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78 ideas of what to give a child (boy) for his birthday + 28 more gifts

To make the childhood of every child truly happy and carefree is the task of adults. If you were invited to celebrate the growing up of a little birthday boy, you should seriously think about what to give the boy for his birthday.

Going in search of what you can give a boy for his birthday, many donors are faced with the fact that picking up a present for younger members of the stronger sex is much more difficult than in the case of girls.

To make life easier for puzzled guests, the following list of potential gifts should be chosen depending on the specific age.

TOP 78 ideas that you can give a child (boy) for his birthday

  1. Play tent or wigwam.
  2. Home slide or swing.
  3. Synthesizer, drum, pipe or microphone (for music lovers).
  4. Speaking alphabet.
  5. An interactive cat or dog that you can talk to, walk with and develop while playing.
  6. An educational computer that allows a child to quickly memorize letters, numbers, colors, names of certain categories of objects and much more.
  7. Wheelchair in the form of a car or a horse.
  8. A set of experiments “Young chemist” or “Young physicist”.
  9. A fascinating anatomy game that allows you to explore the structure of the human body.
  10. Telescope.
  11. An electronic designer that allows you to independently create electrical circuits in compliance with all safety measures.
  12. Puzzles in 3D format, involving hand-made assembly of figures from separate parts.
  13. Chess set.
  14. Set for performing tricks.
  15. Fashion sweatshirt with 3D print.
  16. 3D pen, through which it is possible to draw three-dimensional objects directly in the air.
  17. An alarm clock with a target that requires you to hit the target with a laser pistol to turn it off.
  18. Piggy bank-ATM is a prototype of a conventional piggy bank, the distinguishing features of which are the ability to automatically count money and the presence of a special plastic card that allows you to withdraw funds from your account.
  19. A popcorn maker is a device that will definitely come in handy while watching a new movie with friends or parents.
  20. Inflatable mini-trampoline or pool.
  21. Set of skeletons or dinosaur figurines.
  22. Certificate for completing the game quest with friends.
  23. Football, basketball or volleyball (depending on the hobby of the hero of the occasion) ball.
  24. “Dreamer’s T-shirt” – a wardrobe item with a printed image of an idol with a birthday face.
  25. A set of spy equipment, consisting of a voice converter, night vision goggles, a listening device, motion sensors, a lie detector and other useful little things.
  26. Children’s microscope.
  27. Projector with a set of filmstrips.
  28. A corn set that includes colored cobs and everything you need to create a piece of art in the form of figurines of birds, animals, modes of transport, and more.
  29. Badminton set.
  30. Artist’s kit: easel, sketchbook, paints, brushes, felt-tip pens and more.
  31. T-shirt with equalizer.
  32. 3D puzzle or build model of a car, plane or boat.
  33. An encyclopedia that details any hobby of the birthday boy.
  34. Small children’s metal detector.
  35. A home planetarium that provides an opportunity to project a view of the universe directly onto the walls and ceiling of the room.
  36. Glowing map of the world or starry sky.
  37. A set of toys for the finger theater.
  38. Ant farm.
  39. Electronic book.
  40. Swedish wall or home sports complex with rings and horizontal bars.
  41. Set for playing darts.
  42. Game console or game for it.
  43. Virtual reality glasses.
  44. Backpack with the image of the favorite hero of the birthday boy.
  45. Aqua farm is a self-regulating aquarium.
  46. Basketball hoop in the children’s room.
  47. Set of children’s radios.
  48. Monopod or multifunctional selfie stick.
  49. A mug that changes color when heated is an inexpensive birthday present for a child or a boy.
  50. Thermal mug or mini-thermos with the image of the favorite heroes of the birthday man.
  51. Bicycle and a set of protective equipment.
  52. Regular or electric scooter.
  53. Gyroscooter is a fashionable vehicle that runs on electricity.
  54. Jumpers – a device on the legs with which you can walk, run and jump.
  55. Balance board is a device for training the sense of balance.
  56. Transforming robot (Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man or Captain America).
  57. Puzzle (Rubik’s cube, flywheel of time, Pereplexus ball).
  58. Candy machine.
  59. Quadcopter.
  60. Antigravity machine.
  61. Monster truck or radio controlled car.
  62. Children’s smart watch.
  63. Glowing headphones or laces.
  64. Interactive globe.
  65. Sound system for smartphone.
  66. Yo-yo, fingerboard, finger drum set or spinner.
  67. Crystal growing kit.
  68. A flying disc, a plate or a frisbee is a useful gift for active outdoor games.
  69. Children’s video camera or camera.
  70. Electronic firefly in the bank.
  71. Children’s meteorological station.
  72. Warm baby bathrobe.
  73. Funny slippers in the shape of an animal.
  74. Toy set of tools in a case.
  75. Slingshot, sports bow or children’s crossbow.
  76. Tablet for drawing with light or sand.
  77. Magic ball of predictions.
  78. Big and bright kaleidoscope.

Gifts for a boy for a month and up to 1 year

Of course, the child will not remember the gift at this age, but this does not mean that you do not need to please the baby. When choosing what to give a child to a boy for a month, remember that the present should be useful. Ideas that you can give for the birth of a boy when he turns a month old and up to a year old:

Warmer toy. A toy that will keep your child warm on cold evenings and nights. You can buy a soft toy in the form of a bear, a hare, a hippo, a dinosaur or any other animal. This gift will be useful to the child not only at this age, it can become his child’s toy for many years.

Sultan or turntable. The idea of ​​​​what to give a month-old baby to a boy or an older birthday boy. Accessories are perfect for children’s parties, but they can also be used for daily walks of the baby.

Comforter. What a great gift idea for a newborn baby boy. The gift will be useful not only to the hero of the occasion, but also to his parents. Comforter is a toy that has the smell of mom. Now the baby will not be capricious, even if a loved one is not nearby.

The best gifts for a baby boy for a year

Children grow up very quickly – yesterday you chose a gift for a birth and a month, now the baby is celebrating his first full year, and at this time the gift for boys should already be completely different. Ideas for gifts for a year old or older:

A set of children’s dishes. A good gift for a year to a child boy. Choose dishes only from natural materials without additional impurities and elements. You can buy dishes with bright pictures or characters from popular cartoons.

Large multi-colored cubes. A gift that can be purchased inexpensively. Cubes develop fine motor skills, logic and simply allow you to have fun with your parents.

Children’s laptop or tablet. The idea that you can give a child a boy for a year. Perhaps it is too early for a baby to use technology on his own, which is why a children’s tablet is a great gift. He will tell the boy a fairy tale, and also begin to teach the child the first words.

What to give a child for 2, 3 and 4 years

At this age, the child is already old enough, and he can even remember certain joyful events in his life. Choose a birthday gift for a child boy for 2, 3 or 4 years from the proposed options:

Music rug. With this funny gift, the boy will be able to develop coordination of movements and just have fun. The device can be connected to a computer – when music is playing, the rug glows in different colors and attracts the attention of the baby.

Puzzles with large pieces. 2 years and older is the time for such educational games. This can be done with the help of large and bright puzzles depicting the favorite heroes of the birthday man.

Interesting book. Choose a gift should be depending on the age of the boy. For 2 years, you can buy a toy with sounds or bright pictures, and an older child will like a book with good stories that his relatives will read to him.

What to give a boy for 5, 6 years

When choosing what to give a boy for 5, 6 years, do not underestimate the child and think that he is still too small to understand something and will be happy with any, even the most uncomplicated present.

In fact, babies at this age are already quite critical of toys and may simply not be interested in some things. Best Gift Ideas:

Electric car or electric motorcycle .Having decided that giving a 5, 6 year old boy a similar present is a great idea, you will undoubtedly be right. The little hero of the occasion will feel very cool and grown-up, dissecting on such a unit around the apartment or yard. The only thing to consider in this case is the cost of the device, which hardly anyone can call low;

Railroad . A gift to a child for a boy for 5 or 6 years. Some models have such dimensions that they allow you to place rails all over the floor. Many boys can watch for hours how a self-propelled train moves around the perimeter of the room;

Set of toys “Zoo” . If the question “what can I give a boy for his birthday” remains unanswered, pay attention to this set. It includes animal miniatures, enclosures for keeping them, as well as everything you need to feed and care for pets.

A set of such toys is a good gift for boys. Thanks to such a game, the child will not only learn the names of animals, but also learn everything about their lifestyle and nutrition.

What to give for a birthday 7, 8, 9 years

When thinking about what to give for a birthday for 7, 8, 9 years old, keep in mind that the main distinguishing feature of the considered period of child development is increased activity and mobility.

The right present should satisfy such needs, so the best options would be:

Toy weapon . Soft-bullet blasters, water pistols, or bow and arrows may be suitable options. So the child will be able to improve coordination of movements and accuracy.

When choosing a model, it is necessary to focus, first of all, on the safety of the device, so that later the child does not harm himself or others;

Table hockey or air football . You can also play these games at home by inviting dad or friends as rivals. Despite the fact that the games are board games, they require high mobility and concentration of attention from the players;

Air kite . Many people think that to give a birthday present for 7, 8, 9 years, you definitely need something that will captivate him during a walk, because it is at this age that the baby becomes uninteresting in messing around in the sandbox and riding on a swing.

Therefore, he begins to look for new entertainments, and a kite just might become one of them.

What to give a boy for his 8th birthday

8 years old is perhaps the peak of a child’s mobility, therefore, when choosing what to give a boy for his 8th birthday, give preference to presents that help direct the existing activity in the right direction, namely to sports.

Examples of successful gifts for the 8th anniversary can be:

  • Expandable roller skates . This model is considered the most practical, since such rollers “grow” along with the baby’s leg. When deciding what to give a boy for his 8th birthday, this sports equipment is ideal, do not forget to take care of the safety of the child and purchase a set of protective accessories for the head, knees, elbows and wrists;
  • Skateboard .It seems to many that giving a child (boy) such a device for his birthday is quite dangerous, because the baby can easily get hurt or hurt himself in the process of riding. However, it should be understood that injuries can also be obtained in the process of other activities, so it makes no sense to try to protect the boy from all the entertainment. Simply provide your young skater with the protections described above and the risk of health problems will be minimized;
  • Diabolo . Many children love to surprise others and demonstrate their dexterity to them using various kinds of tricks as an example. The toy will help the 8-year-old magician develop fine motor skills and coordination, resulting in whole performances for adults and peers.

What to give a boy for 10 years

If you want to choose the best gift for a boy, it is important to remember that at this stage, children do not lose interest in toys at all. However, at the same time, those same toys should be really interesting and high-tech, so that the boy would be interested in watching how they function. The list of successful presentations includes:

Helicopter with radio control gyroscope . It usually turns out that giving a boy a birthday present of such a plan is an ideal plan, because most boys react to such things with delight. By handing the presented gift to the birthday man, you will greatly facilitate the life of his parents – the child will be busy with a new toy for a long time. Another option for the development of events is the head of the family’s passion for the unit, which will allow him to spend more time with his son. Thanks to the gyroscope, flying a helicopter is quite simple, especially if you gain experience in this matter. Having decided that you can give the presented present to the boy for his birthday, you can choose a model based on the available finances, since the choice of such toys is huge – from the most expensive to very cheap;

Submarine . A great idea as to what to give a boy for 10 years will be the presentation of such a unit. Now, not a single bathing of the birthday boy will do without this toy, and at any other time the child can have fun watching her. Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of various models of submarines. Many of them are equipped with radio control, light and sound effects and other options – which one to prefer depends on your tastes and financial capabilities;

Racing diving boat on radio control . Toddlers are delighted with the ability of the toy to dive under water and emerge out, while maintaining high speed. Such entertainment will help the child develop fine motor skills of hands and coordination of movements, as well as reveal their fantasy and imagination in the process of inventing new stories for games.

What to give a boy for his birthday for 11, 12, 13 years original


78 ideas of what to give a child (boy) for his birthday + 28 more gifts

The question “what to give a boy for his birthday for 11, 12, 13 years?” usually proves to be the most difficult, as this pre-adolescent age is close to the period of growing up, and therefore requires a more serious approach. The following options will be successful solutions:

  • Billiards . This is an absolute analogue of an adult game, differing from it only in size. This set includes a billiard table, 2 cues, a triangle and a standard set of balls. In stores, you can find sets of different sizes, which allows you to choose the option, taking into account the dimensions of the birthday room. Such entertainment can become a child’s favorite pastime with family or friends;
  • Boxer set consisting of a punching bag and gloves . Puzzling over what to give a boy for his birthday for 11, 12, 13 years old, remember that any young man wants to be a real protector and be able to stand up for himself. With your present, you can help him achieve this goal. The main thing is to consult in advance with the parents of the hero of the occasion, whether it is possible to place such sports equipment in their apartment;
  • Scientist set . You should not think that to give a boy a birthday present at this age, you definitely need something to maintain physical fitness – one should not forget about intellectual development either. Such a kit will definitely find a response in the heart of a young discoverer, because, depending on various modifications, it may include a microscope, a globe, a telescope, everything necessary for conducting interesting experiments and much more;
  • Wood burning or sculpting kits .The present in question will help to open up the creativity in the boy, allowing him to develop the motor skills of his hands and give free rein to his imagination in terms of designing the final creation. The advantage of this gift is that the resulting work in the end will be able to claim the role of the main decoration of the house.

What to give a boy for 14 years: good ideas

The 14th birthday is the beginning of a special time in the life of every child. At this time, children already cease to be cute kids, but become adults, conscious people with their own tastes and hobbies. It is in the latter that you can find the answer to the question “what to give a boy for 14 years?”. First, ask about the hobby of the birthday boy from his parents and, depending on the information received, present to him:

  1. Kimono, cyclist’s helmet and gloves, kettlebells and dumbbells or any other suitable sports equipment . With the help of such presentations, a novice athlete will be able to develop skills and reach new heights. Another possible presentation option could be special “paws” designed to work out the accuracy and strength of kicks. Surely a sports fan will also be delighted with a subscription to sports sections that correspond to his hobbies;
  2. A mouse and pad for it, speakers, a microphone and headphones, a webcam are ideal gifts for guys who spend a lot of time at the computer . Of course, in this case, it is necessary to give preference to high-quality and expensive devices, because the same ordinary mouse most likely already has a young computer genius, but a cool, gaming model is clearly not enough;
  3. Board strategy games “Colonialists”, “Monopoly”, “Civilization” , etc. They will not only become a favorite family entertainment, but will also contribute to the development of a teenager’s logical thinking, entrepreneurial abilities and understanding of the laws of economics in real life.

What is better not to give a boy a birthday

An erroneous opinion on the part of adults is that you can give a boy any, even the simplest and most inexpensive toy for his birthday, because “it’s just a child, he still doesn’t understand anything.” In fact, no matter how old the hero of the occasion is, he will appreciate the present no worse than an adult and, if the thing does not meet his expectations, he will openly demonstrate his disappointment, which will put you in an awkward position. To avoid such incidents, it is necessary to refuse such gifts as:

  • Clothes and shoes , since, most likely, only parents will receive joy from them, but not the birthday boy;
  • Cosmetics . With her, the situation is similar, as in the previous case. In addition, not all baby bath foams, creams and oils are equally good, so it is very easy to make a mistake with the choice, which can subsequently turn into trouble for the baby’s health;
  • Office for the school . Again, the boy himself is unlikely to appreciate such a gift, especially since each family has its own preferences regarding these things;
  • Item not age appropriate . Agree, it’s silly to give a three-year-old kid a radio-controlled helicopter. Of course, all children grow up, and over time the device will find its application, but by that time, it is quite possible that new and much more interesting models will come out, because of which your present will simply be forgotten;
  • Cheap copies . For example, if you promised a boy a particular bike, and then found that there was not enough money for it, you should not buy a cheap analogue. The child will immediately understand what the catch is, and get upset. In addition, such things are usually not durable, since low cost usually implies the same quality.
When choosing a gift for a boy, regardless of his age, character and hobbies, it should be understood that he is, first of all, a child who loves games and entertainment. Choosing between useful and interesting, preference should still be given to the latter. The present should not pursue practical goals, it, first of all, should be the realization of the birthday man’s dream and give him a feeling of happiness.

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