What to give your wife

Justified 45 ideas what to give your wife for 45 years + 20 gifts and Tips

If you are tormented by the question of what to give your wife for 45 years, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find ready-made solutions and lists of birthday gifts for your wife and tips.

TOP 45 ideas what to give Zhenya for 45 years

If you still have not decided what to give your beloved wife for her 45th birthday, the right decision would be to pay attention to the following ideas:

  1. Jewelry box handmade;
  2. Soft terry bathrobe;
  3. Body care equipment (hair dryer, hair straightener, manicure set, etc.);
  4. A pop art or cartoon portrait taken by a professional photography artist;
  5. Certificate for the purchase in the favorite boutique of the hero of the occasion;
  6. Alarm clock with sounds of nature;
  7. Biofireplace;
  8. Blanket with sleeves;
  9. Swimming with dolphins;
  10. Beautiful jewelry – a ring, earrings or pendant;
  11. Salt lamp;
  12. Exotic houseplant in a pot;
  13. Women’s wrist watch;
  14. Perfume, eau de toilette or a perfume set from the birthday girl’s favorite store;
  15. Certificate for airbrushing on the wife’s car;
  16. Robot vacuum cleaner;
  17. A personalized set of sweets, on the labels of which photos of the birthday girl and congratulations for her will be printed;
  18. Electronic butterfly in the bank;
  19. A gift certificate for tailoring a dress or any other wardrobe item in a good atelier or with an experienced tailor;
  20. Organization of a romantic trip (we can talk about a trip to Paris, a boat trip along the canals of Russian capitals or European cities, or just a picnic in nature for two);
  21. Certificate for the use of spa services;
  22. Electronic book;
  23. Things that can become a home interior decoration: paintings, vases, potted flowers, wall clocks, curtains, housekeepers, etc.;
  24. Stylish accessories: gloves, tippet, scarf, bag, wallet, etc.;
  25. Lamp with oil flowing inside;
  26. Leg hammock to relax the limbs after a hard day’s work;
  27. Humidifier, ionizer or air purifier.
  28. Blender for making vitamin cocktails;
  29. A pancake maker, waffle maker, bread maker, ice cream maker or slow cooker are indispensable helpers in the kitchen;
  30. Tea, crockery or coffee service;
  31. A set of silverware or personalized glasses;
  32. Pedigree book;
  33. Bed linen made of natural silk;
  34. Stylish women’s scarf, shawl or scarf;
  35. Collapsible umbrella with bright print;
  36. A piece of furniture – a compact coffee table or bar table;
  37. Collector’s edition of the book of the birthday girl’s favorite writer;
  38. Coffee machine and collection coffee set;
  39. Electric foot bath with massager function;
  40. Named thermocup or small thermos;
  41. Fondushnitsa or canapishnitsa;
  42. Comfortable electric blanket;
  43. Interior ZD-lamp;
  44. Fitness bracelet with the ability to measure the pulse;
  45. Decorative money tree.

What can I give my wife for her birthday at 45, depending on her interests

Puzzling over what you can give your wife for 45 years, many representatives of the stronger sex forget about the hobbies of their beloved.

Taking into account the hobby of the birthday girl can make life much easier for the donor, so we recommend that you take a closer look at the following presentations:

Needlework kits . Whatever your spouse does – beading, decoupage, embroidery, scrapbooking, etc. – not one item, but a whole set at once will become a win-win option.

This choice is explained by the fact that a gift consisting of a single item is not a 100% guarantee of joy on the birthday girl’s face, while something from a set is sure to please.

Try to choose as many items as possible that make up the present – perhaps a woman has long wanted to try something out of this for her hobby, and your gift will help her discover new techniques.

Exotic rare plant . Deciding what to give your beloved wife such a present for her 45th birthday, if she is fond of crop production, is a brilliant idea, you definitely hit the target.

For example, you can present her with orange or pomegranate seedlings, or an unusual type of orchid.

Everything for sports or a subscription to the gym or swimming pool . If your beloved wife likes to lead an active lifestyle, scrupulously count calories and torture herself with tiring workouts, any forum will advise giving her new running shoes, a tracksuit, a suitable sports subscription, a personalized shaker for preparing sports nutrition, etc.

Set for making handmade soap .Your beloved wife, who appreciates organic natural cosmetics and body care products, will like this set. Not only will the birthday girl know what the final product consists of and be sure of its naturalness and safety, she will also receive a tool that is so necessary in family life.

Certificate for attending master classes and training courses dedicated to the hobby of your chosen one . These can be classes in cooking, landscape design, drawing, etc. By the way, you can become an accompanying hero of the occasion at these events – so you will learn more about the interests of your beloved and learn new things yourself.

What to give your beloved wife for 45 Birthday from an inexpensive

In addition to questions like “what flowers to give my wife for 45 years?” or “how to congratulate your beloved on your 45th birthday in an original way?”, any forum dedicated to the topic under consideration is full of requests for help in choosing a present when “finances sing romances.”

Naturally, the range of potential gifts is significantly narrowed under such circumstances. However, you should not despair, because you can always consider options such as:

Tea set . Having decided that you can give your wife a similar present for 45 years, you get the opportunity to show your imagination and independently determine its composition. So, a set may consist, for example, of a pair of original cups and saucers, a favorite sort of tea and chocolates with wishes.

Sweets wrappers can be supplemented with your joint pictures, and put the finished gift in a beautiful box.

Name diary and pen . Beloved wife, a true businesswoman, will definitely like this set.

Individual engraving will give such practical and necessary things a special “zest” and uniqueness.

Photo panel . The presented present is an excellent occasion to sort out old family photographs, highlight the best specimens among them and show them to loved ones.

Pictures, composed in a stylish and creative panel, will become an unusual decoration of the house and show your chosen one how much you appreciate and love her.

A few more inexpensive gifts for the wife :

  1. Small desktop organizer for cosmetics;
  2. Apron with a cool print;
  3. Decorative pillow in the car;
  4. Fortune Cookies;
  5. Beautiful vase for flowers;
  6. Table game;
  7. Towel with personalized embroidery;
  8. Plant pot or growing kit.

DIY gifts for wife for 45 years

Not all gifts have to be expensive. To please your beloved wife, you can make a gift for her yourself, while spending a minimum of money. Here are some cool gift ideas:

  1. A collage of photos laid out in the shape of a heart;
  2. Do-it-yourself furniture – a beautiful stool, coffee table or chest of drawers;
  3. Wooden tray, cutting board, bread box or box with openwork carvings;
  4. Planter with an unusual bouquet – instead of flowers in the bouquet there will be sweets strung on floristic wire;
  5. Cup decorated with coffee beans;
  6. A large bouquet of origami flowers;
  7. Living rose in ice;
  8. A small wooden shelf for cosmetics;
  9. Scented candle made by hand;
  10. Handmade soap set.

Corrugated Paper Rose


Justified 45 ideas what to give your wife for 45 years + 20 gifts and Tips

A beautiful birthday rose for my wife, which will be a great addition to any gift. For this craft, you will need red or pink or green crepe paper, duct tape, scissors, and stem wire.

  1. From paper, cut out 5 drop-shaped petals and 15 heart-shaped petals. Stretch all these petals around the edges.
  2. Place adhesive tape on the stem. Attach petals to it in a circle – first in the form of drops, then in the form of a heart.
  3. Cut out leaves from green paper, attach them with duct tape.

DIY cosmetics organizer

Using ordinary boxes, you can create a versatile organizer for storing various small things or cosmetics. Women who love order in everything will definitely like such a box, especially made by the hands of her husband. Materials:

  • several boxes (4 identical low and 1 high);
  • cardboard and colored paper for decoration;
  • ribbons;
  • scissors, glue, ruler and pencil.

Instructions for making a gift :

  1. Glue the outer sides of the large box with thick cardboard, glue the blank on top with beautiful decorative paper.
  2. Take three low boxes, remove the lids and cut off one of the narrow sides from each. Place the box lids, pre-glued with colored paper, into the prepared base. Glue them on if necessary.
  3. Make a hole in the center of each shelf, then attach ribbons or buttons there – they will be used in the form of handles.
  4. Glue another cover on top of the structure for an additional shelf.

How to choose what to give your beloved wife on her 45th birthday

Going to any forum designed to help men find the right present for their beloved woman, you will find many recommendations on how not to make a mistake with the choice. In general, they boil down to the following:

  • Start preparing for the holiday in advance so that in the end you don’t have to give the first thing that comes across;
  • When choosing a present, consider the lifestyle, preferences, character, temperament, health characteristics of the second half;
  • Pay attention to the little things: the condition of the wife’s dressing table and wardrobe, her reactions to goods in advertising and on store windows, conversations with you and other close people – perhaps it is in such, at first glance, insignificant moments that a hint of her desires will flash;
  • Even if you wanted to present the hero of the day with a thing that can be classified as traditional or even banal gifts, choose an option that differs from the rest in particular elegance and sophistication – this will divert the attention of the birthday girl from her usual;
  • Do not limit yourself solely to presenting a present – organize a holiday for your beloved, arrange the quest “Find a surprise!” or at least bring coffee to bed in the morning. Whatever you choose, your main task is to create an atmosphere of joy and fun, thanks to which the hero of the occasion will receive a charge of positive mood for the whole day;
  • An ideal and obligatory addition to the gift will be a bouquet of flowers. If you do not know what flowers to give your wife for 45 years, go the traditional way – buy a bouquet of 45 roses. A good solution would be to present orchids or graceful callas to the hero of the day, while it is better to refrain from carnations, red poppies, daffodils and yellow plants;
  • If bright thoughts regarding a present to your spouse categorically refuse to visit your head, think about it: maybe you should directly ask the woman what kind of gift she dreams of? If the character and temperament of the birthday girl allow, this should be done. In this case, the right choice of presentation is guaranteed.

What is better not to give a wife for 45 years

The common belief that a woman will be happy with any gift from her beloved man is not always true, especially when it comes to adulthood and long-term relationships. In fact, many ladies whose husbands firmly believe in this statement experience real disappointment and annoyance when they receive an unsuccessful present. To avoid negative emotions on the part of the hero of the day, we advise you to refrain from:

  • Weights, depilators, anti-wrinkle creams, etc. – everything that may indicate her age and external defects;
  • Poor-quality do-it-yourself presents (such little things will not bring the proper benefit and will only remind the birthday girl of your negligent attitude towards her);
  • Items, the delivery of which is considered a bad omen (mirror, handkerchief, sharp objects, etc.);
  • Strong alcohol (this will put the woman in an awkward position in front of the rest of the guests and, in general, will look insulting from her beloved man);
  • Small figurines, figurines, souvenirs – this age requires more serious gifts;
  • Clothes or shoes (the representatives of the stronger sex often confuse the sizes of their chosen ones, thereby causing them resentment, or simply buy things to their taste, and not in accordance with the preferences of their other half).


A gift for a wife on her 45th birthday doesn’t have to be expensive. It is much more important to present a sweet and sincere present that reflects your love and care for your wife. Such a choice will make the birthday girl the happiest, which will directly affect your relationship.

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