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66 Anniversary Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend + 13 Gifts and Tips

Below you will find many tips and ready-made lists of gifts that you can give a guy for a relationship anniversary (month, year, 2 years, 3-4 years and more).

As practice shows, the question ” what to give a guy for the anniversary of a relationship ” often becomes a real problem for lovely ladies.

The tips below will help you decide what to give a guy for the anniversary of your acquaintance and direct the future fate of the relationship in the right direction.

TOP 66 ideas What can you give a Guy for the Anniversary of Relationships

  1. Plaid transformer for two;
  2. Night light-projector of the starry sky;
  3. Country hammock for two persons;
  4. Bean bag or inflatable sofa;
  5. A reusable eco-notebook that allows you to erase all entries with a regular napkin or eraser, and then reuse the pages;
  6. A congratulatory poster on which you can describe 100 reasons why you love a young man, or a poster with a man’s favorite sweets;
  7. Paired T-shirts with funny slogans or stylish prints;
  8. A pair of glasses decorated with beads, ribbons, beads and other materials, and reflecting the theme of the holiday;
  9. A sound cushion that lulls its owner with pleasant sounds (for example, the measured sound of wheels, like on a train);
  10. Eco-slates, the insole of which is made of artificial grass;
  11. Paired keychains reflecting your unity;
  12. Key holder with a brutal design;
  13. Scratch map of the world where you can mark your favorite cities and countries;
  14. Piggy bank for wine or beer corks;
  15. Watch-weather station;
  16. An external battery that also performs the function of a music speaker;
  17. 3-D lamp or lightbox with a general photo;
  18. Mustache and beard care kit (if the man is the owner of facial hair);
  19. Beautiful cufflinks;
  20. Stylish suspenders or bow tie;
  21. Signet ring with delicate congratulatory engraving;
  22. Stylish men’s bracelet made of leather or other material;
  23. Virtual reality glasses;
  24. Stylish umbrella in a classic masculine design;
  25. Perfume or toilet water of the guy’s favorite fragrance;
  26. A box of fortune cookies;
  27. Chocolate figurine or a set of chocolate tools;
  28. Automatic aroma lamp with a set of essential oils;
  29. Magic ball of predictions;
  30. Romantic or erotic game for couples – for example, Fanta for adults;
  31. Purse or holder for money and documents;
  32. Complex 3D constructor or puzzle;
  33. A set of coffee or pu-erh;
  34. A set for making mulled wine complete with glasses;
  35. Soft terry bathrobe;
  36. Fitness bracelet;
  37. Keychain made of precious metal – gold or silver;
  38. Backpack with solar battery;
  39. High-quality headphones or a splitter for them;
  40. Table game;
  41. Electronic photo frame;
  42. Panel of the original form with clips for your general photos;
  43. Real silk bedding set;
  44. A lava lamp is a wonderful gift for the first anniversary of a relationship;
  45. A set for growing a tree, such as cedar;
  46. Star map;
  47. Cozy sweater or sweatshirt;
  48. A waterproof bath radio or shower head that gives the water an unusual color;
  49. Desktop or wall perpetual calendar;
  50. Portable music speaker;
  51. Globe bar;
  52. Real high quality leather belt;
  53. Stylish piggy bank in the form of a safe or ATM;
  54. Wireless computer mouse;
  55. Beverage dispenser;
  56. Self-regulating aqua farm with fish and plant;
  57. Set for rolls and sushi, made in Japanese style;
  58. Electric fireplace or home fountain;
  59. A set for self-creation of a flip-flop portrait;
  60. Travel set – neck pillow, sleep mask and handy travel bag;
  61. Instant camera;
  62. Manual coffee machine;
  63. Shaker for creating cocktails;
  64. A small helicopter powered by a remote control;
  65. Hookah, if the guy shows interest in this device;
  66. An electric lighter is another idea that you can give a guy for an anniversary if he smokes;

What can I give a guy for the anniversary of a relationship practical

Thinking about what to give a guy for a month of relationship, a year or 5 years, most of the fairer sex do not pay attention to practical things, as they seem boring and far from the festive atmosphere.

However, contrary to this opinion, useful gifts can be very interesting for men, so they are clearly worth considering.

Successful solutions for a gift to a young man will be:

Electronic cigarette . Puzzling over what to give a guy for the anniversary of living together or dating, you can give preference to this fashion accessory.

In addition to the entertainment function, the device carries a much more important mission – it can help get rid of cravings for regular cigarettes, and, therefore, from addiction in general.

Therefore, if you care about the health of your chosen one and have been fighting for a healthy lifestyle in your couple for a long time, give preference to the option in question without hesitation;

Home brewery . This idea can claim to be the winner among answers to questions like “what to give a guy for his 1st anniversary?” provided that your beloved is a fan of a foamy drink.

Now a young man can make beer without leaving home, using various recipes and techniques. An addition to the device will be a set of brutal beer mugs;

Original alarm clock . If you are still thinking what to give your boyfriend for a small anniversary, provided that he often wakes up for work, this option is for you. An alarm clock can be, for example, with a target that you need to hit with a laser pistol to turn off the signal.

No less interesting models are running away or flying away alarm clocks that need to be caught to get rid of annoying sounds;

Unusual smartphone case . It is believed that to give a guy for the first anniversary or 1 year of a relationship you need something light and non-committal, even if it is a rather practical and necessary thing. The case for the gadget just belongs to the category of this kind of presentations.

You can show creativity and imagination by choosing an interesting design. So, you can impress your other half by giving him a model made of unusual material (wood, silicone, etc.) or with your joint photo.

Romantic anniversary gifts for your loved one

Practical gifts are good, but there should be room for romance in every relationship. You can please your loved one with cute and warm presents that will show how much you love him.

Ideas for a romantic gift to give a guy on the anniversary of a relationship:

Magnetic whiteboard in the shape of a heart. A great anniversary gift for a guy if you live together or are just planning to take this important step. With this item, you can leave each other cute messages and notes. You can hang the board on the wall or refrigerator.

Breakfast table in bed. An ideal gift for romantic and gentle natures, which will show that you care about your beloved. On your anniversary, prepare a gourmet breakfast and bring it to bed using the handy tray table.

Also, the little thing will come in handy if you like to watch movies while lying on the bed – popcorn and drinks will now have their place.

Lock with two keys. A simple but interesting gift for a guy on the anniversary of a relationship. Buy a lock in the shape of a heart with two keys – one will remain with you, the other will be kept by the guy. You can hide the padlock at home or hang it in a significant place in the city for you.

What to give a guy for an anniversary unusual and original

Banal souvenirs are what a guy definitely doesn’t want to receive as a gift. Postcards, fridge magnets are a thing of the past – now it is fashionable to give original things.

If you want to surprise your soulmate, pay attention to the following list of gifts for a year of relationship for a guy:

Kama suture sheet. An intimate gift for a loved one that will be useful to both of you. Represents “Twister”, but only for adults. The bed sheet shows the positions of the bodies, and you need to adapt to them by practicing new postures. The rules are simple: you guess a number and place different parts of the body on different prints. It will help diversify relationships and add spark to them.

T-shirt with equalizer. An unusual gift for a cheerful and active guy who likes to be the center of attention or just enjoys music. The peculiarity of this little thing is as follows: there is a special device in the T-shirt that allows the image placed on the thing to glow in time with the music.

Piggy bank frame. An anniversary gift for a guy who is a collector or loves to travel. On the back wall of the frame there is a map of the world or any other image, there is a hole at the top. The guy will be able to drop stamps, money from different countries, tickets, as well as various memorable souvenirs from trips into the frame.

What to give a guy for the anniversary of a relationship with your own hands

If the question “what to give a guy for six months of a relationship, as well as a year or 3 years?” does not go out of his head, and material opportunities promise the failure of this important event, you should look for a way out in a creative approach.

The latter lies in the fact that the time and effort spent can create a real masterpiece that will finally win the heart of your beloved man and demonstrate your desire to please him.

Below you will find DIY anniversary gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Checkbook of Desires .The presented option can be the answer to the question “what to give a guy for the 3rd anniversary?”, Since by this time the lovers already represent the needs and dreams of their soul mates and adequately assess their capabilities. With this knowledge, it will not be difficult to fill the pages of the book with such entries as “massage”, “delicious dinner” or “watching action movies all evening.” The young man will only have to tear off the “checks” and get what he wants from you;

Home made cake . Giving preference to this option, it is worth starting from your culinary abilities and choosing an adequate recipe, as well as taking into account the addictions of a young man. We must not forget about the design of the confectionery – it must correspond to the occasion. So, for example, you can bake a heart-shaped cake or decorate it with your edible photo. Also, with its appearance, the dessert can reflect the number of years spent together, or your common interests and hobbies;

Bank of Confessions . If you are thinking what to give a guy for the first anniversary of a relationship or life together, but at the same time not to be left with empty pockets, then this option is for you. To make this present, you only need a glass jar and a ribbon to decorate it. Small pieces of paper are folded inside the container with confessions and reasons explaining your love for the guy. Thanks to such a gift, your chosen one will be able to cheer himself up at any time, just taking out a piece of paper from the jar and receiving a positive charge from your kind words.

What can you give a guy for an anniversary, based on his hobbies

The answer to the question ” what to give a guy for the anniversary of an acquaintance or relationship ” suggests itself if the young man has a hobby.

Gifts related to hobbies always cause positive emotions, so these ideas are definitely worth considering:

  • A male car enthusiast will definitely like all kinds of accessories for his vehicle. We are talking about a comfortable car pillow, a smartphone stand, a massage cape or new seat covers, a set of high-quality rubber, an organizer for a glove compartment or trunk, etc.;
  • A person who spends a lot of time at a computer will appreciate a webcam, a mug warmer, a stylish mouse pad, powerful speakers – ideas what to give a guy for his 1st anniversary;
  • A football fan will be delighted with tickets for an important match, a calculator in the form of a ball, a fan’s scarf with the logo of his favorite team and, of course, a souvenir ball autographed by favorite players;
  • A young man who is fond of photography will appreciate a mug in the form of a lens, a set of original frames for his best creations, as well as a certificate for attending a master class from a famous photographer;
  • A fan of outdoor recreation will like things that can make spending time in the forest or by the river more comfortable. So, suitable gifts in this case would be a folding barbecue, a picnic set, a tent, a sleeping bag, a solar charger, etc.;
  • A guy who devotes a lot of time to his physical form will be grateful for a home trainer, sports equipment, or a new pair of sneakers.

How to choose what to give a guy for a small anniversary

Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity mistakenly believe that the stronger sex is indifferent to gifts and for them this is nothing more than a formality. This misconception allows them to approach the issue of choosing a present very negligently, which, as a result, offends their soul mates. Our tips will help you avoid such mistakes:

  1. When choosing a gift, take into account the life position, status, temperament, sense of humor and interests of a loved one;
  2. Keep a balance between practicality, which men value so much, and romance, corresponding to the occasion for presenting a present;
  3. Taking a young man’s hobby as a guideline when choosing a gift, think about whether you are well versed in this topic. If the answer is “rather no than yes”, visit specialized forums and chat with people who share the hobby of your chosen one – these actions will help you choose a really worthwhile thing;
  4. Start looking for a present in advance – it may require additional preparation, including material. This will help you decide earlier what to give your boyfriend for his anniversary, and buy a present in advance;
  5. Ask your mother, sister, friend for advice, because “one head is good, but two is better.” It would also be useful to ask the opinion of people who are close to your lover – it is possible that they managed to notice his reaction to this or that thing, or he just managed to share his dreams with them;
  6. Try to guess for yourself what the young man wants, and not ask him directly about his desires – only a surprise can cause genuine delight even in an adult, brutal man;
  7. Take care of the beautiful design of the present – complement it with stylish packaging and a card with words of love;
  8. Think in advance of the words that you will say at the time of the gift. They must be invented by you personally and come from the heart – such a speech will make the right impression and touch the beloved man to the core.

What is better not to give a guy on the anniversary of a relationship

When choosing what to give a guy for the anniversary of a life together or just a relationship, you need to discard in advance the options that will cause disappointment on the part of the recipient. These include:

  • Items that hint at your desire for greater certainty in relationships (rings, dishes, bedding, etc.);
  • Pets (even if a young person has long dreamed of a parrot or a dog, their absence is a reason to think that perhaps he does not want to complicate his life by caring for a pet);
  • Bouquets and romantic cards with flowers (they can offend a man, as they are traditional gifts for girls);
  • Too expensive things (especially if the guy does not have big finances – this will put him in an awkward position);
  • A useless souvenir (no matter how beautiful “that cute figurine over there” is, most likely it will not be appreciated, since the stronger sex prefers practical things);
  • Money (considered an indecent gift for such an occasion, as it demonstrates your indifference and unwillingness to spend time and effort searching for a worthwhile present).


Puzzling over what you can give a guy for the anniversary of the relationship, remember that in this case the cost of the present does not play a major role. For a loving man, it is much more important to see love in the eyes of his beloved and the desire to please him, so the gift, first of all, should be sincere and carefully thought out.

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