes a lot of worries and doubts among loving wives. To know for sure that your present will be needed and desired, we advise you to listen to the advice on choosing it:

  • Consider, first of all, the lifestyle of the birthday man and his character, and do not chase the desire to be creative. In search of what to give her husband an original, many women lose their common sense and pay attention exclusively to the unusualness of this or that thing. With this approach, it is very easy to get into trouble, since it is unlikely that a calm intellectual will like a shaman’s tambourine or an African mask;
  • Go shopping in a good mood. In this case, the gift will carry positive energy and will be given from a pure heart;
  • Choose the right things that can bring real benefits;
  • Don’t stop at one gift. Kind words, a festive atmosphere and an evening thought out to the smallest detail should be mandatory additions to the presentation;
  • If you are not a fan of shopping, refer to the Internet resources. With their help, you can choose a gift without leaving your home. At the same time, the assortment on virtual showcases is often much wider than in traditional stores;
  • If you want to give your beloved spouse something related to his hobby, but at the same time you do not understand these things at all and are afraid not to guess right with the choice, present him with a certificate in a specialized store. So you will provide the hero of the day with the opportunity to enjoy the selection process and acquire exactly what is needed;
  • Before you go to the store for a gift for your husband for his 40th birthday, try to find out in every way what he would like to receive. To do this, listen more to your husband during casual conversations, follow his reactions in stores to certain things, communicate with other close people in your family, etc.

What is better not to give your husband on his 40th birthday

Each forum created to discuss various options for gifts for husbands on their 40th birthday also contains opinions on what should not be given. More often than others in such topics flash:

  • Joking surprises . Presents of this kind do not look serious and may offend the hero of the day. The exception is those cases when comic gifts are an addition to the main present;
  • Things that are not of practical use (souvenirs, figurines, non-functional interior items, etc.);
  • Things, the presentation of which is considered a bad omen (handkerchief, sharp objects, towel, etc.);
  • Alcohol – this gift can offend the hero of the day and put him in an awkward position in front of the other guests;
  • Money – will demonstrate an unwillingness to bother and spend time and effort looking for a really worthwhile thing;
  • Banal gifts in the form of ready-made cosmetic sets, shirts, shorts, socks, etc.
How to treat the 40th anniversary – celebrate it or ignore it – the choice of each specific birthday man. In any case, this is a serious anniversary, and it would be stupid and disrespectful to deprive a man of gifts on this day. However, buying a present is not everything, it is much more important to approach his choice with a soul and complement it with tenderness and care from a beloved woman – then happiness in the eyes of the birthday man is guaranteed.

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