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TOP 112 ideas of what to give a Leo woman + 7 gifts and Tips

Independent, charming and temperamental, these women will never go unnoticed in the crowd.

They were born at the end of summer under the auspices of the Sun and the constellation Leo.

Their beauty and self-confidence mesmerizes so much that people want to put all the best that is in the world at the feet of the Lionesses.

What Leos love and what gift to choose for them – a ready-made list of gifts:

TOP 112 gift ideas for a Leo woman

  1. Sauna for the face.
  2. Lion door knocker.
  3. Selfie ring.
  4. Measuring spoon with digital display.
  5. Illuminated makeup mirror.
  6. Set for making rolls.
  7. USB toaster scanner.
  8. Waterproof bicycle bag under the seat.
  9. Jewelry box.
  10. Dryer-sterilizer for shoes.
  11. Suitcase cover.
  12. Self-heating insoles for boots.
  13. Smart planter with sensors and a window to monitor the root system.
  14. Massage hair brush made of eco-friendly materials.
  15. Garment steamer.
  16. Growing pencils.
  17. Charger for solar powered gadgets.
  18. Breakfast table in bed.
  19. A set of knitted or wicker baskets.
  20. Interior wooden plaque with inscriptions.
  21. Writing set.
  22. Marinator for vegetables and meat.
  23. Perpetual calendar.
  24. Flash drive in the form of a lion or lioness.
  25. Rack for drying umbrellas.
  26. Isotonic ring for Pilates.
  27. Comb handmade.
  28. Business card holder or cardholder.
  29. A camping tripod for a fire is a good souvenir for a Leo woman for the New Year, if you decide to spend your holidays in the country.
  30. Powerful power bank.
  31. Desktop organizer.
  32. Miniature with lions, made of marble, porcelain or other material other than plastic.
  33. Professional storage case for makeup brushes.
  34. A set of scented candles.
  35. Hammock for yoga.
  36. Scratch map of the world.
  37. Wireless headphones.
  38. A handmade tiara or diadem is the best reminder for a Leo girl on February 14 about how much you appreciate her love.
  39. Solid shampoo with her favorite scent.
  40. Dressing table.
  41. Water bottle with filter.
  42. Universal holder for smartphone or tablet.
  43. Dance mat.
  44. Decorative bookmark for books with stones or pendants.
  45. City backpack.
  46. Ski sensory gloves. Yes, you will no longer have to answer a call while skiing with your nose.
  47. Box-pencil made of solid wood.
  48. Handmade paper.
  49. Set of ethnic ornaments.
  50. Venetian mask for the interior.
  51. An electric desktop fireplace is a good option to give a Leo girl to remind her of her native element.
  52. Sticker-fixer for gadgets.
  53. Jewelry with jasper, tiger’s eye, carnelian, amber, garnet, sapphires, cat’s eye or rock crystal.
  54. Ergonomic computer mouse.
  55. Decorative fountain.
  56. media streamer.
  57. Photo background.
  58. Automatic nail file. The Leo woman always keeps her nails on alert.
  59. Medball. The simulator, whose weight ranges from 1 to 11 kg, will help you keep fit and will not take up much space in the house.
  60. Freezer.
  61. Home photoepilator.
  62. Pen with invisible ink.
  63. A set of linen bags for storing underwear is an idea for loved ones who are looking for what to give Leo on March 8th.
  64. Diary with a picture of a lion on the cover.
  65. Brooch made of wood.
  66. Mouse pad with wireless charging.
  67. A retractable leash if the Lioness has pets that need to be walked.
  68. Alarm clock “New dawn”.
  69. Steam cleaner for microwave oven. This fun kitchen appliance might be of interest to a Leo woman.
  70. Sensor switch.
  71. Reusable cork for uncorked wine bottles.
  72. Fitness blocks.
  73. Hair clip with precious stones or crystals.
  74. Car organizer.
  75. Bicycle computer.
  76. Holding wristband for smartphone and other devices.
  77. Passport cover handmade.
  78. Balanceboard.
  79. Dispenser for drinks or sauces.
  80. Camping lantern.
  81. Form press for cutlets.
  82. Decorative ceramic soap dish.
  83. Cocktail shaker.
  84. Smartphone holder on steering wheel.
  85. Fitness skates are an interesting gift idea for a Leo woman if you plan to spend time on the skating rink with her for a long time.
  86. Audio player.
  87. A hot tub for the feet is a cute sign of attention to the health of the Lioness on her anniversary.
  88. Barbecue fork thermometer.
  89. Aquaboard.
  90. Electric comb-rectifier.
  91. Orthopedic pillow.
  92. Fireplace set with firewood.
  93. The device for cleaning fruits and vegetables Ozonator.
  94. Hydrop Textile water repellent spray. Lioness clothes will be in perfect condition even on the rainiest day.
  95. IP camera for home surveillance.
  96. Finger trainer.
  97. Cezve.
  98. A set of camping utensils.
  99. Thermostat for home.
  100. Umbrella in an interesting design.
  101. Spatula-scissors for pizza.
  102. USB socket.
  103. Toothbrush sterilizer.
  104. Flexible piano.
  105. Corner photo frame.
  106. Mini exercise bike.
  107. Glass for cooling drinks.
  108. 3D lamp.
  109. Carpet with backlight.
  110. Banknote box.
  111. Electric ultrasonic toothbrush.
  112. Home appliance for making cotton candy.

Additional Gift Ideas for a Leo Woman or Girl

You still haven’t figured out how to surprise Leo? Meet the new options for what to present to the Lioness of different ages:

Travel bag . Travel and frequent business trips are an integral part of the life of active and independent women born under the sign of Leo. In order not to forget anything and keep things in order, they like to have compact storage systems at hand. If you choose not only practical, but also beautiful models for a gift, this will create a favorable impression of the Lioness about you for a long time.

Tripod tripod . It is suitable for shooting with a camera or smartphone indoors and outdoors. Now, anywhere the pictures and videos of the Lioness will be only high quality.

Led retro lamps . They fit well into a classic interior, while not losing their primary function. Lionesses will appreciate such an offering not only from loved ones, because they understand the importance of preserving natural resources.

Retro player . A Leo woman wants to surround herself with luxury items, and she will certainly like a player in the form of a gramophone. Many of these modern devices work not only with records, but also with USB devices.

Sports glasses . The lioness can often be seen on a bicycle, in the mountains. Movement in the open air brings her cheerfulness and peace.

A Leo woman cares about her health as a great value, so polarized glasses are a great idea what to give Leo for her birthday or just for no reason if you are quite close with her. She will appreciate this present.

What to give Leo to a girl with your own hands

When none of the ideas inspire a purchase, what gift to give a Leo woman, offer the Lioness a handmade surprise. As a connoisseur of unique things, she will be happy with a gift that will forever remain in a single copy.

solid perfume


TOP 112 ideas of what to give a Leo woman + 7 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • 0.5 cups of almond oil;
  • 0.5 cups of grape oil;
  • 100 gr. beeswax;
  • 1 teaspoon of vitamin E;
  • 60 drops of lemon oil;
  • 25 drops of eucalyptus oil;
  • 20 drops of lavender oil;
  • 20 drops of rosemary oil;
  • perfume container.

Working process:


TOP 112 ideas of what to give a Leo woman + 7 gifts and Tips

  1. Mix almond and grape oil with wax in a saucepan.
  2. Put on a steam bath.
  3. When the wax dissolves, let it cool slightly and add essential oils with vitamin E.
  4. Pour perfume into containers. For example, in medallions with a lid.

Essential oils can be replaced with other fragrances. For example, a citrus-flavoured perfume needs lemon and orange oils, while a powdery composition needs rose and vanilla oils.

Samovar from a thimble


TOP 112 ideas of what to give a Leo woman + 7 gifts and Tips

For work you will need:

  • thimble;
  • a coin of 10 kopecks;
  • beads;
  • beads;
  • accessories for beads;
  • eyelets;
  • universal glue;
  • pliers of various sizes.

Working process:


TOP 112 ideas of what to give a Leo woman + 7 gifts and Tips

  1. Twist the eyelets in the form of samovar handles with pliers. Glue to thimble.
  2. Glue the fittings on the center of the coin, on which you must first glue the fittings for the beads.
  3. Glue beads around the edges of the coin. Carnations can be added to the holes of the beads for a better look.
  4. Glue to the bottom of the thimble a new bottom from the grommet and the “crown” fittings. For stability, you can use additional decor for the bottom. For example, a metal flower as in the photo.
  5. Bend the nose of the samovar from the “carnation”. Glue beads on its top, then glue the finished part to the samovar.
  6. Pour the beads into the container of the thimble. Close with a coin lid.

Tips – how to choose a gift for Leo for a female

How to give a Leo girl a memorable surprise? Here are the main recommendations for this:

Give the most generous gift you can. It is customary for queens to give only masterpieces and jewelry. The lioness is confident in her exclusivity and herself gives the people around her only luxurious gifts.

Lady Lioness should be proud of the offering. If she immediately put your gift in the most prominent place to show to all the guests, then you were not mistaken with a surprise. For a long time, the Leo woman will show off to everyone she knows how much you appreciate her.

If the gift is personalized, the Lioness will highlight your gift among others with her attention to it.

Don’t be afraid to give a Leo woman a practical gift. The main criterion for the success of such an offering is in the creative design of the objects themselves.

To finally conquer the Lioness, give a surprise along with flowers. A luxurious bouquet will cheer her up, and you will get one of her radiant smiles.

Going to meet a Leo woman, give her souvenirs just like that. She loves such signs of attention and remembers the one who made them for a long time.

Not a single most luxurious and expensive gift will be favorably received by the Lioness if it is in a simple package. Choose original boxes, packages, bows to decorate a gift. Better than your favorite golden color, like the native planet of the Leo woman.

What is better not to give Leo to a woman

When compiling a list of ideas for what to give Leo to a woman, you need to know what she will not be happy about.

  • Clothes or shoes . You can guess not only with the color, size, but also with the style of the luxurious Lioness. This will bring her frustration. This gift is best replaced with a gift certificate.
  • Replicas of accessories and other gizmos . A frank fake of a handbag, purse or even headphones, a Leo woman will be outraged. If you want to please the Lioness with something unique, it is better to refuse to buy a replica in favor of a handmade item.
  • Home pet . If you hand a kitten or a turtle to a Leo woman, she will take care of him, like everything and everyone who is next to this lady. Only thoughtlessly buying a fiery Lioness pet is not worth it. She sometimes has too much to do.
  • Money . The Lioness will regard such an offering as your recognition of your own defeat in choosing a gift for her. Doubts about your sincerity and affection towards her may one day develop into a rupture of ties with you.
  • Interior items are not in the style of her house . Leo woman equips her home with great love. She chooses everything for him for a long time, from the color and texture of the wallpaper to the chandelier for the fireplace. Choose a souvenir for the Lioness’s house with special care, otherwise, at best, it can simply get lost somewhere in the attic or in the closet before changing the interior.


When you choose what to give Leo to a woman for her birthday or other occasion, be guided by the preferences of the woman herself. A practical, high-tech, romantic or funny gift should harmoniously fit into her life, office or home interior. This will create strong bonds between you and the Lioness, who will understand that you appreciate her and are attentive to her interests. 

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